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Vol 14, #7

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(Blog post)


Current events have shown us that human beings are gradually being separated into those with lower consciousness and those with higher consciousness. Apparently, as the light-dark battle progresses, some will turn away from the light and others will embrace it.

Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, is one who embraces the dark side. President Trump, on Meet The Press on Sunday, June 23, was interviewed by Chuck Todd. According to RT News,

“Donald Trump has confirmed that his top foreign policy adviser wants to embroil the US in multiple international conflicts. But the US president insists he retains final say on whether American missiles are to fly into Iran. In a sit-down Meet the Press interview broadcast Sunday, host Chuck Todd asked Trump if he was ‘being pushed into military action against Iran’ by his advisers – presumably pointing to the aggressive pronouncements from National Security Advisor John Bolton.

‘I have two groups of people. I have doves and I have hawks,’ replied Trump. ‘John Bolton is absolutely a hawk. If it was up to him he'd take on the whole world at one time, okay?’

Trump then brushed away concerns about the influence of Bolton, who also served in the White House during the Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush administrations.

‘That doesn't matter because I want both sides,’ said Trump.”

Apparently Bolton thinks that making the world safe for America means starting wars. That’s low consciousness.

On the other “side” of the fake left-right debate is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. On June 24, she issued this Tweet:


Not a “sliver of sunlight” to those you don’t like? Then you are in the dark.

Intolerance exists on both “left” and “right” in this fake debate between “good” and “evil.”

I think we are going to see a lot more of this. As the light enters the darkness within human consciousness, people will be forced to choose: the path of light and tolerance, or the path of darkness and intolerance. Negative karma will be exposed and will have to be resolved. Meanwhile, the media will continue to promote left vs right positions in politics. In this fake debate, people marshal facts to support their side, and demonize people on the other “side,” just like Bolton and AOC. Their intolerant attitude is, “my way or the highway.” 

What does the future look like?

Well, the higher vibrations are being separated from the lower vibrations. This is being done with free choice and free will by every individual on the planet. People are choosing their path – there’s no sitting on the fence now.

My guess is that the vast majority of people will eventually choose the higher vibrations, with a strong minority choosing the lower. This split between high and low vibes will cross national, cultural, sexual, economic, and political barriers.

Everyone who has ever incarnated on earth is here now. Karma from previous lifetimes throughout human history is being resolved. This is causing what looks to be chaos, but it’s all part of an incredible, complex divine plan agreed to by every member of the human race.

So far, it is impossible to identify any single person or organization as “leaders” in this consciousness-separating phenomenon. Although Trump is clearly THE worldwide focal point now, he exhibits qualities of both low and high vibrations. Trump, as I have written before, is a change agent on a planetary scale; an old, old, ancient soul who is a catalyst on the path of humanity as we walk through the darkness and into the light. He’s the guy who has to break the old system up. My opinion is that he has been granted a gigantic ego simply to do his job, which is to confront the darkness (and his own karma) on a worldwide scale. Have you even noticed that great leaders have huge egos? Trump is no exception.

 What are we likely to experience as the consciousness of humanity works its way toward the light?

Stage 1

We’re in the first stage now: chaos, as the worldwide human trafficking, drugs, and arms networks are slowly being exposed. These networks buy off politicians and even entire governments.

This information is going to shock a lot of people when it fully hits the mainstream press, who will have no choice but to report it. Many will ignore this stuff because it’s very hard to confront. But enough people will be able to do so, and the info will get out there, enabling those who are running these networks to be taken out of society.

My hope is that The Donald will continue on his bull-headed program of knocking down the old structures. He’s made a good start so far! The Donald’s job is the hardest one on the planet: he has to knock out the bad, even though there’s a lot of good in the old system. The analogy I have used is the old building that needs to be taken down for new construction. There’s still some walls in good shape, some of the floors are still good, there are some valuable paintings and artifacts in there. But the entire structure is rotting and needs to be replaced; the valuable pieces are rotting or have spills on them, or are in some way tainted.

Trump has to be the target of hatred, even from those supposedly on his “side” (like the warmonger John Bolton, who may also be one of the Nutters I talked about in a previous post). Unfortunately, the old paradigm is too integrated with the dark; it’s too connected to the current political and economic system for gentle handling. This is why we have seen nationalist movements spring up worldwide; objecting to Nutters, warmongers, and other corrupt officials within the current political structure. I personally would like to see a united world with transparent national borders, but humanity isn’t ready for that yet (although many people are, and more every day it seems). The dark trafficking and drugs networks exercise great influence in many governments, including our own. These networks have to be cleaned out before transparent borders can succeed, otherwise the dark army will simply pour through them. Whether you favor nationalism or not, the goal of these movements is to restore clean government. These nationalist movements appear to some as the rise of fascism on a planetary scale, but I interpret them as, overall, a necessary historical force that will eventually work to expose the corruption and the darkness.

You may disagree, but there is no point to looking at the future with pessimism. If your worldview is that fascism is going to take over and create a dystopian society, what are you doing here? A pessimistic worldview simply co-creates that in human consciousness. We now understand how powerful consciousness is, especially with 8 billion of us. The law of attraction and the law of vibration simply give us more of what we are focused on. The job of the lightworker is to spread light, not darkness and pessimism. 

Stage 2

The second stage is societal. Those who choose the path of intolerance will not be able to tolerate the higher vibrations. These individuals and groups will feel threatened by a message of compassion and tolerance; these vibrations will actually be painful for those who choose the dark path. Some of them (on the right) will feel that compassion for criminals, illegal aliens, and other perceived bad actors is weakness, and will attack those with messages of compassion. Those on the left will demand that fascists, racists, and others whom they perceive as lowlifes be  terminated. We’re already seeing this with the statements of John Bolton and AOC above. This “separation” of consciousness into high and low vibrations will continue until the psyche of humanity is cleaned out.

So-called normal persons will experience this as co-workers, family members, and friends choose the path of fear and intolerance, or compassion and tolerance. As someone who chooses the path of light, you may experience irrational hostility from those who have chosen the opposite path. Understand that these people are in real psychological pain, so go easy. You may not understand why you are the object of censure, but the answer is simple: because of your light. The low vibes find the higher vibes painful, so be aware of this. The lower vibes have less personal awareness than old souls, and a few of them will become unbalanced and frightened.

We are all going through a process of karmic clearing, or as some call it, Ascension. Planets of free choice go through this; it’s a painful process to negate millennia of karma from a test of energy that has been ongoing for at least two precession cycles (52,000 years). Old souls (the ones reading this) go through it first. Many of us are in the middle of cleaning out our personal dark sides. My friend Maurice Turmel has written about this on his blog:

“I’ve had lonely times, anxious times, difficulties sleeping, chaotic dreams and a whole host of symptoms related to this Ascension process. And I’ve asked myself often: am I a Lightworker, Starseed or something else I can’t identify just yet, getting different answers on different days. I’ve dealt with personal trauma from childhood forward, cried buckets of tears to relieve myself of that pain, determined to do the healing necessary along the way.  I’ve opened my heart as regularly suggested and kept finding a host of pain relics that I didn’t know existed.  Are we done yet?”

(You can find this great post at Maurice’s site https://thespiritualpsychologist.blogspot.com/2019/06/awakening-to-remember-1.html?spref=tw
Chip in to the conversation!)

The second stage will see a “separation of the vibes” as people choose the path of light or dark. People in the higher vibrations will begin to live longer and happier than those who have chosen the other path. Questions will be raised, accusations will be made, but it won’t be like on the old timeline when the dark was stronger. Back then, you got lynched, burned at the stake, or ostracized.

The second stage will see a much more benign process as those who hold the light stay in the light and become, essentially, walking, living demonstrations of the light. People will start to ask, “Why is this person happier than me? Why is this person living longer than me?” At that point more and more people will go to the light. That’s down the road a little, I think.

Stage 3

Stage 3 comes when the tipping point is reached; when enough people decide to accept the light flowing into human consciousness. At this point the baseline of “human nature” will have risen to the point where peace on earth will be possible; where war and conflict will be the exception, not the rule. There will be broad agreement that fighting what you don’t want is stupid, and that creating what is wanted is saner. This is when human potential will begin to be released. New inventions will come forth that will enable us to look into the quantum realm and see the unity field (see my new book, The Old Soul). At that point, game over. Then the long path to Ascension, where all humans will become like the Masters: able to control matter and energy with consciousness.

How long will this take?

It’s up to you and me. Do we choose compassion and tolerance, creating a society with higher vibes, or do we fight against that which we do not want, unable to tolerate the evil?

Fighting evil with more evil is pointless, for it just creates more evil. Anti-fascists, for example, use the tactics of fascism to defeat those who are considered fascists. This is justified because “fascists don’t understand anything but violence and low vibrations. They are stupid.” Anti-fascists call these tactics “revolution.” But we all know that revolution leads to an “oppressed” group oppressing the oppressors, starting the cycle all over again.

This has been the history of the world for millennia. Now, after 2012, the human family has begun the process of breaking this cycle. As ugly as it seems, Hillary and The Donald are a sign that it’s happening. The old structures are being brutally taken down, and we’ve just begun.

Did you think we were going to wave a magic wand and all is well? Do you think the benevolent space brothers are going to land on the White House lawn and take care of all those wrongdoers? Or that the Ascended Masters are coming down on a cloud of light to bless humanity and make our problems disappear? These are adolescent ideas, folks.

People are risking their lives in this battle of light and dark – people who are tasked with breaking up the dark networks; whistleblowers who come from Big Tech, or hidden programs, to bravely shed light on these problems. Guys like me, who are just sitting on the sidelines, try to support these brave people. At the very least our responsibility is to be positive and send light everywhere we can. These brave lightworkers make it possible for the rest of us to enjoy a pretty good life here in the US.  The path to the light goes through the darkness because, like it or not, this planet has been in the dark for a long time. Now we are starting to wake up to it! 

We made this mess, each of us, over many lifetimes incarnating on the planet, and it’s up to us to clean it up. In order to understand this you have to get out of the ignorance of materialism and recognize the Higher Self, the God template, that is within all human biology. That’s the primary life test, folks.

All of us are responsible for the condition of the world, not just those leftists or rightists, or those evil Democrats or those evil Republicans. And above all, it aint Donald Trump’s fault or Hillary Clinton’s fault. These two were placed here to start the ball rolling.  You can read my new novel, The Old Soul, for more info about that.

You can help by exercising as much tolerance and compassion as you can. Send as much light as you can to Washington DC and the people there, on both “sides.” Hey, who said it would be easy? Are you willing to exercise genuine forgiveness for those you don’t like, or are you a fake lightworker? Are you just mouthing nice slogans, but in your heart you still hate those guys on the other “side”?

Whew! I just gave it to you, so now I have to practice what I preach. It’s a great time to be alive!


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