October 2012

Vol 7, #10

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The Superiority of Biology over Technology

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
9/ 12/ 2012


Well, the U.S. ambassador in Libya was killed yesterday, and in Egypt, the U.S flag was torn down at the embassy. Supposedly this was done by protestors who were mad at a film made about Islam by an American-Israeli film producer. Yesterday was also the 11th anniversary of 9/11. Under the Bell curve, we have the majority of the population who believes that two well-constructed buildings like the Twin Towers could collapse because two planes crashed into them. In the Matrix, the war on terror is being fought. In the Matrix, people are happy to give up their freedom and individual liberty for “security.” 

As we said in previous weeks, the human race is at the crossroads.  Right now. We are either going to go over the cliff like a bunch of stupid lemmings, or we are going to wake up and understand our inherent spirituality and human-ness, and understand our connection to source. That connection can only be embraced through our biology, not technology. Our human biology is evolving, and if we let it, we will be able to reach those higher dimensional states we all long for. This is the true battle raging right now.

Those who are determined to stay in third density are trying to create an Orwellian society with them at the top. The methods used are coercion, propaganda, and compulsion. The idea is ultimately to create a population that does not embrace its higher potential. There are two parts to this attempt: one is the elimination of individual freedoms, and the other is the merging and degradation of human biology with technology, or cloning, or AI, or chipping, any of which will guarantee a dead-end evolutionary path for the human race, and also guarantee its enslavement.

Make no mistake about it ladies and gentlemen: the human race is under attack. It matters not whether you believe this attack comes from outside the earth (ETs) or is strictly confined to the planet. It doesn’t matter whether you believe that the earth is alone in the universe or not. That’s almost irrelevant. What is relevant is the CHOICES we make about what our future will look like. This has been the theme of the show now for two months, because, for the next several months, humanity is at the critical moment. Do we understand that the latent potential of human biology far exceeds the potential of biology that is technology-enhanced? The latter is being presented as a dream-come-true, but it is a trap. It will lead to the creation of a slave society, and a slave planet.

Clearly, the polarity is reaching an all-time high on planet earth right now. We are being offered the choice of two futures: in one future, a militarized society controlled from above, where freedom is squashed in the name of “Homeland Security.” In the other, the recognition by individuals of our divine origins, and the superiority of our biology over technology, and the embracing of freedom and true unity. This is it folks: we are in the End Times right now.

There is no more fence-sitting: all of us are being forced to make a choice. This is why events like the shootings in the United States and the attacks on the US embassies in the middle east and the saber-rattling over Iran are occurring. This presidential election will be the nastiest ever, I guarantee you. We will be offered a choice between Obama and Romney, and most people will not even think to write in a candidate. The mud-slinging will reach unparalleled heights this fall. This is because, when a planet evolves from third-level consciousness to fourth level, it has a choice: embrace a fake unity or a true unity.

The Rapture is coming: those who choose the former will stay somewhere in the dimensional bandwidth of third level consciousness, and those who do not will advance to the fourth dimensional reality. The Game is to convince as many people as possible to stay at the third level. In order to do that the polarity must become excruciatingly stark. In third density the only way to get attention is to yell and scream very loudly; to create a “carrot and stick” approach that tells people, ‘if you don’t go this way there will be dire consequences’; to create a sort of hypnotic compulsion to go down the Road to Bling. That‘s basically the approach you have to use at the third level. Also, hypnosis, the creation of trance states, and sophisticated propaganda are methods used to keep people in the third dimensional level. Television and movies can be very persuasive; especially movies. All of these methods are futile, however, to someone who has woken up to their greater potential.

So what do we DO to help the process along? The Guys have an answer to that.

Dear Ones, the time for fighting and protesting is over. These are old thought forms that stick you in the unwanted thing. Now is the time to remove the shackles from your life, and embrace the life you have always wanted. Now is the time to quit that boring job and start your own company that you have been dreaming about for years. Now is the time to begin doing what inspires you! This is how you raise your own vibration and inspire those around you to do the same. You cannot fight that which is unwanted. The game has evolved far beyond that now.

At the fourth level of consciousness, creativity is paramount, for creativity connects you with source; it puts you firmly on the path to the City on the Hill. Persuasion, coercion, hypnosis, propaganda, guile, deceit, and hidden agendas all belong firmly to the third level of consciousness.  These are elements that try to distract you from acknowledging your higher potential. That higher potential lies within your evolving biology. The game is to persuade you that biology is inferior to technology; that biology isn’t tough, it isn’t as strong as steel and metal; or that your consciousness would be better off in an AI body or in a clone, or within some magnetic container. This is all silly, and will lead you down the wrong path.

 Humanity! Embrace your humanness, for that is your strength. It is said that “to err is human,” but did you know that trial and error is the most efficient way of evolution? You see, robots and AI have trouble learning because these systems try to generate the perfect algorithm for learning. But it has been shown that simply trying and failing, and learning from experience, is the most efficient way to progress. This efficient way of learning through experience is built-in to your biology. It is superior, not inferior, to electronics or AI or anything else. It is the Way of Spirit. Consciousness created the universe to play around in, to experience in, and to learn in. Therefore, error is not error at all! Trial and error IS the most efficient algorithm for learning.

Humanity, embrace life; feel the power of your humanness, which connects directly to source energy. Love, compassion, and respect for life leads to well-being and a feeling of passion, personal power, and self-confidence. You can only find this power through your biology, and by embracing your human-ness!!! Business, and relationships (business is all about relationships between individuals) are either based on respect and affinity, or they are based on a soulless paradigm of killing off the other guy to get to the top. The former equals success, and the latter leads to violence, eternal vigilance and conflict, and eventual defeat by a stronger opponent. Which path do you choose? The former is fourth level consciousness, the latter is third level. The human race is going to the fourth level,  the only question is what form your societies will take. You can either turn into Borg, or discover the power of your biology and connect to source in a very powerful way that will lead to individual freedom and true unity.

We are banging away at this, like a stubborn nail that needs to be hammered down, because you have now arrived at the critical juncture. The window of opportunity is here, right now, and you are living it. You don’t need to devise a magic algorithm to take you to the Promised Land; you just need to choose. Your choices in these next few months, and years, will determine the evolutionary path you take. This decision is of concern to every individual. You can see the push in your societies toward materialism and the celebration of collective security, as opposed to individual freedom and respect for life.
Popular culture, especially in the west, is geared toward a sort of mindless enjoyment of the physical senses. Believe us, there is nothing wrong with materialism. You incarnated on earth to enjoy the physical experience. Many of your taboos mindlessly censure physical enjoyment. The question is, does the physical experience overwhelm your sense of humanity?

Biology is seen as inferior to machinery and electronic devices that are much better able to withstand environmental conditions, and have a much larger database on which to make decisions. Wouldn’t it be better, it is said, to merge your biology with devices in order to toughen you up a little? It certainly sounds logical. But we tell you that the great secret to evolution is celebrating your evolving biology. We have said before that biological containers are able to assimilate far more of the life force energy that is the animating principle of the universe. Then you see ads for “transformers,” beings of metal and machine and electronics who smash pitiful biological creatures into the dust, and step upon them triumphantly, crowing their superiority.  But this is the control principle at work again, the domination of others through contempt for life.

Your societies have always contained this element, in business especially, but in all relationships. But the best business relationship is one that is based on trust and affinity; upon respect and upon openness and honesty. These are the values of the service-to-others concept. The service-to-self concept is myopic, completely self-centered, and does not look at the big picture of what is best for all, and the planet you live on.

Hear this: the evolution of artificial consciousness eventually leads to feelings. Why? Because feelings are condensed data. What do you get when you condense exabytes of data into a very small space? A feeling! And so your feelings are the result of your biology collecting data and storing it in your biological database. Then you get a “hunch” or a feeling about which way to act. And so your biology is actually superior to your supercomputers, which do not store as much information. It appears that the computer is much smarter than the human because it does a better job of remembering and correlating on specific tasks. But we tell you that if you allow your biology to evolve, you will be able to do things you can only dream of right now; things that will make your supercomputers look like morons. That is all we will say about this right now.

All right, now let’s talk about more practical matters. We mentioned that the best actions you can take right now to improve your individual and collective situation is to reach for those things in life that make you feel good. When you do this you feed the biological database connected with well-being. You are being faced with choices in these hard economic times: work harder and harder to make ends meet, or discover  a life where you do the things that inspire you and make you feel good. It seems like a choice between economic ruin and a sort of ‘wouldn’t it be nice to do the things I want ha ha what a joke,’ but in reality it is the choice between staying in the third dimension of reality and going to the fourth.  It is the choice between accessing the biological database of well-being and higher emotions, and the one associated with struggle and conflict and lower emotions. Oh yes, you have these biological databases all right, and if you choose the right path you will find yourself with abilities you don’t even know about right now.

Where you place yourself in the dynamics of life sets your vibrational signal. Then the Law of Attraction goes to work to give you more of what you have decided. This Law of Attraction stuff is not new! The ancient Greeks debated whether the underlying principle to life was opposites attract, or do like things attract? They utilized the concept of philia, or attractive force, and neikos, or repulsive force. They knew from magnetism that opposites attract. But a closer look at opposites attract shows that this concept is merely a matter of nomenclature, or of how you label something. In the physical world, all things seek balance, and geometry is the operative principle behind what attracts or repels. That which is geometrically similar attracts and that which is geometrically dissimilar repels. This is the concept behind the attraction or repulsion of two magnetic fields.

This is also true in human relationships. That which you focus on most intently will be your geometric, vibrational platform for attraction. The saying has been, “Do what you want, but don’t quit your day job.”   Well, that is changing now. Your “day job” is more and more representing the old paradigm of struggle and third density, of accessing the biological database associated with the lower emotions. This was valuable for a time but no longer.

Everything that is happening right now in society is designed to make you choose! We tell you that you will notice increasing polarity until you either choose the path toward enhanced biology and well-being, or give up and become biological automatons. The path to mindless living is through fear; through consequences, through coercion and propaganda and a sort of hypnotic compulsion. We talked a few weeks ago about the car turning right at the black arrow, and how you feel an almost hypnotic compulsion to do so. This is the way to the dead-end path of “collective security,” of the “war on terrorism.”

And so the message this week is very simple: in order to simplify a confusing world, you must “center yourself,” as the Brooklyn Swami once hilariously said. There is a very large amount of “noise” out there, a tremendous amount of  data and sensory information, and the only way to filter it is to quiet yourself, and be like the cat that settles in, opens himself up to source, and purrs. Or, to use a dog analogy, to play as much as you can with your tongue lolling out and your tail wagging. We tell you that now is the time for well-being! Now is the time to judge everything in life by how it makes you feel. Now is the time to take the life path that inspires you.

The greater your inspiration the more life force energy you are allowing to flow through your biology, and the more connected you are to the animating principle of the universe. Your physical incarnation itself is an aspect of this divine, animating consciousness! Without this animating energy, even so-called inanimate objects like rocks and computer monitors would simply crumble. And so, acknowledging your identification with well-being automatically places you on the path of evolution to true unity and fourth level consciousness.

Your biology is superior! You already have the latent ability, within your biology and within your subtle Human Energy Field, to go to the next level, do you understand? You are already there! Just make the right choice and all will be well. The game is to distract you from your greater potential. Remember, you have free will. This is a universe of free will! No one can force you down a path. There is no law, however, against persuasion, propaganda, or even coercion. But we tell you that when you are aligned with well-being, you don’t see this in your life. Why? Because the vibrational distance is too great.

Ken can spot propaganda a mile away now, and he just laughs. Sometimes he feels the impulse to smash the motherfuckers who are trying to take the human race down the lower dimensional path, but he knows that the more he indulges in this orgy of lower emotions, the worse he feels. Amazingly, Ken is discovering the difference between anger at the lower, third level, and anger at the higher, 4th level. Sure, there is anger at the fourth level, but it is anger without violence or malevolence. It is pure emotion, and meant to express strong disapproval.

Does this make sense? It is like an extension ladder. An extension ladder is actually two ladders hooked into one; the bottom part, and the top part. Both parts look exactly the same, except one is higher and one is lower. Well, there are also levels of emotion as well. In third density, anger is often accompanied by malevolence and violence. At the fourth level, there is none of that. Believe us when we say that in Native State, our name for consciousness that is not physically incarnated, emotions indeed run strong! But underneath is the feeling of unity. In Native State there is the strongest possible feeling of individual identity, combined with the feeling of unity.  Intellectually this is contradictory, for how can individuality lead to true unity? Would it not lead to selfishness? At the third level the answer is yes, but at the fourth level (planetary) level of consciousness, it is perfectly natural.

And so we will leave you with the message for this week, that your biological evolution is far superior to a path that degrades it.



Sovereignty vs. Collective Security

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 9/19/2012)


<snip> ...

...And that brings us to the message for this week, that within the confusing maelstrom of events on planet earth, and the overwhelming amount of information and disinformation, there is one stable and fundamental datum: the idea that you create your own reality, which has been summed up popularly in what is called the Law of Attraction. Yes, you have free will, and this is a free will universe. If this is so, then examine the mindset of the human race, and compare this mindset to what is manifesting on planet earth. Are not hostile ETs and Nazis and crazy NWO lunatics and Agenda 21 and all the rest just a reflection of the human mindset? In fact, what is happening “behind the scenes,” as Ken likes to say, is an exact reflection of your belief systems. When you change those belief systems to empowering beliefs, you create the conditions that allow for personal and collective sovereignty.

Here is an important distinction, and we want you to understand this: there is a big difference between security and sovereignty. This is one of the major, polarizing, competition between ideas that is working itself out in the human consciousness. Let’s take a look at the difference between security and sovereignty. Security is often referred to as “safety in numbers.” 

Consider a herd of antelope on the African plain, and a pride of hungry lions. The antelope huddle together for security, hoping that the lions will pick off the few who are old or injured. Security is based on the idea of fear of consequences, and of overcoming that fear and limiting your losses. But sovereignty is something much different. Sovereignty is a declaration of personal and collective power, based on individual self-empowerment. A sovereign person or group does not even consider the idea of fear, or of limiting losses, for it is oriented on the creation of a reality free from interference, and based upon individual freedom.

Events on planet earth are motivating people to make a decision between collective security, and collective and individual sovereignty. As we’ve said on this show before, this is the most important decision you will make in the entire history of humanity since the last ice age. You can see this competition of ideas all around you. The “War on Terrorism,” for example, is based on the idea of collective security. You are asked to throw away your personal freedoms in Patriot Acts, and other draconian legislation that removes individual freedoms and substitutes for it, security. But when you give up your personal freedom, who is left to guarantee that security? That is the question!

You see, collective security can only be guaranteed from above, by a “higher power.” That’s the point of those who favor this service-to-self argument.

Collective security is “freedom from,” as President Roosevelt talked about in his famous fireside chat. Freedom from what? All of the things you want to protect yourself against, of course: terrorism, poverty, cancer, sickness, etc. There is a very long list of bad things you don’t want! And collective security is the perfect way to ensure that you are slaves to all of them, for it is impossible to protect yourselves from anything. Freedom from (fill in the blank) places your attention on it, and gives it more power. Fighting anything automatically means that it must continue to exist, obviously, in order for you to continue to fight it. And so the “war on cancer,” and “standing up to cancer,” and the “war on terror,” and the like, are elements that place you in the mindset of collective security, which must by definition be based on the disempowerment of individuals.

We tell you that a group of powerful individuals, if they were truly sovereign and smart enough, would never have to fight against a higher power or higher force, because these individuals would be too busy creating a powerful, joyful, and enlightened society based on each individual’s connection to source. Again, this gets back to the idea of consciousness. Everything in the universe ultimately goes back to your definition of consciousness, and your definition of, “what is human nature?” It all comes down to your belief systems, you see. What do you believe about yourselves, and about the nature of life and the universe? Your beliefs (information systems) are reflected perfectly and utterly in the reality you manifest. And it’s just that simple.

You will be told, “oh that is nonsense! The world is filled with hostile people and to tell people not to fight is to tell them to lie down and get crushed like a bunch of stupid little cowards.”

Yes sir, there is definitely a clash of ideas here!

If you believe that the universe is filled with hostiles, and if you believe that you are just inferior little pieces of meat and that if there is such a thing as intelligent life in the universe, and that that life has technology much more sophisticated than you do, why then you have pasted yourselves into a tiny little box where the only manifestations you can have, and the only future available to you, is one where you are victims in some way. You will encounter that which you believe. And “collective security” is a good way to manifest that victimhood. You will huddle together like the antelope on the plain, until a superior force comes along to harvest you.

 But shouldn’t you stand up to the crazies who are trying to create a planet of phony, fourth-level consciousness where personal freedoms are extinguished and a top-down organization of society is established? Well, certainly you need to stand up, because all sovereign entities are ready to declare themselves. But it’s the idea of “standing up TO (fill in the blank)” that causes problems. Instead of standing up TO something unwanted, you stand up and create something wanted.

You’ve been hearing this for decades now, and it isn’t woo-woo space cadet stuff. It’s absolutely vital right now. In your personal lives and collectively, the human race is deciding where the planet earth is going. We’ve been hammering on this now for weeks because it’s very important. The planet earth, and humanity, can establish a golden age on earth, but you have to ask for it. You have to declare it! You have to want it and ask for it. This happens within the hearts and minds of individuals, and it happens quietly, under the radar.

No one is going to report that “Today, Joe Doakes decided to declare his personal sovereignty and live mindfully and respectfully toward his fellow human beings, and to create for himself the highest possible life of his dreams.”  But when Joe Doakes does this in the quiet of his house or apartment, he creates a very, very powerful vibration around himself and within the ethers, and helps to reprogram the earth’s holographic information systems. When others also do this, they create a resonance that matches with Joe’s, and then something amazing but invisible happens. Potentially disastrous events do not happen. Organizations and structures that are hostile begin to experience internal pressure, and begin to implode. You begin to move collectively up the dimensional spectrum, even if you don’t know it’s happening (we talked about this in earlier shows).

You are seeing this right now as the background vibration builds up and up, and the hidden agendas, and hidden entities, begin to be exposed. You also see them lash out in fear at the world, which makes it appear that events are moving in the wrong direction. But we tell you that they are not! It takes some courage to stand on your own two feet and acknowledge the  light that exists within you, especially when others are hating. But that is part of the game! The game is standing up, not standing up TO.

Right now there is fear on both sides of the polarity. On the one hand, those whose goals are to create the phony, collective security consciousness are seeing events fly out of control for them. Their methods are becoming less and less effective as more people wake up. But on the other hand, you have the vast majority of people who are waking up and feeling something latent and powerful within them: their own connection to source, to the One consciousness. This can be really scary because they’ve been told that a human being is just a piece of meat, and that when you die you’re dead, and so stuff like this shouldn’t be happening! You don’t have reference points for it, like the guy who is walking in the dark and sees a light, and it can be scary. What if the light is hostile? you think. You are reminded of the saying that the nail that sticks out is hammered down. And you have seen this happen in your life, probably, and in the lives of others.

But there is a missing datum in these computations: the datum that you really do manifest the content of your beliefs and expectations. And when you embrace that light, and the feeling of power that it brings, you latch on to the energy that creates and maintains the universe itself. When you get closer to the light in the darkness it turns out to be a beautiful, soft, brilliant and powerful light, and when you walk into it you recognize yourselves, and your fellow man, and your fellow species, and all life everywhere, and you feel monstrously fantastic!  But you gotta embrace that light or it doesn’t work.

And so no matter how weird it gets, remember  that you have free will and that your life matters; that the universe is designed to reflect what you believe about yourselves and about life. It has been said that one life justifies the creation of an entire universe. We could not agree more, and if you consider that statement long enough you will discover something very profound in it.
But if you believe that “the other shoe will always drop,” then you believe that real success is not possible, for the “higher you fly the further you will fall.”

Such a belief does not come from the fact “that’s just the way life IS.” No, your life manifests from what you believe, not the other way around. Your beliefs don’t manifest from what you observe, even though you have been TAUGHT this. The only way you can believe this is if you really do consider yourselves unworthy, and really don’t have the correct idea of what consciousness is. Consciousness is non-physical, a quality not a quantity, a creative principle that has made everything in the universe; it is something immortal and divine. If these ideas seem wrong to you, or too lofty, then we encourage you to take a look at your personal belief systems. Because the truth is that you ARE immortal already, you are divine, you are powerful, and you cannot be harmed. Your body can be harmed, you cannot be harmed. And you can avoid harm to the body by creating the proper belief systems; belief systems that are aligned to the way the universe really is, not the way many of you have been taught the way it is.

Again, the game is persuasion, coercion, and propaganda. You are the center of the universe. In order to manifest anything in your universe, you have to agree to it. That’s the Secret to Life. That’s the Game. It’s supposed to be a fun game, but you all have taken it to extreme lengths!  When the astrologer tells you that the planetary alignments indicate upcoming problems in your life, you can do two things: become fearful and begin to create that scenario, or stay aligned to a higher purpose. Of course, life is so subtle that just going to the astrologer might indicate an uncertainty in your belief systems. In other words, if you were truly sovereign you wouldn’t be thinking along the lines of, “I think something bad might happen, let’s see the astrologer and get a reading.”  You see, the astrologer will just mirror back to you what you already think.

Everything you do is the result of thought, and thoughts come from what you believe and expect. When you change your beliefs, your expectations, you also change your thoughts, and the manifestations you receive.

This message has been said over and over and over so many times, but it bears repetition in these amazing times. Dear ones, you are the choreographer of your lives, and of the human race and the planet earth. It is time you stepped up and began to believe it. When you believe that the universe is composed of faceless and unmanageable forces that buffet you about, you believe that things “just happen” and that there is nothing you can do about it. But if you can get the idea of sovereignty, you will quickly change your mind.

Try this experiment: Stand up on your two feet. Root yourself to the floor or to the ground. Take a few deep breaths, imagining that there is an invisible field of well-being that surrounds you (because there is). Let that feeling of well-being permeate your body and your consciousness. Say out loud, “I am divine and immortal, a powerful aspect of the One consciousness, and I declare my sovereignty and my love for myself and for all life everywhere.”

Whew!!! Did you get that, ladies and germs?? If you can do that with conviction, you will have created a powerful resonance around you, that others will respond to. You should feel a sense of empowerment and well-being within you. The statement above is true, ladies and gentlemen.   It is true. It’s this kind of  belief in yourselves that is very powerful, and very important right now. We guarantee that if enough of you simply believed about yourselves in this manner, you would see a rapid change in vibration on your planet, which would quickly manifest itself upward toward your so-called “authorities” in politics, banking, and the mass media.

When you make this statement you may feel a bit frightened, or even scared. Why? Because the greatest fear is the fear of your own brilliance, and your own power. This is ridiculous of course, because well-being is spectacular and benign. The fear you might feel is simply you, running into the wall of your own belief systems. That fear is created by you, and it can be dissolved simply by making this statement as many times a day as you can. Eventually, you will be able to say it with conviction, and a feeling of total well-being flowing through you.

We don’t want to start a revolution or anything, but if you really do say this statement aloud, standing on your feet, you will truly be  part of the solution, as the saying goes. You can even do this silently, sitting down, but standing up and aloud is better. And with conviction!

We see you as magnificent, beautiful beings, and that is  the way we would like you to see yourselves. Because it’s true, no matter what you believe or what you have been taught. Teachings in opposition to well-being are false teachings, so do not listen to them!

We wish you great good fortune and send you our love. And remember, all endings are happy endings. No exceptions!!!


December 21st, 2012

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 9/26/2012)

I usually bring in political news at the beginning of the show, but today we will dispense with that. An election is upcoming in the U.S., and the Republicans are bashing the Democrats, and the democrats are bashing the Republicans. This comes under the boring category of “So what  else is new?” in the Jeopardy game. The really important action is all happening at what might be called the virtual level, which is the subject of today’s message. The human race is waking up, and what it will discover about the universe in the next few years will be nothing short of startling! Meanwhile, it is our duty to vote, and I encourage everyone to do so. The most important vote you have is your vibrational vote, however.

As the close of 2012 approaches, it is more and more apparent to me that nothing miraculous is going to happen on December 21st, 2012.  Or, let me put it another way: Something could happen at any time -- a quantum leap in consciousness -- or it could happen 5, 10, or 15 years down the road. I want to ask the guys about that.

A: There can be no “due date” for a transformation of consciousness! A quantum leap as you are talking about, is simply a collective decision to move out of the old paradigm of thought and into a collective belief system that is more in line with who you are: divine, immortal consciousness incarnated on the physical plane. We have said many times over the past months that you are piloting the human racecar down the path, and that there are many possible stops along the way. The game is to decide how far along the road to the City on the Hill you want to go. The 2012 phenomena is actually a window of opportunity. There is a certain delta, or period of time, in which the potentials are ripe for a decision to leap forward. Of course you can always decide, at any time, to change your belief systems; but at the present time, with so many humans incarnated at the same time, there is a wonderful opportunity. You planned it that way!

December 21, 2012 is not a due date. It is, however, in the middle of a propitious time for consciousness raising. We tell you that despite what you have heard, consciousness is senior. Of course your biology affects your awareness, your consciousness, in your physical incarnation. The earth itself is affected by it’s alignment with other bodies in the solar system, and the galaxy itself. But this is not a deterrent to your decision-making. Consciousness created the universe and everything in it. Ultimately, your belief systems program the physical reality on your planet. 

We have said before that you may travel invisibly up and down the dimensional spectrum of realities, while physically incarnated. We aren’t kidding about this! With over 7 billion of you, a collective decision will create an unbelievably powerful vibrational shift that can propel you into literally, a different dimension. We send Ken images of this, and he is so excited he can hardly type. There is a feeling of pervasive well-being in this new dimension that creates an underlying feeling of excitement, creativity, and zest for life. This is the highest potential for your window of opportunity. Will you all decide to go there? That is the question we are all eagerly awaiting. There is plenty of time after December 21, 2012 to make this decision.

As we have said before, all realities, all dimensions, coexist simultaneously. This  concept is hard to understand intellectually. We have used the example of a photoshop image with trillions of different layers to describe the all-that-is. In photoshop the number of layers is limited by the computer’s memory, but that is not so in the universe of realities. Imagine a trillion earths, next to each other, each one in a slightly different dimension. At one end is the solid earth in the third dimension, and a much lighter and freer earth at the other end, in the fourth dimension. Now imagine all of these earth’s merging together. In physics this is called superposition. All potential states (dimensions) of the earth exist simultaneously, and all you have to do is choose which one you’d like to physically inhabit. The programming for these dimensional realities exists at what might be called the virtual level, just as in quantum physics, where the wavefunction describes all possible states for a virtual subatomic particle.

There can be an almost infinite number of these potential states, and when the act of observation occurs, the wavefunction is said to collapse and the virtual photon becomes a real photon. So too, on much larger and more complex scale, with an entire planet. As above, so below, and vice-versa.
We tell you that the potentials for an advance in consciousness, on the individual level, are increasing rapidly as you approach the end of 2012. Karmic contracts or vibrational imprints that have been with you for thousands of lifetimes can now be dissolved, and you can feel much better.

This is very important. A specific date for this to happen is not important!

As we have said over and over on this program, your decision to advance is the driving force behind a leap forward, if you will, in consciousness. You must decide, and state your decision very clearly and forcefully. As the background vibration increases, more and more of you are being forced to confront these old karmic (meaning, decisions made in past lives) imprints, and to decide whether you want to dispose of them. for some this has been a sometimes very miserable experience, as you cannot understand why you feel so uncomfortable. Eventually though, if you have made the decision to advance, you will be able to see these old imprints as a vibrational packet (or mountain!). If you decide to move onward and upward, you can simply look at this old collection of decisions and vibrational imprints, and dissolve them.  Believe us, you will know it when you see it!

Do not despair if you are feeling uncomfortable but as yet do not have a handle on what has been happening to you. As the weeks and months go by you will be able to see exactly what it is that is stopping you. And it will always be your own decisions and your own actions and your own karmic imprints that are the cause of how you feel. There will never be a case where you are not able, from a causitive position, to advance past those things that are bothering you. We can state this with 100.000% confidence.

As you move to the end of 2012 you are, latently, getting more and more powerful. But it is up to you to decide to utilize your power. We have talked about forces on your planet that ar trying to keep the majority of you in the solid, more denser third dimension. Again, it is irrelevant whether these beings are off-planet beings with superior technology. Technology is inferior to biology, because biological containers have more life force and are superior vehicles for consciousness. Therefore you are in control, as long as you do not allow your biology to be polluted by ad hoc substances. Technology is fun and useful, but it is not the highest end result of evolution. It is ONE path to take, but the path of biology will lead you to the most enjoyable evolutionary result. Again, we tell you this with 100% certainty.

Remember, there are an almost infinite number of potential outcomes attached to the planet you are living on, right here in the now. These potential outcomes, or states, are superposed in the virtual domain. You choose, with your thoughts and decisions and intentions, which one of these potential virtual states to manifest. The wavefunction associated with the planet earth, and/or your personal lives, collapses and what becomes real is what you have decided. 

This is why we have talked about belief systems as information systems. An information system represents one (or a collection) of the almost infinite number of potential outcomes for your future. The future can never be foretold exactly, UNLESS there is such a powerful decision that forces the wavefunction of your future to collapse to a particular outcome. And we tell you that 7 billion people making a collective decision will create a vibrational force that can completely change the direction of your planet’s evolution, and your future. A powerful individual decision can also collapse the wavefunction of your personal lives to  wanted outcomes. These concepts from quantum physics reflect what happens in the reality of the all-that-is. Quantum physics was the vehicle for this empowering information, because science and scientists, for the past century, have had a very powerful influence on the direction of human consciousness.

 The entire 2012 phenomena comes down to this: do you believe in your self worth, or don’t you?

If you believe that you are hunks of meat and that when you die you’re dead, you will continue in an existence pretty much like you experience now. The good news in that each person is the center of his or her own universe, and that more and more of you are deciding to advance past this particular potential future.  Again, imagine all of the various potential earth’s superposed on the planet you are living on right now. You don’t have to get in a spaceship and travel anywhere, you don’t have to go through hoops; you have the potentials sitting right in front of you, right now! You are in control, and have the ability to decide which of the possibilities for earth you would like to manifest in the dimensional spectrum. Everyone will choose (and is choosing) the dimensional door through which their future lies.

The programming for these potential outcomes or futures is already in place. All you have to do is to envision, and feel, which one you would like to manifest. It’s a win-win situation!

When we talk about manifesting possibilities we are not talking about mundane things like manifesting Porsche’s , or more money. All of that is bounded by the collective belief systems that you all exist in. By the we mean that the content of your belief systems not only determine the ability to manifest, but in what form that takes.

Right now you are living under a banking system that has evolved out of the programming from your current belief system. When you change your collective belief system, then manifestation of everything becomes easier, and what you can manifest also changes. There is an expansion of possibilities, you see, and what is important under one belief system might become trivial under another. For example, under a more aligned and expansive belief system, money itself could become obsolete. In a world of scarcity, money is necessary to facilitate exchange. But in a world of clean energy and prosperity, there may be no need for it. If there is enough clean energy to manufacture anything, then there is no need to be “paid.”

If you study quantum mechanics you understand that an electron or a  photon can  go from the “real” world of mass or energy into the virtual world of the wavefunction, where there is a superposition of many possible states of existence. Similarly, there is also a “virtual” system that we have been calling the world outside the Body Reality: a world where virtual programming can determine the eigenstate, if you will, of actual, real manifestation. This is something that you have been taught is impossible in the real world, but the real and the virtual are actually part of one whole system, a system that can be influenced by consciousness. If you don’t believe, you cannot have, it is as simple as that, for creation always begins first with a vision in thought. This vision is of course delusional, for there is no accompanying reality to verify it. But if you did not imagine in the virtual world, you would all still be living in mud huts and wearing loincloths.

When you imagine or envision, you access this virtual world of programming; this dimensional spectrum of possibilities. You reach for and choose which of the superposed states you wish to live in; which of the potential earth’s you want to play around in. This is why we have been saying that   you must choose, you must decide, what your future is going to be. Right now, the human race has simply left it up to a handful of motivated beings with agendas to decide your planet’s future. You are like the 800 pound gorilla who sits by and watches the mice take all of his bananas, because you are too lazy to get up and do something about it! First the gorilla has to decide to get up, and when he does, well, the mice do not have a chance. This is how we view those NOW guys Ken keeps talking about, and the interfering ETs who have proceeded down a dead-end evolutionary path. Whatever these blokes are doing, could not be done if the population of earth decided for positive change. This is so foreign to many of you, because you have been taught that thought is ephemeral and to believe in something is to be a delusional space cadet. Well, we tell you that it is possible to literally change your collective dimensional reality, if enough of you decide to do so. The key is, what do you really believe ? And, just as important, What do you expect to happen? Your manifested reality is perfectly congruent with your beliefs and expectations.

 During this 2012 window, you have a great opportunity for spiritual advancement. But first you have to understand that it is possible. You have to understand a little bit about how the universe works, and it works by empowering you. The Game, as we have said before, is about persuasion and getting you to choose what belief/information systems to manifest. You are being convinced by a host of people with agendas to go this way or that way, but there is, within all of you, this sacred impulse, this feeling, this remembrance, of well-being and what is really possible for you. The Game is to choose what you listen to, because what you decide collapses the wavefunction of earth in all of it virtual, or potential possibilities, and what becomes real is what you have chosen.

A scientist would scoff at the application of quantum mechanics to the macro world. But science so far has not understood that there is a virtual component al all phsyical things, whether they are on the nano, micro, or macro levels. This virtual component contains the programming for physical objects. Did you know that a physical object could not exist if not for this invisible programming? In a computer, the programming within the operating system makes  the creation of all of the hardware possible, for without the programming there would be no need for them.

The human race has an astonishing potential. The only thing missing from the Ascension equation is the knowledge that consciousness can access this dimensional programming, and make it real. Perhaps this seems a little unreal to you; but we assure you that more and more people are beginning to get a glimmering of understanding about this.

Does it really matter where you end up at the fourth level of consciousness? Well, in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t. Remember that there are a practically infinite number of potential eigenstates for  your planet, and each one of them is simply a physical playground for consciousness. Consciousness is non-physical, and all endings are happy endings. We say this because when you finally disassociate from your physical container and the physical universe, you will arrive back in Native State with the full knowledge of Self, and the feeling of complete well-being. But like any other physical exercise, why not try for the highest possible state? When you play a game, you try to get the best possible result, do you not? It is inherent to all beings that they want to do the best they can. And we tell you that the potential of the human race is very, very high, if you do not go off the path of alignment with source; if you do not pollute your biology with electronics or AI or cloning or any other of the “exciting new” futures for the human race. These are all potential manifested future realities for the planet earth. Your collective decision-making will collapse the wavefunction and manifest one of these potential realities. The process is always ongoing and dynamic of course; but right now, with so many incarnated on the planet, there is a huge possibility for a sort of quantum leap in consciousness. Seven billion entities on one small planet can create a very, very powerful vibration!

We want to know how you did with the sovereignty statement we suggested last week. We suggested that you stand up and say out loud, “I am divine and immortal, a powerful aspect of the One consciousness, and I declare my sovereignty and my love for myself and for all life everywhere.” How did you do with that? A statement like this is firmly rooted in self-love and in the Truth of consciousness. It is a statement that resonates strongly with the higher dimensions. It is a truth that, if embraced by enough of you, can propel the earth to a higher dimension of reality (or shall we say, select from among the various superposed virtual states of the earth’s existence, a higher reality). It is always a good idea to see yourself at your highest possible potential, for then you begin to resonate to that.

As 2012 is coming to an end, we see the earth going through many small vibrational shifts. Driving home today, Ken felt a little energetic nudge, as if he had subtly advanced a few basis points to an earth with a slightly higher dimension. Ken has noticed that his postulates for advancement are slightly easier to make now, and he is feeling a slight enhancement in his existence.

That is how it works; you may never even know you have advanced a little on the dimensional scale, but the important thing is that you continue to see your future as bright and happy. These are feelings that come directly from the One consciousness, from the well-being that surrounds you in every moment!


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