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Applying Universal Principles to Life

What good is it to know something and not be able to use it?

Why bother studying universal principles if you can't apply them successfully in life?

In this section we try to take what we've learned and apply it in a common-sense fashion to living. The intent is to de-mystify and simplify life by applying the Occam's Razor of the Universal Operating System to the vexing problems of life on earth.

Article List:

Giving and Receiving

Cause and Effect

Right And Wrong

Resistance And Freedom

The Myth of Objectivity

To Help Or Not To Help?

What Is Faith?

Happiness vs Joy

The Power of "Yes"




Make Up Your Own Mind!





Ethics and Consequences

Fate vs. Free Will (thanks to a reader in Switzerland for this one! )



Innocence and Powerlessness

Ladies: What Men Really Want (as opposed to what we say!)

Approaching life on planet earth from the perspective of a fully conscious being.

The Sovereign

How To Love

My personal realizations from the dream state.


The Black Hole

Newsletter Articles

The Drama Engine

The Belief Trap

The 7 Mental Keys to Success

Raising Spiritual Awareness