September 2012

Vol 7, #9

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The City on the Hill, Part 1

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
8/ 22/ 2012


It’s time for the show! Or the podcast I guess, that’s what it’s turned into.

Well, a few interesting items I found this week. A Gallup survey showed that the Congressional approval rate is at 10%, the lowest approval rating ever. This is interesting, because we have an election coming up in a couple of months. Will people continue to vote for Democrats and Republicans? I am hoping that we’ll see a few more independents like Bernie Sanders of Vermont elected to Congress. That would be a good sign.

In other news, The Huffington Post reported today that both the Romney and Obama campaigns are planning to leave over 60,000 US troops in Afghanistan indefinitely. Supposedly we are there to prevent Taliban “terrorists” from taking over the country, but when you consider that the US armed Afghan guerillas during the Soviet occupation of that country, one wonders how sincere or truthful these statements are.

If you try to look beyond the commonplace to the big picture, you sometimes feel like a nutter. Why not just accept everything at face value? Why not just believe everything you hear on the news and be happy? Well, if the country was going in the right direction, that would be fine. But the country isn’t going in the right direction! So we look for explanations. And what seems obvious to me is that there is some kind of private group or groups, outside the normal public channels and public organizations, that is influencing events in the US.

In the last 25 years or so the US has become the world’s largest debtor nation, manufacturing has left the country, the Fed is printing money like it’s a monopoly game, and the people are struggling. We all know about the hidden black programs that exist within the shadowy groups within the intelligence community, and the activities of the DHS. I believe that 99% of government workers want to do the right thing. So if we’re not going in the right direction, that indicates influence from the top. So where is this influence coming from? Now we’re turning into “conspiracy theorists.”

If you were actually a part of a private group with a hidden agenda, the best way to deflect inspection of your activities would be to label anyone who  tries to investigate you as a nutter, or mentally unstable. Remember, those with hidden agendas, in order to be effective, must remain hidden. Any exposure of their true intent destroys them. That is their weakness and our strength.

There is an interesting report from the White Hats this month, #47. Very hard-hitting. Just google “White Hats Report #47” and you can find it. Also David Wilcock has come out with a new article about the strange symbolism associated with the recently concluded London Olympics. I never watch the opening and closing ceremonies, just the actual events. David has pointed out some interesting things over at

It seems that  questioning the flow of events as reported by the mainstream press isn’t so nutty after all!

All right, now I want to see if there is any message from the guys. That’s the name I give my personal guidance. They’ve been quiet the past two weeks, and have been telling me that their messages have basically concluded for now, and that we’re approaching a critical phase in the evolution of consciousness on the planet earth. We’ve been warned that there are people with hidden agendas here on earth; people who, for reasons that suit them, want to stop the human race’s evolution to higher states of being. We’ve talked about that a lot on the show for the past month. The evolution to the fourth level of consciousness is taking place, and there are basically two main paths: a phony kind of unity where individuals give up their freedoms for a kind of group security with direction from above (like in the military), or a true unity that celebrates the individual.

Paradoxically, when the individual is celebrated, we find connection to the One, for we are all aspects of a glorious universal consciousness. True sovereignty for the planet earth can only come when the human race unites in celebration of the individual human being, and the individual’s divine origins. Thus spirituality, and the recognition of our spirituality, is the single most important issue on the planet today. The agenda of those who wish to hold us back is separation; is the idea that an individual human being is a nothing; that consciousness is based on the idea of a piece of meat walking around merely as a receptor for electromagnetic impulses.  

This is the Big Lie on planet earth. Ladies and germs, if the human race will merely embrace the TRUTH of who we are, everything will turn out fantastic!  But if we buy into the nonsense that we are unworthy beings in supplication to a higher power, we will weaken ourselves and lay ourselves open for manipulation. Spirituality isn’t some woo-woo space cadet nonsense, it is the most vital and fundamental issue facing the human race today. It must be embraced if we want to ascend to the higher dimensions, and avoid being trapped in a tantalizing, but fake, service-to-self agenda.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are awesome. The human race is awesome. We are a very young species with incredible latent potential. We live on a gorgeous planet, still with incredible diversity of biological life and ecosystems. The planet earth is a jewel and we must protect her. And all we have to do to do that is to recognize who we are, and stop listening to the b.s. from people who tell us we have to fight and struggle with each other.  Valid message: a message that embraces unity and cooperation and harmony and higher states of being. Invalid message: one that talks about disasters, potential disasters, and the inevitability of a certain evolutionary path.

Because we are young, we are gullible, just like any adolescent. But the guys want to say that the most important variable in the equation is our own belief systems, and our expectations about what we think will happen in the future. We are in the cockpit of the racing car and we have complete control. The sign might say, “pleasant road ahead” with a big  arrow  pointing to the right. But when we approach that road we see a crumbling road with boulders and dead tree branches strewn across it, leading up to a pretty dark place. But all of the advertisements we saw on the road said that we should turn here, because the path starts off a little rough but then it gets good later on. We’ve seen movies about how great it’s going to be if we just turn right at the sign ahead, and many convincing people have given testimonials as to how great it’s going to be if we will just ignore our inner voices and trust the promotions.

But then we finally get there and we have to make a decision. There’s the big black arrow and the sign we’ve all been told to expect. And the now see it! It’s so exciting, because there’s been a big buildup to it.

But there’s only one problem: as we approach the sign something within us is telling us to continue along the road we’re on. In the far distance we see a soft light, and what looks vaguely like a beautiful city on top of a series of big hills. But that’s kinda far off in the distance, and what we’ve been promised is right here, right now. There are a lot of sexy men and women dancing by the sign, telling us how cool it’s going to be if we just turn right. But something inside us tells us that the big black arrow isn’t best thing for us, and as we approach we feel that stronger and stronger. But we also feel an almost hypnotic impulse to turn right.

OK, we’re going to stop the film right here, freeze it. We’re in the car, it’s going pretty fast, and there are two things we are feeling: one is a subtle (but getting stronger) feeling of lightness of being, of expansion, of higher potentials and possibility that are going to get more and more real if we continue along the road we’re on. On the other hand, we feel a powerful, almost hypnotic impulse to turn right. This feeling is getting stronger and stronger, and it is bolstered by the cool advertisements and the movies and the testimonials we’ve seen. Something is telling us that we would be fools if we didn’t turn right, we’d miss out on all of the fun. The sexy guys and the sexy women are all crooning to us to go right.

So that’s where we’re at right now. The human race is feeling two impulses: one is the connection to Spirit, to who we really are, and it is a little more subtle. But if we embrace this feeling we get blown away by its power. We understand with 100.00000% certainty that this is the way to go, this is the way to true power and magnificence and a better life. But this other impulse is really, really powerful. Lots of people have already gone down this path and while we cannot see them because the road makes a sudden turn a couple of miles away, we’re told that if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity now we will never be able to access it again. And this is correct, ladies and germs, because the road to higher dimensions has infinite possibility for expansion, and a million different ways to go forward into true unity, but the path to fake unity and the lower dimensions is very limited. We know we gotta take the turn right, or we WILL miss out on all of that fun. So in one sense the persuaders are right: if we pass by the road we are leaving it behind forever. And so the question for each individual is: which impulse do we follow?  Actually impulse is a bad word to explain the path to true unity, because it is more like a subtle feeling that, if you embrace it, will send you up to the heights of self-confidence and well-being. But this feeling aint sexy; it’s not cool. It’s totally awesome and magnificent and powerful, but it might not be down and dirty sexy.

The other feeling IS an impulse; it’s like a powerful hypnotic command that literally pulls you over to the right toward the road with the black arrow.

And so we’re approaching the fork in our car and we unfreeze the frame. We feel this powerful impulse to turn right, and our better judgment is telling us to stay on the path. So we feel a powerful impulse that is very real to us on the one hand, and on the other hand we feel this amazing, but much more subtle, feeling that we should embrace. And that’s where the vehicle of humanity is right now as we approach the end of 2012.

We have to make the decision: do we go with the impulse, or do we take a second to check out this more subtle but much more powerful feeling of well-being, and embrace it?

Now really, in the big, big, picture, the decision is almost irrelevant, because all endings are happy endings. In other words, all physical environments are just playgrounds, from the viewpoint of the One.  From this broad perspective, there is no right or wrong, or good or evil, because we are all just incarnated, native state beings who, after our little physical vacation, will re-discover our true selves, and our spiritual heritage and our true magnificence.
However, we ARE individual physical beings with the future ahead of us. Which future are we going to embrace? That choice, despite all the advertisements, movies, testimonials, persuasion, coercion, and all the rest, is ours to make. There is one big fact about consciousness and existence that we all have to remember: we are sovereign. We all have free will. The game is to make us change our minds, for only in that way can we create a different future. It is our choice which evolutionary path we take. Our information systems/belief systems program our expectations  and create the future path of reality we will go down.

It’s like when I play disk golf. Last week I was standing on a long, narrow fairway surrounded by trees and bushes on either side. I threw a perfect throw right down the middle; the disk bounced up, rolled, and got stuck underneath a bush  several feet off the fairway. So after this great drive I have no second shot, and I am really pissed. Then my buddy Josh says, “stop complaining. You shot it!”  And of course that is true. I failed to recognize that at the split-second that I released the disk,  I had programmed the flight of my shot down the fairway, from beginning to end. I set up the shot, I programmed it, I put it into physical reality. What happened after that was the result of all of my physical programming, which culminated in the moment of release. In disk golf, or any ball game, you are the programmer, but sometimes it’s hard to recognize that, because the flight of the ball or the disk is what is visible, not the way you threw it.

We sometimes don’t recognize that we have free will because we’re looking at the physical result of previous decisions and programming that we’ve made. The idea of the service-to-self guys is to persuade us that we are going to really miss out (selfish) if we don’t take advantage of this opportunity NOW! You can see this tactic in all advertising, which is essentially a milder form of propaganda or coercion. It’s persuasion. It’s trying to get you to change your mind by appealing to service-to-self ideas of fun (the carrot) while at the same time holding the stick of “if you don’t do this now you’ll miss out.” And the damned thing about it, it’s true! We will miss out if we don’t turn right at the black arrow sign. We’re in the car, accelerating past the lower dimensions, and each time we pass one we know we can’t get back because we’re going too fast. The Promised Land, though, is a little farther off down the road and isn’t quite as real as this almost hypnotic impulse to stop our progress and turn right at the big black arrow.

So that’s the message for this week. We have the choice between a strong impulse to do something, combined with the idea that if we don’t we’ll miss out. You see, the service-to-self agenda always has a hidden intent behind it: in addition to the carrot, you always get the stick. That’s how you can tell a good message from a phony one. The phony one has “consequences” it has buried within it the true hidden intent that is skewed and must be covered up with a lot of sexy and exciting promo.

The service-to-self agenda always has two main layers: the outward, attractive  layer, and the true, hidden layer that is the real intent behind it. Whereas the service-to-others agenda, and the higher levels of reality, are totally open. But they might not be as powerful on the surface. The service-to-self agenda/message is powerful on the surface and lame on the inside, because on the inside it’s a control structure that benefits a few and takes us away from our spirituality and our true potential. The service-to-others agenda is subtle on the outside, not as exciting, but inside it’s the bomb: it’s totally powerful and it just gets better and better and better the more you get into it, because this path leads to source and the true discovery of SELF on all levels of life. It’s the true fourth level consciousness: unity that celebrates the individual and leads to sovereignty at the fourth level and true unity.



The City on the Hill. Part 2

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 8/29/2012)


The political news this week is about the Republican convention, and the big news is that Hurricane Isaac is battering New Orleans. In addition, there will apparently be a new government in Japan, China, and in the US this fall. According to Ben Fulford, this offers a great opportunity for change as the year 2012 approaches its conclusion. The world has been run by a cabal of people whose objectives are domination and control, and who have instigated a series of regional wars and conflicts ever since the end of WW II. My personal feeling is that behind this cabal, which is apparently itself divided into warring factions, is what Marshall vian Summers calls the Intervention, or the presence of extraterrestrial races on earth who see the opportunity to exploit the earth’s biological resources. 

As I’ve said on this program many times in past weeks, the human race has not been a good steward for the planet earth. We have, like adolescent children, been fighting amongst each other at the third level (group/nation)  of consciousness.  Our retarded spiritual development has allowed our galactic neighbors to come here and take advantage of us.

Somehow the human race got sidetracked. My guidance tells me that the spiritualist movement at the end of the 19th century in Europe and the US was going to propel human consciousness toward the 4th level, and that the 20th century would have looked much, much different than it did. Instead, we all know what happened: two massive conflicts followed by a succession of globalized regional wars after WW II.

However, this momentum has now played itself out, opening the window for a new direction. And it might be argued that in order for humanity to reach the fourth level from the density we were mired in on the third level, these two world conflicts were inevitable, for they the increased awareness of all people around the world that we live on a fragile little planet. That is certainly true, but my guidance tells me that the latent spiritualist movement was sidetracked by a powerful meme within the human species consciousness: an implanted meme that we all bought into.

Of course it is our decision always to choose how we think and the content of our belief/information systems. This is a universal law. All beings everywhere in the universe are sovereign. However, sovereignty works both ways! Others with agendas are also sovereign. Because of our spiritual ignorance, and ignorance of the earth’s invisible information system that sits like a blanket around our planet (and is visible to others who are not so ignorant!) it would have been child’s play to insert memes of unworthiness and conflict and scarcity, etc. But this is like the guy at a party who suggests that everyone get drunk and launch themselves into the deep end of the pool. If you have a group of unaware people, you might easily all get them to start drinking and throw themselves in, even if it was dangerous. The point is that mindfulness is always the best policy, for it makes you aware of your surroundings and tunes you into your higher potential. When you are mindful you cannot be manipulated.

The earth is sitting in the middle of a galactic neighborhood that is populated with intelligent life. We have talked before about how humanity’s ignorance of its own divine origins has caused us to neglect our responsibilities to ourselves and to the planet we live on. We are like the shepherd who is tasked with the job of guarding the sheep, but when he sees a bunch of sexy women on top of the hill, abandons his flock to have a little fun.

Sure, if the ladies were not there he would have done his job, so it could be said that it wasn’t his fault. But this is an adolescent and immature attitude. The shepherd has the choice to continue his job, which he really does enjoy, or go off to check out the beautiful women. (Ladies, we can say that the shepherd is female and there are gorgeous guys over there on the hill).  There is always a choice. No matter how powerful are the forces arrayed against you, you always have the choice to step into your power and declare your sovereignty. The human race is facing this decision right now. 

The game is NOT confined to just the planet earth, although the planet earth is the gameboard. Others who are here understand that the game includes the neighborhood around earth, while the human players delude themselves with nonsense like “the earth is alone in the universe” and “when you die you’re dead,” and other such ridiculous and adolescent belief systems. As long as humanity embraces these retarded ideas, we will continue to be pawns in a game that is being played out at the 4th level of consciousness.

Again, and this bears repetition: there are basically two evolutionary paths to the 4th level of consciousness that a planetary civilization can follow: a degraded  path  of service-to-self, where a false unity is achieved through the giving up of individual freedoms for a collective security, or a path toward true unity that comes from celebration of the individual’s connection to the divine. This is the so-called “spiritual path” which is always debunked by dead-heads, skeptics, and other delusional persons who have succummbed to the path of fake unity. These people feel that if they are at the top of the pyramid, they will benefit. But being at the top of the pyramid in a degraded consciousness that is constrained always to operate at lower levels of life force, is pitiful compared to the true path of finding personal power and connection to a powerful animating life force that has created and maintains the universe and everything in it.

The fake evolutionary road signposts are: cloning, merging of biology with electronics, chipping, and other avenues that degrade biology and subject it to denser materials. In fact biology is extremely powerful, for it can access this subtle but powerful animating force. In other words, the animating force is far more powerful in biology than in material adjuncts. This invisible (to the Body Reality) animating force contains massive amounts of data  that, when accessed,  can literally transform the earth into a paradise. Human race: we are at the crossroads right now. We must choose! Over there is the bling, there’s the sea shells and the $24 dollars in gold, the sexy men and women calling us to turn right at the black arrow. And ahead of us is the path to personal and collective power. This path is much more subtle, but it eventually leads to a magnificent expansion and understanding of our true potential.

Biological life is based around the Golden Section, the phi ratio, or what Euclid called the division into mean and extreme ratio. This proportion describes perfect mathematical harmony, perfect unity. This ratio is contained within the very structure of our bodies. All we have to do is make the choice to embrace it.

I know about this stuff because I studied geometry a little, and I even wrote a book about it. Biological life is based upon this perfect ratio, and it is not something we have to work at attaining. We have failed to attain harmony in our relations with each other, simply because we have flawed belief systems. We believe the skeptics and the dead-heads who tell us we are nothing; little insignificant worms reaching out in supplication to a higher power or higher beings. And of course this higher power or higher being easily gets translated to TECHNOLOGY. People with higher technology are assumed to be superior, but that is simply not the case: they just may have been around a lot longer. In fact, some of these fellows may actually be degraded. They may have chosen a dead-end evolutionary  path. They may even be unaware that eventually, the service-to-self path they have chosen will end badly. But the point is that technology may indicate greater knowledge, but not greater wisdom. We’ve heard this before and it’s important not because it’s some hackneyed old phrase that nobody who says it really understands, but because THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM. Most people will simply say, “wisdom comes from experience, so those who have higher technology and more knowledge must necessarily be wise, because they are more experienced.”

That is not necessarily true! It can be a trap. Wisdom comes not from experience, but from the understanding of your greater potential, from the connection to your own divinity, from the discovery of your own spirituality and that you are actually a magnificent, divine consciousness that is an aspect of a beautiful and powerful and immortal awareness that has created the universe and everything in it. Experience just gets you to the point of having this awareness or understanding: you live and live and live, and mess up and mess up and mess up (because you don’t know who you really are) until you finally get it: “oh yeah, I’m this beautiful, immortal spirit here temporarily in this physical body.” You’ve heard the saying “I had to hit rock bottom before I had my epiphany, or my awakening.” Sure, all that means is that you lived and lived and lived and experienced and experienced and experienced from a place of not understanding yourself, until you finally got whacked over the head enough times until you finally woke up to who you really are. OK?

So experience is very valuable, it is a great teacher, but ultimately experience just gets you the realization of your own spirituality.

And the point is, that you can simply embrace that greater aspect of yourself without having to go down the wrong evolutionary path for 50,000 years, until you finally realize that your Borg society, or your clones, or your chipped populations, are losing their vitality and that your race is dying. Then you become like the horrid grays, with no sexuality, no compassion, no ability to reproduce, and no soul. When you get there you understand that it really is hopeless. Actually, if you go far enough down this service-to-self path, you get so occluded and dense that you don’t even realize where you are at. You as an individual, and your entire race, are just a bunch of stupid biological automatons going through the motions of life. This, dear ones, is truly the end of life. It is what is meant by your legends of hell, what people mean when they say “a denser level of existence.” The service-to-self path is a dead end.
I want to quote from something Marshall Vian Summers said this week in his message: “If you believe that technology is your salvation, you will be saved for another race who is technologically superior to you.” This is very well said, and we couldn’t agree more.

The human race right now is being led down the garden path to this very evolutionary outcome. While you watch your TV programs and sports, factions on your planet are engaging in research that will take the human race down one of these dead-end paths. The intent is for you never to reach that City on the Hill in a higher dimension of reality. So the question is, are you going to accept this outcome? Or are you going to understand that events on your planet are being manipulated? Are you prepared to come together in true unity and actually be the good stewards of your planet that you claim you are?

Again we say that you have complete sovereignty, complete control, over what happens on earth. But in order to create that golden age you have to step up and declare your sovereignty. We are harping and harping on this because the decision point, the tipping point, is approaching, is upon you now. Those with hidden service-to-self agendas are frantically trying to take advantage of your ignorance and push you down a dead-end path. Some of these beings are just ignorant, some are really into it and look at the planet earth and the life upon it as a great prize to be plucked. But it does not matter the level of their technology: a simple but powerful declaration of your own sovereignty will reprogram the subtle but invisible holographic information field that surrounds your planet. It will send out a signal, like a lighthouse on a dark night, that says: “we, the people and the life upon planet earth, hereby declare our sovereignty. We demand that those who mean us harm, or who are here to take advantage of us, cease to interfere in our affairs, and leave this planet immediately.”

That is your first step. It is an easy step, a do-able step, for it just affirms your basic right as a life form and as a planetary society. But you actually have to DO it. And this is what the “2012” thing is all about. It’s not about the great benevolent motherships coming down from the skies and rescuing humanity, or a magic spiritual wand or field of force that will carry you magically up to an ascension paradise on December 21st. That simply cannot happen, because you have not asked for it. What it is about, is consciously and mindfully reprogramming your information systems, and getting over the silly ideas that yours is the only planet with life upon it, and that you are biological pieces of meat walking around with no awareness of self.

As Walt Kelley used to say in his Pogo comic strip, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

If you have enemies, it is because you conceive that life must be fought, not lived. The truth is that in order for something to physically manifest, it must first be alive in your minds. In other words, you must create the programming for it. Anything that is real, is real because you have made the decision that it IS. And so your thoughts and your intentions and your decisions are paramount in importance in this universe of free will. If the world does not seem to you like one where free will is present, then your belief systems reflect this. You are occluded on the dynamics of life. You have not twigged on your own magnificence. You have simply failed to realize that you are an aspect of a powerful universal awareness, and within that understanding there is a beautiful jewel, a beautiful personality, called YOU. And this knowledge of self, as we have said before, expands SELF to the other dynamics of life.

SELF is first of all, understanding of who you are. This connects you to the One, to the highest awareness. In geometry it completes the circle, or it completes the figure and makes it whole. Then SELF expands to encompass family on the second level, and groups and nations on the third level. Then SELF expands to the fourth level of planetary awareness. At each level the concept of SELF expands to be more. At each level the heart must be accessed, as well as the mind. The mind alone will result in a sterile evolutionary path, without feeling, without harmony or compassion or spirit. There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom: one is in the mind, and the other is in the mind and in the heart.

Ken is always amused by technology commercials, especially those with electronic devices. In one commercial, people are standing around with shit-eating grins on their faces, surrounded by a ring of electronic phones and other communications devices. The message is: “look at these cool toys that will help you to talk to each other.” And the people in them are always emotionally retarded, looking to the “magic phone” or “cool electronic device” as if it was their salvation. What these commercials don’t tell you is that just up the road a little is the ability for consciousness in biology to communicate on a far deeper and more informative level than electronics: the level of thought-based communication. This is how so-called “channeling” is done. Channeling on earth is largely in a very primitive state, where only generalities come forth. But true communication involves the transmission of thought packets that contain vivid imagery and an incredible amount of data. This kind of communication blows away that which can be performed with electronic devices. But of course you will never see that level of communication if you choose the merging of your biology with electronics. Your growth and development will be stultified, and, over the generations, your latent higher powers  will gradually atrophy until you will forget that you even had them. Then you will be like the Borg, and too stupid even to know  that you are fucked up.

So there! That’s the message for this week. Look, you are at the crossroads even as we speak today. Your planet, your species, is either going to dumb itself down and choose a dead-end path of evolution, or advance through the dimensional realities to the place where you finally “get it,” and understand your true potential. We tell you that the other game will be fun for a while, for a few generations, and then you will begin to forget, or you will simply be absorbed by a civilization or a group with higher technology. And that will be sad because the human race has tremendous upside potential. You also have the potential to crash and burn. There is no meekness associated with your race! You will either crash hard or you will accelerate very quickly, and discover how awesome you are, and how awesome the game is at the higher levels. But right now you are sitting in a place where you can go either way; indeed, the road to service-to-self has never seemed more enticing, because it seems so much fun at your level of consciousness. You are like the man in the glider, riding of a gust of air. You feel the freedom to do anything. You have the choice to simply lower the nose and crash, or lift the nose and soar to greater heights.

That’s the message from the guys this week.

Ken here: This isn’t some kooky woo-woo space cadet talk: this is real. It’s not b.s. It’s only b.s. to the dead-heads, who couldn’t understand it if it was presented to them in 3D, right in front of their faces. It’s the mindset of von Helmholz, who once said that ‘even if it could be proven that perception outside the five human sense was possible, I would refuse to believe it.’ The thing is, we won’t recognize that we’re going in the wrong evolutionary direction until several generations have passed. So let’s do the smart thing. Let’s do the thing that connects us up to well-being, and not fall for the magic act, the con artists up on the stage who are putting on a superb technological show for the earthian primitives. Let’s understand that our spirituality is vitally important, and that while technology is neat and fun, and we can use it, we shouldn’t let it take over our lives. We must maintain our fundamental humanity, and live from the heart.





Wake Up Call (continuing series) Cut and Paste these links into your browser


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    1) Olympic Ceremonies: a Mithraic Illuminati ritual?

    2) Quantum Awakening in December 2012?

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    White Hats Report #46 - Critical Information
    White Hats Report #47:
    If this site shows a later report, you can scroll down to #46 in the right column.

  4. Affidavit of Obligation against the Bank for International Settlements
    This interesting Affidavit explains what's been going on financially behind the scenes on planet earth. Notice the startling number of kilograms of gold in existence: an absolutely unbelievable amount. If this is true, we have been lied to big-time about the amount of gold in existence.

  5. LIBORGate -- Banks Throwing Each Other Under the Bus
    From Business Insider

  6. Intel from Gordon Duff of Veteran's Today The military's view of what is going on behind the scenes.

  7. Lone Gunman?
    Associated Press Reports that Sikh Temple Shooting eyewitness says that a team of four men dressed in black carried out the massacre.

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