May 2014

Vol 9, #5

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What are Old Souls and Young Souls?

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
4/ 23/ 2014

Well, the story of Flight MH-370 won’t go away. Submersibles have been looking for identifying wreckage without success.

Apparently now there are only two explanations for what happened to the plane: it crashed, or it was somehow “cloaked” and sent somewhere else. The crash explanation seems more reasonable, except for the fact that not even trace remains of the aircraft have been discovered. Of course it can take up to two years to recover wreckage over water, but, according to William Waldock, who formerly worked in Coast Guard search and rescue and now teaches safety science at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Arizona, "You start with the last place you know where the airplane was and widen out from there. It should have been right over the Gulf of Thailand where it started." He was surprised that Vietnam's fairly sophisticated radar wasn't able to track the plane or its debris all the way to the water. "For them not to be able to be able to track it to the surface, I just find that astounding," Waldock said.

The South Korean ferry that went down last week was pure negligence by the captain. But there have now been two major “compassion” events in Asia over the past month. And the Fukushima event in Japan in 2011.

These compassion events are important because they force people to look past their cultural blocks and deep inside. These events are much different from the usual saber-rattling and fear-anger events of war and threat of war. They increase compassion on the planet and, on a subtle level, break through the sometimes rigidly held belief systems. Asia has a culture that is 5,000 years old, and there are certain ways you think and behave that have been grooved in for millennia. That is going to have to loosen up if the human race  and the planet are going  to keep to the road of higher consciousness.

Our salvation isn’t science: it’s in the area of consciousness, and the understanding of who we are. Science will advance to the degree that we, collectively, raise our awareness of the fundamental nature of consciousness and its divine, non-physical nature. We’ve said before that this consciousness raising is beyond our current materialistic science, which considers anything that cannot be touched or seen or measured (that is, that which is well within the Body Reality) to be invalid. Advancement in science is generated by advancements in consciousness.

Scientifically, this is an absurd statement; however, science is mired in materialism, and the vibrational activation  of this planet is coming from those of us who can see past the Body Reality.

Old souls, you know what I’m talking about.

Lifetime after lifetime we’ve come down here and been reviled for being “different,” for seeing past the commonplace and the mundane, for feeling compassion for life, and for the “other side.” In other words, for being able to see past the materialism of the Body Reality.

But now that is changing. Ever so slightly, can you feel it? We are barely a year and 4 months past the marker, which permanently turned the corner on our future: we made it past the doom and gloom scenarios, and we’re not going back. The Dec 21, 2012 marker marked a tick on the consciousness graph, a permanent turning point upward. The balance of light and dark on the planet, which for at least 5 millennia was tilted in favor of the dark, has now shifted to be slightly in favor of the light. This means that the background vibration that we are all slogging through – the ordinary events of human existence – has subtly shifted in our favor.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t be confronted by materialists who don’t get it – oh, there are plenty of those left! But it does mean that IF we stay firmly in our integrity – if we stay “clean” and don’t sully our vibration with dishonest or disingenuous acts – our light will be perceived as something positive and not negative. Whereas before people would react wholly in fear or anger, and burn us at the stake, they will now be able to see the light, because we are coming out of the darkness. It doesn’t mean that you won’t have to confront anger sometimes, or fear! But it means that now, just past the marker into the ascension process, if we live our lives mindfully and with integrity, we’ll be seen as something good.

And that, old souls, is progress!

That’s why I’ve been going on about compassionate events lately. These events are horrible, really – Fukushima, plane crashes, ferry crashes, shootings at the KC Jewish centers, gunmen killing children, the Boston Marathon bombing last year – these are events perpetrated by lunatics. And it really does suck that people have to die in order to wake up the human race. But looked at from the viewpoint of Spirit, any event that evokes compassion (rather than hatred or fear) will send more positive energy into the planetary grids. We are going to see more of these events as those who are unbalanced toward the dark side, and who cannot adjust to the subtle  vibrational energy shift, snap. We’ve said that 2014-2016 will be the peak years for compassion events like these.

The September 11, 2001 event in the United States was a seminal event worldwide. In my opinion, it was intended to do one thing (I don’t want to get into all the conspiracy theories) but vibrationally it did something completely different: it cracked open the hard shell surrounding the old paradigm of thought, and woke people up. We all know how shocking 9/11 was here in the US. But it was also a vibrational eye-opener around the world: the invincible US, the world’s greatest economy and military power, brought to its knees. 9/11, vibrationally, was a powerful hammer that knocked the hell out of the old belief systems and their invincibility.

Now I’m going to tell you something I’ve only told my close friends. On that day, September 11, 2001, I was working on a house for a client, outside. It was a beautiful sunny day. I took an early lunch and I turned on the radio and heard about the shocking events of 9/11. And my reaction, unaccountably, was one of the most profound joy and spiritual upliftment. I got out of the car and jumped for joy, literally, until I realized what I was doing.

“Are you nuts?” I said to myself. I thought I was just crazy, but what happened, I know now, is that I felt the energy of Spirit surrounding the event entering into my consciousness. I felt that this event was going to lead to a profound awakening on the planet. I don’t know whether 9/11 was a precursor to Dec 12, 2012, but I believe it was. 9/11 wasn’t so much a compassion event – because it led to a lot of hatred, fear, and anger in the US – as a vibrational hammer that knocked loose the foundations of the old energy. The phrase that comes to mind is, “hoist with their own petard.” In other words, an event that was supposed to have been purely evil was, from the broader POV of spirit, a profoundly positive event.

Let’s talk a little bit about this, because it sounds crazy: people dying serves a positive spiritual purpose. It’s nuts when you just say it; sounds like the ravings of a psychopath. But you see, evil is always light cloaked in darkness. The fundamental component of all life everywhere is love: the OM, the fundamental vibration, with all of its infinite harmonics both high and low.

Sometimes the darkness must be cracked open to discover the light. That is what 2001 was all about. I can’t tell you the profound joy I felt at the moment I heard about this event. If you think I’m a psycho, well, I can forgive you for thinking that because it sounds nuts. But I have to tell you that the energy I felt was so strong and so positive I literally had to get out of my car and jump up and down. Of course I really had to watch myself whenever anyone brought it up. I remember walking into a store in Plymouth a couple of days after 9/11, looking for a birthday present for Jenny. Everyone was talking about 9/11 and the evil Muslim terrorists, and how we had to kill them all, and how the US should declare war.

I didn’t say anything, just nodded my head. I had already seen the Towers collapse, and my first impression was of a controlled explosion, but that’s another story. I didn’t see how a bunch of stupid terrorists could have pulled that off, or how a bunch of airplane fluid could have taken down two well-built buildings. But of course I couldn’t tell them what I had experienced around that event. It was totally spontaneous, it just happened without my thinking  about it: I just felt a powerful rush of love and joy and I got the feeling that 9/11 was a spiritually profound event that moved the human race, and the planet, forward.

OK, so the compassionate events that have occurred, and will occur, will be isolated events that will not spill over to the dark side. All of these events, which in a duality have the potential to vibrationally tip over into the dark side and get bigger, are now firmly contained in a vibrational box. That is what the energy shift has done.

All right, that leads us into the main message of the show today, and what I really want to talk about. And that is something that has puzzled me since I came down here for the nth time: why is a certain portion of the human race anti-social, or psychopathic?

I encourage you all to read a book titled Without Conscience by Dr. Robert D. Hare, clinical psychologist. Dr. Hare is one of the world’s foremost and recognized experts in psychopathy, and helped to develop the psychopathic checklist, used by psychologists all over the world to evaluate whether a person – especially criminals -- are psychopaths.

Of course we can say that the answer to this is simple: a child, if subjected to sexual or psychological or physical abuse, will turn out anti-social. This explanation seems to satisfy a lot of people. But here on the IWS show we try to look deeper into the question, from the viewpoint that consciousness is divine, eternal, and non-physical, and that all life everywhere is an aspect, or a “piece” of a much broader universal consciousness. In other words, all beings, even the most evil ones, are fundamentally good because they are an incarnation of something that is inherently loving, compassionate, and harmonious. So how can something that is fundamentally divine turn evil?

Well, we could talk about this for several years, but my thinking on this is that all-encompassing (unconditional)  love equals all-encompassing (unconditional) allowance. In other words, complete love means complete acceptance of all actions, in the knowledge that the person committing the evil act is fundamentally divine, and that the victims are going to re-translate to Source, and that no possible harm can come to them. We’ve said before  what a rush the so-called “death” experience is, how people discover that they are a native state being and return to a feeling of total love and understanding of just what the fuck this human experience is all about.

Of course that does the people who have to live out their lives after such an event no good, I understand that completely. And really, sometimes I think that Spirit doesn’t really get it – that the most profound messages of Spirit come from beings who have never experienced a physical incarnation.

There’s something about slogging through this physical life that brings those who do it to a superior understanding, somewhat like the battle-tested war veteran who comes back to his peaceful village. We talked about that last week. 

BUT – and I’ve experienced this personally several times, not just at 9/11 – the energy of Spirit is so positive, so loving, so powerfully joyful, that it cannot be denied. If you’ve ever felt this energy for real you know that the energy itself is the answer to any doubts about it. It is, as Jesus the Christ once said, “the alpha and the omega.” It is utterly, absolutely, complete in itself and comes with a  feeling of profound love and harmony and every positive emotion there ever can be, all wrapped up into this burst of unbelievable positive feeling.

So I know, without a doubt, that all life everywhere, even the most disgusting, psychotic asshole, is divinely inspired. And that these acts are allowed because that is what love is: unconditional. We are loved no matter what we do.

In the matter of antisocial behavior, what happens is that all of the thoughts, emotions, and events of a previous life are stored in the planetary hologram, in some sort of vibrational package with your energy stamp on it. When you return to the planet for another incarnation, you get married up with all that you’ve done vibrationally on the planet. You get matched up with the correct “node” in the planetary vibrational network: the set of vibrations that matches up with your own unique energetic ID. No two are alike! All 7 billion of us have one of these “nodes” in the planetary hologram. These nodes are vibrational and are what has been called karma. They are a background energy throughout the life, unless you have a profound realization and vibrationally dissolve your karma, which is now possible after the energy shift.

So a pure native state being comes in and immediately is married with the energy from his or her previous lives. In Catholicism this is called “Original Sin.” When I got my religious training I was taught that Original Sin meant that all human beings were tainted, and must therefore supplicate themselves to God, through the vehicle of the Catholic Church.

Of course this is a perversion of the truth, but in the age of materialism, in an age where spiritual understanding is lacking, you can certainly see how such a pure POV would inevitably become obscured and confused.

All right, so now we have a guy who is coming back to earth and is married up with everything he or she did in previous lives. So that’s like strike one against you. Then maybe, because of your karma, you enter an abusive family and you get abused. That’s strike two. Now, depending upon how much spiritual awareness you have, you either lean toward the dark or the light. It’s amazing to me that here aren’t MORE crazy, unbalanced people! The percentage of true psychotics is a very, very, tiny percentage of the human race, which again is a sign of the basic goodness of the human race.

But now we come to psychopathic behavior. A psychopath, according to Dr. Hare, is a person who is glib, who has no understanding or awareness of other people, and no understanding of the consequences of his or her actions. He or she only thinks of himself or herself. And even then, the psychopath has little understanding of human emotion, little compassion, and little understanding of human relationships. We’ve all met these people! We find them at work a lot, and sometimes in our own families. They seem EVIL – that’s the only explanation possible. Psychopaths simply run roughshod over others, and don’t give a damn. They inspire hatred, contempt, and fear. IMHO a lot of the dictators on the planet were psychopaths – they are just in it for their own personal glorification and to hell with everyone else, no matter the consequences, or how EVIL their actions seem to others.

Now we are coming to a realization I had a few days ago. We’ve been talking about the idea of “young souls” and “old souls.” What we mean by this is not that some beings are inherently older and wiser than others, because a “soul” is just an aspect of a native state being, who is immortal and divine, and beyond time and space.

What we mean by young and old souls is simply the number of incarnations a being has had on the planet. Now, a “newbie” here on earth may be an old, old soul somewhere else, but right here, right now, this person is clueless.  Imagine that you are a newbie to earth. You have to understand how complex, how chaotic, how profound this place is. There are 7 billion of us, and a lot of us have had multiple incarnations here. We have built up cultures and religions and human organizations, and belief systems, and ways of doing things, over thousands of years. The system is INCREDIBLY complex and confusing. It’s like having to learn a language with an alphabet of 100,000 characters. You’re not going to be literate for a long, long, time.

Now imagine psychopathy in terms of old souls and new souls. Imagine that you have come down here for an incarnation on earth and this is your first time. Or maybe you are a newbie with only a few incarnations under your belt. Well, you are illiterate. You can’t figure it out – you can’t figure out how and why people react the way they do! You don’t get it. You were expecting an amazing experience, but what do you see? Incomprehensibility everywhere. You do things and you don’t know why people deny you what you want. Being divine you know your self worth, but people down here don’t see that. You don’t have a clue why people treat other people the way they do – and you certainly don’t understand why they treat you the way they do. The whole system is confusing, frustrating, incredibly complex and difficult.

So what do  you do?

The only thing possible. You pull back. You pull back from the other dynamics of life, because it’s too confusing. You revert back, or consolidate,  your life to self – ignoring the other dynamics of life, because you can’t understand people.  So you say, “OK, these people around here are incomprehensible. In order to keep my sanity I will ignore them.” Look – you tried to fit in but you didn’t. You’re a newbie and you feel different in the opposite way old souls feel different – not from a greater understanding of life, but from a lack of understanding of life.

To me, this perfectly explains psychopathic behavior. You have to be glib because you don’t understand the system – you’re faking it ALL THE TIME. You’re just trying to get some breathing room. You have to ignore others because they are incomprehensible, so you just try to grab as much as you can in self-gratification, and to hell with anyone else --  they don’t get you and you don’t get them.
Robert Heinlein, the famous SF writer once said, “never assign to malice that which can adequately be explained by stupidity.” This sentence summarizes, for me, the psychopath, the clueless jerk who just doesn’t get it. The irritating idiot who doesn’t understand the system and who just acts in his or her own best interests. The a-hole.

But now I can see this behavior from a more profound POV. Before my realization I just thought these people were deliberately being jerks. I said to myself, “nobody can be that stupid. This guy is deliberately trying to mess me up.” But the profound truth is that the person IS that stupid – not inherently stupid, because all souls are divine and are timeless – but stupid for earth. You see, I always thought that ALL souls were old souls like me. I didn’t get it that there are a LOT of newbies down here. In order to make up the collection of 7 billion human souls, you are going to necessarily have to have the majority be newbies!

That’s because until the middle 1920s the population of the planet was less than two billion. Now it’s 7 billion.

That means we have 5 billion newbies, 5 billion clueless human beings wandering around, trying to figure it out! This has changed my entire viewpoint about people. I can see, now, the amazing experiment the human family has been engaged in on the planet earth; this vibrational raising experiment, the experiment to see whether we could take the human race and the planet to a higher vibrational state. We HAVE to have the newbies, in order to increase the “spiritual critical mass” enough to energize the background vibration of earth, to get the energy high enough to pass the activation threshold and access the planetary grids. I understand that this wasn’t going to happen, couldn’t happen, with a smaller population. We needed more incarnated spirits to break through the barrier of dense materialism that descended on the planet. Well, we are doing it!

So now I understand that the person who is being a jerk is maybe just frustrated. Maybe he or she is just clueless, and not necessarily evil. Oh, I understand that regardless of intent, the consequences of the actions of a psychopath or an irresponsible person CAN BE EVIL. And naturally, we just assign evil intent to an evil act. But perhaps these people are just truly clueless. Perhaps they are learning the system here on earth, and don’t understand the consequences of their actions. Perhaps they are just doing the best they can, even though they make life miserable for the rest of us.

Well, we know the answer to that, of course: the LOA. By keeping your own vibration as pure as possible, you automatically weed out the clueless newbies and associate with older souls like yourself who do get it. And that explains, for me, the “rat race” of earth – the greedy people who are driven to make as much money as they can even though they step over others on the way; the loudmouth selfish jerks who have to have their own way regardless of others; the whiners and the complainers and the irresponsible people – these are all young souls who are learning.

I have met a lot of people whose only goal in life is success and who justify their actions with “goal setting” systems and other philosophies that say it’s totally OK to smash others to get what you want. Of course! These are young souls just doing their thing, learning the ropes, and associating with others of like kind. Theses newbies think that you’re an idiot because you are lazy, or aren’t as madly driven as they are! I understand this now on a more profound level.

I’ve been looking at people now through this increased understanding and am beginning to be able to differentiate the old souls from the young souls. It’s got nothing to do with age, but with an energetic footprint. It’s easier now for me to determine the motivation of people.

I hope I’ve been able to explain this to you guys in a coherent fashion. Try looking at people from this broader perspective, and see what happens to your understanding.




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