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The Duality

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
7/ 31/ 2013

STS = Service to Self. The Old Paradigm of Thought. STO = Service to Others. Individual freedom combined with a helpful and cooperative attitude toward others.

Bradley Manning and the NSA are back in the news this week. PFC Manning, who released the video of a US Apache helicopter gunning down Iraqi civilians and two Reuters journalists, eventually found it’s way to Wikileaks.

Manning pleaded guilty to releasing the material and was later charged by the Obama administration with “aiding the enemy.” The verdict of not guilty was handed down yesterday. An NSA spokesman also stated unequivocally this week that the NSA doesn’t spy on American citizens.

However, Senator Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said today that the NSA claims to have foiled 57  terrorist attempts in its surveillance program was not true. The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing titled “Strengthening Privacy Rights and National Security: Oversight of FISA Surveillance Programs.”  We talked about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act  a couple of weeks ago, and the FISA court. The NSA has been accused by whistleblowers of not only spying on foreigners, but also US citizens  In a statement released today by his office, Senator Leahy weighs in on this.

He says,
“Last month, many Americans learned for the first time that Section 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act – has for years been secretly interpreted to authorize the collection of Americans’ phone records on an unprecedented scale.” So we can see that outfits like the NSA are working behind the scenes to establish a control paradigm not only for the US, but also for the planet.

Remember, the Utah Data Center is scheduled to be quietly completed in September 2013, just a few short weeks away. This is big news, and we’ve talked a little bit about it in recent shows.

It’s often not the big, public events that are most important (like the terrible bombing at the Boston Marathon), but what happens behind the scenes, and the Utah Data Center is a huge leap backward for freedom, and a rather large attempt by the STSers to force their control agenda down the throats of the world. I say world because this data center will have the ability to monitor communications planet-wide. And of course, you will see absolutely no mention  of this facility on the so-called “news” programs that are broadcast every night. There will be very little, or no mention at all, of a facility that will have potentially a profound effect on the lives of the people of earth. That’s what a hidden agenda is all about, ladies and germs!  A hidden agenda relies on lies and stealth. It is clear that the NSA is not coming clean on its spying activities.

And what happens to whistleblowers like PFC Manning and Edward Snowden? They are hounded and their lives are wrecked. Look at what happened to chief State Dept spokesperson PJ Crowley in March. Crowley called PFC Manning’s treatment at the Quantico, Virginia, Marine Corps brig “ridiculous and counterproductive and stupid.” He was forced to resign shortly after making this statement. The question is, who forces people like Crowley to resign? Who hounds guys like Snowden and other whistleblowers and makes their lives miserable, all because they told the truth? Well again, we have an extra-governmental private network influencing the planet. It’s goals are to establish a deprecated fourth-level consciousness for humanity. We’ve been mentioning current events to show that this isn’t just conspiracy talk. And we’re talking about this because we are evolving to a planet-wide level of organization and awareness as we speak. The people of earth must wake up and demand cooperation and proper allocation of resources and information.

We’ve mentioned before that the human population is approaching fourth-level consciousness. It’s not a question of will we ever come together, just when and what form our planetary society will take. Well, the STSers behind the Utah Data Center, for example, want to create a society of Borg with you and me as the Borgees, and themselves as the puppet masters. I’m not talking about anything earth-shattering here. This period of time has been a major topic of the science-fiction genre for the past 70 years – we’ve seen authors like Phillip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, and others write about this period in history when the human race will attain a planetary consciousness. Most of these speculative authors predicted some sort of apocalypse, or a future where a deprecated human race would be under the influence of an STS type of soulless existence.

Well, they reckoned without the internet and instant messaging. You see, the duality has its dark side and its light side. The so-called “news” informs us almost exclusively about the dark side of the duality: war, crime, poverty, injustice, etc., all with the excuse that “only hard news sells.” This is complete bullshit. Our planet’s mass media emphasizes the dark side of human life because it is under the influence of the dark side of the duality. I mean, duh, is that a surprising statement? 

You know, I don’t care anymore, I’m just going to keep saying that our planet is under the influence of an extra-governmental private organization controlled by the STS types. Notice I didn’t say “controlled by an extra-governmental private organization,” because that simply is not true. However, it is true that we are being INFLUENCED by these guys and their hidden agenda. That is where the NSA and the Utah Data Center come in. And everything else we’ve been  talking about for the past several weeks under the heading of persuasion and propaganda.

When I looked up Utah Data Center on Wikipedia I found a short and very well-referenced article that I’m going to read to you. This version of the article may not stand if it conflicts too much with the mainstream version of events. Remember that anybody can post to Wikipedia and edit the articles, but there is of course a board of reviewers that will shoot down edits they don’t like. I discovered this back in 2008 when I read an article on Operation Mockingbird on Wikipedia. When I went back to copy the article 15 minutes later, it had had been completely revised. The original article stated that Mockingbird was a CIA attempt to control what was published in major newspapers and the news networks, but it stated that the operation was ongoing to this day. We know this is true from Robert Trumbull Crowley’s book “Conversations with the Crow.” Crowley was the Deputy Director of the Clandestine Operations Division of the CIA, and worked under James Jesus Angleton. He states blatantly that the NYT’s little blurb “all the news that’s fit to print” was literally true. Anyway, I was amazed when I went back to the article not 15 minutes later to find that it had been revised to say that Operation Mockingbird did exist but that of course it had been shut down and that the news outlets in the US are free to print anything they’d like. If you believe that I have a nice used car I’d like to sell you!

Anyway, the article has been re-revised several more times and it now reads like the standard mish-mash you can find on any respectable news site in the matrix.
If you look on Wikipedia  for articles on alternative medicine, ETs and UFOs, or any other sensitive subject, you will see how the articles are all framed to support the official frame. We talked about framing last week. Framing comes form the social sciences, and describes a process whereby information is structured. In other words, in an official frame only articles that support the mainstream are presented, thus skewing the information very subtly toward only one POV.

But back to the Wikipedia article on the Utah Data Center. Here is what is says as of Tuesday July 30 2013 at 2pm:

“The Utah Data Center, also known as the Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative Data Center,[1] is a data storage facility for the United States Intelligence Community that is designed to store extremely large amounts of data, estimated to be on the order of exabytes or higher[2]. (1 EB = 1000000000000000000B = 10^18bytes = 1000petabytes = 1 billion gigabytes.) Its purpose is to support the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI), though its precise mission is classified.[3] (of course! Hidden agenda). The National Security Agency (NSA), which will lead operations at the facility, is the executive agent for the Director of National Intelligence.[4] It is located at Camp Williams, near Bluffdale, Utah, between Utah Lake and Great Salt Lake, on the boundary line between Salt Lake County and Utah County to the south.

“The data center is alleged to be able to process "all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Internet searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital 'pocket litter'."[5] In response to claims that the data center would be used to illegally monitor emails of U.S. citizens, a NSA spokesperson said, "Many unfounded allegations have been made about the planned activities of the Utah Data Center, ... one of the biggest misconceptions about NSA is that we are unlawfully listening in on, or reading emails of, U.S. citizens. This is simply not the case."[4]

“In April 2009, officials at the United States Department of Justice acknowledged that the NSA had engaged in large-scale "overcollection" of domestic communications in excess of the federal intelligence court's authority, but claimed that the acts were unintentional and had since been rectified.[6]

“In August 2012, The New York Times published short documentaries by independent filmmakers entitled The Program,[7] based on interviews with a whistleblower named William Binney, a designer of the NSA's Stellar Wind project. The project had been designed for foreign signals intelligence (SIGINT) collection but, Binney alleged, after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, controls that limited unintentional collection of data pertaining to U.S. citizens were removed, prompting concerns by him and others that the actions were illegal and unconstitutional. Binney alleged that the Bluffdale facility was designed to store a broad range of domestic communications for data mining without warrants.[8]

“Documents leaked to the media in June 2013 described PRISM, a national security electronic surveillance program operated by the NSA, as enabling in-depth surveillance on live Internet communications and stored information.[9][10] Reports linked the data center to the NSA's controversial expansion of activities, which store extremely large amounts of data. Privacy and civil liberties advocates raised concerns about the unique capabilities that such a facility would give to intelligence agencies.[11][12] “They park stuff in storage in the hopes that they will eventually have time to get to it,” said James Lewis, a cyberexpert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, “or that they’ll find something that they need to go back and look for in the masses of data.” But, he added, “most of it sits and is never looked at by anyone.” [13]

“The UDC is expected to store Internet data as well as phone records from the controversial NSA call database when it opens in 2013.[14]

“The planned structure is 1 million or 1.5 million square feet,[15][16][17] 100,000 square feet of data center space and greater than 900,000 square feet of technical support and administrative space,[5][15] and it is projected to cost from $1.5 billion[18][19][3] to $2 billion when finished in September 2013.”

All right, this is important stuff, ladies and germs. It’s not something to be afraid of, but it is something to be aware of on the other side of the duality. Clearly, this center is a very large indicator indeed that there is at least one group of people on the planet who are trying to control the human population and turn us into sheeple.

I’ve never been a fan of denying the current reality because we have to live in it, but we should always be creating our lives at the highest possible level. Remember the real action is on the mental plane, the virtual plane, which intersects and permeates our physical reality. We don’t see it because it is beyond the body reality, beyond our current scientific understanding. But it exists and is very powerful. And as we’ve said before, there are 7 billion of us and only a small fraction of them. So we have a HUGE advantage here in the end times, if we will only wake up.

Here’s how it works: when billions of people change their expectations and their desires, it shifts the set of possible manifestations. It changes or selects the programming in the virtual realm to a new set of possible realities. We’re not saying that collective thought can change reality all by itself, what we’re saying is that a collective change in desire and intent shifts the programming on the mental plane to a new set of information and a new set of possible outcomes. And when that happens, people begin to act slightly differently, they may now have access to a new data stream from the mental plane, and we, the people, through our activities, can quickly shift the physical structure of our societies.

And so the battle has been, on the one side of the duality, to keep people stupid, to keep them asleep, to keep them brainwashed with cleverly designed propaganda (both white, grey, and dark) using skillfully designed frames of information; and to monitor us with expensive Data Centers. In other words, we are presented with reams of data but the vast majority of the data is aligned to a few official or status-quo frames. People who live in these environments never know they are being led down a certain path. That’s what the Matrix movie was all about: to bring people to the understanding that the world they see around them might be influenced by information from groups with a hidden (or not so hidden) agenda.

And so the real battle here in the end times is the battle between those who need us to stay sleeping, and those who want us to awaken. The balance between these two sides of the duality of consciousness will determine just how the coming planetary society will look. And the decision is up to us. Sure there are those who are trying to influence us: so what? We have the internet now, instant messaging, we have had decades of enlightened people informing us about spiritual concepts and our greater potential and our greater destiny. Which form of 4th level consciousness will we choose?

All it takes for the STO side to triumph is for people to listen to their inner voices. We all have them, we’ve just been influenced not to listen to them. We’ve been taught that only left-brained, rational, scientific thinking is valid;  and everything else is nonsense. Well, that is what the STS types want us to think! But the reality is that every major discovery in the history of the world has also utilized right-brained thinking; intuition and inspiration; that which goers beyond the possible, beyond the status quo, beyond the current reality. ALL creation is, by definition, beyond the current reality. Other wise it would just be boring, the same old stuff, and would not be recognized as new or brilliant.

So folks, the message on the show this week is that creativity goes beyond the current reality, it establishes a new reality, a new framework, a new set of possibilities.

All creativity is inspired, it comes with an “aha!” moment of strong positive emotion even if just for a millisecond. That should tell you something about the design of the universe, should it not? If all creativity is inspired by positive feelings, then all advancement in any field of human endeavor is propelled by a positive impulse. That positive impulse comes from consciousness itself, from the invisible virtual world beyond the commonplace and beyond the body reality.

And so the form that our planetary societies will take is either going to based in the mundane, the ordinary, the dull, the commonplace, the me-me-my-mine, the STS, the old paradigm of thought, or it is going to be based upon the creative impulse. By this definition ALL advancement is necessarily based on the creative impulse, but we have free will to decide how to USE the information that comes along with the inspiration. We can twist it to the other side of the duality, as is being done by the STSers, or we can go with the flow, the natural order of the universe that is based upon love and inspiration and creativity, to establish a planetary society that is truly special; one that celebrates the individual as a divine aspect of an immortal consciousness, and which makes great strides in realizing human potential. The question is, what are our collective expectations?

We did a couple of shows on this last year. You can tell where you are really at by simply answering this question: “what do I expect in the area of (fill in the blank).” If you are honest with yourself when you answer this question in any area of life, you’ll know where your true vibration is. You’ll know what your beliefs are in that area. If you do this for many areas of life and you come up with the same answer, whether good or bad, you know you have a strong vibrational tendency toward one level or the other. You can actually FEEL your level of  expectation in any area of life. You’ll either feel positive or negative, and by this you’ll know why your life is going round and round in one rut or another.

You see, it’s hard to apply spiritual concepts like the law of attraction within a mindset that does not support it. The 7 billion strong collective on planet earth emits a collective resonance. If the core beliefs of a planetary population resonate to unworthiness or lack, this sets up a very powerful vibration indeed. One would have to be very good at the LOA indeed to live a completely successful life in such an environment. That is why I am going on and on in these shows about the shift to fourth-level consciousness. People, we are going there whether we like it or not. It’s the natural evolution of a planet out of an adolescent mindset that believes it is alone in the universe, and that mommy and daddy from the stars are going to come down in the motherships and take care of the little kiddies.

Well, there are hugely advanced races out there in the galaxy, but we are not going to see them except in our meditations, or by brief visits from contact groups like those organized by the great Dr. Steven Greer. If you are interested in participating in one of these contact groups by the way, you can look up his CSETI program,  which is organized to contact these highly advanced beings.

Why won’t we see them? Because it is a fundamental axiom of planetary growth that an adolescent society like earth get over the hump by itself. Just as we cannot shelter our children forever (at the second level of consciousness, the family), so too must a planetary society evolve on its own to recognize its potential. This assertion will tell you immediately that if we are indeed being contact physically by extraterrestrials, these ETs must be here to take advantage of us in some way. They must be at a level of consciousness that is much closer to us vibrationally. One only has to look at the current mindset of humanity to determine just what that level of consciousness is. The law of vibration and the law of attraction tell us that that which is closer vibrationally is more real. At the back of my book the Vibrational Universe there is a description of an experiment with light that shows that frequencies which are close to the resonance of the human eye seem solid, and those which are further away are more ephemeral. We understand this in life as well: a cheerful person is unreal to a depressed one or an angry one. They are simply vibrationally too far apart.

And so the law of planetary development would seem to be, if we can trust these very simple but powerful universal laws, that Contact will always be initiated by races that are closest to our own mindset. That’s pretty logical and rational.

And so we have now on planet earth a closed society with advanced technology hidden in black, secretive programs, with an agenda of control and STS, and a much broader, more numerous public society that is pretty naïve  and trusting, and which is willing to be led down any sort of path that is presented in a persuasive manner.
And this is why discernment is so important, and why subjective, right-brained thinking is so important.

We’re never going to make it over the hump to true fourth level consciousness through rational, left-brained, scientific thinking alone. We have to combine it with the right brain as well, with intuition, with inspiration, with the creative power of the universe which lies buried within all of us, and lies within the fabric of space itself, and within all Form and substance.

If we want to improve our human societies AND make contact with more advanced spiritual races, we must simply change ourselves. And that change is pretty simple: the recognition of who we are as divine, immortal aspects of a powerful, universal animative and creative principle.
Even if you could care less about the ET issue, the human race is still facing the same issues of organizing a planetary society. It’s right in front of us, but we are still acting like little kids, throwing sand at each other in the sandbox, and wrecking the playing field.

The good news is that the light is much more powerful than the darkness; and in fact even the darkness is  motivated by the light of consciousness, or creativity and self-awareness. All of this comes from consciousness, so we are ALL, no matter what side of the duality, coming from the same place. We’re all in this together, it’s just that some of us are more confused.

I’d like to reiterate, just in case we do see some motherships over the White House lawn, or the president does announce that the earth is indeed being visited by ETs, that we have a serious advantage over any race that has superior technology: our spirituality, our recognition that we come from a powerful consciousness that created the universe and everything in it. As we said before, the advanced races won’t touch us until we’ve made it; the one’s we’ll see are the ones who are here to take advantage of us. They may have advanced technology but they have lost their connection to Source, and will eventually, down the evolutionary path, succumb and disappear from the universe. According to Marshal vian Summers, in this area of the galaxy it is forbidden to make war on planets for their resources, and it is possible to prevent other races with superior technology form taking advantage of a more technologically primitive race. The way we do this is to come together and declare our sovereignty, declare that the planet earth is off-limits to interlopers. Again, it doesn’t matter if you give a shit about ETs or not: the human race is coming up against the issue of resource depletion RIGHT NOW. This planet cannot sustain a technological society that is based upon primitive fossil fuels for much longer. We are simply going to run out eventually. And so it behooves us to get our shit together.

We’re going to come together eventually; why not as a planet of free individuals who understand their divine origins and who are accessing the creative power of the universe, instead of a bunch of stupid sheep who are all bleating in a herd organized from above under a mindset of collective security?

We have our hands on the controls!



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