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Truth,Technology, and Evolution

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 9/21/2011)


All right Guys, the intelligence war continues to be fought behind the scenes, involving ETs as well, and the poor American public is brainwashed  into thinking that the planet earth is the only one in the entire universe with intelligent life. The actors on the stage are saying their lines and no one is telling the truth about what is really going on behind the scenes.

How long can the official "party line" be supported before people find out the truth?


A: What we love about planet earth is that everyone has their own version of "the truth." And so if you ask 3 million people what truth is, you'll get 3 million versions! This is the cause of the fragmentation on your planet: everyone is operating on a different version. Truth 1.01 is slightly different than a more sophisticated Truth 2.7, and then of course there are the irrational versions like Truth square root of 13. All of this fragmentation comes from the fundamental misconception: that consciousness is biologically based. Until humanity understands that individual human beings are not just matter, there will be wildly different variations of the truth. And, of course, people like to act on their truths! And so there is a lot of crazy competition going on. A person who believes in the biological basis for consciousness and who wants to improve the human condition will naturally lean toward a physical alteration of genes and chromosomes, or a union of the human body with electronics, or cloning the perfect human being, or some such. Those who believe that self-awareness comes from a non-physical consciousness will try to meditate, or devise seminars and videos to teach people to alter their neural pathways through a change in thinking and being, or use organic substances to affect cellular change.

An unclouded view of The Truth must begin with the fundamental idea that self-awareness is not physically dependent. Unless you have this idea and can reach out past the Body Reality, your worldview gets hopelessly skewed and you cannot find your way back out. You go down evolutionary dead-end paths like the "Borg" in that science fiction show. Cloning is another evolutionary dead-end path. There are others as well. There are races "out there" who have gone down one of these dead-end roads (like the grays) and who are trying to find their way back.  But the point is that you can only go down  a dead-end path when you have a fundamental misconception, and the most fundamental misconception of all is that you are hamburger.

In Chaos Theory there is a very important principle known as "Sensitive dependence on initial conditions." Most systems in nature are non-linear, and involve behavior that is chaotic. Many things in nature, like the behavior of weather, or even the flow of smoke as it goes into the air above a burning cigarette, start off as something you can categorize, but soon veer off into unpredictability; meaning, that the end result eventually takes you somewhere that you did not anticipate. That is because the universe is vibrational in nature and is always changing and responding to your changing thoughts and intentions. Therefore, depending on the decisions you make at the start, you can either have a pleasant experience or a very disorderly and miserable one! It all depends on the initial set of conditions that you start from. And those conditions are set up by what you think and what you believe. So when you begin from a fundamental untruth,  you veer off into activities like conflict, war, fighting, criticizing, cruelty, poverty, injustice, domination, hierarchical control, etc. etc. etc.

It is interesting, though, that encapsulated within the very essence of the physical universe you live in, are fundamental principles that are based upon well-being. You can veer off into miserable conditions, but your misery is always constrained by the fundamental well-being of nature, and the universe itself. Now that is something to think about! Of course, science scoffs at the idea that well-being rules. "Try telling that to the guy who got electrocuted on the job yesterday." But science approaches the universe with a built-in bias against well-being. Science tries to be objective, but of course that is impossible, since we live in a vibrational universe that immediately begins to send you what you focus upon. Science hasn't even scratched the surface of what is possible. But you won't know that until you advance a little in awareness.. Then a different reality will present itself to you, and it will blow your minds!

How will a society evolve, whose "initial conditions" are based upon lies and secrecy? Well, this is fundamentally opposed to the underlying well-being of the universe. And so physical systems or organizations based upon this set of initial conditions will veer off into instability,  and will inevitably fail. You can, like the song says, "pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again," doing the same stuff, but what happens? You get a similar cycle of evolution into misery and eventual breakdown. And that has been the history of the human race: rise and fall, based upon the initial conditions that are set up by what you believe.

Your beliefs determine the stability and the evolution of your social systems, and  your personal lives.

Your beliefs are the set of initial conditions that determine how your life will evolve. But the good news is that you can change your beliefs and thus change your evolution. In other words, you can change the equation that generates the fractal of reality. Ken has written a program that generates fractals, and he knows that if you change the initial equation, no matter how slightly, you wind up with an entirely different fractal picture! Fractals are present in nature. They are part of the definition of reality. That is why we say, no joke, that when you change your thoughts you can change what happens to you.

However, and this is important, As long as the majority of the human race buys into the idea that the self-awareness of individuals is based on biological processes, you will be traveling along self-similar, dead-end pathways.

That's because you won't change the equation that generates the picture of reality. Does this make sense? You can download free fractal programs or play with them online. Experiment with them and see how easy it is to get a different picture from just a slight change in the "initial conditions" that generate the reality of the image.

So this is the story of the present day, as well as the past. The big difference today is that there are 7 billion of you, and that what you decide as a species will have a huge effect on the consciousness of individuals all over the planet. Before, there was not the instant and planet-wide connectivity that you have today. Interestingly enough, this connectivity was made possible by advances in technology. But to continue along the road of technology for your evolution will send you into one of these dead-end evolutionary branches. The human race is coming to the proverbial fork in the road: will you go down one of these dead-end paths and become one of the dead branches, or will you choose to realize your potential and join the rest of galactic society?

You are coming to point where the sheer numbers of you will enable you to determine your race's future. As one of your famous senators once said, "a billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you're talking about real money." Well, yes! As we said in one of our previous messages, the subtle energy of thought and intention is just as real as the electromagnetic energy and the solidity of physical objects. In fact, on this subtle plane are all of the programming for physical objects and physical systems. When you change your consciousness your thinking changes, your awareness changes, and you become aware of "new" physical laws and new possibilities that were there all the time, you just couldn't see them. It's like going to the IMAX theater and putting on your glasses. Suddenly the boring 2 dimensional film pops out into your awareness in three dimensions.

What you perceive, literally, is dependent on what you believe. And if you believe that your essence is biologically dependent, then your future will look a lot like your past. There is nothing wrong with that, of course, because it makes life very exciting and unpredictable; it makes life more chaotic! When you veer off from the conditions that supply order and beauty, and go against the laws of the universe, you naturally evolve forth into more chaotic, unstable conditions. Is that what you want?

If not, decide differently. You are ready to hear this now, we think: your future has no dependence whatsoever on what the people "in power" think, say, or do. The actors on the stage can pass all the laws they want, and declare martial law, and do this and that, but if the people are going in a different direction, their proclamations will have little or no power. Laws are only good if they are obeyed, and laws that go against the will of the majority are laws that will be ignored. The will of the majority is what happens in the minds and hearts of all 7 billion of you. In every country of the world, the people have the power, and not by virtue of the ballot box! By virtue of the decisions you make about what is possible and what is acceptable.

The most important step you could take to change your evolution is to understand the idea that your essence is not material. This would set up an entirely new equation for humanity, an equation that would generate a beautiful new fractal of possibility for the human  race!

But as we've said before, it's no big deal. Really! What happens on planet earth cannot in the slightest affect the overwhelming abundance of well-being that the rest of the All is based upon. Earth can continue to be a curiosity, an exciting and amazing curiosity on a very strange fractal branch of reality, or it can come into greater order, abundance, and excitement on a much higher level, and "get with it." Now, perhaps, you may understand what we mean when we say that there is really no good or bad, right or wrong. There is just well being and free will, and infinite possibility that, in the end, always results in a happy ending. (The happy ending, of course, is impossible to understand strictly within the Body Reality). Have you ever seen a school of fish in the ocean? Each school has thousands of fish in it, but when the fish all decide to move in a certain direction, the entire school moves instantly. It is like a beautiful dance. Now here is the difference between those who believe in Truth 1.0 (the Body Reality) and those who believe in higher truths:  Truth 1.0 the Body Reality says that a couple of fish change direction and the other fish just react to that because they don't want to bump into each other, and so the entire school sort of moves randomly,  like the molecules in a gas.  Sure, that's one way of looking at it, a rather myopic way, but it does (sort of) explain the phenomenon. And then there's the idea that the entire school of fish has a consciousness, and that the entire school makes up its mind to go somewhere, and so moves elegantly and effortlessly in the direction that has been decided upon. That idea is impossible using Truth 1.0, the Body Reality.

Which explanation do you prefer? The one where fish are just worried about the danger of bumping into the next fish, or the one that postulates the entire school of fish with free will and intelligence? Is it really possible for thousands of entities to move so elegantly and beautifully, over and over, in such a pathetically low emotion such as fear? Well, study history and see how that works! Where has fear gotten you?

The actors presently on the stage are operating in Truth 1.0 the Body Reality, but the people are waking up into Truth 2.0. The normal distribution of events in nature, called the Bell curve, has one standard deviation smack dab in the middle: about 68% of the whole.  When that "middle" moves, the entire system moves to a different level. The 2% at the ends (who are currently in power) have been able to affect the vast majority in the middle because the "masses" didn't know any better. Well, with the population explosion over the past century, and the gradual rise in awareness, that is changing. Like all physical systems it is moving along on a curve that starts very slowly and gains momentum. But like the school of fish, the system can decide to move off in a different direction.

The universe will support any direction you choose, until you violate the underlying well-being of the system. When that happens, YOUR system begins to break down. So you can always tell if you are making the wrong  decisions if you see a fundamental deterioration in your position. That is what is happening to the Old Order right now: their systems and organizations are breaking down. And they know it! This is why those dear ones have written things like "Agenda 21," which calls for the reduction of the human population to a more manageable 1 billion. This of course means getting rid of 6 billion humans. Those behind the Old Order are fully aware of everything we have been saying on the Interview With Spirit show. They understand that the increase in population is propelling humanity toward a "critical mass" of consciousness, wherein a "tipping point" is soon to be reached, and a new consciousness achieved. These dear ones fear the evolution and are attempting to hold humanity back. But this is about as impossible as the little boy with a sandbag trying to hold back the rising tide.

The "brainwashing" Ken talked about at the beginning of this message can only go on for so long. Eventually the flaws in any system that violates universal principles must crack open all hidden agendas. You are living through that right now, so rejoice! The decisions of the people are changing the factors that will describe the nature of a new human fractal, and a new evolutionary path!




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