Affiliates Special Offer

For Big Picture affiliates on Marketing With Spirit:

You can get your personalized eBook in three easy steps:

  1. Make a list of the free eBooks you want.
  2. Make a list of the products you want to promote in each of the eBooks.** Note: Limit each book to 3 products maximum. Otherwise, your free service turns into a hard sell.
  3. Below each product send me your affiliate link for that product
Like so:

The Law of Attraction eBook:

The Law of Attraction eBook
The Vibrational Universe


The Path To Personal Power


The Complete Library


The Basics of Manifestation eBook:

The Basics of Manifestation eBook
The Keys to Deliberate Creation Course


A New Paradigm of Thought


The Vibrational Universe


The Story of Interview With Spirit eBook:

The Interview with Spirit Story
Opening To Source


Dialogues – Conversations with my Higher Self


The Unity of Spirit and Matter Movie



You can choose one eBook or all three. I will put in your personal affiliate links for the products inside each eBook, cloak them, remove all of my personal links, and send the eBook to you in PDF format. You can then place the book on your server and send out an email to your list with the download link to the book. When people buy, you get 50% of the sale.
It's a great way to promote and sell, and the best part is that we do all the work!
Please allow one week to receive your book. We have to re–do the entire book with your product images and links encoded, re–compile the book in PDF format, and make sure all the links are working.
Contact Ken at kmaclean_at_kjmaclean_dot_com to get started.
Here's to prosperity and a better world!
** Marketing With Spirit protects affiliates from merchants (and me). There is no way for me to go into the system and grab your affiliate links, so you have to send them to me. Just log in at Marketing With Spirit, go into the affiliates section, and you will find a list of products listed under Marketing With Spirit. Then you can get your affiliate link for each Big Picture product you want to promote.

Get your Personalized Movies and Sales Pages!

Now you can send your visitors to see four fantastic full–length movies, without interruption: The Law of Attraction Explained, The Unity of Spirit and Matter, The Vibrational Universe, and The Evolution of Consciousness.
Underneath the movie is your affiliate link. When the user clicks on that link, he or she gets sent yo your personalized sales page and you get 50% of every sale.
After the movie completes, the user is sent to the official Movie Sales Page for both movies. All of the buttons and links have your affiliate links coded in, so when your visitor buys, you get 50% of the sale.
Just send me your affiliate links for the movies, and we will do the rest!