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What is Interview With Spirit?

Interview With Spirit is a Radio Show with inspiring and enlightening weekly messages. Just click on the button above and you will be able to listen to all of the archived radio shows on Blog Talk Radio.

nterview With Spirit asks questions that delve deeply into the fundamental questions of life, the nature of Spirit, and its relationship to the material world. We call this material the Special Subjects.

Click here to read three Special Subjects in their entirety

Interview With Spirit is also a personal service that can give you clarity in your personal life, from the broader perspective of Ken's guides.

What is a guide? A guide is a spiritual partner. Everyone has them. That is because consciousness is non-physical. Logically then, it follows that non-physical intelligence exists. And it does!  

Every person on earth has been inspired. The greatest creations in the history of mankind have always occurred from inspired ideas and the creative energy that accompanies them. The Weekly Messages and the Special Subjects are no different, except that Ken has been able to identify the source of this inspiration, and consciously open to it.

These conversations, which are a continuation of the dialogue  begun in Dialogues - Conversations with My Higher Self, bring greater clarity to questions like

  • What is the Higher Self and how do you connect with it?

  • How does a non-physical consciousness individuate into separate personalities?

  • Body, Mind and Spirit -- how do they work?

and more practical questions like,

  • Money -- what is it and how to get more of it

  • What is the perfect relationship and how do you attain it?

  • Resistance -- how to let it go

  • What to do in a difficult situation

  • Outrageous personal breakthroughs

  • Confidence

  • Mastery

and dozens more.

Click here to read three Special Subjects in their entirety

Who are The Guys?

The Guys are the inspirational energy that I receive when I consciously open to receive information. Over the years this energy has changed and evolved, but there are three personalities that remain constant. I call these personalities Dragon, Delver, and Sweet. Dragon is playful and boisterous, Sweet is serene and loving, and Delver loves to probe deeply into the nature of life and existence. These beings have personalities, just like you and me. The main difference is that they are completely confident of themselves, and always resonate with well being, love, and joy.

It is irrelevant whether or not you believe in the ability to channel. This material speaks for itself. Read the free Special Subjects and see if you don't feel the same.

How Does this Happen?

Even though I know wrote this stuff, when I read it over again I sometimes can't believe that I did. Who knows, maybe I didn't! When I am receiving this information, my fingers simply can't type fast enough on the keyboard. I often miss something really juicy when I go back to correct grammar or spelling errors during the transcription (I am a writer and I can't stand to see bad sentence structure!)

 When this happens, I KNOW that I will be able to remember what is now in  my mind, but very often, the ideas and the data stream simply disappears. This tells me that the concepts I am typing aren't really my own after all!

When I'm writing this material I feel excited, eager and totally inspired. It is the funnest and most awesome feeling in the world, and I love every moment of it.

Private Readings

If you would like a private reading, please Click Here.  Ken and The Guys will read your question and give you an answer which may surprise you, but will certainly inspire you! All personal readings are your private,  personal property and we will never divulge anything about them to anyone.

Weekly Messages from the guys -- a new one will be available every week on

Listen to Interview with Spirit on internet talk radio

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