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Vol 14, #8

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What if the universe is actually a sophisticated holographic illusion?


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Interpreting the Chaos

Another in a series of blog posts at my website


How is it all going to work out? In today’s chaotic political environment everyone is shouting at each other. This is the goal of the dark army, whose aim is to spread chaos.

Most of my friends simply don’t pay attention to any of it, which is probably the sane way to go. However, by not paying attention you make decisions based on a lack of information, and are more easily manipulated by a mainstream and alt-media where journalistic standards have been abandoned in favor of strident political agendas.

On the one hand we have Trump, who claims everything is getting better and better. On the other hand, the opposition Democrats claim Trump is a racist and a fascist, but offer no workable solutions other than Green New Deals and Medicare for All. Each of these programs would cost twice as much as our $22 trillion dollar deficit to implement.

The US is in the middle of a systemic breakdown of the old order, run by elites who are used to rigging the system to benefit themselves.

How is it going to work out? The answer to that question is 100% dependent on We the People. On the surface this seems like an absurd statement, for do not elites hold the power? What can the little guy do?

The Power of Consciousness

Over the years, in my articles, books, movies, and blog posts, I have made the argument that the collective consciousness of humanity assigns the parameters of action for everyone, including so-called elites who have rigged the system. The Game is actually controlled by the 8 billion, not the elites. That’s because of the incredible creative power of consciousness. In the body, for example, disease cannot take hold if your vibration is high enough. Royal Raymond Rife proved, 80 years ago, that the pathogens that attack the body resonate at a much lower level than do the organs and cells of the body. However, a human being can lower his or her vibe and become susceptible to disease.

“But environmental pollution also causes disease.” Yup. And what is the collective vibe of humanity that allows corporations to pollute our air, land, and water? It aint very high folks. Whose fault is that? Evil corporations? Or a collective humanity mired in low consciousness and ignorance of its own power?

Actions follow thought. Action is determined on the mental plane, via the thoughts and intentions of the population. So far, humanity has been fragmented. We have not gotten our collective shit together, because we have been convinced that a human being is powerless and  insignificant. We have been convinced by dead-head materialists (the so-called “elites”) – who have no self-awareness or spiritual understanding of their Higher Selves – that we are powerless. So the human race does not use its power to create reality because we don’t think we can. Or, more accurately, human beings unconsciously create a default reality shown to us by mass media. It’s the same thing.

The only power the “System” has is to convince us that we are powerless. That about sums it up.

Look at the situation this way. Reality consists either of many, many worlds depending on which quantum experiment we conduct (decisions we make), or there is one universe with an infinite number of potentials, and our decisions determine what materializes. According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy,

“The Many-Worlds Interpretation (MWI) of quantum mechanics holds that there are many worlds which exist in parallel at the same space and time as our own. The existence of the other worlds makes it possible to remove randomness and action at a distance from quantum theory and thus from all physics.

“The fundamental idea of the MWI, going back to Everett 1957, is that there are myriads of worlds in the Universe in addition to the world we are aware of. In particular, every time a quantum experiment with different possible outcomes is performed, all outcomes are obtained, each in a different world, even if we are only aware of the world with the outcome we have seen.”

(Source, “The Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics,” at

In this interpretation, what’s done is done. You make a decision, you live with the outcome. The other decision you MIGHT have made now exists in another universe, and another you is living it. Basically, in this interpretation, you missed the boat and are stuck with the decision you made. (Of course you can always make another decision, but that in turns spawns a chaos of more and more worlds, and more and more “yous” living them. A person can get spread mighty thin doing that!)

In the other interpretation, which corresponds quantumly with the Schroedinger equation, there are an infinite number of potentials in one universe, all superimposed on each other. You get to decide which one manifests. In this interpretation of reality, if you don’t like the outcome you can select a different one from the “soup” of potentials.

I like the second one better because it puts you at the center of your personal universe, not spread out all over the place. It makes you the creator of your universe and empowers you. Potential outcomes in the physical universe surround you all the time. You just have to pick the best one.

The problem is, we don’t do that.

“That’s nonsense,” you say. “I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. How can a couple of thoughts stand up to reality? I want to be a millionaire and that aint happening.”

Sigh. Saying that you want to be a millionaire (or similar ideas) is saying “I want to be prosperous.” If everyone was a millionaire, everyone would have the same amount of purchasing power and NO ONE would be rich. Saying “I want to be a millionaire” is saying, “I want to be the rich guy.” OK, that’s cool, but that is a zero-sum game. If someone is a millionaire then a lot of other people have to be just average, or poor. This kind of goal is self-defeating because it doesn’t operate on the axiom of the best solution for everyone. It’s a service-to-self postulate that can work (because of the law of attraction) but it requires that a few win but many more lose.

Doesn’t that sound like a description of the world we live in? It’s a service-to-self world where a few land on top and the rest are scrambling to survive. These self-serving goals/postulates very often don’t work because they aren’t inclusive enough.

However, the statement “I want to be prosperous” is much more open-ended. It includes being a millionaire, and a lot of other potential outcomes. It doesn’t require a zero-sum game where some win and some lose. You can select from a number of potential outcomes and let the laws of the universe sort it out for you.

“That’s stupid,” you say. “WTF are the laws of the universe? That’s nonsense.”

Well, there are laws of the universe, but I’m not talking about physics. I’m talking about meta-physics. These laws are invisible to scientific instruments but they operate everywhere. They are based, not in materialism, but in the mind of God, who created the universe and everything in it.  Sorry, but materialists who are dissatisfied with this explanation will continue to struggle, whether they are “on top” or “on the bottom.” If you have any self awareness at all, you know there are higher laws that are beyond today’s materialistic science (see The Vibrational Universe).

Let’s get back to the title of this essay, “Interpreting the Chaos.” The chaos is being created by 8 billion human beings who don’t understand the power of consciousness. Most of us have no clue what consciousness IS. Science and neurobiology tell us that a human being is a piece of meat, and that consciousness comes from neurons firing in the brain.

Ladies and germs, if we are ever going to make it out of the chaos we have to stop giving adolescent ideas like this any credence at all. This is an idea promoted by an elitist orthodox “science” that is geared to keeping human beings stupid and brain-dead.

The current political chaos is being created by confused human beings who don’t understand they can choose an outcome that benefits everyone (not just themselves) and that the laws of the universe will work to mesh these decisions together.

You Aren’t Believable

This philosophy has been decried by thinkers for centuries. The best (and funniest) criticism is Voltaire’s character Pangloss in Candide. Pangloss says, cynically, that all is for the best “in this best of all possible worlds.” In a brilliant analysis of Candide on Sparknotes (believe it or not) the author says the following:

“This optimistic sentiment is the main target of Voltaire’s satire. Pangloss’s philosophy parodies the ideas of the Enlightenment thinker G. W. von Leibniz. Leibniz maintains that an all-good, all-powerful God had created the world and that, therefore, the world must be perfect. When human beings perceive something as wrong or evil, it is merely because they do not understand the ultimate good that the so-called evil is meant to serve....

“Voltaire illustrates two major problems inherent in Pangloss’s philosophy. First, his philosophy flies in the face of overwhelming evidence from the real world. Pangloss is ravaged by syphilis, nearly hanged, nearly dissected, and imprisoned, yet he continues to espouse optimism. He maintains his optimistic philosophy even at the end of the novel, when he himself admits that he has trouble believing in it. Voltaire advocates the induction of ideas from concrete evidence; Pangloss, in contrast, willfully ignores any evidence that contradicts his initial opinion....

“Second, Pangloss’s philosophy encourages a passive and complacent attitude toward all that is wrong in the world. If this world is the best one possible, than there is no reason to make any effort to change things perceived as evil or wrong.”

(Source: “Pangloss,” at

Here is where the chaos occurs in our thinking: We don’t recognize the power of consciousness. Eight billion human beings continue to vibrationally co-create a world of conflict, struggle, and endless war. Through our expectations and intentions we set the vibrational baseline, or scope of action, for everyone on the planet.  This “reality” is, however, a created reality. A very powerful reality created by most of the human race. The evidence for this reality manifests because action follows thought, and is congruent with the level of consciousness.  

Fortunately, some of us are beginning to wake up and create something different. When enough of us do this, the power of thought and consciousness will be further recognized and the world will shift vibrationally upward, making lower consciousness activities impossible, just as a body with a higher vibration will reject a disease that others might get.

Pangloss Was Right

I argue, despite all evidence to the contrary, that Pangloss is right. The laws of the universe work to bring to humanity precisely that which is being created in the collective consciousness, in the most harmonious way possible. If we are dissatisfied with the current reality, why do we focus on what is not wanted by fighting and resisting it? “Resist” is the goal of the dark army because it spreads hatred and chaos.

Truly, the world we live in is, as Pangloss says, “the best of all possible worlds.”  We’re creating the reality we live in. Now we have to become bright enough to recognize that we’re doing it.

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