December 2014

Vol 9, #12

The purpose of the Big Picture Newsletter is to celebrate the spiritual nature of human beings. We are dedicated to dissolving the myth of the randomness of life, and the biological nature of consciousness. We believe that every human being is an aspect of God, a powerful creator and orchestrator of his or her life experience.


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The Human Family

(blog post)


On earth, families can be extensive. But there is a big difference between a human family and a spiritual family of humanity as a whole. Let’s think beyond the box of petty materialism, which does not acknowledge anything beyond the five senses of the body. The Game is much bigger than that!

The Game presupposes that human beings have enough self-awareness to see beyond the limited box of the body’s sensory apparatus. The Game could be summarized thusly: Can you get beyond primitive materialism and become aware of the spiritual component of the spirit-mind-body framework? The body’s senses are designed to interpret the vibrational soup of reality; the body is designed to tell a human being: “this is what is, reality is only what I am filtering through the receptor cells of the body. All else is illusion.”

But the Game is actually the reverse. The illusion is that which is interpreted by the body, the reality is a dynamic, multidimensional universe which can only be perceived when self-awareness rises to the point of recognition that there is an entire multiverse outside the body’s perception, and the (current) instruments of science. I hate to use an overused cliche, but the universe is quantum and non-linear. Materialism is strictly linear, because the body’s senses interpret life that way. Quantum merely means that what we see with our scientific instruments is but a linear snapshot of an ever changing vibrational reality that can link one end of the universe to another, and can link all the universes in the multiverse. Earth science is a primitive barbarism, content to smugly assert its superiority as the only true information system in the universe. But that is part of the Game, ladies and gentlemen! Throughout human history, myopic belief systems and information systems have held humanity back. But now, all of the nodes in the physical human network are beginning to buzz with excitement, and the recognition of the spiritual component. Humanity is waking up!

I’ve explained the reason for this before, as 7 billion merkabas interact with each other and the earths own merkaba. This process is inevitable, it is bound to speed up faster and faster as the spiritual system enters a chaotic state and then settles down to a higher level.

That’s where the family comes in. Whether your family is large or small, human families are karmically based.[1] By that I mean we have not been the first civilization to inhabit the earth. Several times before we have imploded as a species, and that has left strong imprints within the human consciousness. These imprints are all about inevitable failure, about not making it, about a sense of doom. These imprints affect the entire human family; all souls who have ever had a lifetime here. These imprints then filter down into physical human families. Over thousands of years, human families have been burdened with this overlay. This is the origin of “original sin,” and other concepts that say human beings are flawed from the moment they incarnate on earth. 

Thus there is the large human family, the consciousness of humanity as a whole that includes both incarnated and nonphysical human personalities. And there are physically incarnated human families as well, which we have all experienced. Physical human families are subsets of the larger human family. Throughout thousands of years, these physical human families have themselves developed karmic relationships, as lifetime after lifetime brother becomes sister, mother and father became the children. Murder, betrayal, and all of the other negative emotions have been experienced by everyone in the family. Family members incarnate, trying to break the cycle of karma from previous lives, but it has been a battle, for human culture has been so long mired in memes of conflict, struggle, and a lack of self-awareness.

Essentially, karma (in its negative aspect) is created by human belief systems. The belief that problem resolution can only occur through conflict and war, for example, (like actors reading their lines) creates experiences of murder, betrayal, and all of the other negative aspects of society. It’s not “human nature,” it’s “human belief systems.” Human nature has always been and always will be based in well-being, for consciousness itself is love and well-being.

The non-incarnated portion of the human family, whom we call the angels and guides, has been trying for millennia to contact us during our physical lifetimes, and they have done as good a job as possible. But the truth is that we cannot perceive the angels unless we ourselves rise vibrationally to meet them. And thus the play of family karma has gone on, century after century, in every part of the world. How many physical human families are there? Thousands and thousands. But here is the good news: the Human Family – the nonphysical as well as the incarnated portion, has decided to finally get us over the hump. Collectively, physical human beings and all of the human angels have decided to populate this planet to the maximum extent. ALL who have ever had a lifetime here are present, and even more who have never done so before. It is a monumental effort to stir the vibrational pot, excite the subtle energy of consciousness, and ignite a greater understanding of Spirit. These are the exciting times we live in today!

“But,” you say, “if that is true why are we going backward instead of forward?”

One of the reasons we have not yet reached true fourth-level consciousness is because it is necessary to work through the built-up karma over the millennia. You see, in the physical universe you don’t get a free ride, because of all of the experiences stored in the akashic records.  The saying, “you made your bed now go lie in it,” applies. At our present level we don’t get to wave a magic wand and say, “karma, karma, go away.” Actually that COULD happen if enough of us woke up. But right now we are working up to that point. We ARE making progress working through the old energy, it sometimes jut appears we aren’t.

What does it mean to say, “working through the old energy?’ It just means that the millions of karmic acts that have been perpetrated through the years get stored in the planetary grids, or akashic grids. Everything that has ever happened on the planet has been stored, both good and bad. Imagine how many murders, betrayals, etc. have occurred since the last Ice Age? Well, good acts counteract (dissolve) bad ones, but there is, apparently, still some negative energy on the other side of the akashic ledger. That energy must be resolved in the physical, for that is where the energy was created and where it is stored. In other words, true fourth-level consciousness of peace and cooperation can’t happen unless the vibration of human consciousness is high enough. Apparently, negative energy on the other side of the ledger can lower the collective vibe enough to prevent a collective awareness of the fundamental worth of every human being and life form. This awareness is the definition of collective cooperation and harmony.

What’s happening on earth is that the various human families are working through their collective karma. The increase in “spiritual background energy” from 7 billion incarnated souls is breaking down barriers between human families, and is allowing the formation of a collective consciousness. The advances in communications and electronic communication in the physical is a reflection of this non-physical impetus toward cooperation and harmony at the fourth (species, planetary) level.

Does it seem strange to say that there are spiritual (non-physical) human families that interact on earth but then come together after “death” to plan the next lifetime(s)? Only if you are stuck in adolescent materialism. Materialism is simply consciousness dumbed-down. Getting beyond materialism is just a basic prerequisite for a human civilization, it’s like saying that you can’t get to work unless you first get out of bed.

Human families are acting out dramas and stored akashic energy from previous civilizations (and the present one, of course). This is an incredibly complex game. The interactions and the issues that are being resolved aren’t known to the participants, because we are still for the most part “behind the veil,” meaning that most of us still haven’t twigged on our spiritual origins. So it’s a rough ride sometimes, as the participants work out the karmic threads from previous lifetimes. That’s why we have 7 billion on the planet now. As we’ve said before, all of these merkabas interacting with each other and the planetary merkaba is creating an increase in subtle, or virtual energy that is providing an energetic push to help the various human families resolve their issues.

Nothing happens by accident. What appears to be merely coincidental – the rapid population expansion on planet earth – of course has purely physical explanations. But the true nature of this monumental planetary event goes beyond the Body Reality and into the non-physical realm. It has been carefully planned, even though no one in the physical knows the outcome, or how long it will take. That’s the exciting part – the free will inherent to consciousness means that the future can’t be predicted!

The human family includes both physically incarnated human beings, and the consciousness (Native State personalities) that have been hanging around this planet since it came “online” for human life. Science tells us, of course, that planets and stars form randomly from clouds of gases left over from the Big Bang, and if life does evolve on a planet, it is completely arbitrary. But this is only the physical side of the story. What happens on the non-physical level? Well, planets are prepared for billions of years to accept physical life forms. The process is not random, it is planned from the non-physical and executed in the physical. The evolution of planets to accept life has been going on for billions and billions of years. The earth, for example is approximately 4.54 billion years old. When did quasi-human life first appear on the planet? Several million years ago, if the fossil record is to be believed. The species Homo (homo habilis, homo erectus, homo heidelbergensis) first appeared approximately 2.5 million years ago, according to the fossil record.  So quasi- human life has existed on the earth for approximately one-one-thousandth of the earth’s life span. Homo sapiens, the modern human, has only been on the earth for about one hundred thousand years, or one ten-thousandth of the age of the earth.  Modern man has been around for even less time.

Intelligent life, apparently, is a very, very recent phenomena in the life of a planet.

Now let’s look at the evolution of a planet from the perspective of consciousness. If all earth-like planets take billions of years to evolve, then what is consciousness doing for all that time? Well, we know that time is a physical construct. Time arises from movement in space; and we can’t say that “time does not exist” in the non-physical, for there may be non-physical playgrounds in which movement, or a facsimile of movement, occurs. Let us say that time in a physical universe such as ours is entirely different from time in the non-physical sense, because consciousness has access to any physical portal at any time, somewhat like a computer operating system has access to any location in the computer’s memory at any time. In that sense, consciousness can enter the physical at any time in history, in a “random access” fashion. If you imagine a gigantic filmstrip, a mile long, that represents the history on earth, consciousness can go to any one of the frames and enter it any time it wants. That is the power of consciousness.

And so the human family didn’t have to wait around for 4.54 billion years, as physical beings conceive it.  That is simply so much time that no physical being can possibly conceive of it. From the non-physical, the time factor is much different! But let’s say that the consciousness associated with the newly-forming and evolving earth had enough “time” to plan.   Let’s say that the earth was created by consciousness for a purpose, and that evolving planets don’t “just happen,” but are part of some amazing divine plan. Something as complex as a planet, with its weather and ecosystems, can’t “just happen,” there has to be some intelligence and planning behind it. It takes a lot of knowledge to build a planet!

Physical human families are created from the larger human family as physical beings interact and associate with one another. The history of the various physical human families is incredibly complex, obviously, and it is all stored somewhere in the earth’s holographic information field, hidden from the Body Reality. The planning sessions of the non-physical human family are also known at the non-physical level, again hidden away from purely physical beings. However, when we “graduate” out of the Body Reality and begin to recognize our spiritual origins, we will be able to see these non-physical aspects more and more clearly. This is when an adolescent species like humanity grows up and becomes a true civilization!

In other words, there are wonders in store for us as we wake up. The true history of the planet will be open to our inspection, for example, and the awareness, from the physical, of a great deal of information from the non-physical. All spiritually advanced races get to this point, which seems like a ridiculous pipe dream to us now.

But it isn’t a pipe dream! It’s simply what happens when a species rejects the sillyness of materialism and finally begins to participate in the Bigger Game. We said at the beginning that the most basic aspect of the Game was to get beyond the Body Reality and into an awareness of what consciousness is, and how physical beings connect to the non-physical. Once you begin to conceptualize and think along these lines, you can see that the “veil,”  or the hidden information systems and awareness beyond the Body Reality, is just the limitations of human belief systems. The world opens up to you (sometimes painfully, because you can see clearly what can be, and what is!) you can see that the current limitations of human thinking are just that: adherence to outmoded and outdated belief systems that, once transcended, will open up universes to human understanding!

The Golden Age of humanity and the planet earth are within our reach now.

[1] I’m using “karmic” here because it is well-understood, and because “karma” implies that a being may have had many lifetimes, with their attendant experiences, all of which are stored in the earth’s “akashic records.” But what I REALLY mean by karma is not something negative that attaches to a physical being when he or she reincarnates on earth, but simply “the record of experiences that has been recorded in the akash.” By karma I mean “impression,” not “ negative stuff that is going to come back around and hit you.”







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