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Two Big Misconceptions 


On planet earth we take for granted so much that is not in agreement with universal law.

For example, there are two very big misconceptions which especially lead mankind down the road to misery.

The first of these is that a perfect God exists somewhere in the sky, a perfected being or awareness that knows everything. The idea is that God has a perfect blueprint for the universe, and that human beings are on earth struggling to learn lessons in order to attain the perfected state of God.

The second misconception stems from the first:  a source of evil or danger exists, and it might get you, too. This idea leads us to carefully watch our fellow man and the world around us, inspecting all actions everywhere for any that are threatening, for who knows when someone or some group somewhere might engage in activities or formulate policies which will lead to our eventual harm or destruction. Acceptance of this idea leads inevitably to the idea that it is  necessary to protect ourselves from the danger.

In other words, in order to feel good, we first have to examine the bad things and get rid of them. Here we have the modus operandi of politics, where competing groups advocate laws banning or regulating unwanted conduct.

In the words of President Bush, we have to “fight for freedom.” We have to be on the alert for terrorists and other undesirables. We need a massive Department of Homeland Security (which strangely resembles the Interior Ministry in the old communist Russia) to shield us from terrorism. We need more and more laws restricting constitutionally guaranteed freedoms in order to catch the terrorists. We need troops all over the world on the lookout for baddies who might attack us. Funny, we never heard of Islamic terrorists in the United States until we sent troops to occupy Arab soil. Until we supported the Afghani fundamentalists in their war against the Soviet Union. Until we supported the Iraqi’s in the Iran– Iraq war.  Funny how that works. What you resist persists.


What is God? How do we know God? In Western religions, God is usually presented as a Supreme Being who created everything in the universe. If that is so, then everything in the universe is a little piece of God. So let's look at God as everything there is.

If God has a completed blueprint for the universe, then God himself/herself must be complete. If God is complete, he/she is finished, done, over with. There is nothing left to do! In other words, when the game is over, the lights are turned off, people go home and the stadium sits there, still, empty and dark.

However, even cursory observation of our world shows that everything we perceive is in a constant state of change. So God himself/herself must also be changing.

We know that God is eternal. Eternal means 'timeless.' In these essays we have postulated consciousness as a static, a pure potential with no mass and no moving parts. Consciousness then, by definition, does not physically exist. The creative and animating principle transcends existence, is the Source of existence. Therefore, we can say that consciousness itself is already perfect in the sense that whatever it creates is a beautiful part of Itself. However, a physical universe must by definition be in motion. The atomic model of matter and energy shows us that an atom is composed of moving particles. Observation tells us that although events and phenomena may appear to be exactly similar, nothing ever happens the same way twice. The universe is in a constant state of change, and is either evolving, or de-volving. Nothing ever stays the same.

Eternal-ness and complete-ness are incompatible conditions. Eternal is bound inextricably with time, because time is a condition that results from the motion of objects in space.  Therefore, eternal, by definition, implies a connection with the physical universe of matter and energy. Consciousness, being time-less, is transcendent of time. Therefore, we must separate the concepts of completeness and eternalness. That which is complete cannot be eternal, and so we have to say again that God must be evolving and changing.

We must conclude, then, that God cannot be  judging our actions according to some finished blueprint, since that blueprint must continually be evolving!

Let us establish, then, that God has not instituted a set of higher rules or maxims that we must follow. We will say that God is perfect exactly and always where God is, at any time. God, in other words, is not so petty as to require certain conduct in humans. Such pettiness is a human weakness! If this is so, then all thought and conduct are allowed by God. All thought, all conduct, is sanctioned.

If that is so, then all beings must have free will, because God allows all thought and conduct. Observation of events  confirms this. No matter how many moralists, politicians, or religious leaders object, there are, every minute, somewhere on planet earth, actions of the most unspeakable depravity right along with loving and selfless acts of the utmost beauty. This scenario forms the contrast in which we are all immersed. The contrasting ocean of thought and behavior is what provides the variety, the buffet, of life, from which we can examine and choose our own desires, our own thought and action.

It is magnificent, and perfectly balanced, for only those thoughts and actions that match up to each other are allowed to come together. This property of the universe is called the Law of Attraction. More on this in a bit.


Now lets talk about the second big misconception, which is, that God or the devil or some other force or person or group can impose itself into our lives and do us harm. This idea single-handedly causes more grief and misery than any other concept in the mass consciousness of mankind.

We look around the world and see scarcity, conflict and war reported every day in the news,  and become frightened that it could spill over into our lives as well. But this can never happen unless attention is consciously focused upon it. It is solely and only attention to the bad stuff that brings it into your life, because your thoughts and beliefs precisely orchestrate your experiences. If you do not believe this, try changing thoughts, beliefs and feelings about a person you are having difficulty with. If you can truly change your ideas about that person, you will find him or her behaving towards you in a much more acceptable manner. That is the property of the Law of Attraction, which matches up thoughts and feelings, and so only those things which are like each other are allowed to come together.

Lets look at this a little bit. Would you say this universe is based upon attraction, or rejection? If the universe were based on rejection or opposition, then by definition nothing could come together at all. There could be no universe at all, for there could be no matter or energy, and so no cars, flowers, planets, galaxies, beer bottles, no anything! The universe is attraction based. That means, as we said above, that like things come together. The Law of Attraction says :'like attracts like'. It's why you hang around with people you like, and not people you hate! That's how crystals, snowflakes, trees, and all life is formed. Things that have an affinity for each other like to come together.

So if like things attract other like things, then how do we get different things? How do we get trees and bees and rocks and oceans and all of the variety we see in our universe?

The variety comes about because of the decision to be different. Now this might seem like a weird statement, but it isn't if you realize that all things are conscious on some level. That consciousness is not observable by human beings, but it is there nevertheless. That is how the crystal knows how to form itself into a lattice structure. That is how the snowflake knows how to form its infinitely varied patterns based upon the hexagon. That is how the cell knows how to divide into itself and replicate itself. You see, science does a good job in describing the PROCESS of the way things work, but science has no explanation whatsoever for HOW or WHY this is so. For instance, what supplies the energy for the cell to divide? What provides the knowledge of how to do this? The answer is consciousness. Some people call this God consciousness, universal consciousness, life force, prana, chi, it has been given many names by many different cultures throughout the history of our planet. But all of these cultures knew about life force and the idea that consciousness, on a broader level, created the universe. Why did universal consciousness, or God, or whatever you want to call it, create the universe? To play around in it! To have fun! That answer will be rejected by those who think there is a divine plan for everything, or who think that God is complete and knows exactly what we all should be doing, and where we all should be going. But remember, God is eternal, and so must be constantly growing, expanding, and becoming more. So there can be no 'serious' intent or purpose for creation. It HAS to be fun!

Why would God go through the trouble of creating the infinite vastness of the universe, and design it for misery? That’s crazy! We know God is not crazy, so lets give God a little credit. If you were God, wouldn't you try to create a universe that felt  as wonderful as you possibly could make it? Would you create an eternal existence that felt rotten all the time? Or an eternal existence in which there was a preordained, known outcome, where we all just went through the same motions  over and over again? Of course not! So lets assume that God is a rational and reasonable creator, and give God the intelligence to know how to create a universe with the inherent, default property that it feels good to experience in it.

We know that ‘like attracts like,’ and we’ve reasoned that the default condition of the universe is positive, as positive and blissful as the Creator could possibly make it. Now we are living in an attraction based universe, based upon free will,  which inherently feels good to live in.

So if this is true, then why do so many people feel bad? Why is there so much misery and poverty and conflict?

Perhaps because that is what some of us have decided to experience! It is impossible to know (without a big increase in our level of consciousness) what other people are thinking and feeling. So it's not possible for an individual to truly know another's purpose in doing the things they do.


In our vibrational model of the universe, existence comes forth from a static potential, a universal field of consciousness.  In this model, thoughts are the most basic quanta of existence. Your thoughts and feelings are not irrelevant; on the contrary, they draw to you the people, objects and situations of your experiences. In every moment, your thoughts and feelings send out a vibrational broadcast signal to the universe.

But how does the universe know how to respond?

The universe responds to vibrational content. It is impossible to be a match to wellness by thinking constantly about sickness, for example. The universe is based upon the property of 'like attracts like', so attention to something you don't like or don't want will begin to bring it to you. No matter what others are doing out there, nothing can occur in your experience unless you invite it in, so to speak, by your attention to it. This is not obvious, otherwise it would be more generally known. You can prove that to yourself by simply changing your thoughts and feelings about a person, or an area of life, and watch what happens. It is magic! How purely you resonate to the words you speak will determine how fast you will notice the changes.

For instance, you may be tired of fighting with your mother in law, so you decide to change your attitude about her. You can do this in two ways: you can really, deep inside, feel that she is a bitch, but that you will be nice to her anyway. You might notice a few positive changes if you go along in this manner, but more than likely nothing too much different will occur in your relationship. The universe is not responding to your words, but to your the content of your thoughts and feelings, which really haven't changed all that much. If  you REALLY want to change your relationship with your mother in law, you have to actually find positive aspects about her, and concentrate on those. Now if your mother in law is like my friend Mark's, that will be really hard to do! But remember that the inherent nature of the universe is positive. This means that the   inherent nature of every person is also positive. There are, of course, miserable people who work very hard to cover up anything good in their character. But no one can completely hide, even from themselves, their divine nature. So by looking for those minuscule positive aspects, you will draw those out in mother in law. Now that doesn't mean mother in law is all of a sudden going to turn into a saint because you are looking at her a little differently. But it does mean that when she interacts with YOU, she will behave more positively. Good feelings are contagious, have you noticed? That's because we live in an attraction based universe. Attraction is affinity and love, and affinity is the characteristic emotion of native–state consciousness. How hard is it to actually change your attitude? Well, that depends on how firmly established it is. But you can judge your progress by observing how mother in law reacts to you. If there is no change, then you really haven’t fundamentally altered your vibration. You can tell how you really feel about anything; you just have to be honest with yourself. Anyway, you're stuck with the old battle–axe, you might as well make the best of it! But don’t change your attitude for her; do it for you. When you feel better about mother in law, you’ll feel better about yourself as well. That’s a promise.

The Law Of Attraction is a very powerful and fundamental universal principle, but it is based on common sense. It isn't some airy-fairy-abstruse metaphysical concept. It is the foundational bedrock of the entire universe! You don't have to experience ANYTHING you don't want, and you can experience EVERYTHING you do want. In our vibrational model, the universe is composed of an infinite field of subtle energy. This energy field composes everything in existence, including our own bodies. Ask yourself, how does your body know how to breathe? When you go to sleep, you don't die. What keeps the body breathing when you're asleep? If you ask yourself this one simple, but profound question, it will lead you inevitably to the most astonishing conclusions. (Explanations such as, "The body's autonomic function keeps physical systems operating," don't really explain anything. Such explanations are merely descriptive, assigning a label to a phenomenon that no medical doctor or scientist truly understands).

Acceptance of the creative, non-physical principle of consciousness allows us to see the guiding hand of well-being everywhere. If  you think about the planet rotating on its axis every day, revolving in its orbit around the sun every year, how the apple seed knows how to grow into an apple tree and not a tomato, how the cell knows how to divide into itself to form the human body -- how the sun knows how to extract the energy from hydrogen to bring life to our planet --- the well being goes on and on and on. The forces that keep the universe working (and our bodies breathing) are so powerful, so positive, and so well ordered that in comparison anything bad we observe on earth is about as significant  as a pimple on a pickle. (An observant person will note that most of the bad stuff on our planet is created by human beings, most of whom believe in a strange theory called the biological basis for consciousness, or the "Man is Meat" theory of existence. This confused theory denies mankind's inherent divinity, separating ourselves from the rational conduct and well–being that naturally comes with a connection to Self and God).

The correct understanding is that well–being is the order of the day, and that in order to experience NOT well being, it is necessary to work very hard at it. It is necessary to focus constantly on thoughts and feelings that feel rotten, in order to bring rotten things into your experience. All of us have free will and can think and feel and choose anything we like. So choose well–being.

Its a good feeling to know that life is designed to be a positive experience!


Lets look at an example of how the Law of Attraction applies to relationships. Lets say Barb is having trouble with Bob, her boyfriend. Bob does annoying things like not call her when he says he will, and when they go out to eat, he chews very loudly. He isn't very handy either. When Barb had a major toilet malfunction from the upstairs bathroom, the drywall collapsed in the dining room below. They had to call in a repairman and it cost a small fortune to fix it.

Because Barb is really into self improvement and considers herself to be spiritual, she  goes to the local astrologer and gets a reading about her boyfriend, and their relationship. The astrologer looks on her charts and sees that her signs for the next 3 months show a lot of  trouble with persons of the opposite sex, and advises Barb to be on her guard for some temperamental male behavior. Now all Barb's thoughts and feelings are aligned toward conflict with Bob, and so she begins to interact with Bob in this way. Sure enough, within a few weeks they get in several big fights and break up two months later.

Bob actually has several wonderful characteristics which attracted Barb to him, but she has only been noticing the 2 or 3 things about Bob that irritate her, and so naturally, draws these forth from Bob when he interacts with her. Do we say the astrologer was correct in her predictions about Bob and Barb? Or do we say that Barb created the whole thing? Its up to you I guess, but I prefer explanations which place a conscious being at cause over his or her life.

We reject explanations that postulate evil forces, because these forces don't exist in an attraction based, free will universe where everything is connected in a positive field of energy!

Life is a self fulfilling prophecy. Like our example of Barb and Bob, it was Barb's agreement with the astrologer which placed her vibe in such a way as to promote conflict with Bob. It wasn't the position of the planets, or anything else outside of Barb. Barb has free will (as do we all) to choose her own experiences. It just happened that she decided to go into agreement with the astrologer, and therefore created more conflict in her relationship. The sad thing is that Barb may decide from this experience that she is no good in relationships, and so further compound her difficulty in dealing with the opposite sex.


Lets look at another example. Take Ralph, a guy who loves fast cars. Ralph has saved up enough for a down payment on a new sports car. He is really juiced to show off his beautiful car. He gets to the dealer breathless with anticipation and when he sees that beautiful machine he thinks: 'man that thing looks so great. I hope nothing ever happens to it.' He begins to get anxious about scratches and dents, and idiots running into him. Anyone who has ever bought a new car knows how Ralph is feeling right now! Anyway, Ralph gets all his paperwork done and is anxious to get out of there and get his car safely in his own garage. He is driving down the street when Jim, a hothead who just quit his job and got his last paycheck, is headed off to the bar. Jim is really feeling his oats and comes out of the parking lot hell-bent-for-leather. He doesn't even see Ralph as he jerks his rig out into oncoming traffic and turns right in front of Ralph, putting a big dent in Ralph's brand new machine.

Did Ralph just have bad luck? Was there some evil force that directed Jim to mess up Ralph's new car? If we accept these explanations, we have to assume a universe where either things just randomly happen, or where there is a diabolical source of blackness that, like a boogeyman, decides to mess us up. Neither of these explanations make any sense.  There aren't any boogeyman, that's for sure! The universe is well ordered and so no random events ever happen. Ralph was a perfect match to Jim, and so they came together, exactly according to the thoughts, beliefs and feelings uppermost in each of them. Ralph was worried about his rig getting dented, and Jim was in just the right mood to want to run into somebody. BAM! a perfectly orchestrated co–incidental event, with Ralph and Jim as both actors and directors.

What appears to be a big boogeyman is just the guy behind the curtain with a bunch of levers and buttons. That guy is you.

Have fun orchestrating your life!


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