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Earth Changes

From the Interview With Spirit Show, 5-19-2010

So many things are happening now on the planet earth, the energy is moving so fast, that it is breathtaking for us to observe! And what must you be feeling, as human beings, participating in the accelerated evolution of your species?

Today we wish to speak about earth changes. When most of you hear these words, you think of forces beyond your comprehension acting in response to your changing consciousness. Somehow, you think, earthquakes, weather changes, volcanoes erupting, planes crashing, and oil wells blowing must be a manifestation of some higher force rearranging things on earth.

Well, we are here to tell you that you are doing it all! Literally.

The financial mess, as we spoke about before, came about as the manifestation of an overwhelming request from human beings for greater prosperity. But of course your thought forms are not yet aligned and coherent, and so you got a lot of excess money floating around in the system. The earthquakes you observe and the weather changes, dear ones, are all created by human beings. Some of these events are the result of hidden technology that is being used in an intelligence war between hidden factions that are now being exposed. You see, dear ones, there is a group on your planet that is moving through  an evolution of their own.

These are people you call "materialists," people who have no concept of spirituality, or recognition of their divinity. The planet earth was a perfect place for these individuals to test themselves. An adolescent species (humanity) was, for them, a perfect playground to see whether they could pierce the veil of their own beliefs and find themselves. We want to say here that most of what happens on planet earth is invisible to human beings, because many of these decisions are made in the non-physical. That's all we will say about this right now, but all of you will agree that there are Spirit-ual families as well as physical families. Spiritual families make their connection both in the non-physical, and again when incarnated. All right, back to our story!

These people, from certain spiritual families, were gifted with superior intelligence; or rather, intelligence at the galactic norm; but on an out-of-the-loop planet like earth, where civilizations have commonly risen and fallen, only to begin back at he beginning, their intelligence was definitely extraordinary. The history of humanity for the past 1,000 years is essentially the history of certain families who understood human psychology and who had access to some knowledge commonly known in the rest of the galaxy, but unknown on earth. One of these knowledge templates was an instinctive understanding of the human psyche; and, combined with superior intelligence and knowledge, enabled these groups to rapidly organize human society. That has been their purpose, and it has been a very, very important purpose!

Because these families  are working toward their own spiritual evolution, however, and because human consciousness is immature and needing direction, and because humanity has buried within its species consciousness old memes that have survived from previous fallen civilizations (which essentially are all about inevitable destruction) there has been a great temptation to control humanity from above.

The human race has asked for this, and it was supplied! But now, with the human population at such an astonishing figure, the energy of evolution is moving so fast that the controlling families, as well as the rest of humanity, are now becoming united. The families are realizing that the population is evolving, and the masses are realizing that manipulation of events is occurring "behind the scenes."

This was all inevitable from our point of view, as the increasing background vibration breaks down the dense polarity separating the controlled from the controllers.  From our point of view, of course, there are no controllers and no controlled; all manifestation is a matching of intent. As humanity awakens further, you are going to discover that earth changes are being caused by human actors on the stage, not unseen forces. This recognition is all a part of growing up, dear ones, just as the 5 year old child is told that there is really no Santa Claus. Of course there is a benign force for good, built right into the fabric of the universe; but in order for it to manifest, you must ask for it with clear strong intent. Humanity is in the process now of deciding where its future will lie, as we have talked about before.

Does it surprise you to think that weather changes and earthquakes and erupting volcanoes are not natural phenomena?

Well, dear ones, Earth changes are a direct reflection of the changing consciousness of humanity. None of you, even those who are on the leading edge of the new information, have any idea how complex the history of planet earth is. You are a galactic anomaly; a huge meeting place for a confluence of not only galactic, but universal forces. All planets and stellar systems evolve, dear ones, and all civilizations do as well. But here on earth that evolution has come in fits and starts, and the physical bodies and the consciousness of the current human civilization is an amazing hodge-podge of  inputs from many, many galactic races. The species count on your planet is still far greater than on any other planet we know of. Humanity has incredible potential; the question is, will you reach that potential? The future looks bleak to some of you who are following events closely; but  remember the old saying that darkness is always greatest just before the dawn.

The planet earth is like an old, run-down liquor joint at the end of a seedy alley, in the "avoided" part of town. Avoided, that is, except by others who share that persuasion. When you go to "the other side of the tracks," what do you see? A lot of people who have lost themselves, and a smaller number who are looking for excitement! That pretty much describes the population of the planet earth.

We will tell you that your affairs have been "helped" along by certain rather roguish "visitors" not from your planet. These visitors, many of them, look a lot like you, and some of them, who would stand out, use surrogates. The human perception of what you call extraterrestrials is very skewed, dear ones.

Those who come precisely match the vibration in your species consciousness, which is one of victimhood. We take from Ken's mind an episode of "Wayne's World," where the famous rock band Aerosmith appears, and Garth bows low, saying he in "unworthy."  Of course this is all very funny, for you are all magnificent beings; you just have belief systems that do not match your magnificence. And so you continue to be manipulated by those who are all too happy to give you what you want! For many of you, these words will seem strange. But a time is coming, dear ones, when information will burst forth from behind the scenes and shock many of you. This information will be about the families who have designed the present political, economic, and financial systems that you now labor under (remember Garth and his unworthiness!) Then will come the Big Test:  This is the test that the rest of the galaxy will be watching carefully. It will tell you, and the observers of your planet, whether you are truly ready for a new paradigm of thought!

Yes, dear ones, it is easy to say you want change to a system that no longer includes war and economic enslavement, but what will you do when the actions of certain powerful people, and their "handlers" behind the scenes, are exposed? Dear ones, some of these actions are truly sickening.

Then will come the time when the whole of humanity will have to make a decision: "What do we do with these people?" The clamor will be to kill them or torture them, "give them back just what they gave us."

Of course this will be perfectly justified, dear ones. But what will happen if you give into your very justified feelings for revenge?
Just what your handlers  are hoping: a return to the old paradigm!

For the old paradigm is based on "en eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." Killing the controllers will set these emotions and these memes firmly within the evolving human consciousness. And manifestation will follow. In this "revenge" scenario, dear ones, the controllers will be destroyed, honest folk will come forward, and civilization will appear to be back in a new golden age. But of course, you will be back in the old cycle of rise and fall, for the families of those who have been taken out and their supporters, will themselves plot revenge. And since some of these people are gifted with superior intelligence, it will not be very many decades before the old system is back, firmly in place.

We tell you that those galactic observers who watch you (and sometimes intercede on your behalf) do not wish to impose a solution. Humanity must find its own way out.
So what is the solution (when the time comes)  to the problem of what Ken calls the "controllers?" This event is forthcoming, dear ones, and it is what one of your authors called a "tipping point." This will be a tipping point that will determine the fate of humanity for the next thousand years, at least.

It is to simply deal with them without violence. Many of these people are of course sadistic and utterly devoid of spirituality, and the argument will be made that when you have a rabid dog you take them out of their misery – a sort of mercy killing.

We tell you dear ones, that your intent behind your actions at this time will be more important than the actions themselves.  Are mercy killings performed with the idea of compassion and the recognition of the spiritual and divine nature of those who will be taken out? Or will these actions be taken with revenge as the primary motivation?

You see, actions, again, are merely reflections of intent. Intent is the vibration that is burned into the species consciousness, and which sets up the resonant vibration to which all actions proceed  forth.

We have been talking about the dénouement for some time now, and this week we wanted to give you a "sneak preview" of  what is to come.
The dénouement, the decision about what to do with the actors who have performed horrible deeds against life and the planet, is something in which you will ALL participate. You may not have a physical vote, as at an election, but your intent will be registered individually, and placed into the vibrational tally count within the species consciousness. The sum total of this count will determine, as we said before, the resonant vibration into which society will move.

We tell you that there are plenty of ways to deal with the "controllers" much more effectively than merely killing them. That is an inelegant, and barbaric solution that will simply sink the relevant players deeper into their karma. We will not suggest ways for you to handle this situation, when it comes, for that is not allowed at this time. The idea is that humanity has created a problem for itself, and humanity MUST solve the problem itself.

Only when you wake up, as a species, and understand that your "controllers" are not evil people who have, unjustly, picked on you, and that you are not completely innocent and have nothing to do with the situation on your planet. All adolescents go through  the phase of hating mom and dad, before they grow up and realize their emotional immaturity. This is where humanity is right now, on the verge of adulthood. Or shall we say, humanity has offered itself an opportunity to decide whether to stay adolescent, or choose maturity. Can you rise to a solution that will show your maturity? This is what is in your future, and it is an exciting future!

 Right now earth is being quarantined from galactic civilization. If you make the right choices, you will join in the galactic network and the face of your planet will, literally, change overnight as  healing medicine, clean energy, and other wonders which you have no idea of right now will become available to you.
Dear Ones, we have opened up the vibrational box a little this week. We feel that you are ready to confront what is upcoming in the near future.     Remember that YOU are writing the script of your evolution, not ET Masters, evil interdimensional creatures, or faceless domineering forces.

A vibrational portal is approaching for humanity. Will you step through into a bright new future, or choose the old ways? That decision will be made by every individual on planet earth. We will be watching eagerly and excitedly as you make your decisions. This is what you signed up for when you came to earth, dear ones. Trust in Spirit and in yourselves to make the decisions that will empower humanity, and yourselves.





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