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"It is absolutely vital to understand the powerful role of consciousness not only in the creative process, but in life.”






The Vibrational Universe Part II 


Your beliefs establish your creative range. In other words, your beliefs establish the parameters of what you can have. Joe is a person who does not believe himself capable of having money, so the lower range of his possible manifestation will be, “I can make enough to survive” and the top of his range might be, “I always have enough to pay the bills, with a little left over.” If you are like Ted Turner, however, you may consider it your God given right to have a few billion dollars. Mr. Turner’s range of possible manifestation is orders of magnitude greater than Joe’s.

It is impossible to create and manifest beyond the boundaries of your beliefs. This is one of the most important principles in the Universal Operating System.

Your beliefs are established by the broad, general (but powerful) decisions you make about yourself. “I am fun loving.” “I am intelligent.” “I am a loving person.” “I am poor and I’ll always be poor.” These sorts of powerful I AM statements establish states of being. A state of being is a decision about what (or how) to BE. States of being are vitally important, for from them proceed your beliefs, thoughts and attitudes about yourself, others, and life itself.

Once you have established a state of being about anything, you begin to flesh them out, to become more specific. Here is where the role of thoughts come in. Thoughts establish the specifics of your desires.

A desire comes forth quickly from a state of being. The decision, “I am fun loving” will lead to many desires. “I like to make people laugh.” “I like to make up and learn new jokes.” “I want to write them down so I don’t forget.” “Now I have a routine I can perform to make others laugh.” “I would like to be a professional comedian.” Etc. The list is probably endless!

Your thoughts determine the precise nature of what you will eventually manifest. “I’ll get a job at the Improv, even if I have to be a janitor.” “I’ll listen every night to the performers and learn how to perform a comedy routine.” “I’ll get an agent and a publicist and tour the comedy circuit.” Etc. If your thoughts are lined up with your desires, then your life experiences will be a match to your desires. If they are not, you will experience something different. “I want to be a comedian but I don’t think I’m funny enough.” “I can’t make enough money being a comedian.” Etc. These thoughts are not a match to your desire, and in fact are self–limiting, causing you to feel negative emotion and fail to take the actions that will guarantee success. These thoughts also shut off the flow of life force energy and cause blockages and distortions in your human energy field.

If you do not determine precisely what you want, then what you manifest will be fuzzy as well. “I want a car,” is a lot different than, “I want a silver Toyota Camry with a blue interior and a CD player.” The former might lead to manifestation of an old junker!

Your emotions and feelings are a perfect mirror to your vibrational point of attraction. They act like a gauge, or a display monitor in a computer. Your feelings tell you whether you are, in this moment, treading the correct path which will lead to the manifestation of your desires. They are your infallible guide to the current state of your over all vibrational mix.

Your vibrational signal regarding anything is established by (1) Your state of being in relation to it, which establish your attitudes and beliefs, which in turn establish the fundamental range of your vibrational signal, (2) Your thoughts, which determine the specific content of your vibrational signal regarding a particular desire, and the specifics of your eventual experiences, and (3) your emotions and feelings, which either amplify positively, or attenuate negatively, your desire and the content of your vibrational signal. Your emotions tell you whether you are aligning properly to the goals you have set for yourself.

Because of the nature of the vibrational universe and the role of consciousness in it, you are ALWAYS creating something. So it behooves all of us to understand the creative process, and to get a grip on what we are being, thinking, and feeling. It is absolutely vital to understand the powerful role of consciousness not only in the creative process, but in life. Many people do not realize that life itself is a creative process! They do not realize that the universe and everything in it is continually responding to their vibrational signal, but it is! The only way to prove that to yourself is to begin to apply the principles of the Universal Operating System in your own life, and observe the results. Understanding how consciousness interfaces with the universe at large can makes this process a lot simpler.

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