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The purpose of the Big Picture Newsletter is to celebrate the spiritual nature of human beings. We are dedicated to dissolving the myth of the randomness of life, and the biological nature of consciousness. We believe that every human being is an aspect of God, a powerful creator and orchestrator of his or her life experience.


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New Scientific Discovery Shows Fundamental Universal Unity


A new paper by physicists Nassim Haramein and Elizabeth Rauscher shows the essential unity within nature. This is a very exciting development and gives concrete proof to the idea that the natural world did not evolve randomly; or, if it did, it was somehow guided toward wholeness and unity.

Before the development of chaos theory, science looked at the world as a sort of vast, sophisticated mechanical contrivance. It was thought that if one took this device apart, one could inspect and analyze the various components and arrive at a complete understanding of the whole. But that was before the work of Alan Turing, Edwin Lorenz, and Benoit Mandelbrot (the father of fractals). Lorenz was the discoverer of the famous "Butterfly Effect," which asserted that the wings of a butterfly in Brazil might influence the creation of a tornado in Texas. Lorenz came up with this idea in his study of weather patterns.

Lorenz found that a very simple mathematical equation, if fed back upon itself, could create very complex patterns that changed and evolved in wholly unpredictable ways. This was in direct contrast to the idea that a complex world must be the result of a very complex device, just as the time display on an old watch must contain a sophisticated set of interacting gears. But Lorenz showed that infinite complexity can result from a trivial set of instructions that even a child could understand, and that evolution could proceed along entirely different lines if one changed, even ever so slightly, one of the parameters of the instruction set.

The Mandelbrot Set, the most famous fractal of all time, is the result of this simple equation:  z = z2 + c. That's it!

The other images are also mathematically generated.
fractal landscape
fractal landscape
(Images found in The Science of Fractal Images, Peitgen and Saupe, Springer-Verlag Press)

A Theory of Everything could, theoretically, be the result of some very simple set of conditions that could generate everything in the entire universe; a sort of elegant "Big Bang" that would contain within it a simple instruction set that could create the entire universe. The Hindu's have this idea; it is called the OM. The OM is said to be the fundamental universal vibration that contains all harmonics and sub-harmonics, and that which everything in existence resonates to.
To understand more about how this idea of complexity from simplicity came about, you can go to You Tube and see a very interesting 6-part video set from the BBC called "The Secret Life of Chaos." These videos explain the fascinating ideas and discoveries of the science of chaos theory in layman's terms, and are well worth watching.

Now we come to the discovery of Haramein and Rauscher, and their paper, SCALE UNIFICATION – A UNIVERSAL SCALING LAW FOR ORGANIZED MATTER
(Nassim Haramein, Michael Hyson, E. A. Rauscher) 

It turns out that everything in the universe vibrates or resonates to a certain frequency. Galaxies, stars, atomic nuclei, and the human cell each have their own peculiar rate of vibration. The universe itself even has a fundamental vibrational frequency, which science has been able to measure. So what would happen if you collected the data about resonance rates and plotted them against size? In other words, if you went from lowest size (the Planck quantities, which are the basic energy quanta in the universe, and the atom) all the way up to the largest (the universe itself) and compared the frequencies, what would you find?
If the universe was simply a randomly evolved collection of matter and energy, you'd find no relationship at all. But if there was an underlying unity or wholeness, then there would be some sort of relationship. Haramein et al made a table, collecting the information:
size versus frequency table


When this information was plotted on a graph, it looks like this:
graph of frequency versus size


This is almost a straight-line relationship! At the top left of the graph is the "Big Bang" itself: a condition whereby all of the energy of the universe was crunched into a very tiny little ball, called a singularity. On the left side of the graph is the frequency, or rate of vibration, from highest at the top to lowest at the bottom. On the right side of the graph is the radius of the object, from lowest to highest. So the top left of the graph is the smallest object (the singularity from which the universe originated) which, understandably, has the highest rate of vibration. At the bottom right of the graph is the very largest object (marked "u" on the graph, for universe), which has the lowest frequency.

What Haramein hasn't shown in this graph is the position of the human cell. It is right in the middle of the graph, between A (atomic nuclei) and S (stellar)!

The human cell resonates at the frequency of about 10^11 Hz (cycles, or vibrations, per second). If you find "10" on the graph and draw a straight horizontal line to the slanted line on the graph, you'll see where the human cell is on the graph.

When the data points on this graph are analyzed, they demonstrate the Phi relationship. Phi is the Golden section, and has been called the "divine proportion" because so many of life's own forms are modeled on it. For instance, the relationship between the lengths of the finger joints is in Phi ratio, and so is the relationship between the hand, the forearm, and the upper arm; the foot, the lower leg and the upper leg; the distance between the top of the head and the nose, and the distance between the nose and the chin, etc. You can find a good explanation of Phi in the book by Gyorgy Doczi called "The Power of Limits." You can find this on Amazon, or just go to my website product page and click on the book link.

This paper demonstrates a remarkable result, because it not only shows the holistic relationship between matter and energy in the universe, but it places life at the very center of the process. We are the interface between the micro and the macro! And it all fits together beautifully.

Haramein and Rauscher didn't plot the biological data point in the center of the graph, because it would freak out the mainstream physics community. Physics, apparently, is not yet ready to accept the idea of the fundamental unity of spirit and matter. When human consciousness finally reaches this awareness – and it is not far off – our societies will transform. We simply will no longer be able to fight each other when it becomes obvious that we should be cooperating with each other!


The Great Stage Play

Here is an excerpt from the Interview With Spirit show. The theme is the unfolding drama that is playing out on planet earth today.

What is occurring is an evolution out of an old paradigm of thought based on the ideas of scarcity and unworthiness. These ideas are reflected in our religious beliefs, which tell us that we are flawed from birth, and that we should kneel down and obey a higher power, or else! Scarcity and unworthiness have structured our political, corporate, and religious organizations around hierarchy, greed, and problem resolution through conflict and war. These memes are obviously insane and self-defeating, and can only exist at a low level of consciousness. But the human race is evolving out of this paradigm at an accelerating rate.

Politically, the planet earth is now engaged in an intelligence war. The basis for this war is money, and what it can still accomplish in the old paradigm: power and control. This war has been taking place behind the scenes, as it were, but is slowly leaking out into the "mainstream" press. In 2010, the light will shine in on the actors and we will discover more about what has been happening behind the curtain. For those within the fat part of the Bell Curve, some of this will come as a profound shock. Those of us who understand that the human race is evolving out of a tired and superannuated system of thought that has kept our species in a self-defined prison, will realize that these dramatizations are necessary growing pains. The more of us who wake up, the easier will our transition be to a new level of consciousness.

Message for the Show, 1/13/2010

Dear Ones, you approach the tipping point. In fact, you are rushing toward it at a very rapid rate. So far, the action has been proceeding on the subtle and invisible plane of thought and intention. If you could see, as we see, how many of you are aligning your thoughts toward a more balanced and positive world, you would be amazed. In China and Asia, the people are awakening from centuries of slumber, and are demanding greater prosperity and freedom. In the West, which has had greater material success over the past century, the people are yearning for an end to conflict and injustice, and many are craving an evolution to higher states of awareness. These are all sending "rockets of desire" into the planetary envelope surrounding your planet --the ethers -- and are ratcheting up the vibrational intensity and frequency of what Ken calls the universal medium, and which we refer to as Source energy.

As you will soon discover, events have been unfolding at a rapid rate "behind the scenes." Although the play is still ongoing, with the same actors saying the same lines upon the stage, backstage there has been an intervention. The equipment that has allowed the play to function is being inspected, and that which no longer displays integrity, or which is outdated, is in the process of being replaced. Soon the curtain will fall for an intermission. But when the curtain rises again, things will look a lot different! It is still not clear whether the play will smoothly continue until the end of the scene, and exactly what the new props and scenery will be when the curtain rises again, nor who the actors will be, or what lines they will say. The play may even break down in a "Keystone Cops" fashion, with people running all over the stage and disrupting the  performance with shouts and gunfire. Who knows?

The intention of humanity as a whole is choreographing the play, and all of you play a vital role in its evolution. As Ken is discovering in his personal life, misaligned thought is now becoming extremely painful as the background vibration quickens. The power of thought and intention is becoming more powerful, and is manifesting very quickly within your own personal spheres of consciousness, and within your bodies. Manifestation occurs first within yourself, dear ones, before it makes its way onto the stage of life.

Right now the wind is blowing so strongly that when you step out into it with your new intention, you are buffeted about quite strongly. That is a good thing, for it is a precursor to a new, more stable energy state at a higher energy level. Right now you are in a chaotic period of change, where the vectors are bifurcating at a very rapid rate, spurred on by your rockets of desire. These rockets have, however, not yet aligned. The wind is blowing very strongly, signaling a new weather pattern and, potentially, a new vortex with a new "High" weather pattern moving in, as the weathermen say. What that new vortex will look like, and what the new weather pattern will bring, is entirely up to you.

Those who reach for well-being will find it easier and easier to achieve. You will also discover that whatever dark cysts and shadows lie within will now come even stronger to the surface as the cleansing winds of change blow harder.

Some of the old structures on the stage may even be knocked down; and it is not yet time to send the construction crews out to build the new ones! The wind must die down first, signaling an alignment within humanity. We see this alignment approaching now very rapidly. In the non-physical realms, the excitement is now at a fever pitch! We can hardly "stay in our seats" as we watch how you evolve. And as you evolve, you take the entire planet with you.



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