February 2014

Vol 9, #2

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The Cycles of Time

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
1/ 15/ 2014

The penetration of internet, digital media, and mobile technology is rapidly eroding the power of traditional media. Traditional media are TV, radio, movies, and newspapers. Of the three, TV (and movies) are by far the most powerful, and still has a major influence on the viewing public.

Nevertheless, country-by-country analyses in the third world, the second world, and the first world show that more and more people are getting their news from their mobile devices and other digital devices. With the easy availability of platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and others, and the availability of free website templates on the net, there’s no excuse any more not to have a website.  And internet radio platforms like BlogTalk Radio allow you to broadcast a 1/2 hour radio show, every week, for free. The point is that there’s a sophisticated, planet-wide communications infrastructure already set up.

What’s missing from this rosy picture?

Well, what’s missing is the word cooperation.

We are still mired in a competitive digital environment, where shows and podcasts compete with each other for (it is perceived) a limited listening audience. In other words, we fight each other in the digital realm just as we do in the physical, as nation-states struggle and compete with each other for scarce, fossil-fuel resources. In other words, the digital environment is fragmented, just as the physical environment is fragmented. 

The thing is, with the easy availability of communications platforms and networks, there’s no excuse for fragmentation in the digital environment. In the physical universe you need physical resources, and the guy with the most money and power gets to control those. So, in traditional media,  the big networks and conglomerates can squeeze out the small, independent voices, because it takes a lot of money and personnel to keep traditional media up and running.

But how easy is it to put up a video on YouTube? Or set up a WordPress blog? Or put up your own website or host a free radio talk show, where you can express your opinions? It’s a piece of cake. You don’t have to have hardly any resources. If your stuff is good it can go viral – for hardly any investment in time, money, and resources. And that’s the big advantage the 7 billion have over those who control the planet’s big conglomerates in insurance, media, energy, and banking. We the people have the ability to simply side-step the established infrastructure with the new digital infrastructure.

But we are still mired in the old mindset of conflict and struggle. The only weapon the PTBers have left is our outdated and superannuated belief systems. So these guys work on reinforcing the memes of competition, scarcity, struggle, and conflict. That’s what they’re using their infrastructure for. It’s obvious, you can see it in the advertisements for movies, and the programs on TV. A lot of these programs and movies are dark, showing us a dark future.

Folks, the global brain – the infrastructure that allows instantaneous communication worldwide – has already been built. More nodes are being added to the brain every day, as more and more people come on-line.
The Hindu cycles of time. Source: theyugas.com. (Image modified by author).

Now, way back in the past – way back in the time of the Satya Yuga – the Spiritual Age – it was possible for human beings to communicate with each other telepathically and know each other’s thoughts. As we descend down the time stream, we get to the point where we can no longer do this and must actually be in touch with each other before we can know  the inner thoughts of another; this is the period of time called the Treta Yuga. And when we descend further, into the Dwapara Yuga ( the age of energy) and the Kali Yuga – the age of materialism – it is no longer possible to understand much of anything spiritually or telepathically at all.

The Yugas are the Hindi cycles of time. Go to google and select images. Then type in “the yugas” and you will get some diagrams. These ages of time – the long yugas – comprise 4.32 billion years, but there are smaller yuga cycles, apparently, and one full yuga cycle, according to Sadhguru, an Indian teacher at the ISHA institute, is approx 25,920 years or so – about the same amount of time that it takes our solar system to make an elliptical orbit around what some have called the Great Central Sun, and also, curiously, the length of one precession of the planet around its axis, due to the 23 degree tilt of the planet.

The yugas are divided as follows: The Satya yuga, the age of spiritual understanding, is 4,800 years. The Treta yuga, the age of the Mind, is about 3,600 years long, the Dwapara yuga, the age of energy,  is 2,400 years long, and the Kali yuga, the age of materialism, is 1,200 years long. This adds up to 12,000 years or so for one downward cycle, and another 12,000 or so years on the upward cycle.

At any rate, the idea of this wisdom is that as we progress further from the Great Central Sun (GCS), we become more and more spiritually lost and incompetent. There is the 12,000 year cycle of going outward from our closest position to the GCS, and the 12,000 or so year cycle of moving back toward it. Fortunately the Kali Yugas—the ages of materialism – are the shortest of the Yugas, and went from approx. 700 BC to 1700 AD – a period of time many would call the Dark Ages, at least in the west.  Now we are 300 years into the Dwapara Yuga  -- the age of energy, and headed back closer and closer to the GCS. On earth, the Dwapara yuga began around 3500 BC, close to 6,000 years ago, which is the date of the oldest known civilizations on the earth.

I am fascinated with these cycles of time because they explain the history of our planet in 25,000 year cycles – from the time of the spiritual golden ages, lost in the mists of time in the distant past, to the age of the Mind (which could be linked to Atlantis) and finally to the broken-down barbarisms of the age of materialism, when we are all, collectively, stupid. They explain how an entire sector of the galaxy could descend into darkness, and back up again.  Is there really such a thing as the Great Central Sun?  I don’t know – but we know that our solar system does orbit around another part of the galaxy.

Now we are headed on the upward cycle, according to this wisdom, back eventually into a 10,000 year long spiritual golden age of the Satya Yuga. But that is almost another 6,000 years away.

However, there is something fundamentally flawed with this idea, for those who understand what consciousness is: it makes us utterly subject, inevitably, to a doomsday cycle of constant, unending repetition: the inevitable fallback into darkness, and the inevitable spiral upward into understanding. In this wisdom, there is simply no room for free will, for greater spiritual understanding.

Here, the reason for increasing (or decreasing) spirituality is, mundanely,  the earth’s physical proximity to another physical body. Again, here is the materialist idea of spirit being utterly dependent on matter, wrapped up in another form.

Hey, maybe that’s the way this sector of the universe has been designed – but I don’t think so. If Dr. Greer is correct and there are spiritually advanced races out there, in higher dimensions of reality and with mastery over the physical, do you think they  got there by postulating a reality wherein they are utterly subject to matter? It’s an impossibility. In order to make our Ascension to an advanced spiritual race, we are going to have to get over the materialist idea! And if we have to wait thousands of years for this to happen, then we are basically subject to the Calvinist idea that we are born doomed.

All right, now let’s look at the planet earth right now in 2014. According to the yuga cycle, we are 300 years into the Dwapara yuga, which is 2,400 years long. The Dwapara yuga is when we finally begin to move a little bit away from stupidity and materialism, but we really can’t do much, because we aren’t very close yet to the GCS. This goes against everything my guidance has been telling me. Of course, it’s pretty hard to say that thousands of years of wisdom is wrong, it’s pretty presumptuous. But if we want change, we have to change our ideas. Remember that these ideas of the yugas were formulated during the time of the Dwapara yuga and the Kali yuga cycles on earth, when we had already seriously fallen away, according to the theory itself, from understanding.  So maybe there is something missing from this wisdom!

 If you look at the blue diagram called “the cycle of the yugas” on the google images page, you’ll see that the Satya yuga on earth – the time of greatest understanding – was around 11,500 BC. This is precisely the time that Graham Hancock, and other researchers, have set for the building of the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx. We know that back then, we had knowledge of elegant and sophisticated technology that could lift huge 100 ton stones and place them on top of each other. People who have studied this stuff with an open mind reject utterly the materialist nonsense that Egyptian slaves using pulleys and ramps  somehow were able to perform miracles of engineering that we couldn’t even do today. But of course, when you are mired in materialist stupidity, your understanding is pretty low and the only explanations you can come up with must reflect that level of understanding.

All right, let’s look a little closer at this idea that the yuga cycles, although a very elegant explanation for the rise and fall of civilizations on earth, may not be the full story. Let’s stretch our mental and spiritual horizons  and look for reasons why civilizations out there can advance from a materialist understanding to a spiritual one without the dependency on material forces. For it is evident, if Dr. Greer is correct and there are spiritually advanced races out there, that these civilizations must have overcome whatever yuga cycles they were living under. They must have been able to transcend them somehow.

Of course there is the theory that this entire sector of the universe has simply degraded, that we are in a sort of half-light continuum where we are just dumb and that we aren’t coming out of it any time soon. But again this is a defeatist philosophy.  It says there’s nothing we can do about our condition. Any successful person knows that is nonsense. You can ALWAYS do something about your condition. Collectively, the human race can do something about its condition.

In the first place, we know we are connected to a virtual, or subtle universe of information that is superposed onto the physical universe. This is diagrammed by the yin-yang symbol, a very powerful symbol that goes way beyond the idea of duality, or male-female. We did a show on that last summer.  One of these days I’m going to write a paper on that and post it up on my website.

Anyway, the ancient pyramid builders had access to this knowledge, this subtle knowledge that goes beyond the materialist and the physical, because back then they had greater understanding. Well, what is understanding? Is it materially based? When you have a flash of insight or intuition, is that because some random collection of neurons suddenly integrated together? Well, that’s what the materialists would have you believe. But a correct definition of consciousness tells us that the incarnated spirit has the ability to reach into this virtual world of understanding, and pull out of it whatever it wants.

This is the key datum to restoring a golden age on earth.

If you don’t believe something is possible, you never even think of it. You never even try. Well, I’m here suggesting that it is possible, and that we do try. Or, we could just resign ourselves to being dummies!

Let’s get the idea that a collective of 7 billion incarnated spirits has a little power, a little influence, on this superposed virtual reality. Otherwise, let’s just admit we are dumb materialists and not even try. We’ll just stay locked in this density, or wait a couple of thousand years for the solar system to move into a more advantageous position. I say, to hell with that.

We’ve talked on the show before about how 7 billon people, if they even have a vague idea that they want something, can exert a powerful vibrational force upon the planetary holographic field of subtle energy. Within this field, my guidance tells me, is the knowledge that the ancient pyramid builders, during the previous Satya yuga, used to build these amazing monuments. One theory I’ve read is that these amazing structures – pyramids, mounds, monuments, and other man-made structures, were built with a specific purpose – to hold the energetic lines of the earth together during the dumb times of the Dwapara and Kali yugas.

If you study the work of Carl Munck, he points out that every one of these structures has been placed at specific coordinates on the earth’s surface – not randomly.  He invented a science called archeo-cryptography.  I have three of his books. One is called The Code, in which he lays out the science and the math for archeo-cryptography.

The other two I have are Whispers from Time, Vols 1 and 2. These are some of the best books I have ever read.  You don’t need to know math – if you can add, subtract, divide, and multiply, you can understand everything in these books.  Carl Munck is an unrecognized genius – but of course that’s always what happens in an age of materialism. You are in for a treat if you can find these books. Mr. Munck says, summing up his philosophy, “mathematics maps it, light and vibration creates it, evolution allows it, change develops it, and harmonics maintains it.”

In these books Mr. Munck maps out the precise location of each of the famous pyramids and mounds on the earth, and how they intelligently relate to each other. Maybe we’ll do a show on these books (or multiple shows) sometime. I’d encourage to get these books and read them if you want  to stretch your understanding of our planet.

Proceeding along with the idea that the physical universe is actually intelligently programmed from the virtual realm, and this virtual realm is accessible from the physical, let’s take a look at some interesting facts. The distance from the sun to the earth is approx 108 times the diameter of the sun, and the distance from the earth to the moon is approx 108 times the diameter of the moon. 108 is the interior angle made by the edges of a pentagon.  And the pentagon is composed exclusively of phi ratios, or golden ratios.

The human body is designed along the phi ratio. Life on earth is designed around this golden ratio! In the magazine Nature a couple of years ago, the cover story was about the shape of the universe being a dodecahedron – which is composed of 12 pentagonal faces. The dodecahedron is the 3 dimensional counterpart to the pentagon – it is composed of phi ratio or golden section ratios. If you are interested in this stuff you can read my book, “A Geometric Analysis of the Platonic Solids and other semi-regular Polyhedra.”

Let’s go deeper. Sadhguru, the Indian teacher, points out in one of his lectures that the number of breaths that a normal, healthy person takes is 15 per minute. Multiply that by 60 and you get 900 breaths per hour. Multiply that by 24 and you get 21,600 breaths per day.  Now it is a curious fact (not so curious, says Sadhguru) that if you imagine the earth out in space and you draw a circle around the equator, that circle will contain 360 degrees. All circles contain 360 degrees. You make little lines of longitude up and down from the equator and you have divided the earth into 360 sections. Now, each of those 360 degrees, if you again divide by 60, contains 60 minutes of arc. Each of these minutes of arc equals one nautical mile. So the total circumference of the earth, at the equator, is 21,600 nautical miles. This is also the number of breaths a normal healthy person takes every day. Which means that the very design of the planet, and human biology, is inextricably linked.

A materialist will dismiss this with a scoff, but who cares about these guys. We are living in a planet that has been designed for human life, and our very biology, and by extension our consciousness, affects this beautiful orb we live on.

The relationship between the earth and the life upon it is symbiotic. We are interconnected. That is the idea of the Gaia Hypothesis, which we discussed on an earlier show. This is one of probably many ways in which human biology is linked to the planet. And that is why, as we have been saying on the show, messing with our biology is a dangerous thing to do. The Transhumanists (read materialists), in their ignorance, are messing with something that is way beyond their understanding.  We need to enhance and celebrate our biology if we want to advance into this golden age that is waiting for us.

Let’s get back to that. The idea of this week’s show is that we don’t have to wait for thousands of years, when the earth is more in-line with the GCS, or when the solar system enters a particular area of space, to create our golden age. Consciousness has the ability to interface with the virtual universe, with all of its higher dimensions and dimensional data, just as our ancestors did when they built the pyramids. This is the power of changing belief systems.

What Ascension is all about is simply changing our belief systems. And of course, getting over the main limiting belief that “it’s impossible,” or “it’s a new age pipe dream,” or, “are you nuts?”
If you can’t imagine something you can’t create it. If you can imagine  something, you can create it. It’s as simple as that.  

OK, so we’re are sitting in a gold mine. There are rich chunks of virtual ore lying about all over the place, all we have to do is reach out and grab a few. We are sitting in a subtle energy field that is just waiting for us to wake up and begin to utilize it.

Can you imagine what a conscious intention to access this field might produce? Well, we’ve never tried it broadly, except  for experiments like the TM experiment, where hundreds of people meditated on peace. Then the crime rate went down. Oh yeah, just coincidence! Nope. We can also use this idea to do stuff like access higher physical or scientific laws. This has never been done because our science thinks it’s just stupid and moronic. Well, I wonder what would happen if a bunch of really smart scientists came together with the intention of accessing information from this field. We might make some spectacular discoveries. 

I want to leave you with this excerpt from Marshall vian Summers. If you’ve listened to this show for any length of time, or are following events on the planet, you know how powerful thought is, how powerful beliefs are. Well, here are some words of wisdom for us:

“The ability to influence thought” is the title of this excerpt. It says,

“The forces and groups who are here today represent several different alliances. These different alliances are not united with each other in their efforts. Each alliance represents several different racial groups who are collaborating for the purpose of gaining access to your world’s resources and maintaining this access. These different alliances are, in essence, competing with each other though they are not at war with one another. They see your world as a great prize, something they want to have for themselves. This creates a very great challenge for your people, for the forces who are visiting you not only have advanced technology, but also strong social cohesion and are able to influence thought in the mental environment. You see, in the Greater Community, technology is easily acquired, and so the great advantage between competing societies is the ability to influence thought. This has taken on very sophisticated demonstrations. It represents a set of skills that humanity is only beginning to discover. As a result, your visitors do not come armed with great weapons or with armies or with armadas of vessels. They come in relatively small groups, but they possess considerable skill in influencing people.”
 -- Passage from The Allies of Humanity, Book One.

These are good words, because they emphasize the power of thought and influence, and the mental plane, which the human race is just beginning to be aware of. We now know that we don’t need technology to advance evolutionally. What we need is to discover the power of consciousness, of thought, and the amazing gifts we’ve been given by Gaia. To understand our spiritual potential, to stay true to ourselves, and not be swayed by propaganda or “advanced technology.”

All that takes is to open our mental and spiritual horizons a little, and we can literally create a golden age on earth.




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