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"nothing can come into your experience unless you choose to “dial it in.”






The Vibrational Universe Part III 


A higher vibration can "read" a lower one. This means that a waveform of higher frequency can decipher a waveform of lower frequency.

High frequency waveform: wHigh:


Low frequency waveform wLow:

The wavecrests between wLow are spaced so that it takes 5 spaces between wavecrests of wHigh to make 1 space of wLow. Imagine an "eye" at every wavecrest on wLow and wHigh. As can be seen, wLow can only "see" wavelengths of it’s own frequency or lower. wLow can only be aware of it’s much longer wavelength, because it's perception is too gross to realize that shorter wavelengths can exist. Even though there are 5 wavecrests of wHigh between every one for wLow, wLow cannot see them, even though they surely exist! [1]

wHigh is easily aware of wLow. wHigh counts out 5 of it’s wavecrests to easily encompass the broader wavecrests of wLow. In this analogy, a lower awareness cannot be conscious of a higher awareness. This is why it is futile to argue with people. If they don’t see your viewpoint, more than likely they are simply not capable of perceiving where you are at.

You Are The Modulator Of Your Vibrational Signal

An AM or FM broadcast transmits a carrier wave, which is then modulated by another signal that represents the content of the program (AM stands for Amplitude Modulated, FM stands for Frequency Modulated). So a radio signal can transmit a rock and roll concert, or a philosophy lecture by Alan Watts, or anything at all, depending upon how the content of the program modulates the carrier. The carrier wave acts somewhat like a horse carrying its rider. The horse may carry a beggar, a king, a lady, or a sack of coal, just so long as the passenger is compatible in size and shape with the carrier.

In the transmission of radio signals, the carrier wave is of much higher frequency than the modulating signal (the signal that contains the information), because it is much easier to transmit a signal of higher frequency, and the signal will travel further. A carrier wave of infinitely high frequency would not only travel infinitely far, but would do so instantaneously and with perfect ease. Such an infinitely high frequency would potentially have tremendous power, yet be so subtle that it's presence would be undetectable. Here we come close to the idea of an ether, a nebulous quantity which, becoming more and more refined, approaches the nebulous boundary between the physical and a pure, creative potential. This pure potential would have no mass and no physical existence yet be capable of infinite movement and have infinite power. It would have enough influence, in effect, to be capable of creating and maintaining a universe. This is how we’ve been describing consciousness and life force energy.

Life force energy is the carrier wave that is transmitted through your human energy field at all times. In the spirit/mind/body framework, a human being is a combination of an eternal, non-physical consciousness associated with a physical body, and therefore able to perceive and act in the physical universe. The human energy field results from the action of the creative potential of consciousness in its association with physical matter. (Some have called this a 'lightbody' or a 'soul.') Every time you think a thought, or make a decision or a choice about something, you modify or modulate the carrier wave of life force through your personal energy field.  So every human being is a sort of transmitter of thought impulses to the rest of the universe. Each human being has a unique vibrational signal, or footprint, that is fully under his or her control. However, only those who are “tuned in” to it, can hear it. That is to say, an engineer who loves classical music and fine wines will never hang out with a punk rocker; more than likely, the two will never even be aware of the existence of each other! That is because their signals are just too far apart.  The more precisely the radio dial of another is set to your personal vibrational program, the clearer it is heard, and vice-versa. So every person who can hear your signal is consciously attracting it, and you are doing the same.  Therefore, nothing can come into your experience unless you choose to “dial it in.”

This idea is reflected in the phase states of matter. For example, when water molecules are vibrating very rapidly, they appear as steam. When they are moving more slowly, they come together as water and when they vibrate almost not at all, they form water crystals. When the vibrational rates of matter change, therefore, completely different substances result. So too in life! When a person changes his or her way of thinking, a life may go along an entirely different path. Physical changes in the material structure of the body sometimes occur as well; a cancer may suddenly go into remission, or an illness disappear. Both spirit and matter are intimately connected, and the vibrational universe concept  helps to explain why.

Physics has shown that all matter is made up of atoms. The atom contains a nucleus surrounded by an electron cloud. Although it is not possible to determine where the electrons are at any one time (Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle), it is generally acknowledged that if the electron is considered as a particle, in it’s various energy states it is as far removed from the nucleus as the planets in our solar system are from the sun. As above, so below. So the atom itself is 99.9% space, with a bunch of electrons oscillating madly around the nucleus. The atom internally vibrates, and for our purposes, we consider atoms to be vibrational in nature. Therefore matter which appears to be so solid and continuous is actually a vibration in space. We only perceive it as solid because our bodies and sensory equipment is ‘tuned’ to it, like a radio dial tuned to a specific station. As Michael Talbot says in his book, “The Holographic Universe,”

“For if the concreteness of the world is but a secondary reality and what is "there" is actually a holographic blur of frequencies, and if the brain is also a hologram and only selects some of the frequencies out of this blur and mathematically transforms them into sensory perceptions, what becomes of objective reality? Put quite simply, it ceases to exist. As the religions of the East have long upheld, the material world is Maya, an illusion, and although we may think we are physical beings moving through a physical world, this too is an illusion. We are really "receivers" floating through a kaleidoscopic sea of frequency, and what we extract from this sea and transmogrify into physical reality is but one channel from many extracted out of the superhologram.”

In the vibrational model of the universe, all beings create their personal reality, through conscious choice. All perception, all awareness, is entirely subjective. Because the senses of the human body are similar, however, we all perceive similarly and can agree in a general way on a common reality. However, if you ask 20 people to describe a car accident, you'll get 20 different answers! All will agree on the existence of a road and two automobiles, but perception of the event may vary widely, even to the existence  and characteristics of physical objects. Each of us is unique, we each perceive differently, and we each create the parameters of our lives.   And that's a good thing!

[1] This idea is used in the digital sampling of signals in music, in radio and TV broadcasting, and even in the analysis of brainwaves and heartbeat. A bandwidth limited signal of N cycles per second can be reconstructed without error from samples taken uniformly at a rate which is greater than 2 * N cycles per second. The maximum measurable frequency is therefore equal to half the sampling frequency, which is called the Nyquist limit. So, for example, to digitize a signal with a frequency of 1,000 cycles per second, a minimum sampling frequency of 2,000 cycles per second is required, in order to accurately recover the signal information. The point is, sampling wLow at the rate of wHigh can perfectly reconstruct wLow, but doing the reverse will not work.

It is interesting to note that in quantum physics, energy is defined by the equation E = hv, where h is Planck's constant, a unit of energy, and v is the frequency of the emitted energy. Then there is the famous relationship discovered by Einstein, E = mc^2, which relates the energy of a particle to its mass. If energy is isotropic (the same everywhere) then we can combine the two equations and get hv = mc^2 which shows an interrelationship between the mass of a particle and its frequency, or rate of vibration. When something vibrates very fast, it sppears to be solid. For example, if it were possible to rotate a ball quickly enough around a shaft, it would appear to be a solid ring of matter, because our eyes would not be able to sample the rotating ball at a high enough rate to see the individual positions along its path. If the ball rotated faster and faster, it would simply disappear from our perception, for its rate of vibration would be beyond our ability to sample it at all.

What if life force energy (assuming that it is energy as we know it) is actually vibrationally denser than matter? The vibrations which compose it must be of a much higher frequency, which means the wavecrests are closer together, which means there is more energy per waveform. If the energy is of a high enough frequency, there can be a tremendous amount of it in a tiny, tiny little space, and it would be undetectable to our senses and to our instruments. Could it be then, as some scientists have suggested, that space is not really empty, but full of undetectable energy?

In our vibrational model of the universe, this physically undetectable energy is the energy of thought, of life force, of consciousness. It is so refined that it blurs the boundary between a pure potential (a quality) and something that can be physically experienced.

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