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(Adapted from the Interview With Spirit Show)

The word “relationship” is fraught with meaning and emotional turmoil. It is almost scary to think about! We often think that having a relationship means compromising our reality to fit in with another’s, but this is the exact opposite of what a true relationship is. For instance, men may feel that they have to give up their “night out” with the boys, and to tend their partner’s cats, when they would really like to be drinking beer and watching the football game with a lot of slobbery dogs barking and running back and forth. And the ladies feel like it would really be nice if this hairy barbarian would smooth out a little of his ruffled feathers and porcupine quills, and become just a little more civilized; and, of course, pay an appropriate amount of attention to her!

As a man who has been happily married for over 30 years, and one who is an observer of people and life, I can tell you that the starting point of a true relationship - and the most vital characteristic in maintaining any relationship -  is BEING YOURSELF.

Guys, how many pickup lines have you heard? Have you ever used them? Do they work? Many successful relationships begin when two people are being themselves. Perhaps they meet at a party, or bump into each other at work, or at some other social gathering. In order to establish a connection, a person has to be open. And you cannot be open if you are thinking about things like, “how do I make myself attractive?” or “What should I say or do to make this person like me?” These just put a mask over your light, and obscure it. Both men and women prefer a person who is open and letting their true self shine through. Many of the most successful relationships start with no expectations and a chance meeting, because the people involved are being completely natural.

“But I really like this guy and I want him to like me,” you say. “What if I say something stupid?” Well, do you really want a guy who doesn’t like you for who you are? The only way to attract that soul mate is to be yourself. If the guy you like doesn’t like the real you, then he is not right for you! And the same goes for the guys.

Human activity, and life itself, IS relationships. You have a relationship with your co-workers and your boss, with your spouse or significant other, with your kids, with your family, with groups you belong to, with your government, with your pets, and with the planet itself. And it all begins with the relationship you have with yourself. Relationships start at ground-zero: within yourself, and expand outward to include more and more of existence. Knowing yourself and being honest and open with yourself is the very first thing we need in successful relationships with others.

It is interesting, is it not, that everything in life begins with Self? This universe is designed to empower you. Consciousness itself, the First Principle, is non-physical and immortal.

Consciousness created the universe and everything in it, and so an incarnated human being (or any life form) begins with free will and a connection with the universe at large. Our physical bodies give the illusion of separation, but in fact the human body is a temporary housing for an immortal spirit who is connected to source. Relationships begin with Self just as a building begins with a foundation.

Some people look to others to supply that which is missing in themselves. Like two templates with male and female connections that match up and fit into each other, this can work if both persons never change or evolve. But as soon as one of the partners begins to grow, their template no longer fits with the other! That is why the best way to improve your relationships is to improve yourself.

Sex is very important in partnering relationships, but physical attraction is a melding of energy fields! Have you ever met a good-looking guy or gal and said to yourself, “beautiful, but not my type.” Physical attraction is more about the harmonious blending of your energies than it is about the physical body. That is because the physical body itself is part of your energy field. Vibrationally speaking, the body is in the center of a complex and amazing set of vibrational patterns that some have called the lightbody. What we see as the physical body is the interpreted reality from the body’s sensory receptors. The universe and everything in it is composed of a vast spectrum of vibration. The reason for physical bodies and their amazing variety is to allow consciousness to experience different realities.

To make a long story short, the basis for any relationship is what might be called “spiritual,” because the attractiveness we feel for another is actually coming from the merging energy patterns of two lightbodies. Of course, all of this happens on a subtle, invisible level. But you can feel it, can you not? Sexual attraction is very powerful. It is magnetic.

What happens when the magnetic flux lines of two magnets merge seamlessly? They come together. Sexual attraction is no different. That is why a relationship that begins with a strong physical attraction can break up, if the two partners evolve along different lines; just as turning our two magnets slightly creates flux lines that are now out of phase. When the magnets turn, the flux lines no longer align, and there is repulsion. When the flux lines are totally misaligned, the two magnets are shoved away from each other.

Our belief systems affect our thoughts and emotions. Beliefs align our thoughts and emotions and change our vibrational pattern. Our belief systems, in effect, turn the magnets in-phase or out of phase, causing attraction and repulsion. Now the two energy fields that merged naturally, become more and more discordant. This gets picked up very quickly by your partner. So the woman who meets a guy and feels a very strong attraction may have a belief that says, “this guy is great but he needs to change.” So she begins to act in ways that tell her partner that he is no longer quite so appropriate. And the opposite happens just as often, although men tend to be more forceful and demanding about change, whereas women tend to be more subtle about it.

Our beliefs about what a relationship should be like determines the quality of any relationship with another. If, deep down, you really believe that no guy can ever live up to your father, you are not going to have an easy time getting along with another man. A guy who believes that his partner must have the body of a supermodel is probably not going to experience very many long-term relationships.

The most important factor is any relationship is not compromising with who you are. When you try to be someone you’re not, or to be someone another person will like, you mask your true vibe. When you be yourself, your vibrational signal is strong, automatically repelling those who are not compatible, and strongly attracting those that are. My wife Jenny and I have a completely open relationship that has lasted over 30 years. We are in love now just as when we first got together. That is because each is aware of themselves as a spiritual being, and each allows the other to totally be themselves. The perfect relationship allows the other person complete freedom to BE and DO.

“Oh no, that’s impossible,” you say. “If I let him do what he wanted, he’d go out with the guys and I’d never see him.” Well, why does he want to go out with the guys instead of coming home to you? Could it be, perhaps, that you are afraid to allow him to fully be himself (or vice-versa with the guys)? What sort of relationship will that evolve into?
In that first moment of meeting, your two energy fields are wide-open. There is no hiding anything. You feel a natural magnetic attraction and you say, “oh, this is really good!” In that moment you are both BEing yourselves, completely and openly. Then, gradually, the two begin to put on masks, and hide yourselves from each other.

Of course, sometimes people evolve in different directions! But if two people are open and honest with each other, there can be an amicable parting, even if there are children. Divorce itself does not traumatize, it is the negative emotions associated with resistance to a changing relationship that impact the partners and especially the children.

Two people who decide to part because they are going in different directions can do so with love.

Many people believe that if two people believe differently, they have to FEEL differently. In other words, there is the belief that if a person does not believe as I do, he or she cannot relate to me as I would like. There is a sense of abandonment, as if to say, “you don’t agree with me, therefore you don’t love me anymore.” I believe that this is one of the (false) core beliefs that mess up relationships. My wife and I have widely divergent interests but we get along wonderfully. One can believe differently and still maintain an open and honest relationship with another, understanding that each partner is an immortal spiritual being who has now decided to go along a different path.

Our belief systems are the cause of anything negative in a relationship.
For example, say two people get married and have children. The man decides that he no longer likes his job and wants to start a band. His wife naturally freaks out and demands that he keep to his marriage vows. What is the solution? The man has now changed directions completely. He still loves his wife and children but he feels a “divine discontent” that pulls him completely in another direction. There are bills to be paid and if the man quits his job, how is the family to survive? In a relationship based on complete openness, there is always a solution, IF the partners allow each other to BE themselves. Who knows how it will work out? There is ALWAYS a solution that will make everyone happy.

Here is a true life example offered by my friend Amanda Goldston on the Interview With spirit show, from which this article is taken. Amanda’s friend (let’s call him Fred) is a gregarious guy with a family and a mean-spirited woman boss. Fred hated his job and one day, in a fit, stormed into the boss’ office and quit. When he got home, he wife freaked, for their income was not now sufficient to support the family. Fred decided to rent a pub, and convinced his wife to go along. Well, within a very short time the pub was doing so well that his wife quit her job and came to work with her husband. Even the children found part-time work in the pub!

For some, the suggestion that a man should abandon his family to start a musical band, or a pub, is inappropriate. Many people would say that a man and a woman should keep a family together at all costs, even if they are both miserable. At least until the children have grown up! But this sort of relationship will generate just as much negative emotion and turmoil as a separation, and sometimes, even more. The children will gradually become alienated from their parents, the parents will become alienated from themselves, and their children will begin to feel like burdens. Now the house and the family is encapsulated in a sort of emotional prison. Wouldn’t it be better to find a solution that allows each individual to be themselves?

In any relationship question there IS a solution that generates positive emotion and that is satisfactory to all. But human beings don’t believe so, and so it rarely happens that two people can break up and still maintain a wonderful relationship with their “ex” and their children. We bring this example up not to stir the emotions of those listening, but to tell you that ALL RELATIONSHIPS, NO MATTER HOW THEY EVOLVE, CAN BE HAPPY ONES. And provide maximum benefit to all of the participants.
Now let us talk about the scale of vibration as it applies to relationships. True openness between two people who are attracted to each other, generates positive emotion. This is law, because the energy fields of every human being are composed of source energy, and source energy is compatible with itself! The feeling of source energy is so wonderful; it is joy and love and happiness. It’s the feeling you have when you fall in love, and all of your resistance to life, and to yourself, and to your partner, vanishes. It’s how you feel in Native State. But the belief systems of humanity have been ones based upon unworthiness and scarcity, as we have talked about before. But that is changing.

You may have noticed a sort of “sexual revolution” going on in the consciousness of humanity. This has been interpreted by some as a regression into barbarism, but what it is, is the reaching of male and female energies on planet earth for balance. As the background vibration of planet earth increases, the urge toward unity of male and female becomes stronger and stronger, and this is expressed, of course, sexually.

If you remember that positive emotion is a reflection of harmony and negative emotion is a result of disharmony, you can determine whether or not you are being open with your partner. When you think of your partner, how do you feel? Is there resistance or negative emotion? If so, this has nothing to do with THEM. It is a sign of misalignment within yourself. Examine this resistance and you will soon discover the cause. Perhaps there is something you have wanted to tell your partner, but have been afraid. Until you unburden yourself, there will be a sticking point in your energy field and a sore spot between you. We tell you that there is no substitute for complete honesty and transparency in any relationship.

Openness is reflection of spirit! When you feel wonderful, is there not a feeling of expansiveness, of oneness? Is there not a feeling of complete openness to the universe, and a complete lack of resistance? This is the feeling you had when you first met your partner. And you can get that feeling back at any time! All you have to do is to find those sore spots, or those areas of resistance within your own energy field, and examine them. We are not talking about two people in a room with a marriage counselor, complaining about the other and trying to resolve their relationship! In this scenario, each partner is convinced of their own correctness and blames the other for the relationship difficulty.

Your emotions always tell you your state of being. The key to a relationship is the allowance to BE – yourself and your partner. We tell you that there is no other way, for this is the way of Source. It is the way that is congruent with the essence of who you are. Humanity is evolving, growing out of old memes of unworthiness, blame, and problem resolution through fighting and conflict. These are outdated belief systems that have affected the way you look at relationships, and practice them.

As you seek for that perfect relationship, or seek to maintain one you already have, make sure you know your position on the scale of emotion/vibration. Study that scale and practice it in your life [see for the scale). Observe yourself and others, and how your words and actions move yourself and others up or down this scale. As you do so, you will discover that each and every time there is resistance within you, you go down the scale, and your relationships suffer. And every time you become more open and transparent, you move up the scale, and so do the relationships you have with others.

Allow yourselves to BE who you are is our best advice not only to a happy life, but to happy and sustaining relationships.


The 5 things Men want from Women (despite what they say!)

What do men really want from a woman?

Well, it's impossible for one man to speak for all men. But almost all of us want companionship, sex, and love, not necessarily in that order.

Of course, many men like cars, and sports, and gadgets, but that's not what this article is about. I'm talking here about relationships.

(1) Companionship is very important to us, because almost all men need feminine energy. Some of us are not able to express why we need a woman, but most of us feel incomplete without one!
Relationships between men and women that are not based on companionship almost always fail, because there are no points of interest other than sex.

Sex can keep a relationship going for quite a while, but a relationship based only on sex gets tiring, even for a man. The common denominator of all good relationships (not just opposite sex relationships) is friendship. Companionship leads to respect, and reinforces common likes and interests. Sex on top of that makes the relationship really, really good.

Of course there are men out there who haven't a clue about their feelings, but even these men are looking for more than sex. The need for feminine companionship is strong within every man. How do you deal with men like that? I'll have the answer in just a little bit.

(2) Men want women who are open and honest, and don't hide their feelings. When a man asks you a question, he wants an honest answer. He needs to know where he stands with you. A man would rather be rejected outright by a woman than to be teased or lied to.

(3) Men like women who are feminine without being overly aggressive. A little aggression is great! But not too much, ladies. A man who likes a very aggressive woman probably has some kind of psychological problem. He's the kind of guy that might eventually turn on you, or he's a masochist. If you get into a relationship like that, you must understand who you are dealing with.

(4) Men like women who are independent and know their own mind, without overdoing it. Show me a man who likes a wallflower and I'll show you a guy who is either insecure, or who is domineering and controlling. Is that the kind of relationship you want? It's up to you!

(5) Men like women who can be themselves, and not put on a front.

Women often complain that there aren't enough good guys out there. But how many women can just be themselves around men? Those who can will attract men who are compatible. Those who can't will attract men who match that false front. And those kind of relationships won't go very far.
I can sum it up like this: Men like women who like being women.

All women are beautiful in their own way. If a woman is physically beautiful, she will attract men. However, if a woman feels beautiful she will also attract men. If you don't believe it, try it. You don't have to dress to kill and have a perfect body to attract a good man. Of course, men love the physical beauty of a woman. But men are also attracted to the beauty of the feminine in general. And that is a beauty that every woman has. Men are physically attracted to all types of women: fat, thin, tall, short, you name it! Nature gave you the body you have; so be comfortable in it.

Do you know what sexy is for a man? It's being the woman you are. That may sound trite, but believe me, men LOVE to be with a woman who feels alluring. I can't explain it, but it's true.

My wife is 50 pounds overweight, but I wouldn't trade her in for the hottest supermodel. Do you know why? Because she's my best friend and companion. And because I love her. I love her because she can accept love. She wants me to love her, and I do. It's the easiest thing in the world, because we are all made of love, deep down inside.

A man likes a woman who isn't afraid to be who she is.

Being who you are will turn off some men. But these are the guys you WANT to turn off. These are the men who are not compatible with you, and who are not good companions for you. Relationships with men who do not see you as you are will be much more difficult and unsatisfying, so why not find out right at the beginning?

So ladies, the number one thing to remember is that being yourself is the very best thing you can do for yourself. And it is also the best way to attract the kind of man you really want to be with.





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