Self Improvement

It is often thought that reaching more positive states of being must of necessity bring up old thought patterns and emotions which then must be released or dealt with. This may make the prospect of self-improvement seem daunting. Years of therapy and work seem to loom on your personal horizon. But this is not necessarily so.

A persons experiences are determined by his or her set of beliefs. If you dont believe you can do or have something, you cant. Its as simple as that. Action follows thought.

This is not a new concept! It has been known and understood for millennia. Jesus the Christ said it well: "Ask and ye shall receive. Knock, and it is opened to you."

A pure vibration with no resistance in it will lead to manifestation of the content of that vibration. This may seem fanciful, but it is not. But what of youre not talented enough? Well, not everyone can play basketball like Michael Jordan, or run the football like Barry Sanders. In strictly physical endeavors, you're pretty much stuck with the kind of body you were born with. A guy whos 53 and 130 pounds isnt going to become an offensive lineman, no matter how hard he works at it! But were not talking about extreme situations like that. Were talking about using the Law of Attraction and other universal principles to help you in your personal creative / manifestation process.

The good news is that there is not a source of negative energy; so there are no evil beings or evil forces out there stopping you from getting what you want. Lets talk about 'negative energy' in terms of health.

Negative energy is just resistance to the flow of life force.

All health issues stem from a resistance to life force energy. That is why some people can go to the same doctor for the same illness and get well, while another remains sick. Because medicine believes in the biological basis for consciousness, there are always physical explanations for such. Joes immune system is better equipped to fight off this disease than Petes. These explanations, of course, do not lead to a healthy Pete! They are descriptive only. Without including the variable of consciousness into the equation, some health conditions remain unsolvable. (See the books of Deepak Chopra for more details on using your spiritual aspect to improve your health).

Very often resistance to well-being comes in the form of a belief, such as "I have a weak constitution" (I have used that one myself). The funny thing about life and health is that it is responsive to your thoughts and your beliefs. The condition of your body, your relationships, your job, all of it, precisely corresponds with how you think and feel about them.

People object to this. They say, Well what about genetic inheritance? The root cause of genetic inheritance is in the subtle energy field surrounding the body, and that energy field is responsive to thought. That is why some people are immune. That is why one person can go into a contagious disease ward and work all day without getting sick, while others succumb.

In these essays, we explain everything in life by saying that consciousness is the creator, the orchestrator, of its experiences. This is an empowering philosophy that puts a conscious being always at cause point. We dont say that you should abandon your course of medical treatment and think yourself well! Because if youre already sick, you have a very strong vibrational orientation toward illness. Nevertheless, we do say that using the power of thought can augment any course of treatment, and maintain a healthy body (see Visualizing Health)

Self-limiting beliefs attenuate your vibration toward illness and other negative situations:

"Cancer is in my family, and I'll probably get it sometime in my life."

Its just a matter of time before the crap hits the fan.

"Oh, that's too expensive."

"You have to work hard for what you get."

"Nothing ever comes easy for me."

"I always have a hard time with money."

"You have to take the bad with the good."

I'm the dumb one in the family."

"Things never turn out in the real world the way you dream them up." Etc etc etc.

"I'm not very good with people."

These are a minuscule sampling of the thought patterns (programming) of self-denial that people activate within themselves. I'm sure you can think of some personal ones! One of my favorites used to be: "Nobody gives a darn about me. I'm just a zero". Talk about self-limiting thought! With that kind of programming, it's no wonder I never felt good about myself.

Selflimiting beliefs block the wellbeing that would otherwise flow to you. Selflimiting patterns of thought create stress and anxiety and make one susceptible to illness. They are essentially affirmations of selfdenial and are the sole and only reason for the lack of anything in your life! You are in total control of your what you experience.

Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. For example, lets talk about self improvement.

If you believe that there will be negatives to deal with when reaching for the positive, then there will be, by your very belief that there will be. That is the approach most therapies use. In order to feel good, you have to get rid of everything that feels bad first. The only difficulty with this approach is that every time you place your attention on an uncomfortable belief or feeling or issue, you reactivate your old beliefs and emotional programming. You can't get rid of anything. Your attention to it, by Law of Attraction, makes it bigger!

Life is idiotically simple. If you simply reach for what you want, and believe it purely, there will be no resistance, and you can attain your dream. You cant wave a magic wand and make something appear in front of you, but who would want to? The fun is getting there!

The easiest thing in the world is to dream up something you really like. It feels good! That's all you have to do. Just dream it up, feel good about it, take action when you feel inspired to do so, and stop putting up roadblocks to your own well-being. If you do this, you will be successful. Roadblocks come about through the vehicle of your own selfdoubt. Remember, the operating system of the universe interfaces individually with each one of us.

You don't have to go through years of therapy, hunting down and resolving old issues. All that is required is a decision in the now moment to focus upon what you want, and to keep your focus there. In this way you disable old, negative programming and activate the default programming of well being.

Many people will call this foolish, pie-in-the-sky new age delusional dreaming, but we do not have to listen to such people! What Im saying has been said over and over by every great master, andhas been a part of every mystery school and spiritual tradition on our planet throughout its history. There are lots of people in our society -- who have never heard of the Law of Attraction -- who know this instinctively and apply it in their daily lives. Ive met quite a few of them in my contracting business.

All beliefs are thought patterns that allow or resist the natural flow of well-being to you.

Example: Thorpe has a belief that life is a series of lessons. He believes that when he has reached a good place, the universe will bring him another lesson. Thorpe believes that this lesson will be some sort of test, and if he passes he will grow and expand, and then there will be another lesson. Because of this belief, Thorpe is offering resistance to the things he wants, and therefore his path will not be a steady upward climb, but a series of two steps forward and one step back. Thorpe knows this to be true, because whenever he embarks on a new project, whether it be material or spiritual, the same pattern emerges over and over again. He always gets there, but never without struggle. Thorpe naturally assumes that the universe is testing him, for his own betterment. He thinks that maybe he has a 'spiritual contract' to fulfill, or 'karma' to resolve, or that there is just somebody up there that doesn't like him sometimes. But this is not true at all. There is nothing outside of Thorpe that is causing him to struggle, only his own self-limiting beliefs about himself.

There is never any reason to suffer (unless you want to, of course!) The only reason suffering occurs is a belief that it must. It's so simple it's almost idiotic. Each being is 100% in control of his or her own life.

The universe does not impose itself into your experience. There is no one in the universe thinking your thoughts and feeling your feelings, except you. The patterns of behavior in your life that include struggle and suffering are always a result of a belief (or beliefs) within you. The universe responds precisely and accurately to the vibrational mix of your beliefs about yourself and life. That's a cheering thought, for it means you are in complete control.

It's too simple, really, for most people to believe. People look around and see evidence everywhere of struggle, hard work and suffering and simply assume this is a natural part of life. But it isn't!

Or, I should say, it isn't unless you believe it is. If you believe it is, then it will be.

It's that simple. If you believe it is, you are creating a vibrational pattern that the universe will answer. What does it mean to say that the universe answers? It means that every conscious being sends out a vibrational signal within the to which everyone else responds. It means that those around you respond to what you really believe, not the words that come out of your mouth. It means that the criminal will always experience what he or she is dishing out to others. It means that the laws of the universe dispense justice far better than any court of law!

If you would like to experience suffering, or testing, then simply offer a belief that it is so, and the Law of Attraction will go to work matching up your vibration with all others who wish the same thing, and you will experience it. However, if you are tired of suffering and hard work, simply change your belief. If you change your belief to one of I can effortlessly be, do, and have anything I would like you can eliminate all of your roadblocks and set your life for smooth sailing. Unless, of course, you believe that it is impossible to reach a goal without suffering or setbacks. Then you will have suffering and setbacks. How simple is that? Too simple for 99% of humanity. But if you are one of those intuitive persons who can understand this message, your life can turn around so quickly it will amaze you!

I am willing to bet that most people who read this will say "Oho, what a bunch of baloney! If it's that easy, then why doesn't everybody do it! Why don't YOU do it?" Well, I'm on my way, and so can you be. The difference between myself and most people is that I understand this stuff and I don't b.s. myself. I KNOW that my beliefs get in the way of my desires, and if I want something badly enough, I get to work on alterning my thoughts.

Of course, you cannot look at something black and call it white.The repeating of affirmations, for example, will not get you anywhere if you don't really believe what you are saying; empty words have no meaning. But affirmations can be very effective if used properly!

(One of the most valuable self-improvement products out there is Mike Brescia's Think Right Now series of CD's. Mike simply creates CD's with positive affirmations. You listen to the CD's over and over, so you don't have to keep repeating stuff you don't really believe in yet. However, if you listen enough, you begin to program your mind toward what is wanted. You can do this yourself, and I highly recommend it. Instead of midlessly repeating affirmations, make yourself a CD of your own highest affirmations, then listen to it often. Another great Law of Attraction product is Mind Movies. You make a movie, complete with music and /or affirmations, about your dream life and you watch it. The vibration of the movie becomes your predominant vibration, and you experience success. Along with my own books and movies, which seek to educate a person is his / her spirituality and describe in a very practical fashion, a modern interpretation of the five universal prionciples, these are the most effective LOA products I know ).


When this message is explained to people, they will listen for a short time and then come up with their reasons for the impossibility of it. That's absurd, he or she will say, no one can simply glide through life getting everything they want. But the reason they don't is not because of "life", but because of the very belief that it cannot be.

If you think you will have difficulty, you will. If you believe that you can always accomplish your goals, you will. The degree of resistance you have to life will be the degree of struggle you will experience in life. The degree of well-being you allow yourself to have will be the degree of well-being you experience. I have seen this over and over in the 30 years that I have been involved in my contracting work, and in other self-improvement activities. Fortunately, my life mission has always been to discover the secrets behind the Big Picture, and so I have carefully observed people and have taken a lot of mental notes. Mostly, I have been my own test case, for as my friends and family will tell you, I have not always been a shining beacon of light! And, like everyone else, I still backslide a little. But Im getting better and better at following the practical philosophy Ive introduced in these essays, and in fact, all of the articles Ive written are based on my personal experiences. (Thats the good thing about writing essays like these. You have to practice what you preach).

I'm trying to explain something that so many have explained before me.

The NOW moment is your point of attraction. It doesn't matter how many negative decisions you have made in your life up to this point. At ANY point in time, no matter how negative you have been up to this point, you can decide to live life effortlessly.

All it takes is the decision to do so.

All it takes is the decision to do so. I repeated that because it is so important. Just decide, and it will be.

If you try this, more than likely a million thoughts counter to it , and probably several yucky feelings, will come forth. Those are the old beliefs you have (and are continuously creating) clamoring for attention. Don't give them any attention. Just keep choosing what you want. What you want feels good. Those old yucky feelings and beliefs feel bad. Choose what feels good!


"Did you know you can have anything you want just by deciding you want it?"

"That's crazy. Nobody gets what they want all of the time."

"The reason you don't get what you want all of the time is that belief you can't."

"That's airy-fairy nonsense."

"What's airy-fairy about it?"

"You can't get what you want just by imagining it. You got to go out in the real world and make it happen."

"That belief you have is why you have to work so hard for what you get."

"I have to work hard because that's the way the world is."

"You have to work hard, because you believe you have to work hard."

"That's crazy."

"Every single thing you have in your life is as a result of your thoughts, beliefs about it, not the other way around."

"Wrong! I think that way because that's the way it is, and I have observed it to be true over and over again."

"Your belief that it is that way, causes you to experience that way. You are creating your life in every moment, and as long as you keep creating your life from what you are observing, nothing will ever change."

"That's right. My life never changes."

"It never changes because you never offer another belief or feeling that is different, for a long enough time to make a difference. You always create your life from what you see around you, from what-is. So nothing ever changes. It's a vicious circle. Your beliefs are based on what you observe, which then causes you to attract more of what you are observing. It's not reality that creates your life, it is you who create your reality. You are a powerful magnetic attractor which the universe is responding to, in every instant. Try imagining a life that you like better and see what happens in your experience. The worst that can happen is you'll feel better for a while, imagining a life you like a whole lot more than the one you have now."

"Daydreaming is a waste of time."

"But it can make you feel better. What's more important than that? Would you rather think negatively about yourself, or positively? What feels better to you?"

"Do you really think I can change my life?"

"I know you can. But you have to know it. The only way that can happen is to start the ball rolling by imagining something better, something different from what you now are living. That will make you feel better, at least, and will draw to you people and situations which match your new feelings and beliefs about yourself."

This little conversation is just an example of what a lot of people think about their lives. It is ingrained in the consciousness of mankind that reality 'just is.' That reality is solid, unchanging, immutable. That to change reality requires really hard work. That your thoughts and feelings are always a result of 'what is', instead of the other way around. It's so bad here on planet earth that people think suffering and hard work is a natural part of living. There is a great fear on our planet of the inherent creative power within each one of us. The idea that the life we lead and the reality we observe is a direct result of our own beliefs is laughed at! It's called 'pie-in-the-sky dreaming'. It's called 'being divorced from reality.' It's contemptuously referred to as being 'nuts' or 'crazy' or 'weird.' Why is it that human beings believe in the heroism of struggle? Because we are immersed in a consciousness of scarcity, which infects our thinking and belief systems.

Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy! You get what you get in your life because of your beliefs and feelings about life. Your current reality is in one-to-one correspondence with what your beliefs about it. If you don't believe this, pick an area of life and write down all of the thoughts that come to you about it, without censoring them, or editing them, or yourself. You will be amazed. You will discover that your reality is an exact match to all of your thoughts and feelings about it. I am here to tell you that you change that reality by deciding to do so; and it will lead you on the greatest adventure of your life!

Consciousness is cause point, matter and energy are at effect point. The cart does not draw the horse, the horse draws the cart.

If you desire a better life experience, choose again and see what happens!

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