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Private Numerology Readings


What is a numerology reading?

Who are you? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

You might already have an idea, but a numerology reading can be much more specific, leading to greater insight into Self.

Numerology is an ancient discipline, based upon the principle that each of us is unique, being born into a precise location in space and time.

Over the centuries, it has been discovered that a person's birth name and birth date generates information about them that can, in knowing hands,  uncover surprisingly accurate information about  a person's life path, their soul purpose, and their native abilities.

A numerology reading

  • presents a detailed snapshot of the person's birth energy

  • provides information about the intended life path and the events that are connected with any previous lives the person has had on earth, and how that may affect the current life

  • gives a description of the changing background energy along the life path

  • offers Ken's spiritual insight into the rapidly changing energy on earth and how it affects your reading

Numerology is not science. But it IS a discipline. It is a study of the symbolic, occult, and spiritual influences of numbers as they relate to a person's physical expression. Numerology ties the physical to the spiritual. In Numerology, each number represents an area of human awareness and experience. A properly conducted reading penetrates the hidden veil of subtle energy that surrounds us, and offers insight into an individual's personal energetic composition.

Using numerology, you can discover a person's strengths and weaknesses, insight into their character, and how to help them understand and deal with family, friends, lovers, employers and employees.

Ken has been a numerologist for 10 years, and takes great care to prepare your reading with the utmost respect and accuracy. A properly done numerology reading is an inspiring and information rich document that can tell you a lot about yourself.

What Should I Expect?

  • A detailed reading into your life path, your soul purpose, and your native abilities, and how these relate to each other

  • The positive and negative aspects of each of these facets of your life, and how to improve them

  • A Karmic overview of previous lifetimes and how this might be holding you back, and what you can do to transcend it

  • An analysis of your strengths and weaknesses; how you utilize the energies available to you in your life.

  • An analysis of your native temperament; strengths and weaknesses

  • An overview of the background energy of your life as you evolve along the life path, and a general prediction of the future

Who Is It For?

A Numerology Reading is for those who want to know more precisely what they are doing here on earth. When I did my first reading on myself, I was amazed at how accurate the numbers were. As I gained more and more experience reading others, I developed my own computer program to display the data and make it easier to have the information on-hand for quick analysis and referral.

How long does it take?

Your reading takes quite a bit of time to prepare. Although your reading is numbers based,  It's not a plug-in-the-numbers operation!

Please allow 7 business days for your reading. Depending upon volume, the wait could be shorter or perhaps longer.

How Do I Proceed?

The first thing to do is pay for the reading.  Your payment keeps the Interview With Spirit program going, and helps keep Ken financially able to continue in his spiritual work. I thank you!

After payment, you will be redirected to a page with an information form that you will fill out. On this form you will

  • Fill out your birth name EXACTLY as it appears on your birth certificate

  • If you have married and/or have a different name than your birth name, include that as well

  • Your date of birth


What Does it Cost?

Each Numerology Reading is $175 USD.

These readings support the Interview With Spirit program and the Big Picture website,  and I thank you.

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Private Readings with the guys


What is a Private Reading?

What should I expect?

Who is it for?

How do I proceed?

What does it cost?



What is a Private Reading?

A private reading is a form of counseling in which you ask a question and receive an answer from a truly inspired source. Nothing is off limits!

You may ask any question you'd like on any subject you want! It could be a life issue or problem, or just curiosity about  life, the universe, and everything.

To see an example of the kinds of questions people have asked in the past, and the answers from The Guys, Click Here. Note: These are examples taken from the free Submit a Question section from  the Interview With Spirit website.

Private readings will never be made public, and are your personal private property. We save private readings because sometimes there are follow-up questions. However, If requested, we will cheerfully delete your reading from our server and hard drives.

Who are The Guys?

The Guys are what Ken calls his personal guides. Consciousness is non-physical in nature, and non-physical personalities exist. Communication with The Guys is called channeling. It is a subtle but very powerful way of transmitting information and feelings. All true channeling is positive, because consciousness itself is positive, confident and powerful. These feelings are inherent to who you are in Native State. Every human being is an angel in human form, and channeling connects the human angel with spiritual angels! The two are really one and the same.

 The Guys say that everyone can channel. However, until you can do so, we are here to provide an interface between you and Spirit.


What Should I Expect?

Actually, I never know what the guys are going to say. Each reading is personal to you. I can only tell you that it will be inspiring and empowering.

The readings are oriented toward getting you to find your passion and your joy. When you connect with a true desire, you feel excited and eager to live life. Life problems and issues resolve!

We will never tell you what choices to make, for that would take your power away. All life everywhere has free will -- to diminish that in any way would be to violate a sacred trust. Our contract with you is to help you see your greater potential.


Who is it for?

Human consciousness on planet earth is undergoing tremendous change. The things that used to work for you might not work anymore.

A private reading is for someone who wants to understand his or her life better, from a broader perspective. Sometimes, living life gives us tunnel vision. Sometimes, it's hard to see beyond next month's bills. Stress causes us to forget who we are. But things look a lot different when you are soaring a thousand feet in the air! It is possible, then to find a new direction.

A private reading can be very helpful if you feel stuck, can't find your passion, or are looking for confirmation on where you are headed. The Guys are very big on finding your passion. According to them, this is the single most important thing you can do in life.

A private reading is also helpful if you are a seeker of truth, and looking for answers to big picture questions of a philosophical or spiritual nature.

How do I proceed?

The first thing to do is pay for the reading.
After payment, you will be redirected to a page with an information form that you will fill out. On this form you can ask the guys anything you would like!

Ken and the guys are very excited about doing your personal reading. We can't wait to talk with you, so let's get going!

What Does it Cost?

Each private reading is $80 USD.

These readings support the Interview With Spirit program,  and we thank you.

Payment Information

You can pay through Pay Pal, Google checkout, or with a credit card. All payments occur on secure servers.

Pay for your Reading by Clicking the
'Add To Cart' button. You will then be redirected to a page where you can submit your question to Ken and The Guys.

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