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January 2020
Vol 15, #1

The purpose of the Big Picture Newsletter is to celebrate the spiritual nature of human beings. We are dedicated to dissolving the myth of the randomness of life, and the materialistic nature of consciousness. We believe that every human being is an aspect of God, a powerful creator and orchestrator of his or her life experience.

In this Issue:

Meditations for the New Year
The Eagle that Grew Up with the Hen (by Khurshid Ali, edited by Ken)
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Meditations for the New Year

Another in a series of blog posts at my website


The Great Central Sun is a metaphor for the OM, the life-giving energy of the universe. I imagine the Great Central Sun as an orb with a smiley face, giving out the warmth of well being, its golden rays of light and love shining forth. I like to imagine the GCS inside my body, radiating warmth and well being, bathing the cells of the body. Here is a meditation for this. You can rearrange the words to suit you.

“Dear ones, the warmth, the light, and the love from the Great Central Sun penetrates our merkabas, our consciousness, and every cell of our physical bodies. It's benevolent rays exist within the fabric of space and time. The wisdom and warmth of the Great Central Sun is with us wherever we go in the physical universe."

Guided Meditation


First, pick your favorite place in nature. I have an acre of land, so I imagine myself walking into my backyard. If you live in an apartment building or downtown in the concrete jungle, pick a spot in your favorite park or nature area.

Second, get the idea that the Great Central Sun is shining within you, is a part of you.


You are walking in your favorite nature place. The sun is shining, the breeze is warm and soft on your face, the birds are chirping. As you walk you see a shimmering. It looks inviting and comforting, it beckons you. You feel that you’re about to experience something wonderful.

You enter the shimmering, still standing in your favorite nature place. You are standing on a small platform that reminds you of an elevator. The rays of the Great Central Sun are all around you. You feel a slight pressure on your feet and then you are standing in a cave at the center of the earth. This cave has a golden river of energy flowing through it. You are standing in it. This is the energy of Gaia, the source of human consciousness. You feel the nurturing energy of mother earth throughout your body. The rays of the Great Central Sun are still radiating through you as you anchor the supporting energy of the universe into our beloved planet.

Stand there as long as you like. You are aware now of Gaia’s magnetic field and how it supports your consciousness. You see the benevolent ecosystems of the earth and how Gaia supports and cocoons human life. You understand that Gaia is your friend and partner and that human consciousness interfaces with the consciousness of the earth. You understand how modern society has lost this connection, and how important it is to maintain it. As you realize this you feel a love wash from Gaia. You are now connected fully to the planet. You, Gaia, and all life everywhere are one harmonious whole.


You have the choice to take the elevator back to the surface. Or, you can leave a part of your consciousness in the Gaia cave and remain connected to the planet as you move through daily life. Imagine an umbilical cord of Gaia energy that comes out of your body and remains connected to the planet.

Combining this meditation with the first one, we connect ourselves to Gaia and the Great Central Sun. We go through life balanced, protected, and full of well being, anchoring and supporting Gaia and connecting our consciousness back to the planet.

Our religious and spiritual systems speak of love. That is wonderful. However, all of our modern religious/spiritual systems don’t take the planet into account, the friend and partner of humanity. Throughout the millennia only the indigenous have maintained this connection. It is time for “modern” society to do so as well. Gaia is the life giver.

A Note about the New Year

2020, if you add the numbers, is 4. 4 is the earth energy, the energy of Gaia. It is foundational energy. 2020 is a year to celebrate Gaia and our human connection to this beautiful planet.

A Word about Donald Trump

Let’s look at “Donald Trump” numerologically.

D-o-n-a-l-d is 4+6+5+1+3+4 = 23. 23 is not a master number so we add the 2 and the 3 to get 5. 5 is the number for CHANGE.

T-r-u-m-p is 2+9+3+4+7 = 25. 25 is not a master number so we add the 2 and the 5 to get 7. 7 is the number for INTROSPECTION, for looking inside. Clearly this is the exact opposite of Donald Trump’s personality, but this number represents the effect Trump is having. People are waking up, they are demanding answers, they are looking within and wondering WTF is going on.

Combine the 5 and the 7 and you get 12. 12 is not a master number so we add the 1 and the 2 to get 3. 3 represents the CATALYST. In chemistry a catalyst is an agent that is added to a solution that sparks an increased chemical reaction. Or, “One that precipitates a process or event, especially without being involved in or changed by the consequences.” Well, Donald Trump is certainly sparking things up and he doesn’t seem to be affected at all by what he’s doing. People either love him or hate him. He is causing an enormous reaction both here in the US, and all over the world.

Notice that Donald Trump is the 45th president. 4+5=9.

9 is the energy of COMPLETION, for the number system goes 0 through 9 and then starts over again. Donald Trump represents the completion of a cycle: an old cycle of old, dark energy that has dominated the planet for 5,000 years.

The 46th president, whoever it is, has the 1 energy, for 4+6 = 10. 10 is not a master number so we add the 1 and the 0 to get 1. 1 is the energy of NEW BEGINNINGS. That’s a refreshing thought, isn’t it?


Trump’s middle name is John. That’s 1+6+8+5 = 20 = 2+0 = 2.

2 in numerology represents the DUALITY. Isn’t that appropriate for this guy? He is the living incarnation of one side vs. the other side. If you combine the three numbers of his name you get 5+7+2 = 14. 14 is not a master number so we add 4 and 1 to get 5. CHANGE. Donald John Trump is the agent of change on the planet. He’s a catalyst for people and organizations to explode.

14/5 is also a karmic number. Fitting. Trump is working off his own karma while swinging the wrecking ball at the karma of many across the planet.


Things are not always as they seem. God works in mysterious ways. IMHO God has sent the unlikeliest agent of change into our midst, to break apart the bonds of old energy so that the Light can penetrate the darkness. This is how it has to work for a human race that has been mired in low consciousness for millennia.

Happy New Year!

The Eagle that Grew Up with the Hen by Khurshid Ali, edited by Ken

A farmer once found an egg in his fields. It had fallen down from an eagle's nest but was not damaged. The farmer saved the egg and brought it home. He secretly put it with the other eggs of the hen he had. The hen did not notice that the new egg was different, hatched it together with her other eggs, and an eagle baby was born out of it. The hen thought it was hers, took care of it and treated it like one of her chicks. The baby eagle was fed on the same chicken food. He imitated the other chicks, did things like them and thus learned everything about how to live like a hen. He had never seen an eagle and therefore did not know what an eagle is like or how they live.

Now, while living among the hens he somehow had a feeling he was different. He felt restless, wanted to leave that place and go somewhere else. But where to go, what to do and how, he did not know, nor was there anyone to tell him that. He often had an urge to fly and so he spread his wings. But when the other chickens saw this they got scared and started crying and shouting so he had to give up the idea. They were telling him that chickens cannot fly, that he too was a chicken and should not try this. "Chickens are not born to fly!" they said. The eagle got discouraged and stayed on ground, but he could not accept this idea. In his heart, he felt angry and unhappy.

Then one day he saw an eagle flying in the sky. He watched the bird closely and recognised that he was exactly like him. He got very excited, thought he could also fly in the sky like that bird, and challenged it. But when he spread his wings his fellow chickens again started shouting. They told him not to do that, that it could be dangerous. Again he had to retreat and give up this idea. But after having seen that bird flying in the sky, he was never the same again. He thought: "This chicken farm cannot be all there is in the world. The sky must be very vast. Up there, the sunshine must be different and the air also must smell different. Would it ever be possible for me to experience those things?" He thought and thought and thought, but never found an answer. Such was the poor eagle's life among those hens. Boring, hopeless, and very disgusting all the time.

There are two versions to this story.

One version says that eagle lived all his life among the hens and finally grew old and weak. But all his life he had the feeling that he was different. He was always perplexed, disgusted, and angry with himself, but could not understand why and did not know what to do. He had a great desire to live a different life; he wanted to fly, to challenge the heights of the sky, to experience the vastness of the world and view the morning sun from far above. But this desire never found fulfillment. Then one day, as he was taking his last breath, he looked at the vast sky with gloomy eyes for the last time and died. A tragic end indeed.

In the other version, the farmer had a friend who was very intelligent, interested in nature, and knew much about eagles. As he visited the farmer one day, he was surprised to see an eagle among the hens. "How can this be possible? What is he doing there? Eagles must fly high in the sky, fly far and wide, and cover long distances. Eagles must live in freedom. They must build their nests on the highest trees and spend nights on the tops of mountains. This eagle too must live like that."

The farmer said, "You are right, but this eagle cannot do that. It was brought up with the hens and it knows only how to live like a hen. That is what he has learned. He never met an eagle, does not know how to live like an eagle. Now his life is set. It is too late for him to learn all that."

The friend said, "No, I don't agree. He is after all an eagle and will always be an eagle. He still has the eagle spirit in him, which can be awakened even now."

The farmer did not agree with this. "But how?"

"I know how to do that. You will see for yourself," said the friend.

Then he went straight to the eagle, looked into his eyes, and started talking to him. "Hey, great bird! Do you know who you are? YOU are an eagle, you are the KING among the birds. You are such a wonderful bird who flies high in the sky. You were born to fly in the sky, to traverse long distances. There is an eagle spirit in you. You can fly; and you must fly. Yes, Fly!"

The farmer watched this with amusement and laughed. "My friend thinks the eagle understands his words!"

"No," said the friend. "Don't look to what I am saying, this is something for the feelings. Through my words I am communicating in him the feelings that he is an eagle and he is certainly getting my point. These feelings will awaken his eagle spirit and one day he will fly."

From then on the friend started coming regularly. Every day he came to the farm and talked and the eagle listened. The friend did this for twenty days but nothing happened. The farmer mocked his friend. "What you are doing is pure madness!"

It was now the twenty-first day and the friend came again. He was fully confident in his heart about the success of his mission. Again he talked to the eagle: "I have been telling you who you are and now you know who you are! You are an eagle, not a hen. This place is not for you, you are born to fly. You know how to fly and you have everything that you need. Dare just once, try and you will fly. Leave this place and start living like an eagle. Fly to the sky. High up in the sky, Fly!"

Then he took the eagle by the wing, trying to lift him in the air. "Fly, Fly, Fly!"

To his surprise, the eagle spread his wings. All of a sudden he lifted himself in the air and began to fly. The friend was filled with joy to see this. "Higher, higher, higher, still higher!" he cried. "High in the distant sky!" And the eagle followed the command. The farmer and his friend watched as the eagle flew higher and higher until he disappeared into the sky. And he never returned.

The slumbering eagle spirit had been awakened in him.

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