June 2014

Vol 9, #6

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Rising Awareness and the Duality: the Good and the Bad

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
5/ 14/ 2014

We’re not going to spend much tine on current events this week, but I do want to mention the latest from a very courageous whistleblower, Edward Snowden. You can find the latest info on theguardian.com, in the latest set of articles by Glenn Greenwald, based on his new book, “No Place to Hide.”

It’s really not productive to talk about negative stuff all the time, but it is equally unproductive to ignore the physical reality around you. If you go to the guardian.com under world events and look for this article, “Glenn Greenwald: the explosive day we revealed Edward Snowden's identity to the world,” you’ll find the famous June 6, 2013 interview Glenn did with Snowden, that blew the lid off the National Security state.  You’ll also find two other links to articles about how the surveillance state backdoors routers to feed info back to the NSA.

This info is important because it reveals something we’ve been talking about on the show for several years: the existence of private network that exists above the public governments. The public governments get the blame for the activities of a few psychopaths, when 98% of public government employees are honest people trying to do a good job. This gives the idea that democracy doesn’t work because there is so much corruption.

Sure, there is corruption in politics, but I’m not talking about the everyday sort of shenanigans like rigging contract bids and lobbying. The democratic process is  strong enough to cope with this. What I’m talking about is a cancerous element that has placed itself like a leech on the body politic, whose activities blacken the idea that politicians can’t be trusted and that the people are too incompetent to organize themselves. This private network survives on intimidation, assassination, and bribery. It can only continue to survive if its secrets are kept hidden.

That is why individuals like Snowden are so important – this is a guy who actually worked in the bowels of the NSA and who knows a lot more than he’s telling – and he’s bravely exposing some of those secrets to help us, the public, wake up and regain control of our public institutions.

The point is that increasing awareness not only brings you closer to the light, but it also broadens your informational reach, and exposes you to the activities of the dark side. This is simply what happens when you increase your awareness – you become more aware of EVERYTHING, light and dark – but you also become stronger and more able to handle whatever information is revealed. You’re never exposed to more than you can handle – that’s simply a consequence of the LOA and the LOV. Only that which is a vibrational match to your level of awareness comes to you. So Edward Snowden is doing us all a favor by exposing this info to the world. Here is what Glenn Greenwald said after he first met with Snowden in Hong Kong and released the interview that exposed the NSA for what it really is:

“When I finally got to the studio for the interviews for Morning Joe and the Today show, I noticed immediately that the tenor of the questioning had changed significantly. Rather than dealing with me as a reporter, the hosts preferred to attack a new target: Snowden himself, now a shadowy figure in Hong Kong. Many US journalists resumed their accustomed role as servants to the government. The story was no longer that reporters had exposed serious NSA abuses but that an American working for the government had "betrayed" his obligations, committed crimes, and then "fled to China".

“My interviews with both hosts, Mika Brzezinski and Savannah Guthrie, were acrimonious and acerbic. Sleep-deprived for more than a full week now, I had no patience for the criticisms of Snowden embedded in their questions: journalists, I felt, should be celebrating, not demonizing, someone who had brought more transparency to the national security state than anyone in years.” – Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian, May 11, 2014

OK, in this statement is a typical criticism of the US government. But again, you have to separate the government from the activities of the private network, which operates outfits like the NSA and the other alphabet agencies in the so-called intelligence community. Through groups like the NSC (National Security Council) here in the US,  public, elected officials like the president are monitored by the national security state.

The organizational chart would show, as usual, the three branches of the public government and their various agencies. But above that, and to the side, you’d put the NSA and other alphabet agencies in the intelligence community with their “black” programs that siphon off hundreds of billions of public money into these Alice in Wonderland programs hidden from the public government. And who engage in “above top secret” activities that must be kept hidden.

So let’s not blame public figures too much, because they are influenced by a planetary cancer that uses threats and intimidation to accomplish their agenda. This cancer is simply the other side of the duality, and it’s activities are becoming exposed as the light of rising awareness of the entire human race shines upon it. But we need light-bringers like Snowden, who are willing to risk their lives to inform us.

The great thing about Snowden is that he represents the thin edge of the wedge – the Light Source that is penetrating the cloud of blackness on this planet.   Far from being a traitor, he is a hero to all freedom-loving people, to all people who want peace and cooperation on our planet so that the human race can begin to reach its full potential. It’s absolutely vital that the planetary population be informed. That’s all part of reaching the 4th-level consciousness we’ve been talking about on the show for years. But the point is, that in order to get there we will have to work through the polarity – we will of necessity be exposed to activities of the other side. Instead of panicking and becoming frightened because our awareness is increasing, we simply have to understand that the release of this information is a positive development – an indicator that the Light is penetrating the darkness. Otherwise, the secrecy would continue and the national security state would become ascendant, and the human race would turn into Borg.

Things are not always what they seem to be – those of us who are in a higher state of awareness can see what this means now. We see that that the presence of negative information doesn’t mean that the situation is becoming more negative – it means the situation is becoming more positive. What the national security state (NSS) needs is silence. The NSS needs to protect their secrets. So silence, which might appear to be a sign of peace, is actually a sign that the cancer is growing, uninhibited.  The presence of chaos in the world is a sign (at least for now, in these times) that the NSS is becoming exposed to the light of day. This causes excitement, fear, anger, and all of the emotions sane people experience when they come up against the activities of psychopaths and psychotics. The key is for listeners to the show to keep their heads when everyone else is unbalanced.

The Light is stable and powerful. The Light is quiet.

If you watch that Snowden interview, and I encourage you to do so, you can see how calm and powerful he is. He calmly admits that he might not have much time to live, but  he knows that he’s done the right thing. He knows he is a messenger of light. He’s quiet and powerful when everyone around him is spinning in chaos.

The point is that you can tell if you are really growing in awareness by how calm you feel. This doesn’t mean that you NEVER get angry or upset, but you do notice a greater feeling of inner power and confidence, you feel a little calmer in the face of events in the world and in your life. Interesting that quietness and calmness is the manifestation of power. You might think that the boastful and aggressive personality is really more powerful, but not so. All that loud activity is a cover for some hidden, inner insecurity. The NSS uses violent methods such as assassination to keep themselves in power – it’s a reaction to a deep, inner feeling that their time is up.

Let’s talk about the concept of “light penetrating the darkness.” It has implications for the entire human experience. Before Dec 21, 2012, the energy on the planet was still shifted slightly in favor of the dark. Before 1987 (Harmonic Convergence) it was shifted even more toward the dark. So that in any situation  there was about a 50-50 chance of things going sour, with the tendency toward the negative. You had to work really hard to go positive in your life for any length of time, and for organizations it was even more difficult. But visionary leaders like Steve Jobs and (I hate to say it) Bill Gates were able to recognize an energy shift and get on the bandwagon. Why didn’t the rest of us see this? Well, Billy and Steve did and they made the most of it.

The point is that when the background energy shifts, the trend or tendency of thought, intent, and action also shifts. If you are aware enough, you can FEEL it. The energy shift toward electronics and computers was, apparently, perceptible by a few outliers.

The idea is that we have just undergone a general energy shift, not just one in a particular area like electronics. The actual balance of energy on the entire planet has made a shift toward the support of higher awareness, and more positive, light-oriented approaches. This means that what worked for literally thousands of years may not be quite as effective now, and what was regarded in the past as “pipe dreams” or “metaphysical thinking” has more support. The message this week is that in order to make serious progress in our Ascension to higher dimensions, we basically have to forget about what worked for centuries, and what was impossible before so we never thought about it seriously.

Things like changing the weather for the better, for example. We think of the earth merely as a set of physical, deterministic ecosystems that support life, that the earth has natural cycles, and that there is nothing we can do about them. This attitude stems from the idea that there is no connection whatsoever between human beings and the earth, that the earth is a physical system with its own laws and rules, and all we can do is study them and try to make predictions about “what will happen” to us.  This is a very passive and low-level assumption that is not congruent with the energy shift. This idea stems from the old belief systems of materialism, from the idea that consciousness is meat, that the earth is a rock that somehow, randomly, evolved incredibly sophisticated life-support ecosystems that “just happen” to support life.

The message this week is that we have to get over those old ideas, and begin to go with the new flow. The new “flow” is toward greater understanding of spirit, higher awareness, and the discovery of new physical laws that will help us to create a new society here on earth. This idea is no longer impractical ladies and germs. It’s doable. It’s logical and practical. It just requires us to gain an understanding of who we are and our relationship to the planet. Let’s talk about that.

A human being is a native state personality associated with a physical body. The planet earth is a native state personality (or perhaps a collection of native state personalities) associated with the physical vehicle called earth. An animal is consciousness associated with a physical body. So is an insect, a plant, and any life form. Anything physical has, as its motivating force, consciousness. It doesn’t matter whether  that  consciousness has a “divine spark” or not, as Lee Carroll says. That’s utterly irrelevant. Consciousness is non-physical and is part of an awareness that is beyond space and time. It’s all the same. And yet this very sameness makes it possible for any conscious entity to be different! That’s the beauty of the system: it allows us to change course in the middle of the route; to do things we’ve never considered, on a planetary level, to do before.

The earth is alive; it’s conscious. We are alive and we are conscious. The common denominator is consciousness. Human beings and the earth are inseparably linked via a medium  that is simply not recognized broadly yet: the medium or vehicle of subtle energy. Or, if you like, the energy of thought.  We don’t yet, broadly, understand how thought energy connects, in a very real way, the earth and humanity.

I tried to show this graphically with my movie, The Unity of Spirit and Matter. It shows the relationship between something non-physical (a native state personality) and thought (something physical, a packet or quantum of subtle energy that comes forth  from the Creative Principle). My other movie, The Evolution of Consciousness, shows how thought works through the medium of subtle energy to influence physical events on earth via the LOA and the LOV
Look, the only way we made it past the 2012 marker was because we twigged, if ever so slightly, on this idea and used it to choose, as a collective, a different path past the extinction events. Now it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee, and understand that we are in communication with the earth, every one of us, through an incredibly sophisticated, very real, system that is beyond the Body Reality.

So what if it’s beyond the 5 human senses? That’s the idea! The test is that the inhabitants of a planet come in dumbed down. They’re just bodies, they don’t believe in anything but materialism, which is the lowest, dumbest belief system you can have, in any universe. It’s inelegant, it’s tawdry and commonplace, because it’s based only on the “evidence of the 5 human senses.” Well, duh! You have to wake up a little to discover that the universe is a place that supports life, and that the planet you’re on is set up for life, and it’s set up to support you. It comes built-in with templates (shall we say vibrational databases?) based in subtle energy that show you how to get past the “earth for idiots” stage. There’s a new science in there, a new medicine, new ways of communicating with your body and other humans and other life, which includes the planet earth and the sun and the moon.

In short, everything in this beautiful system is connected via subtle energy, thought energy, and each human being interfaces with that subtle energy via his or her own thought and intent. The earth is surrounded by and penetrated by, a holographic field of subtle energy filled with  databases for establishing a higher civilization, but first you have to graduate out of the “dumbass” stage. You know, you have to get out of kindergarten and into the first grade. Because recognition of these templates is only the very beginning.

Is it surprising that a planet would be built to support life? How do you think that happens? By accident? That’s what science thinks. Science thinks that life was just a happy “accident,” that the universe itself was one of probably trillions that “just happened” to evolve in this particular configuration; a vastly lucky configuration somewhat as likely as a group of ten monkeys typing out “War and Peace.”

That’s what our orthodox science actually thinks.

Well guess what, ladies and germs, that aint how it is.  And you don’t know that until you get just smart enough to understand that the body isn’t all there is, and that consciousness is running the show. And that you are an aspect of that magnificent consciousness. Getting this idea on a broad scale is the hard part, but it’s the definition of 4th level consciousness, and it’s the minimum requirement for  establishing a planetary civilization.

The good news is, folks, that we don’t have a human civilization yet. The minimum requirement for a planetary civilization is the recognition of the true definition of consciousness, and the decision to work together. No, we don’t have to walk around with shit-eating grins on our faces and love everybody. But we do have to decide to work with each other, hell, even compete frenziedly with  each other.

But to do it with the good of humanity and the planet in mind.

The situation reminds me of a sports analogy.
I’m a hockey fan, and there are two long-standing teams that have never won the Stanley Cup (the championship) – Vancouver and St. Louis. The Vancouver fans always talk about the “great” Canuck teams of the past.  But that’s silly because the very minimum requirement for a team to be “great” is to win the championship. You have to at least be the best team in the league in a single year to be considered great. Well, it’s the same thing with the human race. We have had “great” civilizations in the past, but they never won the championship. They always imploded after some period of time; died out, left everyone in it  dead or abandoned. That’s not great – that’s almost getting there.

Well, we’re at the point where we have the potential now to be truly great – IF we recognize that we exist in a subtle communication medium that allows us to harness the power of our own consciousness. It’s like Dr. Sheldrake says in his concept of morphic fields – it’s very, very hard for an individual to begin a new concept and put it into the physical universe. Very hard. But it gets easier as more and more people do it. This concept has been pilloried by dead-head materialists—but it’s so obvious if you have a spiritual IQ over 75. It’s simply a restatement of the LOV and the LOA, a great description of which you can find in my book, “The Vibrational Universe.”

Once someone strikes a new vibrational path (creates a distinct, new set of vibrations) and other pick up on it, those harmonics become strengthened, and it becomes easier for others to see it. A bulb that isn’t turned on sheds no light, but even a dim bulb is visible to SOME people! And once something becomes agreed on by7 billion people, it becomes a “law.”

So OK, we exist in a very sophisticated and helpful system surrounded by well-being and a set of vibrational databases that can be accessed to provide us with information that can help us to transform human civilization and the planet. The only glitch is that the system is invisible to materialism, and can only be contacted by beings who aren’t spiritually backward. And that makes sense, because you wouldn’t give sophisticated technology to a bunch of stupid barbarians who don’t even have the awareness of, as my father would say, “a brass jackass.” (In reference to the Biblical story of the worship of the Sacred Bull throughout the ancient world,  most familiar to the Western world in the Biblical episode of the idol of the Golden Calf. The Golden Calf after being made by the Hebrew people in the wilderness of Sinai, were rejected and destroyed by Moses and the Hebrew people after Moses' time upon Mount Sinai (Book of Exodus).)

Anyway, the point is that even though, between 1645 and 1715, solar activity went south and created a mini ice age in Europe and North America, that sequence of events occurred before the energy shift. Even though the human race has fought war after war with each other, that all happened before the energy shift. We’re just continuing that vibrational sequence like a wind-up toy, which was vibrationally wound up before the shift but which still has some momentum left. In fact, everything that has happened on this planet for the past 5,000 years occurred before the energy shift! So why do we look to the past and say, “oh well, that can never happen, there’s 5,000 years of precedent to support it.”

So what?

Tradition is great when it connects you to people and to God. But it’s stupid when it pulls you back into an old paradigm that is rapidly vanishing.

This is something I really just recognized when writing out this message. As usual, I had no idea where it was going. It feels funny to me (still) to just keep going and not have any idea what I’m going to be writing. But the message this week is very important, and I’ll say it again for emphasis: everything that has happened on this planet for the past 5,000 years occurred before the energy shift!  What we don’t see yet (but what will become obvious in the next two or three generations) is that we have shifted into a new (and higher) vibrational pattern. Now, we just have to be bright enough to recognize this and go with it.

It’s pretty cool, ladies and germs, because it’s the definition of “a new beginning.” The shift is so new it isn’t recognized yet. In fact, it’s causing some trouble even in the spiritual community, because some ways of healing and divining that worked great before the shift don’t work quite as well now.

Life, on all levels, requires an adjustment. It requires us to think out of the box, to understand what consciousness is, and that we are all divine aspects of it. Look, this sounds esoteric but it’s just plain, boring, kindergarten stuff! Every civilization “out there” that has made it, knows that the very lowest understanding common to all advanced civilizations is the correct definition of consciousness. Really, it aint that hard folks. And we’re going to have to get with it if we want to establish a true civilization on earth. Right now, in 2014, is the denouement of several billion years of planetary evolution. Life comes on the scene at 23:59:59 of the clock, after a long buildup whereby the planet’s vibrational databases have gradually evolved the physical structure and the ecosystems to support life, and have prepared those databases  for access from the dominant species. Well, we’re the dominant  species and it’s about time we began to take advantage of all of this well being!

So that’s the very important message the Guys wanted me to bring in today: the message that what happened in the past literally happened in an old timeline and in an old paradigm of thought in an old vibrational resonance. It’s now time to let the old make way for the new – and the new represents the oldest idea on the planet – that human beings are divine, immortal aspects of a magnificent, non-physical consciousness that wants us to advance along the path to a more creative and happier and more abundant existence.




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  3. Interview with Edward Snowden – Exposing the Worldwide National Security State
    (The NSA’s goal – “turnkey tyranny”). This is the famous June 6, 2013 interview that blew the lid off the national security state.



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