December 2013

Vol 8, #12

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Beyond the Light and the Dark

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
11/ 6/ 2013

Last week we talked about the spiritual concept of Light and Dark being itself a duality. In my seminars and classes I was always taught that spiritually we want to avoid the dark and go to the light. But on further inspection, we can see that light and dark are two contrasting terms on the opposite ends of a spectrum.

Last week we said that the two ends of the  spectrum (duality) were connected, and that this spiritual concept was really a circle, and that the dark and the light were inextricably bound together. Inextricably means, you can’t get them apart.

And that is the problem with thinking in terms of light and dark.

We are not talking about the physical universe here; we are talking about spirit, or consciousness, which is entirely non-physical. Let’s define consciousness to mean a native state (spirit) being associated with a body. This is helpful because we see that a human being is an immortal spirit, or native state being, that has decided to associate with a physical body. Right away we eliminate the biggest False Datum of mankind: that self-awareness is biologically based.

This one belief has, like a cancer, infected the belief systems of the human race and has caused us to get all sorts of silly and destructive ideas about ourselves: that we are unworthy, that the universe is cold and lifeless, that scarcity and struggle and fighting are natural laws. All of these ideas begin to disappear, like a warm breeze over a frozen pond, when we have the correct idea of who we are. It is very important that we recognize that there is a huge, vast, multiverse outside the very limited bandwidth, or perception, of the 5 human senses.

We did a program about that a few weeks ago. We said that the function of the body was to narrow perception down to a few, very solid and very real frequencies, so that we could live in a univcrse  that seemed so real that we couldn’t conceive of anything else. Well, that is precisely what is going on here on earth, and probably this sector of the universe as well, if what I read is to be believed. It turns out, my guidance tells me, that all non-spiritual universes are interpreted realities.

By interpreted, we simply mean that the physical container or physical vehicle you are associated with filters out all of the bandwidth available to a Native State being (spirit) and creates a virtual reality. Yes, all physical universes are virtual realities, even though when you are IN them they appear to be the ONLY reality. We are getting closer and closer with our virtual gaming to this idea, but it is still a way off. The next step is to actually send your consciousness into that reality. That is precisely what you do when we incarnate into a physical body.

This was demonstrated very admirably on the SyFy channel’s show, Eureka, in season 5. I am convinced that this is the reason the show was taken off the air. Those who have the agenda to continue the old paradigm of thought don’t like the idea that it is possible to send your awareness across the physical universe to another area of space/time. This, of course, implies that self-awareness is non-physical, which violates the precious, and basic, meme of the artificial reality we currently live in on earth: that man is meat. That self-awareness comes from the brain and that when you die, you are dead.

Of course, anyone with any awareness at all knows that this is nonsensical, even though we cannot prove it objectively. Nevertheless, this idea has gained hold over the centuries, as science has successfully investigated the physical universe, and has invalidated the idea of anything that cannot be measured or observed with physical instrumentation.

Those with enough awareness know that the quintessential property of YOU is an immortal, immensely powerful non-physical being who is simply here to have a physical experience. Once you get your spiritual awakening, this sounds more and more mundane the more you say it, you know, it’s so obvious it’s like saying “during the day it’s brighter than during the night time.” Nevertheless, one of the reasons that the man is meat theory has gained precedence  is precisely because the physical body is such a great interpretive filter: We KNOW that the universe we can see with the 5 human senses is all there is. It’s so obvious that you would have to be a lunatic (so it is believed by those who buy into the Big Lie) to deny it. And, frankly, most of us came here just to have fun. These are the people under the fat part of the Bell curve, the one standard deviation of the population the conservatives used to call the “silent majority.”

These are the people who couldn’t care less about ideas like physical or non-physical. And that is because, again, this human body (and our human belief systems) are so great at making this experience (as the lawyer in Miracle on 34th Street says) “the one and only universe.”

Jenny says that this is what we signed up for and not to worry about it, it’s probably going to be like this forever, because that’s what the playground called earth is: “a considerable challenge” as Sherlock Holmes once said to Watson when confronting a particularly difficult case.

Well, that’s all fine and good except that the human race is rapidly evolving out of the group consciousness (3rd level consciousness) which has provided the justification for the “Wild West” version of earth. The Wild West mentality is the “every man for himself” worldview. Third level consciousness can never, by definition, evolve past the group. Groups get together and they compete against other groups at the third level. That’s where we are now on earth, all you have to do is look at a political map of the planet to see how much we are fragmented into groups.

The evolution to the third level was a great step forward, but we can no longer hold on to that level. We are evolving to the fourth, or planetary level of consciousness, when groups and individuals come together in the understanding that humanity must be good stewards for our planet, and realize the full creative potential of the human race. It’s either going to go that way, ladies and germs, or it’s going to go the other way: toward a deprecated “collective security” mentality and the creation of a drone planet, where a few at the top issue orders and the rest follow. This drone planet is perfectly illustrated in the new Fox series, Almost Human. If this is the future you want, then do nothing and hang on for the ride, because that’s where we’re headed if we don’t wake up.

All right, the point is that all physical universes are interpreted realities, and that self-awareness is immortal and non-physical.  These two concepts alone, if accepted, would be enough to totally turn around our belief systems and align them with universal truth.

The reason this is so important is that the human race is now bumping up against the idea of resource depletion. So even if you think that your awareness is biologically based, even you have to admit that humanity has to come together more and cooperate more to create a sustainable society for the next several millennia. But it’s going to be so much easier if we just admit the truth! And the truth is that a human being (and all life forms) are spirit associated with a body. And by Spirit we mean the incredible, multi-faceted and unbelievably intelligent awareness that animates and fills the universe. A Native State being (if you read my book Dialogues Conversation with My Higher Self) is simply an aspect of this universal intelligence.

How does this happen? How do native state personalities become aware? Well, that will be the subject of another show. But let’s just say that there is a subtle nudge from the One consciousness, a spiritual need perhaps, or as one of Ken’s favorite channelers says, a sort of “divine discontent.” In other words, there is a need for another viewpoint to experience in the all-that-is, and a new aspect, or native state being, comes forth from the One. Then this being (you and me) get to go around wherever we want and experience in whatever universe in the multiverse seems attractive to us. Because of this divine impulse that created another native state personality, all of us have a soul purpose, or an inherent purpose.

This purpose, in places like earth, is so firmly buried it’s like trying to uncover an ancient burial site underneath a mile of sand and rock. But the good news is that thought is so ephemeral, and the decisions and intentions of native state beings in bodies (human beings) is so powerful that it can penetrate that mile of garbage and have, instantly, a spiritual awakening. That’s what is happening to more and more of us as we have entered the window of evolution to make the jump to 4th level consciousness.

So the point is that we are a couple of thoughts and decisions away from realizing our true potential and creating a new society on earth. This is a very realistic and practical prospect now, as more and more of us are “twigging” on who we are. And it’s one of the reasons we are seeing an increased polarization, as the dark tries desperately to convince us that we are just meat. You see, these guys are afraid. They only know one paradigm: the control paradigm, the scarcity paradigm, and they HAVE to be at the top of the pyramid.  But that’s OK, because, if we truly understand the physical and the spiritual relationship between the Light and  the Dark, it makes perfect sense.

There is one phenomenon connected with the Light and Dark paradigm that philosophers have understood for centuries: the Light, in order to vanquish the Dark, must of necessity communicate and reach out to the Dark. This creates the phenomenon of identity substitution; in other words, you become that which you are trying to change.

And so when you get spiritually involved in the Light/Dark dichotomy, you automatically set up a duality where you almost inevitably become the Dark, even when you have the best intentions. Because it gets very irritating when you show the Dark the reasonable and sane and wonderful way it could be, and you discover that the Dark is either deliberately obtuse, or just mind-numbingly stupid. Then you get angry and say, “all right, you are totally intransigent and unreasonable, let’s try this,” and you take out a baseball bat and begin to beat the guy over the head. But that just creates more mental mass, and more dark energy that enters the planetary grid. And so you get the scenario that we talked about last week, where the Dark is ascendant for a time (the barbarians overrun the city) and the Light is ascendant for a time (the periodic Golden Ages on earth, where peace reigns and scientific advancement and creativity flourishes).

What we’re trying to say this week is that the Light/Dark dichotomy brings this about. It’s why whenever you try to think positive, eventually the negative creeps in. What the Ascended Masters  and the prophets  on earth are trying to say, I believe, is that there is a level of spirituality beyond the Light and the accompanying Dark. And that is the state of being associated with serenity and pan-determinism. By pan-determinism I mean the complete understanding of both sides of an issue. This is not an earth-shattering concept, or something unattainable. Good diplomats and arbitrators and crisis counselors and marriage counselors are all skilled at this.  All reasonable people can see the other side of an issue. Where we go wrong is to rigidly assume one identity, on one side of the issue. This inevitably leads to conflict with the other side. Now, the assumption of an identity is a very powerful thing. You can see this idea illustrated in my movie, “The Unity of Spirit and Matter.”

But once you decide to identify with one side, you immediately have an interest in that side of the argument being successful. And when you assume one identity only, and this is very important, you automatically resist, even if slightly, the other side. And thus is conflict and struggle born.

This is the spiritual trap of the Light vs. the Dark.

Hey, if you asked me whether I’d prefer to live in the Light or in the Dark, I’d choose the Light anytime. And if somebody asked me to take my spiritual sword and  cut the head off the psychopath who is physically abusing children, I’d probably cheerfully cut the motherfucker into a thousand pieces. Man, it’s really exciting to get into that!  And, as Jenny says, it’s probably an inevitable result in every physical universe. But the point is that here on earth we’ve gone just a little overboard with the Wild West idea. It’s time to take a step back  and look at the big picture. We are at the perfect time to do this now, as we evolve spiritually out of the group consciousness and into the planetary consciousness.

The message this week is to take a step back from your individual life. Take a step back from the first three dynamics of life, and look at the fourth. (1st dynamic: self, 2nd, tribe and family and friends, 3rd, groups and nation states and cultures, fourth, planetary awareness or species awareness.) In your meditations, see the earth as a planetary system, and imagine not just human beings, but all of the other species and life forms on the planet. Try to connect with Gaia herself. When you do, you will know it! You will experience a very, very, very powerful grounding energy and a spiritual awareness that sees the galaxy and the universe as a whole. Because, you see, the planet earth is part of a solar system, and also part of the galaxy.

Just as human beings have the various dynamics of life, so too does the earth!

To Gaia, her first life dynamic is our 4th dynamic: the entire planet and all of the life and the ecosystems upon it.

Gaia’s second dynamic is the solar system of which it is a part, and the brother sun around which she revolves. This is Gaia’s family. If you pursue this further, you will reach some startling realizations!

Gaia’s 3rd dynamic is the stellar neighborhood surrounding her. Gaia’s 4th dynamic is the galaxy itself. Gaia is capable of seeing a universal perspective, through the portal of Sol, her brother sun. The sun is actually a portal of communication and travel to other areas of this universe, and well as other universes in the multiverse, and other dimensions.

To understand this, look at a cell. The biologist Bruce Lipton has shown that the intelligence of the cell is not in the nucleus (which contains the reproductive function) but in the cell membrane, which communicates with the outside world. So if you know what you are doing, you enter the sun’s holographic energy field and you are able to transport to other areas (you don’t have to actually ENTER inside the sun).

The solar system also has a membrane, as does the galaxy, and the universe itself. Remember the vision we had a few weeks ago, of the multiverse: beautiful little silver bubbles floating in a mist of well-being. And yes, it is possible to travel not only into other dimensions, but other universes. Well, it’s the same thing really.

In my SF Book The End of the Universe, I describe this membrane and what it looks like. It is, of course, subtle energy and not visible to the five human senses or science. In order to become aware of these things, we must make advancements out of our primitive beliefs and our primitive science. And by primitive science we don’t mean more technology! We mean the accessing of the spirit, and the perceptions that go along with that. There is an entire multiverse out there waiting for you, if you will just become a little more aware of yourselves and who you are!

The science you are about to discover blows away even the stuff in the black programs! This is the science of spiritually advanced races, ladies and gentlemen. This is the true science of space and interdimensional travel. It is all out there, and sitting in the holographic field of subtle energy that surrounds your planet. Gaia is very, very intelligent; she is an immense resource that you are completely ignoring.  Within the planetary envelope is information that can completely turn around your perception of yourselves and the universe around you.

But, you have to get to a certain level of awareness before you even acknowledge that there IS such a field, much less be able to access the information. Of course it is impossible, ludicrous even, from the perspective of just the 5 human senses. You have to wake up a little, just a little, and access that native state spirit that is who you are. In order to do that you must make the distinction between the body and the spirit. And that is why we have been harping on what Ken calls the Big Lie over the years this show has been on the air.

The first requisite to understanding the multiverse around you, and gaining the spiritual awareness to do so, is the understanding that you are a native state being. The shows we did on the yin-yang symbol illustrate this beautifully; the physical and the virtual, or non-physical, connected via the singularity at the center of the diagram. And that singularity, importantly, is accessible only through and by the spirit. So if you don’t have the idea you are a native state being, you are just running around in the physical universe like a chicken with its head cut off.  You think the physical universe is all there is, and that scarcity and struggle are simply universal laws. But nothing could be further from the truth!

All right, we have told you to step back and take a look at the big picture, from the 4th level of consciousness. We have tried to give you an idea of what the life dynamics of the planet herself look like, in order to help you get a broader perspective. Perhaps this will help you in your meditations.

We also wanted to emphasize again the idea of the spiritual dichotomy of Light and Dark, and how one inevitably leads to the other. We introduced the concept of pan-determinism, which is the ability to broaden your awareness to access all sides of an issue. This lets you step back from the identity or identities you have assumed in the game, and reach a more serene state of being that sees the bigger picture. And BTW, this state of being doesn’t mean you just sit around with a smile on your face and do nothing! No, a more pan-determined POV actually allows you to play the game more vigorously and more successfully, without becoming submerged in one side or the other. In other words, you retain your personal space and your personal POV, and your level of creativity goes way up as well.

OK, we think that is about it for the show this week, we have been babbling on long enough. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the show, and we’ll talk to you next week.




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