April 2014

Vol 9, #4

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Time, Space, and Spirituality

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
3/ 26/ 2014

Today we are going to talk about time and its relationship to life, history, and spirituality. This isn’t an esoteric topic at all because the very idea of time affects how we view life, and what we think we can expect from life.

This is a continuation of the theme of “getting past the Body Reality,” or, in more positive terms, “coming to terms with the shift in human consciousness and the spiritual awakening.”

In other words, if we can understand  time from a non-linear perspective, it places us in the POV of Spirit, and gives us an advantage in manifesting the things we want to manifest. And since human consciousness is an aspect of Spirit, or a universal consciousness, we are on solid ground.

Stuck in the Body Reality, we see time as a one-way, linear flow. We think that once something has happened, it can never be changed. If we have a huge fight with our brother-in-law, that’s in the past and can never be changed – the trauma will exist forever even after we patch it up, because it has been imprinted on the timeline. Well, it turns out that the universe doesn’t work that way.  The universe isn’t set up to be linear, even though we perceive it that way in the Body Reality.

It turns out that the principles of QM also operate at the macro level. In other words, a future event can influence a past event and actually change the present course of events (see the Quantum Eraser experiment). Just going over the argument you had with your brother-in-law in your mind and resolving it will help to dissolve the trauma around the argument for BOTH parties. 

Why? Because an argument involves 2 terminals, or poles: you, and the other person. Both people have to be traumatized to keep the energy stream between the two poles active. We all know how this feels. When you have anger or upset with another person, you can feel the energy – especially when you are in the presence of that person. That energy is created by both of you and it actually flows between you, because each of you is an energy transmitter. But what happens when one person, in love, decides that he or she wants to forget the anger and the upset? One of those poles collapses!

Where does the energy of the trauma go? Well, the energy flow between the terminals collapses, because one of the poles has been deactivated.

The energy has no place to go now. At the other end, the energy begins to dissipate or dissolve, because it now has no path to travel on. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that the next time you see your brother-in-law he’s going to be all lovey-dovey toward you – if he is keeping the trauma at his end alive, if he’s a person who likes drama and who likes to hold grudges. But it’s going to be harder for him to do so!

And – and here’s the miracle associated with something like this – the next time he sees you he just might be lovey-dovey! He might find it so hard to hold on to the upset that he decides to let it go as well. This is the power of the lightworker. You don’t have to go out on the street corner and preach, you don’t have to educate people, you don’t have to go on Conan and proselytize, you don’t have to have people listen to the IWS show.

All you gotta do is, in the privacy of your own home, look over what happened during the day and dissolve any traumatic incidents you went through, by what I call re-visualizing them.

I want to tell you a story about this. I have had a number of vivid dreams over the years that were so real, for me  they were realer than real life.
We’ve been talking about QM and about potentials for the last few weeks. We’ve said that the life of an individual, or the collective consciousness of a species, has a set of potentials associated with it, based upon the decisions and the intention of individuals and groups. These potentials exist, simultaneously and together, in the virtual world that penetrates and permeates the spacetime of the physical universe. We’ve said that consciousness interfaces with this virtual world and can actually change its programming.

Consciousness, via thought and intent, is the observational operator that collapses the virtual wavefunction to a concrete eigenvalue  in the physical universe – selecting one of those potentials and manifesting it. This is happening, ladies and germs, every single day in our lives. We are surrounded by eigenvectors with whole sets of possible realities, and we literally manifest these by our choices. These potentials are real – they actually exist in a virtual state. In the old energy this was very much obscured to the point where we didn’t even know about it – but as the vibration of humanity has gradually risen along with the population increase, we have seen, slowly, a shift.

We are now getting a glimpse of this virtual world because we are waking up to the idea that we are divine, non-physical consciousness that can actually influence and even determine the outcome of events.

All right, back to the story.

I was sleeping one night, it was in the late 1990s sometime, before Y2K. I dreamt that I was in a huge train station, it looked just like Grand Central Station in New York. It could have been an airport, that wasn’t clear in the dream. There were hundreds of people sitting around, or walking to their boarding areas.  But what happened next was crystal clear. About 200 storm troopers in full military gear burst through the doors and declared that the United States was under martial law, and that no one was allowed to leave. They began to round up people, and somehow they got my wife Jenny. I knew that she was being taken on a train to a FEMA camp in Nebraska. I knew I had to somehow get to Nebraska and rescue her, or she was going to die. I knew that most of the people on that train were going to die. The energy associated with this was incredibly frightening. The energy around the dream was one of inevitability – I knew that this was a potential that was destined to occur, unless I did something.

Well, I was literally scared out of my mind, lying in bed, I can tell you that. Then I got a nudge from somewhere that I had to re-dream it. In other words, I had to go over and over this incident and change what actually happened. It was about 2 in the morning, and I literally spent the next 2 or 3 hours going through the incident and changing what happened.

It took a long time because this sequence was very powerful and it had a lot of frightening emotion around it. It took about a half-hour for me just to release the really bad emotional trauma around it, because in that station there were hundreds of people, and all of them were traumatized.  Long story short, I went over and over it, altering little bits of the incident each time. On some of the passes I couldn’t do very much, but I felt this overwhelming urge to keep doing it. Well, finally, I was able to get the incident to the point where the troops never entered the building at all,  and things returned to normal. I don’t recall exactly how I left it, but I kept going until I didn’t feel the nudge to do it anymore, and until all of the negative emotion around it had gone.

Did I really do anything to help the planet? I don’t know – most people would just dismiss it and say that I had a nightmare, and to get over myself. But I know that somehow, I did my little bit in helping to turn the energy around on this planet. But that dream was so vivid and real that while re-dreaming it, I knew I was actually helping to resolve something that might have happened in the future, if nothing was done. I know now that it wasn’t a dream. It was a potential that had a really good chance of manifesting.  

So that’s an example of how “revisualizing” a potential incident can actually influence the collective future. The example with the brother-in-law is something you can test yourself, in your own life. If you’ve had a trying day, sometime before you go to bed, pick an incident that made you unhappy and re-visualize it – change it. Use the power of your intent and your thought to dissolve the negative energy around it. Change the FEEL of it – make the outcome a happier one. This is something very practical that you can do life experiments with – the power of your own intention and visualization to change your reality.

You literally, in your now, change the past, and then, as you do this more and more, you can observe how your life goes. Does your life improve or stay the same? I’m betting that if you do this every night, with just one incident, that your life will begin to get better.   

How might this work? If we think of our life path as a big, one-dimensional line that only flows one way, then we are stuck. What is, is, and what has been is forever etched into the fabric of history. But if we think of time as a circle, if we become non-linear instead of linear, things get a little easier.

Imagine time as a very large spiral with circles on the spiral that are as big around  as the equator of the planet. I like to visualize a spring, because it has coils that lay right on top of each other. This timespiral or timespring represents humanity’s path through history. Now let’s say that the coils in this timespiral are the life paths of individuals on the planet. We start the life paths, let’s say, after the last Ice Age, when the planet began to warm and the ancient civilizations of Sumeria, the ancient Chinese, Indian, and African civilizations, began.  We’ll say that these civilizations began from another civilization (some call it Lemuria) that was gradually destroyed as the ice began to melt and the waters of the ocean began to cover the land.

Let’s say it takes us one lifetime (80 years) to walk around each of the circles of the coil in the timespring. We’ll call each of these coils one lifepath – one time around the circle. As we walk our lifepath we see time as linear, of course, because the circle is 8,000 miles in diameter and is 25,000 miles around the circumference. It looks like a straight line to us as we are walking it.

It’s similar to what happens when we take a real walk: the earth’s curvature is so gradual that we don’t notice that the path we take is curved, and that it will eventually circle back upon itself. It took us a long time to realize the earth wasn’t flat, just because the path taken around the earth is so gradually curved. But if you look at the path a walker might take as he or she goes around, you can clearly see that the path curves at every point. In other words, what appears to be a boring 1D straight-line path in a two-dimensional plane is one that is much more profound: from space we see a beautiful planet in a vast, 3-dimensional space. That curved path is, at every point, non-linear. In other words, as we walk what appears to be a 1-dimensional linear path we are actually traveling in a higher, 3D space that  is non-linear. Every lifetime you go round the circle you come back to the same point in time, but not quite!, because the coils of the spring are slightly raised off one another.  The path is circular but the structure itself is a spiral.

In other words, we can say that time is circular, but we don’t travel over the exact same path twice – that’s obvious, because events change, we evolve. But we DO go over and over the same ground again, even if things are slightly different. In other words, we keep fighting wars, millennia after millennia. The people are different, the weapons are different, the issues are slightly different, but it all has the sense of deja vu. “Hey, haven’t we done this before?” we ask ourselves after  fighting the latest battle. We’re in different incarnations now, but within us we feel like we’ve done this before.

Old souls, doesn’t this ring a bell with you?

Some of us are really tired of dealing with the old energy – we’ve been doing it for millennia. We’ve been walking the circles of this time spiral lifetime after lifetime, and it’s getting old. Even in our present lives, we tend to walk the same ground over and over again. It’s called being in a rut!

Well, there is good news. The shift in human consciousness has brought about a new energy, one that allows us to interact with our past lives. Those of us with multiple lifetimes on this planet are going around the circle once more, but the lifepath circles are slightly raised off from the others in the spiral. They’re in close enough proximity that we get echoes of the past – echoes of our past lives. That’s because when we walk the path we activate the circle and it interacts with the other circles on the spiral. What we do, in other words, affects not only our present lifepath circle, but also the circles from the past and the potentials for the future. Our individual spiral also interacts with all 7 billion other humans who are walking the planet.

We talked last week about magnetics, and about the idea of inductance. Inductance is when one magnetic field affects another one close to it. Well, these “coils” or lifepaths in time do as well. As we go around the circle, our thoughts and actions activate the timeline we are consciously in, which then affects all the other ones in our past (the circles below them) but they also affect the future (the coils above them.) So in a non-linear world, the past and the future are connected. They affect each other.

Lifetime after lifetime we are actually going around in a circle in time, learning or lessons, growing. We never touch exactly the same place in time, but as we go around the circle we remember, spiritually. Our activities, our thoughts, NOW, do affect the past as well as the potentials for the future. So in this lifetime we can literally change what happens in the past, in order to lead to a better future. And since the December 21, 2012 marker this is especially true.

We have collected wisdom each time we have gone round one of these lifepath circles. We learn, without knowing how we know, not to do certain things. Those of us who have had many lifetimes on the planet develop a wisdom about things. We begin to understand that the process of Ascension is simply changing our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes in this lifetime, and, through a sort of spiritual “induction,” like that of a magnetic field, we literally change the timeline we are on and lift ourselves up to a higher dimension.

Induction isn’t really understood even though we use it in electronics. Induction is a magnetic phenomenon – a physical representation of what is happening  in the virtual.  Magnetic interaction is a wave phenomenon – an incredibly complex transfer of information, just as the interaction of the virtual with the physical, on a more subtle plane, influences and programs the manifestations we observe.

Imagine that there are 7 billion of us, all traveling together on humanity’s collective life path coil. Imagine the interaction of our present-day actions with the coils below us and above us. 7 billion human beings can have a tremendous influence on the past and the potentials of the future, simply because there has never been so many of us on the planet before!

But here’s the point of all this, and the message this week: The spiritual inductance that is being transferred to the past, and to the potentials of the future, is so strong now that our field of consciousness is dominating all of the others.

Through spiritual inductance we are heavily  influencing the past and the future. That’s why it’s so important for us to keep our heads on straight right now, and to keep flowing light and love into our own lives, and therefore into the planetary grids as well. As the guys often have said,  the real action is on the mental plane. The non-linear, quantum component, even though it is invisible to us, is actually the force that is programming the physical and raising the level of awareness on the planet.

So time, and life, is non-linear, not linear. The past is not unchangeable, and neither is the future. Therefore, it is silly to listen those who prophesy doom and gloom, because by buying into it, we literally create it. Through spiritual “induction,” we literally affect the track of our previous lives as well as the potentials for the future, and make it easier (or harder) to accomplish what we want in this lifetime, and in the future.

I like the spring/spiral analogy because all of the coils are connected in one whole. Even though the coils of our lifepaths are designed so that we see only a straight-line linearity, in fact the past and the future are connected. Our past lives on the planet are connected as well! That’s an amazing thought to me. If time did not spiral, how could prophets like Nostradamus know what might happen in the future with uncanny accuracy?

Informationally, or virtually, the timeline is accessible because it’s a circle, not a line that goes off forever and disappears. We have just been looking at life, and the universe, through our physical filters. As human consciousness rises and the planet shifts its vibration, we are going to become more connected to our past lives, to our higher selves, and to each other. We are going to become more intuitive. We are going to understand the value of cooperation. That’s because what we do now literally changes the rules of the entire set of lifepath coils, both past and future. Because human DNA is looped, and because the human body is an electro-chemical engine, all human beings have a magnetic field that is connected to the subtle energy of our personal merkabas. Every time someone puts light into an area, it influences the merkabas of everyone on the planet, and the planet’s own merkaba as well. Your light creates a brighter path for others to walk.

The old energy that worked against us in the past is now shifting. Have you noticed a lighter feeling since the December 21, 2012 marker? I have. People are becoming more understanding. And on the other side, those still mired in the old energy are becoming more and more uncomfortable.  They are going to go down kicking and screaming! That is simply because their energy is incompatible with the  energy shift to a higher vibration. Those who choose to remain in a denser energy simply cannot move forward, and they know it. And so it becomes a “misery loves company” scenario: but when you use your intent to advance, you automatically place yourself vibrationally out of reach of the old paradigm and the old energy.

And so, although we have made it past the doom and gloom timeline, we are still going to observe acts of destruction. However, these acts of destruction are now firmly contained in a higher vibrational box. No longer will it be possible to control and manipulate people with deceit, and use assassination and strong-arm tactics to win the day. That worked before the shift, but is becoming more and more unworkable now.

People are beginning to wake up, and by that I mean they are becoming more intuitive, are more able to look outside the Body Reality, and materialism, to see the bigger picture. People are beginning to be able to read energy, just like you and I can do. People are becoming more sensitized to higher vibrations, and the denser ones stick out like a sore thumb.

In the past, before the shift, we had a “you can’t fight city hall” mentality. That because human consciousness, on a broad scale, was not resonating beyond the physical. But that has changed. The Mayans, and the indigenous peoples of the world, predicted this time of energy shift on the planet. They knew about  how the past and the future are linked, and kept this idea alive for us on the timeline. Our ancestors literally paved the way, through spiritual induction, for coils in the “future” to resonate to the idea of a shift, even though they knew it was not possible in their lifetimes.  But it is possible now. We are in a window of opportunity to shift even further. We are living the lifetimes our ancestors, and the prophets of the past, wrote and spoke about. It’s here! Let’s not waste this time.

An entirely new physics, medicine, and science beyond the materialistic is becoming available to us. What is driving the shift is our own thoughts, attitudes, and expectations. Because consciousness interfaces directly with the virtual  world of information that penetrates the physical world of form, each individual human can interact directly with the earth’s holographic information field, or merkaba. As the resonance of human consciousness rises, those with knowledge of science are going to become inspired with new ideas. During the next two generations, we are going to see breakthroughs in science and medicine that will heal ourselves and the planet.

My favorite channeler, Lee Carroll, speaks of “time fractals.” This is a fascinating concept because it implies that time is changeable. If you’ve ever studied fractals, you know that a fractal is made from an equation that loops, or iterates. You solve the equation and then you get the answer. Then you plug the answer back into the equation and get another answer. Then you plug that answer back into the same equation, and keep doing that over and over!  In other words, the process of creating the fractal is circular, not linear. Geometrically, it’s a torus (imagine a fat doughnut with a hole in the middle) surrounded by a changing magnetic field that loops in and out. You can see a crude image on my website if you go to the document called HEF.php.

What happens in a fractal is that the constant repetition of getting an answer and then plugging that answer back into the same equation, forms patterns. Some of them spiral out to infinity, but others coalesce around points that are called attractors. In general all of the answers you get when making a fractal form a dynamic, complex, beautiful, living pattern. If you change the equation only slightly, or if you enter another number at the very beginning, you get an entirely different pattern, a different fractal. This is called “sensitivity to initial conditions,” and it’s something that consciousness does in every moment in life.

We’re always doing things slightly differently! And so we are always creating a new fractal pattern in our lives. The old fractal patterns dissolve and new ones are formed as we change our thoughts, intentions, and actions. So we can look at our lives as a continuing series of beautiful fractal creations, as we travel around on our lifepath coil, influencing and reacting with all of the other humans and life forms on the planet. I’ve just gotten an image of a collection of incredibly beautiful 3 dimensional fractals (lifepaths) as they dissolve into the ethers and form new ones. I think this is how Spirit, and our higher selves, actually see us. There is so much information, and the fractals are so beautiful! It’s incredible.

We are entering a new era after the Marker. It’s an era where the overall frequency of humanity, and the planet,  will continue to rise, slowly pulling up the vibration of the collective. This period, between 2014 and 2016, also has the potential for a backlash from the Old Guard. But these guys can only have limited influence now –their time is past. In 2014 I’ve felt a quantum leap in the vibration; maybe it’s just me, but the overall energy just feels better.

We talked last week about the heliosphere, the sun’s magnetic field, and how it interacts with the magnetic field of the earth, and how that interacts with the incredibly complex magnetic field of our own DNA. On the plane of subtle energy, which connects directly to the electromagnetic spectrum and the magnetics, we have the merkaba of the sun, which extends outward to encompass the entire solar system, the merkaba of the earth, and our own individual merkabas, which extend anywhere from 20 to 30 feet away from our bodies. 

During this process information is being transferred. Each planet has its own merkaba, and its own magnetic and gravitational field.

Astrologically speaking, then, everything in the solar system is in communication. And of course we are surrounded by our own galaxy’s merkaba. We know that because of flat rotational spin, every star in the galaxy  is rotating in unison. So there is an incredible amount of cooperation going on. When the human race, and science begins to twig on that, we’re going to see a Renaissance on earth that will make the old one look tame indeed. Lee Carroll says that this process will take two generations to reach its fulfillment, but we are on the cusp of it right now. It’s an exciting time to be alive, because we are still in the middle of a window of opportunity to change the fate of the planet for the next 13,000 years – until the next half-cycle in the 26,000 year precession.

So everything you and I do now is of vital importance.

Try doing the life experiment we proposed earlier. Before you go to sleep, go over and re-visualize anything that wasn’t right in your life and change it to the positive. And if nothing bad happened, then visualize peace and prosperity for yourself, your loved ones, the human race, and the planet.

I want to close with a beautiful quote from Lee Carroll:  everything we’ve talked about here “is against all logic of prevailing scientific thought, but well within the purview of the love of god.”




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