The Big Picture in association with Ana Fernandez Presents:

The Vibrational Universe Movie (DVD Version)

How do universal principles like the Law of Attraction really work?

Underlying science, metaphysics, politics, and human relationships is the vibrational universe concept. Understanding this concept enormously simplifies the complexities of life, and explains the sometimes mysterious workings of human relationships. It also explains phenomena like karma, coincidence, and ESP. The Vibrational Universe movie clarifies the relationship between thought, consciousness, and the "real world."

Amazingly, the vibrational universe idea is not esoteric at all, but resonates with our common sense.

This is the third and final movie in the "Potentials of Consciousness" series that began with The Unity of Spirit and Matter and The Law of Attraction Explained.

Let the simple but enormously powerful concept of The Vibrational Universe give you the missing pieces of the puzzle of life.

Running time: 33 minutes
Note: The Vibrational Universe Movie is a converted Flash movie that will play on your computer and in your DVD player.

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