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The Consciousness of Scarcity and the Law of Attraction




This universe has the fundamental property that 'like attracts like'. This is sometimes called the Law Of Attraction. We see this principle often in our own lives, when we experience things we like and a lot of what we don't!

A conscious being is sort of like an attracting magnet, and what is focused upon in thought is invited into our experience. This isn’t something that is understood on our planet just yet, but it is something you can easily prove to yourself. The reason we emphasize thought in these essays and not action, is because action follows thought. Thought aligned to the goal will result in action aligned to the goal.

The law of 'like attracts like' doesn't say 'you will always get what you want', it says 'you will always get what you are placing your attention on.'  So it's somewhat counter-intuitive.

“I just know I'm not going to get that new job.”

“I’m never going to be able to afford that new car.”

“Learning to play the piano is impossible.”

Thoughts and beliefs like these are why we don't get the things we want!  It is a fundamental truth of this universe that if you don’t believe you can have something, it will never manifest for you.

Wherever you place your attention is what you will experience.

If you observe your own life and the lives of others, you will see this important law working all the time.


The Consciousness of Scarcity


Taking a glance at  life on planet earth today, we see economies based on scarcity. This is because the consciousness of humanity is mired in scarcity, and so we have naturally created energy  based on scarce fossil fuels. The by-product of this is, of course, pollution, and in order for economies to grow, more scarce resources must be used, thus increasing the lack of them. When solutions are proposed, they are most often based on lack --- conservation, for example.  Conservation pre-supposes a lack of resources and results from the consciousness of scarcity. The operation of the Law of Attraction then leads to an experience of more lack of resources.

What is the solution to this situation? Humanity most often chooses either solutions based on more lack, as above, or solutions designed to fight against that which it does not want. And so, we get the fight against pollution, the “war on drugs”, etc., the struggle of the ordinary citizen to better himself by working ever harder, and these generate more and more frustration, making the situation worse.

Why does humanity not investigate cleaner, more abundant sources of energy? The Department of Energy in the United States, for example, spends only a minuscule portion of its budget on alternative fuels.  The answer is that the consciousness of humanity will not allow it. The Law of Attraction will not allow clean and abundant energy sources  into a consciousness of scarcity. The vibrational difference is just too great! It's not the government's fault. The vibrational fact is simply that clean energy technologies cannot be brought forth into an environment of scarcity. That vibrational environment is created by each one of us!  We are all responsible for the energy situation upon our planet

And so my friends, if we want a better world then we must invite it  by focusing upon it.  We must focus on the inherent abundance of this universe, and thus allow  the vibration of clean energy  technologies to take hold in our  reality. In our vibrational model, this idea is not airy-fairy or delusional at all. In fact, it is the prerequisite for positive change.


Changing Reality By Changing Thought and Belief


“That is all fine and good”, you say, “but how do we change such a gigantic reality? Are we to just think it into existence?” That is, essentially, precisely what I am saying.

Human beings are action-oriented. Humans figure that if they could just work hard enough, they could change their world. Unfortunately, the laws of the universe are not set up  that way. The system is set up to work more effectively through thought, not action.

Because the energy of a thought is so small, people resist this concept, and point to the  seeming immobility of current reality. But, this current reality is actually a by-product of the collective thought (consciousness) of every human upon the earth. It is dynamic and  malleable.

Action follows thought, not the other way around! Would you first begin running across the street before you thought to look for cars? Would you begin cooking before giving any thought to what you want to make? Would you build a house with no plans or ideas for how you want it to look? Of course not, you say,  but that is precisely how the vast majority of humans operate. It is thought that if only we could work hard enough, then things would change for the better, but things can only change for the better if we align our thoughts toward what is better! Mostly when people want to change something, they focus on getting rid of what is not wanted, and so all of their hard work just gets spent on making what is not wanted even bigger.

If you want to change your reality, spend 95% of the time thinking and clarifying your vision, and pre-paving your future path with the thoughts and feelings  of what you are wanting. Then, and only then, take action. This action will then be along the path of least resistance, because you know EXACTLY where you are going, and you have pre-paved the future time-line with a matching vibration, which will then attract a matching reality. It is all a simple, but very powerful, application of the Law of Attraction, a vibrational lining-up of energies. The reason why so many work so hard and fail, is they have failed to line up their energies with the goal before taking action!

In order to solve the problems of scarcity and pollution, concentrate on abundance. This universe is a bountiful place, as a species we have just chosen the lack of abundance. We have chosen a lower vibration. That is why we have the apparently immobile system we have. That is why we have disease and poverty as well, because as a society we focus on not getting sick, rather than on wellness, and on  fighting poverty, rather than creating prosperity. Admittedly, when one is in poverty it is very difficult to think of being rich, but you can’t have money by bemoaning the fact you do not have it. You can only have money by concentrating on the having of it, not on the lack of it.  Everything in existence starts with thought, and so  we must begin to think positively about  what it is we want. The balance of our thought must be in the positive, in order to start the attracting of what we want.  This means we must utilize that powerful creative energy within us and deliberately create the future we desire!


Your Creative Potential


Human beings are immensely powerful creators, but we have forgotten how powerful we truly are. We listen to TV, radio and newspapers that tell us we must work hard and struggle for everything we have. We are fed a litany of negative information about the current planetary reality. This is necessary in order to get us to continue to create  the present reality of scarcity. The negativity we see in the news is, for the most part,  the creations and experiences of others.  For almost all of us reading this article, when we look out at the world and see injustice, war, disease and poverty, those are the creations of others. If they were our creations, we would be living them, because we would have attracted them into our experience!

We simply accept such things because they are “real.” But they are real only because we have created them through our thought, and acted upon those thoughts!  We have allowed ourselves to be lulled into thinking that the environment we see around us is fixed and cannot be changed without great effort. That is true in the absence of creative will, but it is a complete falsehood in the presence of deliberate creation. We have often heard "that is unrealistic" in response to a great idea of ours (like clean and abundant energy for all). This statement is supposed to cause us to give up on our creation, as if the presence of current reality (which is itself  a reality created by us) obviated the creation of something different. Creation by definition is making something different from the current reality!  Current reality is defined as "being realistic."  But by "being realistic" we are tied irrevocably to what is. It is a circular pattern which leads always back to the same place, like a dog chasing it’s tail. We laugh and say: ‘silly dog,  just stop!’ The absurdity of the dog’s situation is obvious, for he is just a thought away  from ending his predicament. But like the dog, humanity gets going in a certain direction and never stops to change its thinking. What action is taken is usually a protest against the current reality, rather than the creation of a better one. The current  earth reality is actually a dynamic and very malleable one. It is simply the by-product  of our thought. By changing our thought, we change our  reality.


Knowing the Future


How can we know what our future is going to be? This is a question of interest to all seekers. Again, since individuals are sovereign in their own experience, it is not possible to discover our future by listening to the predictions of others, no matter how respected that person might be. The only way to know your future is by deliberately creating it.  This is called “stepping into your power.”

By utilizing your powerful creative abilities, it is possible through thought, positive emotion and action along the path of least resistance, each one of us, to create heaven on earth.

The guidance that comes from within is infallible, if we will only listen to it. Our greater selves have lived thousands of life experiences and have the benefit of superior knowledge and viewpoint, uniquely tailored for us. In our scientific culture, however, such sentiments are pilloried. "When you die, you're dead," is the cry from the scientific and medical establishment. "There is no scientific evidence of a so-called Higher Self." Well, I respectfully disagree. be still for several minutes, calm your racing mind, and get in touch with your inner self. When you do you will discover a serenity and a creative power that cannot be proven objectively, but which is undeniable subjectively. That is because an incarnated human being is a focused aspect of a much broader and powerful awareness.  The greater part of you exists outside of the small volume of space called the human body, and you can draw on that guidance and wisdom at any time.

The point of this essay is that we create our own universe through what we resonate to within our own consciousness. As we have said over and over in these essays, consciousness created the universe, and is senior to the matter and energy within it. Since all things are ultimately composed of thought, it is not surprising that our thoughts and feelings have an effect on the world around us.

The Law of Attraction applies not only in the physical, but also the non-physical worlds, it is inviolate and is operating in every instant.  We can create the reality we want by simply focusing upon it, and listening to our inner guidance system.  Action follows thought, is a by-product of thought, not the other way around. We do not have to believe the doom-sayers who choose to focus on negative future realities for humanity. Even if some catastrophe is planned for Earth, by using deliberate creation and by understanding the Law of Attraction,  we can be always in the eye of the hurricane.  Each one of us is a powerful creator. By focusing upon and deliberately creating a joyful future reality, we attract a positive and wonderful future.

Dear Ones, look within to find that beautiful and magnificent being that is you!  Do not depend on others for your discernment! Exercise your powerful creative abilities!  Step fully into your own power and follow your infallible inner guidance system to create the perfect reality for you. Hold to your highest vision of yourselves!  And by doing so, you will not only create a powerful and wonderful reality for yourself, but also inspire  those around you to do the same.

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