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The Creative Process


The universe is a sea of vibration. Matter and energy are composed of atoms. The atom is 99.9% space, with electrons oscillating about the nucleus. The electrons are as comparatively distant from the nucleus as the planets are from our sun. Therefore, all matter and energy is essentially vibrational, for vibration is just periodic or aperiodic motion through space. Now consider that the human senses are also composed of atoms! We can see that what appears to be a very solid reality is actually a vibrational interpretation of the human senses. In the book "Molecules of Emotion," the author (a scientist) is explaining scientific concepts to some Hindu holy men, who are looking very confused. Suddenly one of them smiles, turns to the others and says " I understand now! She thinks the atoms are REAL." These holy men understand that there is no one true reality, that all beings in the universe are just interpreters of vexistence.

The universe is a field of consciousness, and all things in it are ultimately composed of thought. In other words, thought is itself vibrational in nature, and through the uncounted eons of existence, has become more and more sophisticated. Like a flower essence oil, thought gathers together and becomes more and more solid, more and more real. When consciousness is correctly understood as the subtle, non-physical, creative and animating principle of the universe, this idea makes sense. When we envision consciousness as coming forth from a pile of protoplasm, it seems silly.

But the truly silly idea, of course, is that selfawareness is dependent on matter. Even an idiot knows that something cant come from nothing! Matter and energy cant create other matter and energy. In fact, the Law of Conservation of Energy says that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. However, the creative principle can create via thought. And since the solid reality of our world is ultimately composed of thought (even though we are unable to look deeply enough into matter to see it), our thoughts act as a sort of magnetic attractor for other thoughts. All life exists within a cocoon of consciousness, and all life is in constant, but subtle, communication with each other. Humans, dogs, horses, cats, plants and insects exist within the universal field of consciousness. Therefore, your thoughts are very powerful. When you envisage something clearly, you begin to build a sort of vibrational magnetic blueprint that draws to you the people and resources you need. What is drawn corresponds to the content of your template of thought, according to the law of like attracts like, or the Law of Attraction. Therefore, your thoughts act as a kind of broadcasting tower to the rest of the universe. This idea is the most important concept in manifestation.


All too often we hear people tell us to "face reality" as if the apparently solid stuff that surrounds us is the ultimate truth. When you focus on reality, however, you focus your thoughts there. If you want to live your dreams, however, you cant spend too much time looking at your current reality! That would be like walking backwards into traffic. Youve got to keep your focus on your vision at all times, and ignore anything that isnt congruent with what youre attempting to manifest.

The laws of the universe do not care whether your vibrational 'broadcasting' is coming from what you have observed, or what you have imagined or visualized. Clearly, if you want to change your reality, you cannot create comething different by focusing on the status quo. But that is precisely what you do when you pay attention to "reality" as you've already created it!

What you visualize is what is matched by the universe at large, just as a magnet attracts other metal, and not paper, rock, ceramic, or plastic. Like attracts like. When you have a vision, you "magnetize" yourself to that which is wanted. That is the power of the creative process. As a spirit associated with a body, you have the power of the Creator within you. You are NOT a pile of meat, an automaton responding to environmental stimuli. You are a powerful creator being who may live the life you want, backed by universal principles designed to support you! If you dont believe that, then begin right away to mold your thoughts to the life you want and observe what happens. If you do this right youll feel exhilarated and excited. Then youll begin to feel inspired, and begin making action plans to carry out your plan. It will be the funnest thing that ever happened to you, and you will have created it all.

The universe exactly matches the vibration of every thought and feeling you have, even if it is the product of imagination instead of 'reality'. By observing what you are experiencing, you can determine exactly what your overall vibrational pattern is, and change it. Your life is an exact mirror of your vibrational signals.

The creative process is about changing your thoughts and feelings from what you don't want, to what you do want. It is done deliberately by the process of visualization, using your imagination to get to the feeling of already having what you want.

The by-product of the creative process is the manifestation of your desire. The manifestation occurs when you have deliberately altered your vibration to match the vibration of your desire. This might seem like a fanciful concept, but its not. It is crucial to understand what is meant by matching your vibration to your desire. When you do so, doors magically open for you. Happy accidents begin to occur. You always seem to be in the right place at the right time. When you begin to notice synchronicity, youll know you have begun to properly align your energies.

As Wallace Wattles says, you can't use thought alone to manifest. Thought and inspiration is the engine of manifestation, but action is also necessary. In other words, if you want to build a factory, youll need others to erect the building, design and install the machinery, and run the place. But its your vision and creative impulses that keep the enterprise going.

Heres something that almost no one understands: The true reward of the creative process is the alignment of energy to your desire, placing you in a more joyful beingness. Manifestation follows naturally from that. Guys like Bill Gates and Ted Turner understand this. These are people with powerful visions who are totally aligned to what theyre doing. They understand and have tapped into their powerful inner core of creative power. You may not like them personally, but that is irrelevant to manifestation. The universe interfaces with each one of us individually, and responds to each person on an individual basis. All are empowered!

The universe is infinitely abundant. It has been estimated that there is enough energy in a cubic centimeter of space to run all of the industries in the world for millions of years. The creative process taps into this energy, so there is no limit to what the universe can bring to you.

How the Creative Process Works

Through the proper use of visualization,* a being sets up a 'potential' field in the universal field of consciousness. I call this a potential field not because it doesn't have substance, but because it is a precursor to the actual manifestation. It is latent, consisting of thought forms that, under the guidance of a conscious being, are aligning themselves in a certain pattern and gaining in power and sophistication.

The best way I can describe this 'universal field' is to call it a field of creative consciousness. Every particle and vibration in the universe is a part of this field. When you properly visualize, you create an energetic template within the field. When you think, feel and imagine actually having your desire, you are setting up a powerful vibrational magnet which every particle in the universe can respond to. When your actual(true) vibration exactly matches the vibration of your visualization, it's like a key fitting into a lock, and the two vibrations must be in the same place in space/time. This is the Law of Attraction at work.


Far from being 'airy-fairy', proper visualization using thought and feeling is immensely more powerful than an action oriented approach! You have the power of the entire universe behind you. The only benefit to an action is that it functions as a way to focus energy towards your goal. When people get results through 'hard work', the real reason for the result is the proper alignment of their personal vibration to that of their visualization.

Final Thoughts

Because a human being is a spirit associated with a physical body, he or she is able to tap into creative energy. All it takes is an alignment of your thoughts to something that gets you excited. This may be hard at first because many people dont know what they want! However, the only reason you dont know what you want is because you have never deliberately asked yourself. Many of us have thoughts of unworthiness, brought about by the somewhat inverted society we live in; a culture that belies consciousness comes from mud. However, once you begin to understand who you are, it is much easier to begin to acknowledge your creative potential.

Creative energy is the energy of consciousness itself. it is pure, balanced, and feels wonderful. So if you are engaging in the creative process and are not feeling great most of the time, then you need to step back and re-connect. There may be stumbling blocks of unwanted thought, beliefs and emotions which come up, but this is natural, as you release old beliefs that no longer serve you.

In this creative process, you are engaging in DELIBERATE alteration of your own consciousness! This is a very powerful thing, and anyone who engages in this process is to be commended. Not only are you raising your own vibration, but you are paving the way for others to do the same.

When old, unwanted stuff comes up, just release it and continue to focus on your visualization. Law of Attraction will always bring to you more of what you focus on, so focus on what you want, not the crap you are releasing! As you deliberately alter your own vibration during the creative process, you will find yourself coming into more and more harmony with your true self. You will find more happiness, more connection, and more of what you want will manifest for you.

* The steps to proper visualization:

1) Find out what you want (absolutely crucial).

2) Clearly define your thoughts about it until you begin to feel excited and inspired (this is inevitable).

3) While you are inspired, do your research and make a plan of action.

4) Only act when you are in that state of excited inspiration. This is the sign you are in alignment with the goal. In this state, your action cycles are all along the path of least resistance. Synchronicity little things at first begins to occur, reinforcing your confidence. Manifestation slowly (or quickly, depending upon how aligned you are) follows as long as you remain in energetic alignment to your goal.

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