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"Every particle, every cell, in the universe is conscious, and everything in the universe is responding to everything else, through vibrational interaction.”






Your Vibrational Signal  


 We have said often in these essays that a person is broadcasting a 'vibrational signal' to the universe. What exactly does this mean?

In our vibrational model, each thought is a vibration, or a frequency. Think of each thought as if it were a combination of waves, each of a certain shape, amplitude, and frequency, like a sound wave. Most of us have seen the waveforms that a piece of music will make, when it is graphed on a computer screen.(1) A thought can be modeled as a unique combination of waveforms, which has an overall pattern of vibration.

An analogy would be the experiments in vibration conducted by the German researcher Hans Jenny, who used sound, electricity and other vibrational stimulation to produce clearly defined visual models of vibrational effects.

(Images produced by vibrational stimulation of various liquids).(2)  In the vibrational universe model, so too does thought produce a specific vibrational pattern, depending upon its content.

The postulated universe-wide field of consciousness interfaces with individual conscious personalities (whether they be physically incarnated or not).  In our vibrational model, there is a field of consciousness surrounding the human body, which connects with this universal field. Thoughts alter the vibrational signature of our personal energy field, and send that signal out to the rest of the universe. Every conscious being in the universe is constantly sending out, and receiving from, the rest of the universe. Every particle, every cell, in the universe is conscious, and everything in the universe is responding to everything else, through vibrational interaction.

We may understand that everything in the universe is conscious by simply observing the process of cell division. The material of the cell, and the elements within it, self-organize; the material within the cell re-arranges itself such that a duplicate cell is literally created from the material of the first cell. Merely by observing this process, it becomes evident that the cell itself is programmed to perform certain tasks, which it does efficiently and effectively, over and over again, millions of times every day. This programming is not arbitrary; clearly and indisputably, it is intelligent. The cellular programming is the result of consciousness. The cell is conscious, it is aware, and it knows what it is doing, every time. Scientific explanations which describe cellular programming as being brought about by DNA don't take their logic far enough, for it is only necessary to ask, what is programming the cellular material of DNA? No matter how far back this sort of argument is taken, it will lead to a First Cause for the process. That First Cause is consciousness itself. The DNA, messenger RNA, amino acids, all of the biological material of the body, is a reflection of the programming within consciousness itself, similar to the geometric patterns which show themselves in the media in one of Mr. Jenny's experiments. Thought is vibration, and so is the biological material of the cell. The vibrational stimulus of thought itself interfaces with and stimulates the vibration of the cellular material, prompting it to perform certain tasks. Thought is a product of consciousness itself, and so consciousness is directing the cellular material in its tasks of creating and maintaining the body.

The power of thought is tremendous, and it is through thought (and emotion) that we stimulate the energy field around our bodies, and affect the cellular material within the body. Moreover, each thought (and in combination with other thoughts)  sends a vibrational pattern to everything else in the universe. So in effect, the rest of the universe can 'read our minds'. So much for privacy laws!

On the subtle level of consciousness, each one of us is transparent to everyone else. We are like an open book, or a mirror, which reflects our personal vibrational portrait to all who can perceive it. That is why it is impossible to con the universe at large. We may fool others, we may even fool ourselves, but we cannot fool the universe. Everyone and everything in it is responding precisely to whatever is focused upon in thought, no matter what we say.

How is the interaction of vibration, from everything in the universe, to everything in the universe, managed? The answer is, through the all powerful universal law known as 'like attracts like'. Some call this the Law of Attraction.

Why is the Law of ‘like attracts like’ so important? Because it works upon the principle that what is activated is what is broadcasted. In other words, if Jill says she wants to be wealthy, but spends most of her time bemoaning her financial situation, her signal to the universe is one of lack of money. And so Jill continually wind up with not enough money. Jill's vibe of 'not enough money' is matched up with all other signals of the same kind. Therefore Jill finds herself associating with people who do not have enough, in situations in which there is not enough, over and over. This, unfortunately, leads Jill to continue to activate the same signal, because she observes her poverty over and over again. Jill begins to assume that it is a natural law of her life: not-enough-money! But this is not true at all: Jill is not prosperous because that is where her attention is all of the time! Jill continuously creates from what she observes, and because she observes the same things, she continues to activate the same vibrations and send the same signals over and over again, by the sameness of her thoughts. We can describe poor Jill's creative process very simply: "same old, same old."

The good news is, it is possible for Jill to change her mind! Changing your mind is simply applying the Law of Free Will. It is the prerogative of every conscious being. Nothing is ever forever. If there is something in your life that is not wanted, change your mind about it! Begin to place your attention on those things that are wanted, and don't fight against what is not wanted. Fighting something places your attention on it, so you get more of it. Fearing something places your attention on it, so you get more of it. Worrying about something places your attention on it, so you get more of it. Whatever your focus is determines the content of your broadcast signal to the universe, and what comes to you in response is an identical match to that signal.  That is a good thing, for it means that a change in focus can begin to alter the "same old" life. Even if your life is 99% good, you can change that 1% by altering your internal vibrational engine.

So the rule of the game is, focus exclusively upon what you want, and do not give any of your attention to those things you don't want. This is often easier said than done, but it is your work. But it's fun work, for you begin to change your focus from the bad stuff to the good stuff, and you begin to feel better! In this way, your life will, more and more, be filled with the manifestations of your desires.


(1) We postulate a universe-wide field of consciousness, composed of thought, which is at once responsive to the thoughts of consciousness, and which communicates instantaneously from one end of the universe to the other. These instantaneous communication phenomena have been described by physicists in experiments with correlated particles, which communicate with each other over macroscopic distances. Michelson and Morely supposedly disproved the existence of the ether over 100 years ago; nevertheless, we postulate a field of consciousness which is so refined that it is, as yet, undetectable by instrumentation. For a more technical explanation of this idea from a scientific viewpoint, see Dr. T.E. Bearden, "ON EXTRACTING ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY FROM THE VACUUM " at www.cheniere.org, and his other Technical Papers.

(2) "Cymatics" Vol II by Hans Jenny, Basilus Presse, Basler Druck- und Verlagsanstalt German Edition (English translation), pp. 103, 105

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