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 The Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful and fundamental laws of the universe. Many of the “mysteries of life” can be clarified by a basic knowledge of this important concept.

Fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction:

1) Definition -- “ That which is like unto itself is drawn “ * (see note at bottom)

2) Thoughts are energy and act like magnets, drawing to them thoughts of similar vibration.

3) When enough thoughts accumulate upon a given topic, it is drawn into the life experience. The more thought, the faster that topic is drawn.

4) The emotions act as amplifiers to thought. Positive thoughts generate positive emotion and draw positive life experience, negative thoughts generate negative emotion and draw negative life experience.

5) Matter and energy is ultimately composed of thought. Energy and mass are convertible. Each pattern of energy has a unique frequency or vibration. Thoughts are energy and each likewise has a unique frequency or vibration. Emotions are strong vibrational energy patterns which are powerful attractors of like energy. Leading to 1).

6) Feelings are therefore the infallible guideposts which will lead inevitably toward the discovery of the true self and one's inherently positive, divine nature.

7) Each being in the physical co-creates his/her universe by thought. Co-creation is actually attraction, utilizing the Law of Attraction.

8) Deliberate creation is the conscious and knowing use of the Law of Attraction.

9) Victimization, luck, or chance is the unconscious or unknowing application (or mis-application) of Law of Attraction.

10) Probability and statistics are less relevant in the presence of Creative Will (proven by experiment). Said differently, deliberate creation may overcome probability or chance.

11) That which is observed to be happening to another, but which is not present in the observer’s life experience, is the co-creation of the other, else it would be present in the observer’s life experience (1).

12) The Law of Attraction is a natural result of the Law of Free Will. The ability to generate thought upon any topic (co-creation) will attract similar thoughts like it, and so into the life experience. This acts as protection against anything that is unwanted, for by focusing upon that which is wanted, that which is not wanted is not drawn.

13) That which is resisted persists, because that which is focused upon is drawn into the life experience. Fighting something that is not wanted always leads to its persistence in the life experience (1)

14) That which is focused upon is attracted, whether it is wanted or not ( 1 - 5, 12, 13).

15) To get what you want, focus upon it. Focusing upon what is not wanted, will invite that which is not wanted into the life experience (14)

15a) Protection from something unwanted is impossible, for one immediately activates the vibration of the unwanted thing, and so begins to attract more of it.

15b) De-activation of something not wanted is impossible, for in the attempted deactivation of the unwanted thing, one immediately activates the vibration of the unwanted thing, and so begins to attract more of it. “Try not to think of an elephant.”

16) No one or no thing can create in the experience of another, because no one can think another’s thoughts. Similarly, no one or no thing can create in your experience, because no one can think your thoughts. Leads to free will (12)

17) Therefore the Law of Attraction protects us from everyone and everything, unless we choose to invite it through our attention to it. (16)

18) Each being co-creates what will be called a Sphere of Creation, or sphere of influence, with that being at the center, utilizing the Law of Free Will, the Law of Vibration, and the Law of Attraction.

19) The intersection of all Spheres of Creation creates the common reality.

20) To change the world, first change your own reality. This will change one of the intersecting Spheres of Creation (your own) and so influence the Whole.

21) The universe does not distinguish vibrationally between that which is offered from observation and that which is offered from imagination. The house you are living in is composed of vibrating energy patterns . The dream house you imagine in your mind is also composed of vibrating energy patterns. The Law of Attraction works equally well for both. Effective visualization can result in faster manifestation. To change your reality, practice visualization of what is wanted along with the feeling of what it would be like to have what is wanted.

22) Group meditation or visualization is an effective way to achieve change on a large scale. As the vibration of many Spheres of Creation are raised, the intersection of these with the other spheres comprising the Whole raises the overall vibration of the common reality.

23) All action is the result of a prior thought or thoughts, not the other way around.

24) To change your life experience, alter your thoughts about it before going into action. Altering your vibration can be 95% of the change process, resulting in an alignment of your energy with what is wanted, and leading to action along the path of least resistance.

25) The duality of existence is simply the not-having and the having. What is absent is not negative!

26) All scarcity is the focus upon lack. All abundance is the focus upon having that which is wanted.

27) All feeling is the result of prior thought. To change how you are feeling about an area of life , change your thought(s) upon it

28) The point of attraction is the point of feeling. E.G., If you are feeling poor, you cannot attract prosperity. To attract prosperity, you must feel prosperous. This may seem like a contradiction, but it is a natural result of Law of Attraction – that which is like unto itself is drawn.

29) Every single thing that is in your life experience is attracted by you, and is a reflection of your thoughts and emotions. There are no exceptions

30) Your present reality is the result of all of your prior thoughts and actions. Thought precedes action.

31) A belief is a long-standing thought pattern

32) Karma is just a long-standing thought pattern or patterns in an area of life, which keep attracting the same people and situations. To change karma, identify and change beliefs. Karma is an unnecessary, but natural, consequence of Law of Attraction

33) Feeling good is a state of beingness, not doingness. Many think that in order to feel good they must do something that makes them feel good, but it is just the opposite. First you think of doing something that makes you feel good, the doing of it only helps to hold your thoughts in the positive

34) All trauma has behind it, the Basic Thought(s) which created it. Effective therapy always empowers the client by clearing the trauma and uncovering the Basic Thought(s) which attracted the trauma. Uncovering the Basic Thought(s) behind the trauma will always lead to cognition, which is just recognition by the client of the Basic Thought(s) . This process is simply Law of Attraction in reverse

35) The universe is 100% fair. All things in your experience are the result of the attractive power of your vibration in that area. (1 – 5), (7), (8), (16)

36) There is no injustice. All beings are receiving exactly those things upon which they are focusing their attention. (35)

37) Scientific objectivity is a myth. Experiments which purport to prove hypotheses actually work by Law of Attraction. The experimenter attracts to him or her the energy or subjects that are in harmony with the experimenter’s intent. This is how independent experimentation can “prove” opposite conclusions, or support similar conclusions.

In a time-space universe, no two objects can occupy the same spatial coordinates at the same time. Therefore no two observers can have the same viewpoint, even if every observer in the universe were to view an event at the same time. Objectivity is defined as “of, or having to do with a known or perceived object as distinguished from something existing only in the mind of the subject, or person thinking.” (Webster’s New World Dictionary, College Edition, 1962). Since every observer has a different viewpoint, there cannot be complete agreement as to the true nature or reality of any phenomenon. True objectivity requires an observer who can perceive the entirety of space-time all at once, as a whole, in any moment of time. But this is the definition of God. Since no observer can have the status of God, and since science rejects God, there can be no true scientific claim of objectivity. Stated another way:

38) The scientist performs an experiment and attempts to prove or refute RESULT_X. He is focusing on RESULT_X, therefore Law of Attraction is already working to deliver what the scientist is focused upon. The scientist uses rigorous procedures to ensure objectivity, all the while wondering whether or not RESULT_X will prove true by experimentation. And all the while Law of Attraction is busy giving him the energies or subjects corresponding to RESULT_X. The scientist proclaims objectivity by saying :“I will not declare RESULT_X to be true until it actually manifests.” Meanwhile, a clairvoyant has written an article asserting that RESULT_X is true. The scientist is not convinced, understanding that the clairvoyant's statements are purely subjective. When RESULT_X manifests, the scientists claims “I have objectively proven RESULT_X.” The clairvoyant says: “I already knew that!”

It’s all a result of Law of Attraction.


*(from Esther Hicks)


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