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The laws of the universe guarantee that all conscious beings are fully empowered.

In the vibrational universe model, the physical universe exists within a field of consciousness. Everything in the universe exists within, and is ultimately composed of, thought energy. As Swami Muktananda said, "The universe is the embodiment of consciousness." (From his book, Play of Consciousness).

The field of consciousness is invisible, and has not (yet) been detected by the instruments of science. The ancient Hindus referred to it as the OM. The OM is, I believe, the background vibration of the universe which keeps physical matter and energy alive. This background vibration is created, I believe, from the combined thoughts of all consciousness everywhere in the universe. In this essay I will refer to it as the Unity Field, or the universal medium, for it carries the impulses of thought from one end of the universe to the other. Because matter and energy is ultimately composed of thought, it is responsive to the thoughts of consciousness. That is why thoughts are so important and powerful! As the Buddha told us over a thousand years ago, "All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make our world."

Why does visualization work, for example? Because there is no difference between the energy of a visualization and the matter and energy of the physical universe. When I had this realization, it utterly blew my mind. It is the reason creative visualization is effective! In a vibrational universe, matter and energy are composed of thought.

When you truly understand that your thoughts and the environment around you are composed of the same energy, you can no longer feel a separation between yourself and the world around you. There is a feeling of unity with all-that-is. This feeling is not delusional, in fact, it is one of the fundamental realities of existence. But it is entirely subjective. It cannot be proven scientifically.

The only difference between the energy of our thoughts and visualizations, and the solid matter and energy of the physical universe is the way the "solidness" of the physical universe is interpreted by our human sensors. What we perceive through our physical senses is a vibrational interface between the atomic (vibrational) structure of the bodys sensors and the atomic (vibrational) structure of matter and energy.

The important thing to realize is that thought interfaces directly with the Unity Field, and therefore, with everything in the physical universe.

Every time you think a thought you are connecting directly with Source, with the energy that composes everything in the universe! That is a very powerful thing indeed. The feeling of bliss, of joy, of well being, is a personal acknowledgment of the connection of yourself with the Unity Field. Your consciousness is always and intimately connected with it, so essentially, all positive emotion is a connection between you and you. Some have described the Unity Field as a sort of neutral energy, because it can be molded and used for ANY kind of activity (even psychotic ones). But when you are truly connected to it, you feel utterly wonderful. You adore it, and it adores you.

There are a few basic universal laws, and many more (which I call corollary's or sub-laws) that flow naturally from them. The fundamental universal laws are very few in number, for they are so powerful and so broad in scope there is not the necessity for many of them. Universal laws flow directly from the properties of the Unity Field itself. We won't detail them here, having already done so in "The Basic Laws of the Universe" and elsewhere. Suffice it to say that the laws of the universe support the decisions of consciousness.

The next important thing to understand is that the Unity Field is a transmitter of vibration. All things in existence are in motion within themselves (see The Vibrational Universe). Therefore, all things can be considered to be alive. All things, being in motion, and connected to the universal medium, transmit a vibrational signal. This signal travels instantaneously from one end of the universe to the other, and so all things are in communication.

As a human being (fundamentally a spirit associated with a body), you are a broadcasting tower to the universe, and the rest of the universe, being fundamentally vibrational in nature, is responding to you as well. Your thoughts are mirrored back to you in the form of vibrational energy responses. When you hold a thought or series of thoughts for long enough, you amplify your signal tremendously, which means that more and more of your energy is aligned to those thoughts and eventually, you receive a "manifestation" in the physical universe. A manifestation is simply an occurrence that is perceivable to the human senses.

The process of manifestation is often confusing, for we cannot perceive the accumulation of potential around us. But it can be felt! When youre on a roll, you can feel the build up of wellbeing surrounding your human energy field. Its not something you have to go to your doctor or your local psychic to verify. You just know something good is going to happen. Thought energy is accumulating around us at all times, dependent upon the direction in which our thoughts are focued. Therefore, the direction to which you orient your thoughts will determine the precise nature of the things you receive into your life.

Empowerment is simply YOU deciding upon a course of being. In essence, empowerment is simply making a decision. When I say "make a decision" I mean precisely that. A decision, purely taken, will immediately send off a vibrational signal and the universe will begin to respond. Is a decision a fleeting thought about prosperity amidst a vibrational orientation of lack? Im afraid not. A decision is a powerful shift in preference that leads to predominant focus upon something and an alteration of vibrational orientation. When youve truly made a decision, you feel different! A decision is the most powerful activity any conscious being can perform!


A state of being orients your consciousness. It is the most important thing you can do in life, because your state of being will determine all of your thoughts and actions. First comes a decision to BE in a certain way, then comes the thoughts which proceed from that, and then the feelings and emotions connected with it. For example, if one wanted to have the lifestyle of an airline pilot, one would first have to decide to BE a pilot. This seems like a trivial statement, but it isn't at all. Making the choice or decision to BE a pilot is a profound thing that can change your whole life! All of your thoughts will now flow from it, and your actions as well. Someone who is drifting in life simply has not made a conscious, determined decision to BE!

Using our inherent ability to choose, it is possible to set up a powerful vibration linked to our desires. We are always empowered to do so, for no one can stop us from making decisions. Empowerment, by definition, always comes from within. No one can empower another to do anything, for all manifestation in a person's life comes forth from their own decisions. Why is this so? Because the Universal Operating System responds to each person on an individual basis. While it may appear that individuals can be overwhelmed by the actions of groups, this is not so.

All things in the universe interact through the operation of the Law of Vibration. Moreover, everything in existence has a vibrational ID and responds to all other things via the Law of 'like attracts like.' Others will respond to your signal in accordance with universal law.

Sound engineers and musicians will understand this idea very well the harmonious interaction of sound waves follow rigorously defined principles, based on the idea of 'like attracts like.' The manifestations a person receives in his or her life are always and only the result of his or her vibrational signal, and that signal is a product of all of his or her combined thought. Emotions are a strong amplifier of your vibrational signal and serve to further augment your point of attraction. One may change one's signal, merely by changing ones thoughts. Different thoughts will generate different vibrations and therefore, a different signal!


What does it mean to be empowered? It means understanding that the laws of the universe (which I call the Universal Operating System) are designed to support every decision you make. It means that in order to become empowered, you must make a decision to BE. Once that decision is made, all thought, emotion, action, and manifestation will inevitably follow. It is THE most important and powerful stage of the manifestation process!

Manifestation is the least powerful aspect of the creative cycle, yet most of us focus exclusively upon the manifestation, ignoring the most powerful, life giving stages that bring it about. Action is the second least important aspect of the manifestation cycle, even though we are taught from birth that it is the most important. It would be far more effective to take a vacation and achieve a vibrational match to a successful business goal than to engage in frenzied action without aligning ones energy toward that goal. Businesses fail not because of the economy, or bad customers, or bad breaks, or any of the myriad excuses people have for failure. A business will be successful to the degree that those who manage and operate it have a clear vision and keep themselves vibrationally aligned to the goals of the business.

Authenticity, Honesty

The decision to BE in a certain way brings forth a series of thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions and actions which form what we call a "personality." A personality is nothing more than a collection of decisions; and the words, actions and demeanor which flow inevitably from those decisions.

On planet earth, we value authenticity and honesty very highly, and for good reason. Dishonest people are a pain in the ass, for they dont follow through on their promises. And when you're trying to get something done (especially in a business setting), this sort of activity is unacceptable! Yet we get ourselves into too much trouble worrying about such people. Dishonesty is simply a decision to BE. It is neither right, or wrong. It simply is a way of being, which sets up a pattern of vibration to which others may respond.

The Law of Free Will gives us the opportunity to experience in any way we choose, and the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction make sure that only those aligned with the idea of dishonesty will come together.

Paradoxically, this means that a totally honest person may encounter dishonest people!

Why is this? It seems that if the Law of Attraction were operating rationally, criminals would only interact with criminals, and dishonest people with other dishonest people; but we observe that this doesn't always happen.

The answer is a little thing called fear, or worry, or anxiety.

These emotions are generated from a focusing of attention on something which is not desired. Focusing attention on something is equivalent to activating a vibration; just as when a piano key is struck.

Fear, worry and anxiety merely aligns you with what you DON'T want. But the Universal Operating System says, "each conscious being is a sovereign and fully empowered. Therefore, if Joe is resonating to dishonest crooks, he must desire it." The UOS knows how powerful we are and grants our every wish.

Why do we worry? A person who is worried or anxious is concerned about a potential manifestation. Yet attention to the subject of that worry is bringing that thing to him or her!

"Do not look for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee."

Manifestation and Being

One may BE a wealthy man and have all of the feelings that a wealthy man may have, while still manifesting poverty. However, being wealthy has nothing whatsoever to do with money.

Wealth (or anything for that matter) is an inevitable result of an energy alignment that stems solely from a decision to be.

A poor man with $20 in his pocket may feel wealthy. If he continues to BE a wealthy man, he will eventually manifest more and more wealth. That is a guarantee, for the Universal Operating System is set up always to respond to a persons thoughts. Of course, just the opposite is true as well.

This vibration:


wave 1

Combined with this vibration:

sinewave 90 degrees out of phase

wave 2

Makes nothing:

straight line

wave 3

The two waveforms above are exactly 90 degrees out of phase. When they combine, each point above the line on the first waveform cancels out the corresponding point below the line on the other. When you are not in phase with what you want, you cant get it!

Focus on not-having something can cancel out the vibration of having something.

Manifestation, life itself, is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or, as I like to call it, a self-fulfilling idiocy. What we receive stems directly from the character of our thought and belief.

That is why BEING is so important.

Being is by far the most vital and life giving element in the creative and manifestation process, for it generates the fuel which powers the motor of manifestation.

Being something desired sets up a vibration that feels good! If youre not feeling good in your creative process, back up and take another look at yourself.


Many people say that power is money, or the ability to control or influence others, but power is neither of these things.

Power stems from a decision to BE.

Power is never anything outside of yourself, for it is simply a feeling of connection with life force energy.

Empowerment is all about allowing yourself to be you.

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