January 2016

Vol 11, #1

The purpose of the Big Picture Newsletter is to celebrate the spiritual nature of human beings. We are dedicated to dissolving the myth of the randomness of life, and the biological nature of consciousness. We believe that every human being is an aspect of God, a powerful creator and orchestrator of his or her life experience.


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The Manchild

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The Manchild: The story of the human race evolving past the old paradigm of thought.


The Vibrational Universe

The most detailed and casually practical explanation of consciousness, the five universal principles, and how to use them in daily life  



The Vibrational Universe Movie

The companion movie to the book, "The Vibrational Universe."

How do universal principles like the Law of Attraction really work?

Underlying science, metaphysics, politics, and human relationships is the vibrational universe concept. Understanding this concept enormously simplifies the complexities of life, and explains the sometimes mysterious workings of human relationships. It also explains phenomena like karma, coincidence, and ESP. The Vibrational Universe movie clarifies the relationship between thought, consciousness, and the "real world."


The Evolution of Consciousness movie


Behind the scenes, the human race is undergoing an evolution in consciousness. The political and economic structures that support the old order are collapsing, because they must evolve with the new consciousness or perish. This is a good thing! The Evolution of Consciousness movie describes how this is happening, and why it a new, more positive paradigm of thought is inevitable!



The Keys to

Deliberate Creation Course

Align yourself to success BEFORE you go into action!


The Complete Library

An 11 e-Book collection.
The clearest and most comprehensive overview of the spirit/ mind/ body framework.



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"The End of the Universe"

What if the universe is actually a sophisticated holographic illusion?


Beyond The Beginning

The story of the unfoldoing evolution of consciousness on planet earth.


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Miracles Can Happen

Can a child's love save her father's life?


Geometry and Sacred Geometry

Get Inside the Mind of Nature -- Discover the simple but powerful mathematics of the underlying geometric figures that shape our world.


The City of Bling

(from the Interview with Spirit show)


The events happening on planet earth right now are a series of wake up calls. 2016 will be a year of change; it will open a three- or four-year period where events will occur on a local or regional scale, but will publicized broadly. These events will appear to show that the dark side is ascending, but don't pay too much attention to that. What is happening is that the duality is -- ever so gradually -- being dissolved from within.

The rising consciousness of humanity is slowly working through all of the destructive memes put there by human beings over the past several millennnia. We have told you that in third dernsity you cannot simply wave a magic wand and have a bright new future. The human race must work through the dark ideas and actions that have occurred here for thousands of years. This is entirely natural. It represents the evolution of all evolving and advancing planetary societies. The way out is the way through! it's hard work, but you are doing it!

We tell you that the “dark” ideas floating around on this planet are not imposed from the outside, from the New World Order, or by evil ETs, if you take it to that level. These ideas never could have taken root in the consciousness of humanity if you did not already have them as a part of your belief/information systems.

Dear Ones, there is never a violation of free will. Things look dark only because you have not yet fully embraced your higher potential, or your spirituality.  That is the solution to all of your problems is the belief in well-being, and to trust in the awesome spiritual potential of the human race.

Your species, despite appearances, has the highest and most powerful potentials for advancement! It is true. The human race is incredible! There are many dead-end agendas being promoted, but ALL of them are service-to-self.

We see more and more of you waking up every day. We see hidden agendas creeping into your consciousness  side-by-side with the enlightenment of the human race. From our perspective we see these events like a great swell that is gradually being built up in the ocean. The service-to-self agenda is  building a city of  bling on the surface of the water: it has huge HDTVs showing movies, and TV programs and music videos that promote material advancement, sex, and fighting (see the advertised programs on FOX, which are always about guys with guns trying to kill each other), and how wonderful AI is, and merging biology with electronics.

The world’s TV screens are filled with the “magic” of the City of Bling, it is the only thing visible and the only thing people talk about. But, invisibly, underneath the water momentum is building: a great wave or swell, 100 miles out, is slowly beginning to take shape and grow. Of course no one can see this and so no one reports on it. But the power of this swell is such that the City of Bling has no chance against it, if it should develop into a beautiful and powerful wave that will carry all before it.

When the swell builds up and it becomes visible, the people in the City of Bling panic, not understanding that the wave will simply lift them up and dissolve the energy that leads to conflict and degradation and unworthiness, and raise everything and everyone in the City of Bling to a higher dimension of existence. The huge ocean swell is created by the rising consciousness of more and more human beings as you reach and claim, individually and collectively, your higher potential. What appears as a destructive tsunami, and what is proclaimed as an apocalyptic event, is actually a gentle but powerful momentum of rising consciousness.

The Apocalypse of the Bible is nothing more than the momentous decision humanity must make to decide its future. If you want an amazing, rosy future, an exciting future of well-being and expansion to a far greater game than you can even imagine right now, then you must embrace the fact that you, as an individual human being, are divine, and that you deserve the highest possible future and life. Again, this is just the Law of Attraction at work. If you cannot imagine and expect the future you want, you will get something else! That is what those with the service-to-self agendas are counting on.

Have we said this before? Of course! So why are we saying it over and over? Because it needs repetition. The service-to-self agenda is hammering the idea home that humanity is nothing; a scourge on the planet that is polluting Gaia and degrading her. Nothing could be further from the truth. You, and the human race, are what you say you are!  What do you really believe about yourself? Do you really believe that the human population must be reduced in order to lessen pollution and to save the environment and other species? This is the false agenda, for it entrains you to think of yourselves as unworthy. And from unworthiness stems all of the other ills of human society.

We guarantee that if you simply changed the way you think about yourselves, you would create a positive vibrational shift that would make it impossible for those who mean you harm, to operate. It is literally that simple. You don’t understand how powerful you are, and how   powerful is the declaration of sovereignty. The human race has never declared itself, and the planet earth,  to be sovereign. And that is the only reason why those who intervene harmfully in your societies can do so. This universe is a universe of free will. If you do not appear to have free will, then there is something wrong with your belief systems. It is as simple as that. The adolescent rants and raves against mommy and daddy, until he or she grows up a little and realizes that they have control over their own lives.

In previous years on the show, we have been uniformly positive and talked in generalities about the waking up of humanity. Now, however, these messages have gotten much more detailed. It is necessary now for you to understand WHY you must make the decision to declare your sovereignty, and to understand that in a free will universe, a mindful and firm decision must be made in order to change the direction of your future. Again, this is just the Law of Attraction at work.  A no-decision is a decision to allow the service-to-self agenda, the Intervention, to succeed. The thrust of many of your TV programs, movies, and games, is to shove you down the path at the black arrow, to keep you glued to the City of Bling, and to not take advantage of your higher potential.

We will say it again: the human race is AWESOME!  Every human being on this planet has a latent capacity for higher dimensional states, for the embracing of well-being and a quantum leap to a higher level of consciousness; a bigger and much more exciting game than you are playing now; a game that makes the pitiful merging of human biology with AI, or electronics, or cloning totally pathetic. If you see the planet as we see it, as a container for source energy, you see a very, very large container with immense latent power. Remember, in the City of Bling, all of the exciting stuff is on the outside. When you get into it and begin to experience it, you soon realize it is a trap, and that it is totally lame. You understand, finally, that you have been cleverly persuaded to alter your own mindset and to create a society that does not benefit you, but benefits your “handlers.” So the service-to-self agenda is ostentatious and shiny and attractive (almost hypnotically attractive) on the outside, and a trap on the inside that sucks away your life force and constrains you to a degraded fourth-level consciousness, which cannot survive because it is weak and internally self-contradictory. It is a house of cards that will be blown away by the slightest breeze.

Our message this week is that you should inspect deeper, any agenda or persons who want to convince or persuade you. Is their proposal on the surface only? How do you feel when you look at it closely? Do not just mindlessly accept whatever is put forward. Live mindfully. Question. Make decisions based on how you FEEL. Also, do not fear the ocean swell that is building. This powerful force (which represents the true, higher  potential of humanity) is being portrayed as dangerous.  The swell is portrayed as a harmful tsunami when it is a gentle but powerful swell that will carry you to the higher dimensions.

It takes courage to reach for the higher levels when you are immersed at a lower level, just as it takes work to climb the ladder out of the pit when you fall in. You are a little battered and bruised after your fall, but there is the bright shiny ladder. You know how, if you are presented with an easy alternative, you will sometimes not take advantage just because you know it is there? Well, this is the principle upon which the NWO and others with hidden agendas are operating. They’re hoping you won’t climb out of the pit even though you can see bright sunshine and happy people laughing, and encouraging you to come up where it is so much better than what you have down there. But it does take some effort, you have to  actually put one foot in front of the other and climb out. And meanwhile, the sexy nurse is bending over you and swabbing your head and telling you that when you get better you can hook up.

The lower level is attractive, but comes with an almost hypnotic pull.  We talked about this last week:  the hypnotic pull is your indication that there is someone on the other end of that energetic impulse who is doing the pulling! Whereas the higher levels are accompanied by a sense of well-being, an expansion, an inclusiveness, a feeling of immense self-confidence and power and joy and excitement that the lower level of bling cannot match. The hypnotic pull is the method of the hidden agenda, which attracts you in like the spider to the fly. The higher levels are your connection to source, to the One, which is the recognition of who you are: each human being is a divine aspect of an immortal consciousness that cannot be harmed. This period you are in, this year of 2012 as it approaches its end, is extremely important, not because you will wake up magically on December 22 and either experience a quantum leap, or find yourselves the victim of the New World Order, but because it is at this time that humanity is making its collective decision about its future. This process is invisible at your present level of consciousness, but it is real and it is happening.

That is why those with hidden agendas are working so hard to turn you away from your path to greatness. It is like in a baseball game when you face the best pitcher in the league: you know you have to get to him early, in the very first inning, when he might not have gotten into his groove. He’s not with it yet, so you want to pound him hard right at the beginning. That is a crude but valid analogy to why there is such a push (or a putsch!) from the service-to-self guys right now:  they want to get you while you are vulnerable.

But you have the power, you have always had the power, to determine your future. It is now 2016, three years past the December 21, 2012 marker, and the brown stuff is hitting the fan. Remember that it is always darkest before the dawn, and if you embrace well being and your higher potential you cannot fail!






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