October 2017

Vol 12, #10

The purpose of the Big Picture Newsletter is to celebrate the spiritual nature of human beings. We are dedicated to dissolving the myth of the randomness of life, and the biological nature of consciousness. We believe that every human being is an aspect of God, a powerful creator and orchestrator of his or her life experience.


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It's Always Darkest just Before the Dawn

(Blog post)


The progress being made in the advancement of human consciousness is not showing up in current events. You won't hear about it on the news. What's happening is that the Akash of every single human on earth is being activated. This is bringing up negative emotions and leading to unbalanced behavior in some. Is this supposed to be progress? Yeah, it is.

The new paradigm isn't anything like I thought it would be. I thought we'd all advance into peace and love and there would finally be peace on earth. Well, there IS going to be peace on earth but it's going to take longer than we'd like. That's because the haters, the bullies, and the belligerent ones aren't going to suddenly see the light. The new energy coming in is making them MORE unbalanced, not less. Again, is this progress? It is. It's just not the kind of progress I thought.

The planet is apparently moving into an area of the galaxy with a different energy. This is affecting human consciousness in good and bad ways. The Akash is being activated. The Akash is the record of everything you have ever thought, emoted, said, and acted out on the planet in all of your lifetimes. This affects old souls first because we have the most experience and the most stored energy from our lifetimes on earth. For those who have yet to awaken spiritually there is a feeling of discomfort that is impossible to identify. Old souls understand about the Akash and karma and stored energy from past experiences. Young souls do not. There is discomfort and a feeling that something isn't right, but they don't know what it is. Everyone is feeling it. If you are human on the planet you are experiencing some kind  of wierdness.

The new energy is cleaning out souls. The first element in human consciousness affected by the higher vibration is the incompatible lower vibration. Everything negative you did in this life and in past lives is (or will be coming) to the surface for inspection. When the old soul feels these emotions he or she recognizes that past imprints are trying to clear. So we meditate, we visualize, we see our favorite counselor. Those who have not awakened are clueless. It is very easy to then get into victim consciousness, to blame others for negative personal feelings. This leads to unbalance and to more intolerance. Personally I have had to change my diet to cut out all refined sugar, sweets, sodas, doughnuts, cake, cookies, shakes, etc. I just cannot eat them anymore. My body begins to feel sluggish and my energy goes way down. I don't drink alcohol now, only water. Lots of water. This is a resonance effect in the physical from the infusion of new energy to the planet.

Your process may be different but all old souls are being affected right now.

I used to think that the new energy would simply result in a feeling of wellbeing and happiness. I would continue along as usual but I would feel better doing it. I forgot about a little thing called the Akash. I found out that I have been a con man and a criminal in some of my past lives. All of that energy is coming back to be released. I can either bemoan how I feel or get busy with the Holy Violet Flame. I use the HVS all the time. I send it all the crap that surfaces in my emotions. It's hard because when you are in that energy you don't feel like you can think positively anymore. I don't want to do it because it seems pointless and it is really hard.  It is hard. It isn't anything like I thought it would be. Now I see that this process was and is inevitable.

I was born in 1951. Until the year 2000 I always felt that the world was going to end in some kind of conflagration. I felt that I and the world would never make it to the new millennium. Once we made it through I thought it was all going to be happy happy after that. After 2012 I said, "Now we are really going to make some progress." Well, we are making progress but it doesn't look like progress. It looks like we are regressing. The forces of darkness, motivated by the old energy, don't want things to change. The old energy in our own Akash doesn't want anything to change. I am discovering what it means to be a lightworker. It means you use your light to transform all of your old energy. It's hard and I don't like it. But I have finally faced up to the truth. Before peace and love can manifest globally we have to use peace and love to transform the old energy into higher vibrational energy.

When I did the Interview With Spirit show the Guys told me that for millennia, the human race (with free choice) decided to explore all aspects of the darkness. We started off like Adam and Eve in Lemuria. Our DNA was operating at a much higher frequency. We lived a lot longer and were healthy. Then came the Great Experiment. We explored all avenues of the darkness. The efficiency of our DNA lessened. Our life spans shortened. Our knowledge of Spirit became less. The momentum toward the dark side became so great we were headed for an extinction event.

Then, at the last moment, we pulled it out.

Our "fall from grace" has been explained by evil forces at work. Yes, evil forces are at work. Dark conspiracies exist; they are valid. But all of this evil is a result of the energy of human consciousness, and of the decisions of human consciousness. It's simple Law of Attraction. If you are an old soul (If you are reading this you probably are)  you participated in this Great Dark Experiment. You and I (and many others) were responsible for the fall from grace. For millennia the human race has been exploring the dark; is it any wonder that we have attracted evil? David Icke even says that evil reptiles from another dimension are sucking our energy. This is a perfectly valid hypothesis. Does anyone really think the earth is alone in a multi-dimensional universe?

When we transform human consciousness these dark forces and conspiracies will go away. But they won't go away magically. They will release from our personal and collective lives only if we do our lightwork. That's how the universe works. You don't get to explore darkness for thousands of years then suddenly get a dispensation and everything goes away. The negative stuff gets released only if we do our inner work. There's an old saying: "Y'all made your own bed, now go sleep in it."

The good news is that human consciousness created this quagmire and human consciousness can get us out. But it requires us to work hard. Personally if I don't do my lightwork I feel rotten. Just like changing my diet to eliminate harmful foods, I also have to change my harmful thoughts and confront my Akash.

It's Always Darkest Just Before the Dawn

In the new energy it may get worse before it gets better. The light is going to win, that's almost certain now. BUT the new energy (higher vibration) is stirring things up. It's causing the dark forces to become desperate. The "Iran has nuclear weapons" scare (which will create war in the Middle East and WW III), the "North Korea is going to launch a nuclear attack" scare, and more. These are desperate attempts to collectively put people in fear. Look for more (and more pathetic) attempts to create fear in the future.

Fear is an emotion that places negative energy on the future time track. The key is not to go into fear, no matter what CNN and the mainstream news puts out. Don't buy into that nonsense. It's an attempt to get you (us) to create our own demise. The power of our collective, co-creative consciousness is so strong that we could do it. Some of us are going to do that, but old souls will not. It doesn't take very many old souls to negate the fear-based thinking of millions.

How do the dark forces operate? By putting human beings in fear. Then a narrative is placed on top of the fear. It's perfect Law of Attraction. Fear drives the narrative deeper into our consciousness; we begin to co-create it. Then it happens and we say, "See, the world is evil. There are powerful forces at work and we have no defense against them." The next step is to protect yourself from the evil. "Evil demons from another dimension are sucking your energy. You have to fight this and put up a protective wall of light." Or whatever. This is a time-worn and successful strategy to keep humans fighting and killing each other. It is a brilliant strategy to keep us co-creating a darker future.

On the radio today I heard about some goofball who is predicting the end of the world (again). More and more of this is going to happen. Some evil stuff will occur, it's almost guaranteed. Will that be enough to put the old souls in fear? No. Let the rest of the world spin in drama, that's OK. Lightworkers will spread their light onto the earth and the planetary grids. This will calm the masses. Our job is to keep meditating, keep healing, keep putting higher vibes into this wonderful planet we call Gaia. This work is almost invisible because we never see the positive stuff on the news. I don't worry about the news anymore. In the invisible substrate that programs human consciousness, one second spent by an old soul putting light into the planet is worth more than a million others spinning in drama.

I was a little upset when I realized that the planet wasn't going to suddenly "twig" all at once. I used to think that since thought is instantaneous, if enough of us postulated the good stuff, it would be enough to create a tipping point that would alter the parameters of human consciousness collectively. I understand now that a tipping point will occur but it probably won't happen for another generation or two. This has been the theme of the past few blog posts: human progress advances one grave at a time.

Fortunately there is a huge turnover of souls arriving and departing on the planet. Not every soul who incarnates is going to go to the light even though the new ones will have a higher vibration. Some of them will be turned by the dark. That's why human progress is generational.

The key is the old soul. We have lived so many lifetimes our energy is all over this planet, and in the planet's esoteric grids. When we change our consciousness we transform all of the energy (karma) we have put into the grids over thousands of lifetimes here. A good meditation by a lightworker can have an immense positive effect on the future. Think of it, as Lee Carroll, says, of planting seeds. These seeds are light deposited into the planetary grids. As more and more lightworkers do their work these seeds grow and flourish. Eventually the light subsumes the darkness and there is peace on earth.

Then we can get going building a real civilization on earth.

Peace on earth isn't even the beginning, it's just a prerequisite. To use a sports metaphor, peace on earth gets us into the dugout. We haven't even reached the on-deck circle yet, much less come up to bat. Human civilization has a long way to go, but we will get there. We are getting there.

A Message from the Guys

All endings are happy endings. This is the message we gave Ken when he did the Interview With Spirit show. It means that all beings on the planet, regardless of their life path and the actions they take, return to Source. Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin, and Idi Amin all returned to Source. All of them are/were aspects of God in human form. Their actions on earth are understood when you have the mind of God. When you "die" you will understand the mind of God. You are God already but when you "die" you will know it. [Note: this last sentence is said from Ken's current level of consciousness. Some of you will be able to understand it's deeper meaning.]

All incarnated souls here are on a grand mission. When you return Home you again reunite with your Higher Self and the Creative Source. However, there is work to do in the physical universe. At any one time there is one planet in the galaxy that is given the gift of the duality. The duality is the knowledge of light and dark. It is necessary (in this galaxy) to have one planet at a time as a test planet. The last planet(s) to do this are in the Pleiades. They have given you the light codes and enhanced your DNA, in order to allow humanity to participate in this grand test. Ken has been trying to understand why this is necessary, but he will not be told yet. Not until he has advanced a little way in consciousness. (Sorry Ken!)

The message Ken wrote above is a good one. Lightworker, prepare yourselves, for your light will be needed in the coming years. The 36-year window of opportunity will end around the year 2030. This is the end of the period between the last 26,000-year cycle that began in 1992 (approximately) and the beginning of the new one. During this period the direction for the next 26,000-year cycle is established. Lightworker, did you think your birth was accidental? You are alive right now because you knew how important this period was for humanity and the planet.

Continue your important work. Gaia needs you, the galaxy needs you. All of you are infused with the consciousness of the Creative Source. Carry on dear ones, you are all magnificent. The light will win.




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