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Links to some great web sites:

Tom Bearden's papers on the extraction of unlimited energy from the vacuum
Dr. Tom Bearden's pages

A beautifully written and clear exposition of the principles of quantum mechanics, by Ross Rhodes
The Bottom Layer

From Microwave Ovens to Relativity and Bose-Einstein Condensates
Clear Explanations for Complicated Science

Awesome website explaining genetics and DNA
DNA From The Beginning

 Geometry and Polyhedra -- from a master
George W. Hart's Geometry Pages

Julie Johnson -- Law of Attraction Talk radio
Law of Attraction Tools

The water cure -- A doctor discovers the health benefits of drinking water
The Water Cure

Forget about Plate Tectonics -- a plausible explanation of earth's geology
The Expanding Earth

An integrated approach to earth science
The Vital Vastness --
 a holistic guide to earth science

A rationalist approach to religion (shining the light of logic on religious beliefs)

The Place for Filmmakers to Generate Support for their Projects

The New Physics -- Startling Discoveries by Russian Physicists as reported by David Wilcock
The New Physics

A spiritual website with a Christian emphasis
1111 stories

A different viewpoint from a physicist who challenges the fundamentals of physics
An Alternative Explanation of Relativity  from the viewpoint of classical physics

 The astonishing Near Death Experience of Mellon-Thomas Benedict (a transcribed oral account). (Thank you Tris and Pinkdove!)
An excerpted account with links to the fantastic NDERF page (Near Death Experience Research Foundation)
A complete transcription from the book of Dr. P.M.H. Atwater

Factual or Nonsense? You decide
ORMES -- Orbitally Re-arranged
 Monatomic Elements.

  Magnificent photography of St.Petersburg, Russia by Peter Sobolev
(Note: only partially translated -- but that's OK-- just look at the pictures)
St. Petersburg

Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas, PhD
Professional astrologer, psychic and spiritual counselor

Peaceful relaxing music, inspirational poetry, nature photography, beautiful eCards & graphics by Mary Hession
Gaia Sound and Vision  http://www.gaiasoundandvision.com
Divine Inspirations

Mary's Home site:

New Age Web Directory, a free directory of new age products, services and information

Dawn Abraham Life/Business Coach, partnering with professionals and entrepreneurs to create balanced lives while earning more money. Private Coaching, Group Coaching, Free Tele-classes and resources are offered.

Simon Templeton's website -- Free Metaphysical Books

watch our young friend Josh create a million dollars in one year, from nothing!

Michigan's monthly guide for expanding awareness
Body, Mind Spirit Guide Publication

Bnei Baruch World Center for Kabbalah Studies 
kabbalah, kabbalah lessons,
free courses, kabbalah books, distant learning, 
kabbalah mp3,  Questions and Answers, 
Live lessons and music broadcast, 
kabbalah FAQ

  Art Essays - At Cheat House you will find thousands of high quality and free essays, term & research papers on Works of Art.

Art-Links-Directory.com - Art Resources

 Using the Golden Section (Phi Ratio) for digital image enhancing. A practical and fascinating application of sacred geometry

Image Enhancing Using Golden Section 

Free Search Engine Submission site 
Click here to submit your site to 148
 major search engines for free in one click.

Search a Keyword Map of the Internet
Keyword Internet Map

Delightfully inspiring the world, one shirt at a time!



Here are links to some great books:

Want to actually KNOW something about physics and quantum physics?

Six Easy Pieces

Sometimes controversial, but absolutely fascinating! 


Molecules of Emotion


The Holographic Universe


The I Ching and the Genetic Code


A very interesting history of great ideas in mathematics

Journey Through Genius


A Journey from Spirit into matter and back again
The Reflexive Universe


The Truth about the Federal Reserve and the banking system
The Creature From Jekyll Island


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