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Our Mission...

Applying spirituality in a practical, common sense manner to daily life for success and happiness. To help you to discover that personal kernel of spiritual wisdom that exists within.

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Welcome to the Marketing With Spirit Affiliate Program!

Marketing With Spirit is an affiliate program devoted to Big Picture eBooks and multimedia products.
The Big Picture offers content rich e-Books and softcover books that go beyond the commonplace and the general run of self-help literature. Our materials describe, in clear, concise, and easy to understand language,powerful universal principles that will resonate to your readers. Our materials are designed to be USED in life. They are vital if we are to remake our lives and our world from one of struggle, conflict, and scarcity to one of prosperity and happiness.
It's possible for everyone to achieve happiness and prosperity, because that's how the universe has been designed! When you become a Big Picture affiliate, you are a powerful force for the betterment of the lives of every individual you touch. And that is a GREAT feeling.
Marketing With Spirit is an affiliate program designed around the idea of raising awareness and changing the current self-destructive paradigm of thought on our planet. As the population of earth approaches critical mass, we have a window of opportunity to set the tone for the new millennium. We now have the capability of instant communication worldwide through the internet and mobile technology. Consequently, it only takes a small percentage of the population to create a "tipping point" toward a new paradigm of thought based on cooperation and the mutual recognition of our shared spiritual nature. We have a chance to transcend the current paradigm of conflict, scarcity, and war and create societies that acknowledge the spiritual nature of every human being.
By increasing spiritual awareness, I simply mean the personal recognition that consciousness, or self-awareness, exists independent of the physical body. Once a person has this realization, he or she is more than just human - more than just a collection of neurons and protoplasm. This recognition turns hatred to love, intolerance to compassion, and worry and anxiety to peace. Such a person becomes a citizen of the planet earth, and ready to cooperate with others from different cultures on a planetary scale.
Unfortunately, there isn't a Magic Formula or a Secret or a Ten Step program that will automatically make you happier, richer, or more self aware. Sorry folks, that's just the way it is. If there was such a thing, some brainiac would have discovered it a long time ago. The truth is that in order to make more money, or have a great relationship, or be happier, you must educate yourself and find your own path to success. That's what Marketing With Spirit products are designed to do.
"True love is empowering people to see their greater potential."

What's in it for you?

  • You become part of a network distributing extremely well written, inspiring and helpfulinformation that will make the world a better place.
  • You make money. Affiliates receive 50% of every Big Picture product you sell. We know who comes to our pages and if a buyer comes from one of your pages or websites, you are automatically credited with half the sale price. It's a ridiculously easy way to share uplifting products and make money at the same time.
  • We use the best affiliate tracking software in the business. That means that when people click on one of your pages, a cookie is automatically set for your buyer and you get credit for everything he or she purchases on the Marketing With Spirit website.
  • Pays every month to your PayPal account (no minimum!)
  • Keeps accurate track of your sales and allows you to see how much you've sold
  • Is run by people with integrity who want you to make LOTS of sales and pay you LOTS of commissions!
If you want to become part of the network distributing Big Picture eBooks,you're just one click away at Marketing With Spirit
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Here's to prosperity and a better world!

How to sign up and get started


Two Special Offers for Big Picture Affiliates

  1. The Big Picture offers three free eBooks, The Law of Attraction Explained, The Basics of Manifestation, and the Story of Interview With Spirit. We will custom design any of these eBooks with your personal affiliate links and book cover images:

    • The Law of Attraction
    • The Basics of Manifestation
    • The Story of Interview with Spirit
    When you send these eBooks out to your list and someone makes a purchase, you get 50% of the sale. For more in formation and to get started, Click Here.
  2. Free Movies for your listeners and subscribers. You take 50% of all sales!

    Marketing with Spirit will set up free movie viewing for your subscribers for any of our fantastic movies. There are 4 movies: The Law of Attraction Explained, The Unity of Spirit and Matter, The Vibrational Universe, and The Evolution of Consciousness. The material in these movies will inspire and enlighten. If you haven't seen them yourself, go to
    All you do is send us your affiliate links to the movies. We will set up pages on our server for your viewers, with a clickable link beneath the movie. When someone clicks on that link,they are taken directly to your sales page, and you get 50% of the sale.