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The Love Solution

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If you are like me you are experiencing emotional and spiritual turmoil. This occurs because the light is penetrating the darkness in the battle of dark and light. If you have any self-awareness (and even if you don’t) your Akash is being opened up. If you are an old soul there are plenty of lifetimes recorded in there. Particularly if you are on the spiritual path, light is reaching into and exposing some of the dark stuff you’ve participated in during your previous lives. The craziness of current events – also a result of the light growing stronger and stronger – is also assaulting our consciousness. It’s part of the collective cleanup of the human psyche.

I’ve talked about this before. In order to clean up the old closet in the attic you have to take out the old stuff, remove the cobwebs, and clean up the dirt. It gets messy real fast. You don’t get to wave a magic wand and everything is magically sparkling and clean. Maybe in a Disney movie, but not at this level of consciousness! After we graduate out of lower consciousness, sure. Then it’s a piece of cake. Now we have Trump and Hillary and all the rest, and that’s quite a load of crap.

I’m a fairly cerebral person and if truth be told, a bit of a skeptic. Make a statement, source it. The problem with this attitude is when dealing with spirituality and esoteric concepts, because there is no objective proof of these concepts. You can quote Chopra or some other spiritual leader, but for me this has no meaning. It’s just some person’s opinion. We can all agree that 2 + 2 = 4, but there’s no infallible source for spirituality.

The source for factual statements in the esoteric realm lies within you. It’s intimately, deeply personal and completely subjective. That means there are almost 8 billion “sources” for esoteric concepts. God/Creative Source has invested within every human being a spiritual database, you might say. An Oracle. Old souls understand this instinctively.

So there isn’t a Wikipedia article or a peer-reviewed journal you can consult for the answers to personal problems. The spiritual system on earth is designed so that human beings must look within to find the answers to the most important questions in life, such as, “How can I find happiness?” or  “What is the meaning of life?”

All of this as preamble to discuss the solution I found. This may not work for you, but it might be helpful.

Is Love the Gateway to Higher Consciousness?

For years I worked through depression, largely caused (my doctor said) by a medical condition. But I suspect it was really the result of a bad attitude! What I learned then was that the answer to every problem I have is a feeling of love.

Now, this seems goofy to my intellectual/skeptical side. Especially before 2012, when we had yet to pass the barrier and were still in the old energy.

When I felt emotional turmoil I would lie down and try to feel as much love as possible. Spiritual leaders say that God/Creative Source is infinite love, so you can’t run out. Why shouldn’t I have some? The idea is that love is the OM, the carrier wave for all information and physical manifestation. According to sacred texts and spiritual masters, love is supposed to dissolve all problems. If this is true, perhaps the feeling of love can be used to resolve intractable life problems. This was my thinking.

Curiously, my intellect noticed that after these personal “love solution” sessions my depression (sometimes quickly, sometimes it took an hour or more) lifted. Another curious fact: during the worst of my depression I did some of my best work. I learned that even through depression there is a strong connection to God/Creative Source. My doctor advised me not to take drugs for it and I didn’t, something I am eternally grateful for. I worked through it without becoming dependent on anti-depressants.

Over the years I felt better and better because of my meditations, but I never thought to apply the love solution to anything else. I stopped doing it. But lately, as the stress and turmoil on the mental/spiritual plane has increased, I’ve been going back to this practice in order to resolve really basic personal issues. I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing in a minute, and how it works.

As human consciousness rises, more turmoil is created on a personal level. We assign this to the human actors on the stage like Trump. But Trump isn’t the source folks: it’s your own Akash, and your sensitivity to energy. By energy I mean what your “spiritual sensors” are picking up on the mental/spiritual plane. The light is exposing the darkness everywhere on the planet and it’s real because we’re all feeling it.

Materialists don’t understand this, they just feel bad and don’t know the cause. This causes them to become emotionally and spiritually unbalanced, and lash out. These are the nutbags who buy guns and shoot people up, or who scream at folks in restaurants. As bad as sensitivity and awareness can be in this crazy world, it’s better than being in the dark. Be grateful for your enhanced awareness and sensitivity, old soul.

Sometimes I feel like I’m being turned inside out. Lately I’ve had trouble keeping my balance so I’ve gone to see a chiropractor and have been drinking lots of water. I have a feeling that part of my instability is the activity within my Akash. My intellect tells me I’m an idiot for thinking this. “What Akash? You can’t see anything you fool. Just another space-cadet concept you have no proof for.”

Yeah, my intellect/ego is pretty harsh sometimes.

Yet I know deep down that I have a personal connection to God/Creative Source. I know that my intuition is the gateway to this higher consciousness. Part of the solution is to consult my intuition and actually listen to it and follow it. In order to do that I first try to feel as much love as I can. For me, a feeling of love leads to greater intuition.

The Universe is Multi-Dimensional

We live in a multi-dimensional, non-linear universe. Logic, science, and other linear concepts will only get you so far; these things work for practical undertakings in business and for reaching goals. But for solving the basic questions of life – which all of us are eventually going to confront as the light gets stronger and stronger – this doesn’t work. It’s too linear. You can’t solve problems like “How can I be happy?” with linear thinking because linearity doesn’t go deep enough.

I have had a deep, personal, unresolvable situation since I was 3 years old. I am 68 now. Sometimes, when I undertake something important, I feel a sense of upset, personal failure, and abandonment before I even start. This is irrational. My counselors and personal coaches always identify the problem as my mom dying of leukemia when she was 28, when I was three. I’ve worked on this issue for decades, I’ve had Traumatic Incident Reduction on it, it’s been figured out for a long time. I’ve resolved all the emotions surrounding it. Makes perfect sense, I feel abandoned because my mom left me when I was a little child and I never got to know her. It’s perfectly logical.

But why then do I still feel these irrational emotions if they have been identified and handled? Obviously there’s something else there.

So I decided to apply the love solution to this problem. Something amazing happened.

The “Love Solution”

My “love solution” program begins each night by taking a shower just before bed. Wash off all the accumulated stress. Then lie down and listen to a spiritual message. Then meditate and try to feel as much love as possible. If I have a deep-seated problem I frame the problem and listen to my intuition while feeling as much love as I can. Sometimes nothing happens. Sometimes the answer comes in dreams, or just before I fully wake up, usually around 4 or 5 in the morning. But what happened that morning was really remarkable, and totally different from what I thought was going to happen.

Before I tell you what it is I need to explain that when something profound is resolved, a lot of emotions are involved that blow off, sometimes in spectacular fashion. If you are getting counseling for your issues but you aren’t feeling anything (taking a more intellectual approach) then more than likely your issue isn’t fully resolving.

For me, when the issue is fully resolved and the emotions blow off, I go back and look at what was bothering me and it seems silly. And often irrational. The connections don’t make sense. They FEEL profound when you are going through them, but when you get through it the whole situation seems stupid. And hard to describe. But I’ll do my best.

OK, I get up after my love solution session, where I tried to resolve my feelings of abandonment. It’s a day off work so my friend comes over and we go to play disk golf. I have been a disk golf player for 12 years, it helps me to relax and it’s good exercise. But often I get mad at myself while playing. I feel a sense of self-contempt when I don’t make a shot. I feel that if I don’t make the shot it is a matter life or death! I also feel a sense of abandonment, and a sense that I am just not good enough. I have been playing disk golf for 12 years, and this has come up frequently while playing. It’s irrational, and I have always wondered what causes these intense and irrational feelings. It makes no sense. Although I have played with guys who get really mad when they don’t do well, the emotions connected with this are all out of proportion to the activity. “Missing a disk golf shot is a trivial matter,” my intellect tells me. “Why do you beat yourself up over something so stupid?”

Well, my friend and I go to the course that morning and begin play. I miss two easy shots in a row. I begin to feel angry and upset, I feel that I am worthless, I feel that if I don’t make the next shot it’s going to literally be a life-and-death matter. I feel a sense of abandonment. (I told you it was irrational.) This is where it gets good.

Suddenly I get the vision of myself in a past life. I am the representative for my city-state in a sort of Olympic Games, an intense athletic competition between many city-states. I am wearing some kind of toga. I am a very strong fellow with intense black hair and a black beard. This competition is a really, really big deal. Guys have been assaulted or killed if they don’t do well. However, I am always the winner and bask in my own glory. Nevertheless, I also feel a tremendous sense of responsibility. I feel that if I don’t win, I will let down an entire nation.

I am standing there open-mouthed. My friend asks me, “What’s happening? Let’s play golf.”

I try to explain what’s happening to me, but it makes no sense. I wonder, “Where is this coming from?” We continue play. I still see this guy (me, I guess) in the background of my mind. Ten minutes later I miss another shot and the feelings come up again, even stronger. These feelings are so strong I now have difficulty concentrating on the play! It makes no sense.

But then something amazing happens. My playing partner Mark reminds me of the upstart from another city-state who beats me in the Games. This has never happened before because I have always won. I am crushed. I feel that I have let down an entire nation. The upstart is smirking at me, taunting me. My friend looks awfully like that young guy who beat me so long ago. My intellect and my brain tell me that this is really stupid, that this incident is imaginary and has no basis in reality. OK, but then why am I am feeling like shit? The incident is right there, I am looking right at it. I’m IN it. The emotions I’m feeling are telling me it’s real. I am describing all of this to Mark because he’s wondering WTF is going on.

The incident continues. When the Games are over I am booed lustily by my supporters in the stadium, who have lost a lot of money and pride because of my failure. But I am an arrogant person (apparently) and think nothing of it. I am walking down the street after the Games and I am attacked and killed by an irate mob from my own city state. All of this is happening while I’m playing the round, and I’m providing a running commentary to my playing partner, who really does remind me strangely of the young upstart who beat me so long ago. (Fortunately my partner Mark is a good guy who tolerates my ranting while we’re playing.)

Whereas before I’m IN the incident, suddenly I am outside my body watching it. I’m watching myself getting attacked by the mob. I feel an uncontrollable urge to start laughing (I told you it was irrational). From a feeling of total upset and abandonment, I’m now cracking up. The situation seems hilarious to me. When the mob comes at me I look at Mark and say, “Hey, those guys are coming after ME!”  I start laughing and laughing so hard I can hardly play. There is literally energy blowing off from my psyche and from my body. After about 5 minutes of this I begin to calm down. The emotions of upset and abandonment I was feeling are now gone.

The incident is funny because I realize I was a total asshole back then, an arrogant prick, and everybody really hated me and only put up with my conceit and arrogance because I won all the time. Even though the incident involves my own death, it seems more and more funny to me, I’m laughing and laughing even as I see myself getting beaten to death. After I get killed the city state proclaims a “Ken is dead” celebration day! (I don’t know what my name was back then.) This celebration day lasts for ten years until everyone forgets about me.

I realize my ego was so huge and my conceit and self-absorption so complete, that everything outside myself was trivial.  I realized that I was actually a running joke to everyone. I understand that the emotions I was feeling all stem from this one lifetime. But this seems so funny now that I can’t stop talking and laughing about it for the entire round. By the time Mark and I walk off the course I’ve blown off so much charge that I no longer feel anything when I approach a shot, or miss it. I feel a lot lighter. In the car going home I’m still talking about it, but I don’t feel anything but lightness anymore. My friend jokes that he will kick my butt again the next time we play.

This probably seems silly to the reader, I guess you had to have been there. “Dude you are talking nonsense,” you might say, and be right. Look at the chain of events, they are themselves trivial and make no sense. Feelings of abandonment when undertaking an important project. Meditating on love. Playing disk golf, feeling upset. Running some incident from a past life that was probably just made up. Feeling much, much better.

These things are random occurrences to my brain, and can’t possibly be connected. They seem dumb and stupid, with no connection to real life events and problems. But they are, apparently, because I feel so much better now. I have literally blown off so much negative energy that I actually feel lighter.

The “love solution” is an example, I think, of a new way of problem solving in a multi-dimensional, non-linear universe with a higher consciousness. The “love solution” leads to completely illogical connections that your brain can’t figure out. But the result is that now I no longer feel a sense of abandonment, I can play disk golf (or any game) without feeling upset. I feel a lot better in general. And the long-standing “issue” of my mom’s death when I was 3 years old had nothing to do with it. The whole thing came from a series of unexplainable and unconnected fantasies (?!?!?!).

People work on issues for years without resolving them. Maybe it’s because they’re not going deep enough. Maybe it’s because the problem is an illogical, emotionally interconnected series of events that have no logical relationship to each other. Maybe love is the solvent that loosens the tangled emotional knot that holds everything together, and results in a series of incidents with no rational connection to each other. Perhaps a feeling of love goes deep into your psyche and your Akash and loosens things up.

One thing is for sure: the “love solution” can’t be written up into a 10-step program. You can’t devise a formula or an equation to describe it. You can’t make up a coaching program and charge people money for it. The love solution is intimate to yourself and you have to do it yourself and see what happens. But it’s pretty simple; a child can do it. The feeling of love is available to every person on earth. All you do is try to feel love. If there’s a deep seated problem in your life, you throw a feeling of love at it and see if something sticks. Then you go with the flow of what happens after that.

 For me it led to a profound experience with tangible results. It’s what happens when you use a multidimensional approach. I can tell you one thing: it made the idea of an “Akash” totally real to me. It made the idea of past lives totally real. Something that I at first considered a fantasy turned out to have a boatload of negative emotions connected to it that I was able to resolve in a couple of hours. I know for sure that this incident didn’t come from this lifetime.

It makes no sense linearly. But the results were astonishing. For you the situation and the solution will be totally different, I’m sure.

The “love solution” probably would have been a crazy idea even 10 years ago. But since we passed the marker in 2012, the planet has gone into a new energy that supports non-traditional approaches. (I’ve talked about this a lot in previous blog posts.)

The love solution comes under the heading of “do no harm.” You can’t possibly harm yourself by relaxing and trying to generate a feeling of love. At worst, nothing will happen; your brain will tell you it’s stupid and you won’t do it anymore. You’ll perhaps be able to generate a little love within yourself, and your intellect will tell you that you’re an idiot. But maybe if you keep doing it you’ll get better and better at it. (BTW, this is also the idea behind the Harmony Project, which you can find in the website.)

The idea is to use love to dissolve life problems in a non-linear way. To accept that, yeah, you do have a higher self, and maybe it can help you in ways that your brain won’t understand.

Can you use this solution to run a business? I wouldn’t want to try it, but maybe you can use it to solve more deep-seated personal problems that haven’t been resolved by traditional means. It’s not going to work for you like it did for me, but I hope my little story can help you.

Maybe love really is a problem dissolver. Who knows? Try it and see. But don’t be surprised if astonishing things happen.


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