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Aligning Energy

Excerpted from the book, The Vibrational Universe

Vibrationally speaking, the creative process is all about aligning to your desire, and keeping your focus there. If you do this, success is guaranteed, and if you dont, failure is probable. Success does not depend on what others think, say, or do. If you are experiencing opposition from any quarter, you are already out of alignment, for you have attracted such into your experience. Life is a selffulfilling prophecy. You always experience precisely according to your activated vibrational content. The ideas presented in these essays are absurdly simple, and understood by everyone at the most intimate level of being: no one else can determine the outcome of your life except you.

All individuals are sovereign in their experience. The way to success is to find something you want, and keep lined up to it!

All desires begin as thoughts. Very often, a rush of positive emotion accompanies this thought. Wouldnt it be great to write a bestselling book? I want to learn karate and kick ass. Starting my own company would be fantastic. I want a new house, this one is too small. I want to be a more loving person. Etc. However, in most cases, your present vibration (reflected in the conditions of your life) is nowhere near the vibration of your desire. Thats because desire is often strongest when you are living just the opposite! The new desire is a little 'packet' of energy that, at present, represents an unfulfilled gap or a potential relative to your present vibration. It is also unsophisticated, like a child's drawing, because you have not had time to develop and strengthen this little thought into a powerful vision or blueprint that can attract to you what is wanted. When that gap is completely bridged, it will be reflected in the physical universe.

Aligning energy is simply your personal vibrational matching to your desire, in accordance with the Law of Vibration and the Law of like attracts like. Thought, action, and manifestation are symbiotically linked, thought being the driving force that determines the nature of the other two. The creative process is, essentially, keeping yourself lined up with what you want while you complete the blueprint of your desire, and the action steps toward manifestation. Failure to do so must result in falling short of the goal. In fact, what happens in the physical universe (or within yourself, if the goal is strictly personal) will be a precise reflection of the design templates of thought that you keep alive in your consciousness.

Many people balk at action, feeling that one should be able to manifest magically, like waving a magic wand. If you are balking at action, however, you are not yet aligned to the goal. That is because true alignment leads to a feeling of eagerness and excitement, a desire to get the show on the road! A fully developed vision will lead easily and automatically to the creation of a plan of action. Will your plan be successful on the first try? Well, maybe it will! But if it isn't, that doesn't mean you are a failure, or that you should give up, or that the laws of the universe "don't work." You can find all sorts of good reasons to quit, but there are even better reasons to keep going. That is because quitting feels rotten, and your desire feels great!


Until you are purely in harmony with your desire, there may be conflicting vibrations present within you. This means that your efforts will result in some of what you do want as well as some of what you don't want. This is OK, because the results you are getting will be a good gauge of exactly where your vibration is, relative to your desire. You can look at what is appearing in your life and if there is something you are getting you don't like, there is a belief that exactly matches it. Now you can precisely identify old beliefs and release them, making the action cycles you perform much more efficient and aligned with the goal.

How many times have you begun something with the hope that it will work out? Well, Ill try this way, and see what happens. With an intention like that, the results will very likely not be satisfactory. Here, there is a kernel of desire but the sophistication and power of your thought is not yet congruent with the desire. The actions you take reflect the somewhat amorphous quality of your thought and therefore, what you receive is amorphous as well. Of course, it is impossible to immediately perform at a high skill level without working at your craft. Nevertheless, a a clear vision leads to a powerful and confident vibration, and establishes a compelling platform of attraction.

My piano teacher told me that the great saxophonist Charlie Parker would practice 14 hours a day, 7 days a week but for me, that is absolutely ridiculous. If I get 30 minutes every other day at the piano Im doing well. But then I asked myself, what are you doing the rest of the time? Writing! I write every day, sometimes for 16 hours at a time with a few breaks for eats. Apparently, it all depends on where your interest is, and where you are focused. My vibration is powerfully focused on writing, as Mr. Parkers was on music. In 5 years Ive gone literally from zero, to four books. And it wasnt work at all, it was just fun the whole time. That is probably how Charlie Parker felt about his music.

The universe you perceive is a mirror of your vibration. It is your helpful servant, delivering to you exact matches to where you place your focus. It is constantly pointing out to you where you are on the roadmap of life. This is not only very logical, it is very helpful, for, if you are honest with yourself, you may observe your manifestations and benchmark your progress. In other words, if there is something continually recurring in your life, then clearly you have an activated pattern of thought or belief supporting it. Operating from the assumption that consciousness is cause, you can then stop blaming luck, chance, or other people for your misfortune, and get yourself back on the rails.

Many people think that it is impossible to consciously create the life they want. That is because almost everyone gets some of what is wanted and some of what isn't wanted, so it seems like a crap shoot. Or luck. Or coincidence. It seems to most that the earth is a very chaotic place, and even a cursory glance at the news seems to confirm that.

Far from being a chaotic place, the planet earth is perfectly ordered and balanced! It just seems chaotic sometimes, because so many people do not consciously focus and direct their thoughts. Their vibration is all over the place, and so that is what they receive! The key is to clearly identify what you really want.

Stages in the Manifestation Process

The First Stage

The first and most important stage in aligning your energy is to have a clear idea of what your goal or desire is. Most people don't get exactly what they intend, because their vision is not crystal clear! Often this step is neglected in favor of action cycles. Well, I dont really know what I want, but maybe if I hope enough and work hard enough, something good will happen. Yeah, maybe it will, but one of the purposes of this book is to describe the process of conscious creation. Its a lot more fun to have control of your life than to just go on hoping!

Sometimes necessity demands that you plunge in before you are ready, but it is vitally important that you clarify where you are going along the way. If your thoughts are amorphous, the results you obtain will be as well. Here is where creative visualization comes into the picture.

Creative visualization is the process of building a template of thought and emotion which will establish your point of attraction and guide your action. It establishes the being portion of the bedohave process. Creative visualization utilizes a balance of heart and mind. When it is done correctly, creative visualization alters your personal vibration, results in a change of feeling within you, and lines you up to the goal. That is why so many athletes use it.


The important thing to understand is that manifestation is always the result of your personal creative process, and you have complete control over that.

The Second Stage

The second stage is staying in the present moment while deliberately envisioning what you want. Go through life as much as possible living in 'now' time. The 'now' moment is always the moment of creation. It is always the moment of experiencing, when the vibrations from the outside world reach your senses. Therefore, envision having what you want NOW. You envision what you want in the now, and when it comes to you, it will be in the now. Life is lived now! It is hard to communicate this concept, because we perceive time as linear past, present, future.

But the linearity of time is an illusion. The present moment is the platform for creation, because effective creation occurs when one is fully conscious. And one can only be fully conscious by being fully present NOW. Those who detach themselves from the present become less and less attuned to reality, as most of us have probably noticed. My friends mother had Alzheimers, and her contact with the now was tenuous at best. My sisterinlaw is in a nursing home. She thinks she sees her dead parents all the time, and goes out to lunch with them a lot. Maybe she does, who knows, but wherever she is eating, it isnt on planet earth!


The point is, never dwell on negative events of the past. What's done is done and by far your most powerful point of attraction, by many orders of magnitude, is in the present. When you dwell on the negative past you bring it into the now, activating the vibration of it.

The Third Stage

The third stage is gradually gaining the ability to focus on what you want, despite all the reasons not to.

If you have an office job that you hate, but would like to be selfemployed, you must align your energies to being selfemployed, despite your present reality that is all about the office. You get up every morning and spend the entire day there. You can't align yourself to being selfemployed if your every thought and experience is about the office! So what to do?

Imagine as many times as you can during the day, what it would feel like to be on your own. Visualize what you would be doing. Play with it. You'd be surprised how often you can do this if you really want to. I am not encouraging anyone to daydream at work, but there are always breaks during the day in which you can exercise your creative imagination. I often take some time at the end of the day, or in the morning just before work or before I sit down to write, and spend some time at creative visualization . I tried meditating and that helped to calm me down a little, but in meditation there is a releasing of desire, whereas in creative visualization there is a conscious focusing, a distinct vibrational orientation on what is wanted. Besides, I like the idea of harnessing my mind and putting it to work, instead of trying to shut it up!


The Fourth Stage

The fourth stage in aligning your energy is gaining the ability to purely focus upon what is wanted. This is a major step, because you have to be clear enough not to have old beliefs and feelings impinging on you every time you attempt to place yourself in your new vibration. When I first began the process of writing, Id wind up fighting with editors and publishers, explaining to them why my stuff was worth reading. Instead of envisioning what I wanted, I was overcoming obstacles. I struggled with myself and others every time I began to reach higher. It was discouraging, for things seemed to be getting worse, not better.

Eventually I understood that activating new beliefs agitated the old thought structures I had built up over the years. In order to emerge from the stagnant pond of my old beliefs, I had to disturb the waters a little!


Just as one practices meaningfully as an artist, so too does it take practice to shift vibrationally in life. This is what some call growth as a person. Personal growth is changing ones personal vibration to match ones desires. This process is fully supported by the universes operating system.

The Fifth Stage

The fifth stage is creating from the inside out. By that is meant, feeling the creative power originating within you, and understanding that it interfaces with the world to bring you what is wanted. The reflexive flow is primary.

Although this is obvious when creating a work of art, it is not so obvious in life. Many people see the creative energy outside of themselves, and so feel the need to struggle and work inordinately hard. The larger and more elaborate is the goal, the more work it will be, is the thinking. This seems reasonable, because a more expensive car costs less than a cheap one, and since money is energy, a cheaper car should be easier to get. A companywide restructuring should be more difficult than an individual team or cell. But this isnt true at all. In the vibrational model, an alignment to the goal is all that is needed.


The Sixth Stage

The sixth stage is the realization that your new vibration now feels more comfortable than did the old one. At this stage, you have clarified, purified and aligned your energy to your desire so well that it feels natural to live in this new way. There are now no (or almost no) conflicting counterthoughts or doubts which cause you to feel negative emotion.

The Seventh Stage

The seventh stage is observation in the physical universe of your goal or dream manifesting. This step actually occurs little by little along the way. It may start out in the early stages with little things that remind you of where you are going. Then, as you get further along, manifestations that are more concrete will occur, until finally, the goal is achieved. Again, this is quite obvious when engaging in an artistic project, but it is not so obvious when trying to change the conditions of your life, or in a business setting.

For example, one day I was writing my third book and I understood that I was fully a writer, doing the things that writers do. The process of change was so gradual I hardly noticed it, for I had so much fun along the way.

Many times, manifestation will not occur in the way you thought it would, or planned it would. The path toward your goal always occurs through the cracks of least resistance in your vibration, so when your life begins to change, it may change in unanticipated ways. Just go with the flow, it will turn out wonderful.

The Eighth Stage

The eighth stage is the full manifestation. Now you are living your new life, or have the thing that you desired, or have reached your goal. You feel a sense of accomplishment, and expansiveness. It's a great feeling.


After you have successfully manifested, you will have another desire, and another, and another. Some call this greed but guess what, it is not! It is the inherent property of life to expand, to want to be more, feel more, experience more! If you ever run out of desires or goals, you will cease to channel any life force through you, and your body will die. The end of desire is the end of life force, for desire IS life force! Enjoy your manifestation, but don't be surprised if you feel yourself wanting more. It's totally natural. The allthatis, of which you are an integral part, is set up for continuous growth.

The Ninth Stage

The ninth and last stage is the next desire. Once you have enjoyed and assimilated the results of your new creation for a while, you have reached a new plateau of perception, and you realize there is more you would like to experience. The process starts all over again, but now you are a more fully realized being. You have knowingly applied your creative process and deliberately manifested a desire. You know that YOU did it. The feeling of power you now have is indescribable, because you know you can do it again! And again, and again, and again. Now life starts to become really exciting. You only have to decide what more you want to be, do, or have and you are on your way.

Geometrically, the creative process can be represented as a spiral. A spiral continues forever upward and outward, reflecting the eternal and expanding nature of consciousness itself.

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