November 2013

Vol 8, #11

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Fourth-Level Consciousness and Representative Democracy

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
10/ 23/ 2013

What do we really know about the universe around us?

The answer is, practically nothing. Our public space programs have traveled only as far as earth’s moon.  Space probes have traveled out of the solar system, but that is like saying that we have walked to the corner store. The fact is that our knowledge of the galaxy is nonexistent. The only data we have are from whistleblowers in the black programs, and psychics.  And so the planet earth is living in a vacuum of information about the universe around us, even as we are inundated with information from online websites, think tanks, academia, and the world of science. As far as firsthand information is concerned, we are in the dark. Which means that the human race is particularly vulnerable to persuasion and propaganda.

Now this is utterly irrelevant if you believe, as the vast majority of human on earth believe, that the planet earth is alone in the universe. In fact, it is a topic that would elicit incredulity, like “why are you talking about this crap?” But the earth is not alone in the universe.  And so it behooves us to look beyond the myopia of our “everybody knows” beliefs and begin to start thinking out of the box.

Topics like “are we alone in the universe” and ETs, are important because they get us thinking outside the box. Even if we WERE alone in the universe, we would need to take a step back from the current paradigm of thought we have been mired in for the past 5,000 years. In other words, in order to get a shift in consciousness, we have to start thinking differently. And topics like ETs help us to expand our mental horizons. Look, we are either going to expand out of the old paradigm of thought, or we are going to continue in the same old rut for the next five or ten thousand years.

As we’ve talked about before on the show, ETs or not, the human race is about to come up against the problem of resource depletion on a planetary scale. We’ve done a couple of shows on this topic, but just to say that in a rapidly expanding technological society within a banking system that requires economic expansion just to keep the ship afloat, we are bound to come up against the limitation of resources. This is nothing new, but what IS new is that we are now actually facing the problem. So the human race is going to have to drastically alter its thinking in order to develop a society that can achieve rational prosperity for all of the people of earth.

This is just a physical description of what is going on in the mental plane: the evolution to fourth-level (planetary) consciousness. It’s happening right now, folks. Right now we are collectively making the decisions that will determine what our societies will look like for the next several millennia. But how many of us are aware of this? That’s the problem.

By pooh-poohing topics like ETs that stretch our belief systems to the limit, those at the top of the pyramid ensure the continued sleepwalking of the masses. Then we continue to get idiocies like “fighting cancer.” “Raising awareness of (fill in your favorite disease).” People don’t think twice when they are asked to contribute to “fighting (fill in the blank).” I mean, we have been fighting cancer since 1969. We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars fighting cancer. When the hell are we going to wake up and understand that allopathic medicine cannot cure cancer? I’ll just say it: allopathic medicine cannot cure cancer. it’s a simple as that.

Royal Raymond Rife in 1936 (and I’m sure others) have cured cancer. But it is symptomatic of how asleep we are that the population as a whole simply accepts, and does not question, idiocies like “fighting cancer.” If you are fighting it you are ensuring its existence.  Perhaps in your country you aren’t as medically stupid as we are here in the US. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear, on the radio or on TV, a plea to fight this or that condition. The problem, you see, is that the human race has already been thoroughly brainwashed. We are just beginning to wake up out of that.

We are just beginning to wake up because, for example, the subject of ETs has only very recently in human history begun to be taken seriously. In the middle ages if you saw an ET you were accused of witchcraft, or people said you saw a demon, or some such nonsense. When the first satellites went up in space and returned photographs of the earth floating in outer space, and showed the millions of galaxies out there, the bubble finally popped on the superstition that the earth was the only place where life could evolve. But for some reason, the consciousness of humanity has been held back. Despite decades of popular entertainment depicting ETs, no one takes the subject seriously. How is this possible?

If you read and listen to whistleblower testimony you understand that the subject of ETs, and exotic technology, is absolutely the most taboo subject on the planet. For anyone in a position of knowledge or authority to speak on this subject will literally get them killed. According to what I’ve read, President Obama was about to speak out on the subject of ETs and announce their presence, but was told to shut the fuck up or we’ll kill you and your family. So the question is, who are these people? Why are they so determined to cover up something that is so obvious?  You know, like, “hey man, there are other people out there.”

What’s so dangerous about that idea? Well, it obviously is very dangerous to some very powerful people. Otherwise, we’d be talking about it on the evening news.

The answer is that, clearly, the release of such information would do harm to certain people. Well, what is behind the ET issue? Hidden, exotic technology that has been dribbled down to the public economies of earth for decades now. That new iPhone you have is just a children’s toy compared to the technology that exists in the black programs, people. The masses have been given dribbles of technology, like mentally arrested children,  to keep us happy. Advertisers tell us how wonderful the new shit is. But this new shit is really, really old shit, ladies and germs. We are being had. We’re being lied to. The question is, is it for our own good? Maybe we really are too dull and too violent to have access to this exotic technology. But then you have to ask, who DOES have access to it? And from what I read, it’s a bunch of psychopaths and other low-lifes who are using this technology to keep the human race down.

My guidance tells me that this technology has been around for millions or even billions of years. It’s as common as going into your local Sears store and picking items off the shelf. But we’ve been convinced that it’s something esoteric and unknowable. We’ve been told that the planet earth has been quarantined because we’re so violent and stupid, if we got this stuff we’d blow ourselves up.

But that itself is a lie. It’s propaganda, it’s part of the old paradigm of thought that has been keeping us down for so many years. And we’ve bought into it, people!

What’s true is that the 7 billion could really use this great new stuff. It’s the 2,000 or so psychopaths who run this planet that are the dangerous lunatics. A few thousands nuts are preventing the human race from advancing. And we’re letting them, because we’ve been convinced of our worthlessness. But what’s really true is that the psychopaths are just projecting their own beliefs onto us. They are telling us that the human race is worthless, when in fact it is they who are worthless. Look, I don’t have any inside sources  and I probably wouldn’t believe them anyway. But one thing I do know:  every single life form on this planet is an aspect of a beautiful, loving, magnificent consciousness that fills the universe. All you have to do is look   at human belief systems to figure out how far we have fallen from that truth. Yessir, we have really screwed the pooch on our own beliefs about who we are. We’ve convinced ourselves that we are pieces of meat, when in reality we are magnificent journeyers of Spirit. All we have to do is wake up to that.

The crazies who are presently running the show understand this.  They understand that the planetary population isn’t 7 billion and rising because of some damn coincidence! They know that the handwriting is on the wall for them, that the human race is going through a huge evolutionary leap. That leap is going to come sooner or later; the idea of these guys is to make it later. But it’s coming.

OK, so that’s why I talk about ETs on this show. It’s a topic that is absolutely forbidden for anyone in authority to talk about. The only way you can mention it is in movies, or science fiction books, where no one takes it seriously. Well, the point of the show today is to look beyond the commonplace bullshit of ordinary life, if we want to know what the score is. And the score is, right now, what good old Walt Kelly said 70 years ago : “we have met the enemy, and he is us.”

This is what happens when you have a mentality of fighting. You become that which you do not want. The incidence of cancer hasn’t declined in the US despite our war on cancer.  That’s because the mentality that accepts the idea of fighting cancer will NEVER cure cancer. It’s US, people, not them. The crazies are just using our own low opinion of ourselves against us.

 I’ll tell you what would happen if the technology in the black programs were ever released: we’d have the beginnings of a golden age on planet earth. Our science, physics, and medicine, our energy research, is ungodly primitive. We ride around in hydrocarbon spewing, energy inefficient, polluting  fossil fuel vehicles when we have anti-grav already at our disposal. We already know how to build mag-lev vehicles. We already know how to cure cancer and other so-called incurable diseases. Well, how do I know this? I don’t really, I’m just some nut on the radio venting.  But it’s true.

I think I’m from another planet, really. When I see a car commercial, my buddies and my friends go, “wow, I’d really like that car.” I say, “look at that primitive internal combustion monstrosity sitting on a bunch of rubber.” I know we can do better than this. But we don’t, somehow. Even my enlightened friends look at me like I’m crazy. “Why don’t you just settle down, Ken?”  they say.  I see shit that probably won’t manifest for another hundred years, or two hundred, or maybe never. It’s frustrating. But it’s all possible. Now!

I’m convinced that’s what holding us back isn’t them, it’s us. It’s the belief systems of 7 billion human beings, which are just a thought away from being changed. And when that happens, the whole system will change rapidly. Now we’re told that we cannot alter our thought s and beliefs too much because that would collapse the system too fast and the economy would go down the tubes and anarchy would reign and the human race would be toast. But that itself is more propaganda. The truth is, we aren’t going to get a consciousness shift unless we radically shift our consciousness! It’s just an excuse to hold us back. “Oh don’t think too far out of the box! That’s dangerous to everyone.” No it isn’t. It’s only dangerous to the cretins who are holding onto power. it’s only dangerous to an entrenched fossil fuel cartel.

In other words, we are convinced not to shift our thinking. There are all sorts of great excuses not to do so, of course, the most common of which is simply that is doesn’t matter. But the fact is that if we want change we have to actually change. The entire battle is to prevent 7 billion people from discovering that all they have to do is sit down and change a few thoughts. “Did you ever think what would happen if we didn’t have to be dependent on fossil fuels?” I say to my spiritual friend. “Oh, that’s not possible, why even think about it. And even if it is it’s a long way into the future.”  And blah blah blah about how too much change will unbalance the system, etc, etc., etc.

OK, so you’ve just told me that you don’t really believe what you say you believe in. Deep down, you don’t really think or expect that things can shift out of the old paradigm.

Some of my friends say “the universe wanted me to do this or that.” But really, the universe we live in is a vibrational universe that responds to our thoughts and intentions and expectations. That’s what the Law of Attraction is all about! We live in a universe that empowers us, even as science teaches us that the universe is cold, lifeless, dead, and empty, and that it certainly doesn’t respond to anything because there is nothing to respond to. We have been brainwashed by science into believing that consciousness is a fiction; that our self-awareness comes from neurons firing in the brain. This belief system is delusional, but it is well established. This again fits in nicely with the vibrational universe concept: even a delusional, utterly irrational belief can be valid IF enough people believe in it. In a vibrational universe, the strength of something is merely a result of how many people agree with it or buy into it. We’ve just bought into a lot of irrational stuff. So the universe simply responds to our vibrational resonance,  and that resonance is set up, again, by what we believe and expect.

Hey, maybe it’s me. But I see a planet where 7 billion people are sitting on a programmable spaceship called planet earth. There’s a user interface sitting there right in front of our noses, an interface that is programmable with thought. But we have convinced ourselves that what is is, and cannot be changed without great difficulty over huge periods of time. But the reality is that if enough people changed their thoughts and expectations, we would see miracles happen on planet earth. That’s the message for the show today, folks. We are sitting on a goldmine: our own consciousness, our own expectations, our own beliefs about who we are and what we can do. Right now we have graduated from the “you can’t fight city hall” mentality past the “you can fight city hall,”  and now we are approaching, “we don’t need city hall.” But we aint there yet. I hope we get there in my lifetime so I can settle down, as my friends want me to do. Hah! The odds of that are pretty slim. I’m 62 now but I think like a 16 year old. Maybe I’m just immature!

The guys see a seamless integration between the physical and the non-physical; in fact, they see no difference whatsoever between the two. Physical and non-physical are just terms that make sense to incarnated beings. An incarnated being is native state being (an aspect of universal consciousness) + body. Science has it that a human being is a body. They are missing the most important part of the equation of consciousness, and therefore, the systems they have built – physics, which runs on the idea of blowing things up to extract energy, and medicine, which is based on the idea that you are meat, are hopelessly mired in a severely limited paradigm. The understanding of self as an immortal native state personality is the most important discovery you will ever make. But as a species we don’t need to go this deep! All we need is a slight shift in belief and expectation. The power of this new resonance would be enough to create a paradigm shift.

By paradigm shift is simply meant, a change in beliefs and expectations. That’s all it is. It isn’t hard, really, it just involves changing your mind; making a new decision. This is where the persuasion and propaganda aspect comes in. The battlefield today is one of ideas: on the one hand the enlightened portion of humanity sees clearly that we have to build a society where life is celebrated and acknowledged, where freedom to express creativity is supported, and where cooperation and communication between human beings is encouraged. On the other is a group of nutsoids that want to create a collective security mentality based on fear, and create a society of human drones.

We have the technology right now to create a true world government where every single person gets to vote on issues that affect the planet. It’s called the Internet and more and more people are on it every day. Did you know, for example, that in 2012 China had 524 million internet users? That’s the most by far of any country in the world. Every country has an internet and mobile technology. Why haven’t we, the people, taken advantage of that?

Here in the US everyone still look to that cesspool of corruption and insanity, Washington DC, for the answers. Well, the answers aren’t there. That town has long ago been coopted by special interests who can’t see past the ends of their noses. In the US we don’t need voting machines, and polling places that shut down when somebody doesn’t want a bunch of people to vote, which is what happened back in 2004 in Ohio. We’ve got the bloody internet and the ability to make every coffee shop that has a connection into a polling place. Hell, you could vote from your own house. And those who don’t have access to the internet could go to the polling places. To the argument that having internet voting will lead to abuse, what the hell do you think we have now? I saw an article over ten years ago that showed how the voting machines (which are made by one company) could be easily rigged.

The idea is to get more and more people involved, whether it’s voting, or business, or just brainstorming. The human race has the ability to form a planetary network of consciousness right now. In fact there are already large communications networks in individual countries, and within each country there are also smaller, fragmented networks to other countries. The next step is to realize that we can do this networking officially, on a planetary scale, with people-to-people networks. we are still relying on governments to do our thinking for us, to make policies for us. Eventually that will have to change; or at the very least, governments will have to be controlled or influenced by the decisions from the populations of these countries.

I’m really excited about the idea of an official planetary network. Eventually it will manifest, because it’s the next logical step. The infrastructure is largely in place already, we just have to twig on how powerful this could be. Of course the politicians might not want to do it, but really, their time has passed. There is no longer a need for representative democracy when everyone can have a vote! And so you see, the idea of 4th level or planetary consciousness isn’t some transcendent goal, it’s a very practical goal that we should get cracking on! And I’ll leave you with that thought until next week.









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