August 2014

Vol 9, #8

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Linearity, Non-linearity, Rationality, Irrationality

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
7/ 2/ 2014

This week I lost my wallet with all my credit cards and ID. It really sucked. Then the power went out after a severe thunderstorm, and it’s been down for a day. When stuff like that happens all at once, you wonder what you have been doing with your life. Did I attract this somehow, or are these two events entirely coincidental?

I’m a firm believer that there isn’t really any coincidence, meaning “accidental happening.” I believe that you direct your life via your thought and intent, and that co-incidence is merely the meeting up of situations  that you have attracted to you. But if that is true, then what is the relationship between loss of electricity from an event that the lawyers would call “an act of God,” and me losing my wallet? Logically, the two events cannot possibly be related.

However, we don’t live in a linear world, we live in a non-linear one. Day-to-day systems that we take for granted, like the weather, are actually dynamic, non-linear systems. They are very sensitive to changes. Logic itself is linear, one thing following logically in a linear sequence. But life, as we all know, isn’t entirely logical. Life is rational, but not always logical. In other words, the world exists, society exists, because any success we have relies on rational thinking, and avoiding irrational thinking. People society has trouble with act irrationally: the murder, they assault, they behave in ways that sane people cannot understand.

You could say that irrational people are behaving non-linearly, but this would be a huge mistake. Never confuse irrationality with non-linearity.

Behind all non-linear systems is some sort of intelligent design, or at least some purpose, and that purpose is benevolent. Irrationality is almost always destructive behavior; but non-linear systems have purpose behind them. For example, the weather I just experienced resulted in severe thunderstorms and some destruction of property. According to our definition, this could be classified as the system acting irrationally, but this is not the case. The temperatures were very hot and humid and now they are pleasantly cool. Any destruction was completely unintentional.

So part of the definition of irrational is intent. If you are walking down the street and somebody unintentionally bumps into you, spilling your drink, is this irrational? No, because there was no intent. If a crowded forest burns down, but then begins to grow again, this is nature’s way of continuing the life of the forest. All of the trees grow back and the forest continues its existence.

Taking intent into account is what the legal system does to try and assess culpability. If the person did not have intent but was responsible for a death, he’ll likely be charged with manslaughter. But if there is premeditation then intent is there and he may be charged with murder.

Now we just have to look at the situation and determine whether the underlying intent is for harm or for good. A materialist will say that nature is viscous and coldhearted, and operates on the principle of survival of the fittest. Here the intent is to describe nature, or physical systems, in the meanest way possible, leading to philosophies like “quit your whining, nobody cares. Suck it up and accept that your life sucks, and deal with it.”
But attitudes like this have an underlying intent of destruction, or at the very least, a complete lack of compassion or understanding for other life and other people.

The point I’m trying to make is that without an understanding of the virtual as well as the physical realm of existence,  relying totally on the physical for our understanding of existence, we are bound to invent philosophies of life that say that nature herself is cold and heartless. All one has to do is point to examples of destruction in nature to support this conclusion.  But then one misses the bigger picture. When one begins to look at nature, and life, from the opposite perspective – from the perspective that physical systems are benign and are designed to support life – one begins to clue into the idea that there is an invisible – but nonetheless real – virtual world  that is benevolent and exists alongside the physical universe.

There’s one thing about non-physicality, ladies and germs, and that is that there is no harm, no hurt involved. Physical beings can be hurt or harmed – the physical portion of a physical being. But something non-physical cannot have a perspective of harm because harm does not exist in the virtual realm. Harm or hurt or destruction cannot be part of the intent of the design of such a system, because, again, these ideas simply don’t exist, therefore, they cannot be part of any equation used to describe or design a system. Therefore, the non-physical world must be benign in all of its aspects.
If it is true that non-physical systems exist that have designed or templated or blueprinted the physical, then the underlying intention for all physical systems – and nature herself – must be rational and benign.

The argument against this is that there is no such thing as the non-physical or virtual world, that the universe we see around us has been created entirely randomly. This idea itself is clearly irrational, because we observe so much harmony and balance in nature. A creation as huge and complex as a planet with all of its life forms and ecosystems, which operate under parameters that consistently support life, must therefore have been designed to support life! And such a system must, therefore, be rational and benign by definition.
So, what we are saying is that the existence of a virtual or non-physical world that exists alongside the physical, observable world, must be a given, it must be assumed.  And so philosophies which do not so assume a benign intent behind physical systems must themselves be irrational, and possibly even destructive.

Why would life, or  consciousness, design a physical world that is destructive to life? Assuming this is irrational and self-defeating. It’s like a person arguing for their limitations; saying that she must be a bad person at the core. Assumptions like these are destructive, and intentional destruction is irrational. Life and physical systems are clearly not irrational, therefore philosophies like materialism are irrational ways to look at the world.
Far from being kooky or nutty, philosophies that look on the non-physical as valid are attempting to describe something that doesn’t exist at the dense level of material existence, but which nevertheless must exist in order for physical systems to behave rationally. These non-physical systems must exist because it is impossible to randomly design such a huge, complex system as a planet.  We’re on pretty firm ground here, I’d say.
So we’re describing a virtual world that is invisible to physical science, but which must exist anyway. This is what the yin-yang symbol is doing – telling us that this other facet of existence is real and that it is intimate and a necessary support to physical systems, and life itself.

This subject, while seemingly esoteric and unimportant, is actually the next stage in evolution of the human race. We’re going to understand that knowledge of this virtual world – which includes the earth’s proprietary information field – is vitally important to maintaining a sane civilization. In the past,  civilizations like Atlantis began to import data from this virtual field, but didn’t use it properly. But this time, we have finally learned our lesson !

All right, I started the program by asking whether two events that seem logically unrelated – losing power and losing a wallet – could be related in a non-linear world. And the answer to that, I think, is yes. You have to first assume that a person has control over the events that happen to him or her. We understand this now as the operation of the LOA. The LOA depends directly on understanding about this virtual world we’re talking about – because the nuts and bolts of its operation originate in this invisible field. In other words, if you believe in LOA, you have to believe that there is some kind of underlying substrate, invisible to the 5 human senses, that allows co-incidences to occur. And by co-incidence, I don’t mean “randomly occurring by accident.” I mean the coming together of two events or incidents  that are a match to a conscious being who is projecting a vibrational signature out into the universe – into this field of information.

Let’s take a closer look at this. Coincidence, “everybody knows” is simply accidental and random. Millions of people living together in cities is like Brownian motion in molecules, that’s the way we understand it. Because if it isn’t random jostling, then you have to explain how coincidences happen, and if you do that you are led inevitably beyond the Body Reality. 
People have to believe in the LOA because there is no scientific proof that it exists. There is really no broad, experimental evidence that such a thing can be. Yet millions do – not because they are gullible, as materialists would have us believe, but because they know within their inner being that this virtual world of consciousness and information exists, and that it is accessible.

We’re on the cusp between materialism and a new understanding of the universe – but that understanding isn’t going to come from studying matter and energy, it’s going to come from studying consciousness. And to do that we have to have a correct orientation toward consciousness.

We should have been able to figure this out – that studying the physical universe wasn’t going to answer the question of “What is Life?” What we do in science is to indirectly study consciousness by what consciousness has created.  Of course a scientist would disagree with that; a scientist would say that he’s just trying to figure out how the universe works. Sure, but once you delve deep enough into physics you begin to get a glimmering of the systems behind the physics – the laws that make matter and energy behave as they do. When you study physical laws you come across the idea of chaos and non-linearity. This leads you to suspect that the universe itself isn’t linear or mechanical, and it takes you away from materialism and into QM. And QM then leads you to the concept that the observer has an effect on the experiment. And once you’ve acknowledged that, it isn’t such a great leap to the idea of an overarching intelligence behind the laws of the universe. And from there it is not such a great leap to a non-physical Creative Principle. We’re going to discover this sometime during the next 50 years. I sure hope it comes within my lifetime.

So, can the loss of electricity and the loss of a wallet be explained non-linearly? They can, although the loss of a wallet is clearly more under one individual’s control than a destructive thunderstorm. The vibrational signals of many individuals collectively can have a profound effect on the weather, itself a non-linear system. BUT, a vibration that is resonating to the loss of something important is also congruent with the loss of something else important – electricity – through the vehicle of a thunderstorm.  I can tell you that my fine Irish temper has been getting the better of me too often over the past couple of months. Getting mad at others for their perceived failures is not so far away from getting mad at oneself for perceived failures, because in both cases one is feeling anger. That negative emotion is present within you, in other words, in both cases. Failure and loss are connected – fail means lose, and lose means fail. Vibrationally this makes sense, even though logically one can find no connection between the weather and a wallet!

The point is that logic only goes so far in life, because life is non-linear. The linearity we see is a special case within a non-linear system. That non-linearity is part and parcel of the virtual universe, the world of information, that coexists within the physical.
What’s the difference between linear and non-linear thinking?

Non-linear thinking is inclusive. It leads to the philosophy of “we’re all in this together.” Non-linearity is holistic and holographic  – it includes every part   of this system, even if it cannot be observed that all elements are participating.  On the other hand, linear thinking is exclusive, and leads to a more “it‘s all about me” approach. It sees the universe a more of a clockworks, where everybody has to march in lockstep if anything is going to get done. The clock doesn’t work if the gears have minds of their own! But in a non-linear system the time piece may be quantum mechanical,  and operate in ways not obvious at all to a linear thinker.

Linear thinking says that postulating an eternal, timeless Creative Principle (a non-linear concept) is mere speculation because there is no “proof.” But what if that proof lies outside the linear box of materialism and science? This is the catch-22 that all developing planetary societies eventually face. It is logically inconsistent, because the proof lies in the area that is unproven within the linear model of the universe. It requires a leap from logic and into intuition, into a non-linear realm that lies completely beyond proof. This leap from logic has been called “faith,” because it requires us to recognize something spiritual, something beyond the 5 human senses. But advancement to a true civilization requires us to do so! This is precisely the situation the human race is in now. It’s what we have been calling the leap to 4th-level consciousness. 

Dear listeners, just because 98% of the human race is unaware of these issues does not mean that they are not very important. We are facing them right now. And, as usual, it will be a very small percentage of the population – that part which is becoming more aware of spirituality and the higher self --  that does the heavy lifting. This work is quiet work. It involves meditation and mindful living. I’ll give you an example from my own life.

I remarked above that my fine Irish temper flares up too much and causes me to be angry where calmness would serve me better. Well, I decided to do something about that. I have tried and tried affirmations and mantras but none of them have worked for me, until I came up with the word “lighthearted.”  This word and its vibration are exactly what I need more of in my life. I tend to be too serious. And so, for the past week, I have been repeating this word over and over in my daily life, and trying to feel that vibe. It’s been working! I’m less serious and more cheerful. I’m not shouting to the rooftops, I’m not trying to reeducate others, I’m just going through life living more in the vibration of lightheartedness. This is the sort of lightwork – working on yourself – that is and is making a big difference on the planet.

Remember, we’re all connected through the holographic planetary grid. What individuals put out into that grid will become available to everyone on the planet! The system is set up to allow us to literally boost ourselves up by our own bootstraps. The system is designed to respond to individuals, and to allow individuals to affect the whole. In order to take advantage of it we have to think non-linearly, and to recognize who we are fundamentally – divine consciousness incarnated on earth, having a physical experience.

The system we are living in – the physical-virtual system – can only be used to its greatest advantage by beings who have woken up enough to understand that there is more to life than physicality and logic. Spiritual healing, intuition, compassion, love, all of these things have their basis in consciousness, in non-linearity, in the deeper recognition of self and its relationship to the One.



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