February 2019

Vol 14, #2

The purpose of the Big Picture Newsletter is to celebrate the spiritual nature of human beings. We are dedicated to dissolving the myth of the randomness of life, and the biological nature of consciousness. We believe that every human being is an aspect of God, a powerful creator and orchestrator of his or her life experience.


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"The End of the Universe"

What if the universe is actually a sophisticated holographic illusion?


Beyond The Beginning

The story of the unfoldoing evolution of consciousness on planet earth.


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The Storm Before the Calm

(Blog post)


New Energy vs Old Energy

If you are like me you meditate and visualize. I have learned to identify the difference between “old” energy and “new” energy in my meditations. Sometimes when I’m visualizing, or saying affirmations a bunch of negative stuff comes to the surface. I call this “old” energy. Sometimes I get really connected. I call this “new” energy.

The new energy moves (vibrates) really fast and it contains many different aspects or variables. It feels really good. It’s light. There are a lot of different components or aspects to it. I would call it “multi-variable” or “multi-dimensional.” If you compressed a multimedia movie into a half-second, that’s what it feels like. Everything is happening all at once. It’s an amazing experience; I like it a lot.

The “old” energy is heavy, it feels crummy, it moves very slowly. It’s dull and stupid.

This morning I was experiencing both in my meditation, so I moved some of the faster moving energy into the crummy-feeling heavy energy. The old energy broke up; it couldn’t handle the faster-moving new energy. Isn’t that exactly what is happening in the world today? The old paradigm is breaking apart. The old system can’t handle the new energy. Or, in other words, the dark can’t handle the light.

If you recall, before Trump things were pretty slow. Oh, a war here, a scandal there, but the world was operating within a box. As soon as Trump came on the scene, the world began to move a lot faster; the sides and the top of the box exploded. Emotions became stirred up. Coincidence?

The Trump Interlude

I am hoping that after the year 2020, after 4 years of the Trump Administration, the population of the US will be ready for a break from the hatred, the confrontation, and the chaos. I’m ready for it now!  Who knows, this could go on for a while longer if Trump runs in 2020 and wins again. But after that, what’s next?

The interlude of Trump is preparing the way for something better. Trump is a temporary phenomenon. He’s necessary right now; he’s the perfect person to break an old system mired in darkness and corruption. Am I saying that Trump is a warrior of light? Well, he’s a wild card. He’s a drink-stirrer and a party crasher. But what party is he crashing?

Democracy hasn’t been working in the US very well for the past several decades. Incumbents in Congress were getting re-elected about 95% of the time, until 2018 when many resigned or didn’t run again. “Incumbent members of the House seeking re-election are all but assured re-election. The re-election rate among all 435 members of the House has been as high as 98 percent in modern history, and it's rarely dipped below 90 percent.”

Does the U.S. Congress represent the people? We know the answer to that; the Congress has become historically unpopular during the past two decades, yet incumbents keep getting re-elected. An old-energy system is in place. How do you change a system that isn’t working? You stir things up.

Trump is objectionable because he’s not a politician. He breaks the “rules” of high politics, which is to shut up, be “presidential,” give nice speeches to placate the masses, be respectful of your corporate masters, and don’t rock the boat. Trump knows how corrupt the system has become because he has himself manipulated the system. (It takes one to know one.) The other presidents, Democrat and Republican, knew it too. Presidents since Eisenhower (except for the Bush’s and Obama) have tried to break the deep state, where all of the hidden “black” programs are. None have succeeded. Indeed, the great John F. Kennedy was erased for his efforts. Trump has had a hole card that JFK didn’t have: whatever remnants of the military who are still loyal to the Constitution and the rule of law.

We are in a transition phase out of the old energy and into...something much different. The new paradigm moves a lot faster. Things happen quickly. Traditions fall by the wayside, and this angers a lot of people who want to be left alone to raise their kids and go to work in peace. Well, there are too many problems for that to happen. The fossil-fuel economy with its attendant pollution, the world’s broken financial system that turns people into wage slaves and creates poverty, and corporate corruption, have seeped into politics, our homes, our families, and our daily lives. Trump is the Transitioner. It’s ugly folks, and it’s going to get uglier. That’s because the old system is really ugly. When it starts to fall apart a lot of ugliness is exposed. The key point is that the ugliness is being exposed because the light is shining brighter. As 2019 unfolds there will be more exposure of corruption and darkness. This will continue into 2020. Look for it! It’s a good thing even though some of the stuff that will come out is horrible..

After Trump

The next step for humanity, after Trump, is a gradual increase in compassion. Does this sound silly? Yeah it does, given the current environment. But the current chaotic scene is a result of a greater light quotient in human consciousness and on the planet. The primary characteristic of the light is love and compassion! In order for this to manifest the ugliness has to come out and be inspected. The cancerous growths have to be removed. These cancerous growths are hatred and intolerance. That’s the period we’re in now. A lot of ugliness is coming to the surface.

“Yeah, but Trump is responsible for it! He’s a barbarian!”

Trump is what the Light sent us to break up the old system. Notice, I didn’t say heal wounds and create a new golden age. That comes later, after Trump. We’re still in the “discovery stage,” as lawyers say.

I don’t know how many years it will take for people to get tired of arguing and hating on each other.  But the next step in politics, in business, and life in general is a more compassionate attitude commensurate with the rise in the collective consciousness.

The “toxic masculinity” Gillette ad, for example, is a plea for more compassion. Some on the right say it is an insidious Bolshevik attempt to undermine the male gender, and masculinity in general, and turn the US into a nation of wimps, ripe for a deep state takeover. That’s the thing about the duality: there are always arguments on each side. My interpretation is that it’s genuine, the manifestation of the changing consciousness of humanity. It’s the result of a gradual balancing between male and female energies in human consciousness. It’s the forerunner of a more compassionate consciousness. Compassion means a softening of hatred and hard-heartedness. It’s a good thing.

Some people on the right say that softening is bad because we need to be strong in these times of darkness, in order to face the darkness and overcome it. Others on the left say that the Transition period is actually the beginning of fascism, represented by Trump. Both of these are old-energy conclusions. Compassion and love are never bad. Fascism is old-energy and doesn’t stand a chance in the new paradigm, no matter how hard the dark army tries to resurrect it. Look what is happening in Venezuela. Maduro is the epitome of a fascist dictator (doesn’t matter what he calls himself). He’s been trying to bring things back to the old energy. It’s not happening. The new energy is tearing his country apart. If you’re a Trump hater you can console yourself with the idea that if he truly is a fascist, he will also fail. So, no worries! Hate is not necessary.

A more compassionate consciousness is going to lead to new discoveries in science that will change our world for the better. I’ve already talked about this. The two things – compassion and science – are logically unrelated. The two seemingly have nothing to do with each other. But compassion = greater connection to source = greater intuition = new breakthroughs in knowledge.

Time will tell. I believe that the current chaos is the darkness being resolved. It all depends on your expectations for the future. My expectations are overwhelmingly for a new paradigm and an eventual golden age for humanity that will result in a high level of consciousness. The Transition is the first step along that road.

We are all co-creating the future. It’s our choice!

Compassion is the Key

Compassion is the ability to see both sides in an argument. A compassionate person feels no need to argue, because he or she can see the other person’s point of view. In the old energy you “fight” for causes. You “resist.” This is juvenile and silly. Whatever you resist persists, for the simple reason that you flow power to it and put all your attention on it. It’s simple Law of Attraction. Fighting something, by definition, postulates its continued existence. Fighting and resisting are low consciousness solutions because they guarantee the continuance of what is not wanted.

 The consciousness of separation is what causes hatred, struggle, and conflict. Compassion is a higher awareness. It comes from a position of strength, not weakness. Weak people are often bullies. Truncated human beings (like psychopaths) have a single-minded attention to their own selfish interests. They are atrophied on the other dynamics of life; they don’t notice people and don’t care about others. Which is why they can devote their full attention to selfish ends. It’s why they have risen to positions of power on a planet where the dark-light balance has been in favor of the dark for thousands of years.

Now that the light is penetrating the darkness we’re seeing an explosion. Here in the US, energy is building up in a corrupt system that has had the lid on for decades. The result is that lids are blowing off. Trump is being blamed.

Yeah, he’s at fault. He’s doing it on purpose! Just read his tweets and listen to his speeches. He’s trolling everyone he thinks is part of the problem. Is he doing this because he’s a saint? Some people think so. Other people say it’s just his destructive nature. Whatever the reason, Trump is funneling the hatred toward himself. I think that’s admirable. When an old corrupt system breaks apart there’s a lot of energy and hatred released. Trump is deliberately taking it on, deliberately provoking a system that would have fallen apart even if he had not appeared on the scene. He’s just doing it faster. It would have fallen apart anyway because it is old energy and is run by corrupt people. The sooner the better is what I say.

People who support Trump are all in, but there’s really no one in the other party to hate. Hillary is becoming an afterthought. There are a lot of Democrats jockeying for position right now in the party, but Trump has been the overarching figure in US politics (and in world politics) since 2016. People are coming together, amazingly, on both sides. Trump is a unifying influence! Like a strong magnet, he’s unifying people for him or against him.

The next step is the collapse of the intense polarization surrounding Trump. Once enough “charge” has been blown off the duality, on both sides, people will take a step back. They will wonder what they have been doing with their lives, why they have been so passionate for or against. The creation of two clearly identified sides will lead to an inspection of both sides. When that happens, people will be able to see the motivations of both sides. Eventually that will lead to a more compassionate attitude.

The end result of the hatred and contention of the Trump Era will be more compassion. People will see that the polarization and the hatred gets nothing done. People will get weary of the blame game and begin the create-something-better game.

Is this a crazy idea?

Nope. Right now opinions are clouded by high emotion, on both sides. We’re still blowing off energy caused by thousands of years of karmic accumulation in the consciousness of humanity. Trump is the figurehead around which this is happening. This guy is a planet-wide figure.

Eventually we’ll have real democracy in the US, and candidates who actually want what is best for everyone. We aint there yet folks!

Love him or hate him, Trump is the perfect guy at the right time. If Trump leaves the scene after 2020, it will be a sign that compassion is rising, and we’ll see a few politicians run on  compassionate platforms. They will probably lose, but it’s a start. This will lead to a positive trend in politics, where voters expect more cooperation. If Trump runs in 2020 it will be a sign that hearts are still hard and we may see 4 more years of fighting, contention, and chaos. Personally I can’t see this lasting beyond 2024. People are getting exhausted by the passion and the constant bickering and fighting.

Time will tell.  

Esoteric Explanations

As I said in a previous post, no one expected what is happening. There are so many variables and so much chaos a physical explanation for current events is impossible. When that happens you have to move upward to a meta-physical or esoteric explanation for events. That’s been my focus all along in my books and articles and blog posts. Moving upward is the goal of  higher consciousness.

Higher consciousness by definition is reaching conclusions that were not possible before in an old system. It’s going “out of the box.” That’s precisely what’s happening today. So we can conclude that current events are going in a positive direction, even if we are taking a step back for every two steps forward. People are waking up.

Nationalism is on the rise. In the old energy, nationalism meant dictatorship and fascism, whether that fascism was leftist (Bolshevism, Communism) or rightist (Naziism, corporate fascism). Today it means a rebellion against the planetary corporate fascist state. Guess what ladies and germs, we are already living in a freedom-stifling paradigm. In the old energy before 2012, fascism already won. It has insinuated itself on a global scale, in global structures like the IMF, the World Bank, and military organizations like NATO that perpetuate poverty, top-down economic control, conflict, and hostility. Post-2012 nationalist movements are a freedom-based reaction to that IMO.

Nationalism naturally brings on fear from a lot of people, especially those who are old souls, or who lived through  WW 2 and its aftermath. Some people refer to Trump as Hitler 2, but this is a reaction from the old timeline. In the past, every time a figure like Trump appeared it led to tyranny. The rise of nationalism seems to be history repeating itself, but it is a time fractal from the old paradigm. We’re on a different track now, a different timeline. But the remnants of the old timeline are still powerful. If we go with them we’ll create a future that looks just like the past. No sane person wants that.

It all comes down to your attitude and your expectations. In a vibrational universe, your expectations set up a resonance that co-creates whatever your expectations are. It’s a simple as that. Universal laws are superior to man-made laws, whether we like it or not. Whatever you go with you create.

Therefore, we must look past the chaos to a bright future, despite all the good reasons not to. The news and the media will try to sink us back down into the mire; the media always emphasizes the negative. The solution is, despite the craziness, to hold your light and create a great future. Even if you can only do that for yourself, you will be doing everyone a great service, for you will be generating positive vibes. These vibes don’t go away, because they are captured in the earth’s esoteric grids. Every time you meditate, every time you exercise compassion for yourself or another, you put that energy into Gaia, where it is stored. So go ahead and do that despite all the reasons not to!

It’s time to break out of the box of old thinking and reach for new solutions. Greater compassion is a good start; compassion for ourselves and others, even when we/they do stupid things.  


Here’s a great video from Sadhguru about compassion and stepping into your power.


Thought.com. “Do Members of Congress Ever Lose Re-election?” https://www.thoughtco.com/do-congressmen-ever-lose-re-election-3367511

On January 19, 2019, on the occasion of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a group of over 60 prominent American citizens is calling upon Congress to reopen the investigations into the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Senator Robert F. Kennedy. You don’t assassinate a president, a prominent politician, and two important social activists and get away with it unless you are powerful and hidden. This is what people call the “deep state.” Also, you don’t begin to expose this evil unless the light is shining brighter and brighter. See the full statement on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/notes/american-truth-and-reconciliation-committee/kennedy-and-king-family-members-and-advisors-call-for-congress-to-reopen-assassi/2211554989056103/


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