July 2014

Vol 9, #7

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The Great Leap Forward

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
6/ 25/ 2014

We are preparing, most of us unaware, for a Great Leap Forward. Back in the 1950s, this was Mao's name for China's great push into industrialization. But we are headed now into a spiritual GLF.

We''re going to talk about the evolution of consciousness on planet earth and the history of the UFO movement. These two subjects are interrelated because the rising awareness of mankind is placing us inevitably into the realization that we are not alone in the universe.

And if we are not alone in the universe, then the question becomes, are (and have) outside forces been interacting with humanity, and what are these interactions? How does the presence (or potential presence) of ETs affect the future? This subject – the UFO and ET subjects – have always been regarded in the mainstream as kooky and nutty, and completely peripheral to our day-to-day lives. But what if, in the background, the presence of outside influences (ETs) has influenced and is influencing our human societies?

These questions may seem irrelevant to 99% of the people on this planet right now, but I'm telling you that 50 years from now, we'll be dating civilization from pre-Disclosure to post-Disclosure, just as we now date it from before and after Christ. The world's religions will eventually take a back seat to a new reality brought about by the new consciousness.

This process is already beginning, and you can see it in politics here in the US. There are reactionaries on both sides of the aisle, but especially in the Republican Party, especially those who are fundamentalists. The energy is shifting on them and some of these people cannot understand why the ground is being cut from underneath them. The same is happening within the world's intelligence communities – their once-comfortable control is beginning to slip. In other words, the rising consciousness of humanity is taking us inevitably into areas that were formerly regarded as peripheral, but which now must be faced if we are to maintain sovereignty over our planet and our future evolution as a species.

The human race is facing the question: what is beyond the borders of our planet? Who or what intelligences are in our galactic neighborhood, and what is our position in relation to them? And, finally, these questions lead us to ask, is there anything beyond the physical plane that we need to know about? In other words, is there a mental plane or virtual universe that exists outside the boundaries of our science that we should know about?

Metaphysicians have been asking these types of questions for thousands of years, but in the past metaphysics was considered a luxury for idle minds, or a subject that had no relation to reality. Well, ladies and germs, reality is changing.

However, the energy shift has placed us on a path that will lead to a reality that DOES consider these metaphysical questions, a reality beyond our current science that has these concepts as part and parcel of daily life. So it behooves us to wake up and smell the coffee, and become aware of them. We already have talked about, on the show, the importance of the yin-yang symbol.

yin-yang symbol

I want to refer you to the symbol drawn by connor-the-writer at deviantart.com. It's the second image in the set, the one with the two circles, one on top of each other, inside the big circle. Geometrically, the yin-yang is nothing more than two circles inside a larger circle, and each of the circles touch at one and only one point – a singularity. This singularity point is in the middle between the two circles, and is the bridge between them.

The first circle (top circle) represents the mental plane, the virtual universe, the universe of consciousness and thought. This universe contains information, it contains the programming for the physical, and it also contains what might be called "subtle energy," or energy that is beyond the 5 human senses and the EM spectrum. This universe is completely invisible to us at our current level of development, but it nevertheless is very real indeed, as we are going to discover.

This universe of thought and subtle energy is, in my opinion, completely understood and is open and transparent to the other civilizations in our galactic neighborhood. Any space-faring race must have advanced far enough to understand the mental plane, and be able to read it. The second circle in the yin-yang symbol, below the first, is the physical universe, or the Body Reality, the reality of earth science. It the universe of day-to-day life. But this physical universe is interconnected with and is influenced by the virtual one, just as the programming in a computer operating system affects the physical components of the computer and makes it work.

The yin-yang symbol has been said to represent the duality, and the interconnected between the two sides of the duality: male and female, hot and cold, light and dark, etc. But it is much more than that. It is a representation of the real secret of the universe: the relationship between the physical and the virtual, with the singularity point in the middle – the bridge between the two universes -- representing consciousness.

The yin-yang symbol is telling us that only something non-physical – the singularity – can understand both realms of existence, can understand both facets of existence. That singularity in the middle of the yin-yang symbol represents the Creative Principle, the One consciousness. We're getting ready for this concept now, in a big way. We're getting ready just in time for the shift from 3rd level to 4th level consciousness – a planetary consciousness, which is underway right now.

These ideas, which seem revolutionary -– or just plain stupid, depending on your POV -- are understood in places outside of earth. For these civilizations, it's like saying, "day is brighter than night." It's just like in the movie "Beverley Hills Cop" where Eddie Murphy tells the stick in the mud deadhead police chief that "intuition is something that is used to solve crimes outside of Beverley Hills," and of course the old guy doesn't get it because it isn't listed in his linear police procedure manual.

OK, so we've established the idea that there exists a mental plane or virtual universe that is accessible to consciousness, even if it's a pretty esoteric concept to most of us right now.

The other thing we have to understand – speaking of our position as a planet vis-a-vis other civilizations in our neighborhood – that we are the indigenous peoples of the galaxy. As above, so below, people. What played out on earth has probably played out in our galactic neighborhood as well. Here we assume that the planet earth isn't an anomaly, but properly belongs in this sector of the galaxy and has probably developed along similar lines to other civilizations in our neighborhood.

The only thing we have to keep in mind is that – in my opinion – planetary evolution has developed along two lines, which mirror the choices we have when choosing what our 4th level consciousness will look like. When a planet passes the adolescent stage in its evolution and is on the brink of adulthood, it has two ways it can go: the "spiritual" route or the Borg route.

The former assumes that the human race embraces its higher potential and allows the One consciousness from the virtual to penetrate into the physical. In this evolutionary path, the planet joins a collection of spiritually advanced races. If the planet chooses the deprecated path, it becomes a pathetic, degraded society which is ruled from above and whose members lack freedom and creativity.

We are, right this second, on the cusp of choosing the direction of our planet for the next 10,000 years by the decisions we make. This is how it works, people: the choice is never obvious to leave the old path because you are on the old path, the environment reflects the old path, but you have to make the evolutionary choice BEFORE you can evolve on the new path. Capisci?

So let's take a look at earth history, assuming that what played out on earth plays out in our galactic neighborhood, and recognizing that we, earthians, are an indigenous people to the rest of the space-faring galaxy.

In earth history, the Industrial Revolution in Europe created new technology which allowed the white man to colonize the entire planet. During the Age of Exploration, the 15th and 16th centuries, naval explorers roughly mapped the entire globe. During the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, the British Empire expanded. Europe colonized or dominated almost the entire planet – North America, South America, the subcontinent (India), Africa, and parts of Asia. And they did it not by superior numbers but with superior technology.

Clearly, space-faring races, if they exist, must have superior technology to ours. Therefore we are no different than the indigenous peoples of our own planet, with one important exception: we have the ability to claim and declare our planet as sovereign, and thus avoid unwanted interference from the rest of the galaxy.

From what I've learned, that how it works in this area of the galaxy – there is no overt warfare, but persuasion and propaganda is allowed. We have to assume that, like earth explorers, galactic explorers will have found this planet long ago and will have been interacting with it, and with certain, at least, of its inhabitants.

Let's take a very brief look at the history of the ET timeline, just from WWII onwards. Now, 95% of the info you see on the net about ETs and UFOs is either misinformation or disinformation. It's the most taboo subject on the planet because uncovering it also uncovers exotic technology hidden within the black programs, technology which could lead to the development of new, clean energy sources and lead also to independence from fossil fuels.

The fossil fuel empire is worth at least a trillion dollars in real money, and actually is worth a lot more than that. Therefore, great lengths have been gone to to prevent the public from finding out the truth about this subject – not because there is anything strange about the idea of ETs and UFOs – everybody knows about them now – but because there's a lot of MONEY involved from some very powerful people.

But here's what I've been able to glean as truth from the morass of bullshit that is known as the ET and UFO field.

During WWII, the Germans were doing work building a flying machine with anti-grav capabilities. Commonly called Die Glocke, or the Bell, this device was supposedly based on a crashed UFO that landed in Germany in 1937. Here in the US, according to Bradley Parrett, "The U.S. military may have conducted serious research into anti-gravity based on Nazi studies, a top defense journalist suggests in his book `The Hunt for Zero Point.' Journalist Nick Cook says, based on a decade's research, he believes by the 1950s the U.S. was seriously working on anti-gravity 'electrogravitics' technology, which would lift and propel vehicles without wings or thrust."

According to Dr. Steven Greer and other whistleblowers in the black programs, we have developed and have had these anti-grav craft since the late 1950s or early 1960s – for half a century now.

In 1942, a remarkable event occurred over the skies of Los Angeles: a gigantic unidentified craft appeared, seen by hundreds of thousands of people. The pictures made the front page of one of the world's most famous newspapers, the Los Angeles Times. The army sent planes out to shoot it down. You can look it up on the web and make up your own mind whether to believe the official explanation of "illuminated weather balloons."

Then, in 1947, the famous Roswell incident occurred, where an ET craft crashed in the New Mexico desert with ET life forms in it. That began the US's attempts to research these spacecraft and their exotic technology.

In 1954, President Eisenhower supposedly had "First Contact" meetings with a spiritually advanced ET race and another meeting with a degraded race of beings. An excellent, well-sourced paper on this subject can be found at exopolitics.org, titled "Eisenhower's 1954 Meeting With Extraterrestrials: The Fiftieth Anniversary of First Contact?" Research Study #8, Revised February 12, 2004, first published January 28, 2004, at http://www.exopolitics.org, by Michael E. Salla, PhD. After that, all occurrences of "UFO" sightings have been dismissed as weather balloons, marsh gas, and the ravings of the lunatic fringe, right up to this day. Eisenhower then made his famous "beware the military-industrial complex" speech, knowing that research into UFOs was being classified top secret and was being hidden from the public.

However, the entertainment industry has been preparing the human race for Disclosure for several decades now.

Between 1965 and 1967, Gene Roddenbury's "Star Trek" series was broadcast on national network TV. This show told us that we are not alone in the galaxy, and that our primitive and adolescent belief systems limit our understanding of the universe.

In the 1970s (1979 I believe) an obscure, and now cult-classic movie by John Carpenter, titled "They Live" showed us that yes, there are intelligences out there, and that they are here manipulating the human race. This movie, starring former professional wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper, shows him discovering a pair of glasses that allows him to distinguish between "real" humans and aliens who are here trying to impose their meme structures on the human race.

In the 1980s (1983) this theme is also advanced in the movie called "V", about a degraded ET race of reptilian humanoids who are here supposedly to "harvest" the human race. Also in the 1980s, "Star Trek 2nd Generation" introduced us to the Borg, the ultimate example of 1) what happens when you pollute biology with technology, and 2) a degraded 4th level consciousness with a hive mentality, no freedom, no creativity, no art, and no spirituality.

In the 1990s we had "The X Files" -- a description of the coverup of the UFO-ET issue. We never got to see a real ET on that show, as I recall. But the idea was that there is something "out there" and that there is a network of people who are covering it up (rather successfully!)

In the 2000s we have had the National Press Club briefings organized by Dr. Steven Greer, which presented eyewitness testimony by credible witnesses about the ET and UFO issue. You can read some of this testimony in Dr. Greer's book, "Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications."

So we have been being prepared for the past 50 years for Disclosure. It is almost upon us, and then we will see (hopefully) what is truth and what are lies.

If we look at the political history of the planet during the 20th century, we can see that Communism and Naziism were (in my opinion) attempts to impose a degraded and hierarchical meme structure on a broad basis to the nations of earth, limiting freedom, creativity, and creating a drone society controlled by a few at the top – exactly like the Borg society portrayed in 2nd Generation.

From Lenin in 1917 to Stalin, Hitler, Mao and a horde of dictators in Asia, South America and Africa, the twentieth century was a century of tyranny and terror. But the great thing is, it didn't work! Hooray! The spirit and creativity of the human race didn't allow it.

Here is an excellent message about this from Marshal vian Summers from what he calls "The Allies of Humanity," supposedly an advanced spiritual race that wishes well for humanity.

"The Intervention (what Summers calls the ET influence on earth) is not here to attack humanity but to persuade humanity. The Intervention needs a compliant humanity to work for it and to engage with it to become part of its Collective.

"The assumption that humanity would be attacked and overtaken is entirely wrong. It is how you view gaining access to new lands and new resources. But even in your modern world, economic more than military forces are used to gain acquisition to resources, and this is what is happening to the world regarding its relations in space. You are encountering small, economic Collectives who are here to begin the process of acquisition that larger nations can assume later on, if the Intervention is successful in establishing its presence and its power in your world.

"To think that you would be attacked is wrong, and to think that because you have not been attacked that the forces that are here are beneficial is wrong. Both are based upon false assumptions. Therefore, the conclusions are incorrect. Humanity, living so long in isolation and being so warlike yourselves, is certainly likely to make such assumptions and to continue to believe in them and to uphold them. It is human ignorance that gives rise to such things, and human arrogance as well.

" For you may be preeminent in your own world, but you have no preeminence in the Greater Community, and you are not looked upon favorably by your nearest neighbors because of your warlike tendencies and the destructive use of your environment.

"Those neighbors who are not free will look upon the freedoms that you have cultivated thus far with great anxiety and with great concern, not wanting these influences to be exerted within their own worlds. You have no idea what your music and your dance could evoke in such worlds and why they are viewed as a threat to those controlling powers that dominate them."

--- From The Allies of Humanity, Book Three.

If you study Communism and Naziism you will see that these systems are terrified of creativity and freedom. These societies were rigid and required an army of observers and police that turned people into drones who were only supposed to obey orders and follow the "party line." I'm convinced that the 20th century was the century where these systems were to be imposed on humanity – whether you believe in ETs or Collectives, or not. (The Greater Community is what Summers calls the degraded races who have organized themselves into economic collectives that seek to benefit by persuading indigenous peoples and newly emerging races (like the earth) to allow access to our worlds in exchange for their technology.)

However, according to what I've read and my own guidance, technology is cheap in the galaxy – anybody can get it – including degraded races in the Collective as well as spiritually advanced races. The situation is that the benign races, the spiritually advanced races, will not interfere in our development unless we specifically agree to allow them to help us; but the degraded races have no such limitation. They feel free to exploit us IF we are stupid enough to fall for their propaganda.

It's interesting because if you examine the literature of so-called "futurists" -- it's a silly fascination with technology, and merging technology with biology to create a supposedly "superior human." This is a pack of nonsense and completely immature. It supposes that technology is the ultimate evolution, when it is actually cheap, mundane, and widely available everywhere in the galaxy to all space-faring races.

Far from being an evolutionary goal, technology is merely an adjunct that can be used to make life better and easier in the physical universe.

The real evolution is spiritual. The greatest asset that humanity has is our spirituality, our creativity, our compassion – all of these things are a result of the allowance of spirit – the One consciousness -- into the physical. The degraded races of Summers' Greater Community are pathetic evolutionary dead-ends that will never advance past the third density. They are examples of what happens when you choose a deprecated 4th level consciousness, a consciousness based on materialism and the lower reptilian emotions, an evolution that will result in the loss of sovereignty by the human race of this planet.

Of course people don't see this now – there is never a crowd on the leading edge, as the great Esther Hicks always said. But the truth is, ladies and germs, that we are in it now -- we are in the end times now – we are choosing what kind of society we will have for the next 10,000 years. That is why we have to wake up and smell the coffee. That's why, in this Age of Information and Disinformation, we must use our discernment.

We must understand what consciousness is and our divine nature. I don't know about you, but I don't want to live in a world of Borg. And listen, humans, there are forces on the planet working for exactly that. A story in the Guardian yesterday, "US police departments are increasingly militarised, finds report." The subheads are "• ACLU cites soaring use of war zone equipment and tactics, • Swat teams increasingly deployed in local police raids, and • Seven civilians killed and 46 injured in incidents since 2010." The story says (very briefly) "The American Civil Liberties Union has released the results of its new survey into the use of Swat teams by police forces across the country. It concludes that policing has become dangerously and unnecessarily militarized, literally so with equipment and strategies being imported directly from the US army. The findings set up a striking and troubling paradox. The Obama administration is completing its withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the US is on the verge of being free from war for the first time in more than a decade; yet at the same time the hardware and tactics of the war zone are quietly proliferating at home."

In the article is a pic of a policeman standing beside an urban assault vehicle, which looks like a tank. It is right out of that 1980s movie, "Robocop," and is perfectly congruent with shows like "Almost Human," which portrays a degraded, Borg-like world ruled by paramilitary and military forces, a world of criminals and gangs who prey on a citizenry whose freedoms and liberties are almost abolished.

This is the future that those on the other side of the duality want. This is the future that the vast majority of the human race is headed away from.

We can reach the promised land, ladies and germs. But in order to do so we must wake up and realize that we are being bombarded with misinformation. We have to understand that our compassion, our humanity, and our creativity – that which allows spirit to channel through the human body – is our greatest advantage. It is an unbreakable advantage that is indestructible – IF we embrace our higher potential and the power of our biology, and not fall for futuristic propaganda that tells us that technology is the ultimate evolutionary goal.

And so the message this week is simple and powerful one: Anything which seeks to destroy human creativity and freedom is evil, and anything that seeks to enhance it is our salvation.

Keep that in mind as you try to sort through what is truth and what are lies. The lies always lead to your disempowerment in favor of some new leader or fad or philosophy that results in you giving up your freedom. The truth leads to a golden age, the understanding of the mental/virtual plane and the correct definition of consciousness, and the embracing of your higher spiritual potential.

Let the Sheldon Cooper's of the world pooh-pooh your intuition and your spiritual advancement, and your "inner sight" that cannot be "proven" by the deadhead science of materialism. We will take deadheads like Cooper along with us as we create a new civilization based on creativity and greater freedom.




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