Vol.6, #10

The purpose of the Big Picture Newsletter is to celebrate the spiritual nature of human beings. We are dedicated to dissolving the myth of the randomness of life, and the biological nature of consciousness. We believe that every human being is an aspect of God, a powerful creator and orchestrator of his or her life experience.


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Guided Meditation: The Structure of the Universe

(by Steven Greer, M.D. Founder of the Disclosure Project)


A Guided Meditation: The Structure of the Universe

By Steven Greer, M.D.

From Hidden Truth -- Forbidden Knowledge


    You can experience everything, from the Unbounded to the manifest, to distant places in time and space, through the perfectly illustrating, connecting effect of pure mind or consciousness.

You can do this guided meditation with a friend or in a group with one person reading... or you can go to the www.cseti.org and get the CD.


Now let's close our eyes. Be in a relaxed state. Allow yourself to hear and understand, but also see and experience as we share the unfolding of the order and structure of the cosmos from the infinite to the most manifest creation.

And as we sit here in silence, at this beautiful spot on earth, let us begin to center within ourselves, and sense that we are awake.

Now take some deep breaths of this pure, life-filled air, and allow your diaphragm to expand as you inhale through your nose, and then exhale fully through your mouth.

And as you inhale, see your entire mind and body being filled with the life and light and energy around us, and as you exhale, see yourself becoming completely relaxed, and all stresses and all negativity leaving your mind and your body, and being swept away in the wind and cleansed by the infinite wisdom of Mother Earth.

With each breath, bring in a new and higher level of energy and awakc-ncss, and with each expiration, dive deeper in a state of complete silence and relaxation and release yourself of any limitations or negativity; let them be swept away in the vastness and the purifying influence of earth.

Feel yourself breathing with Mother Earth as she gives us this air and as she takes from us the breath as we exhale, and breathe in the consciences life and light of this infinitely wise mother, and release into the earth, all of your worries and concerns, all of your pain and suffering, and find yourself in a state of perfect equanimity and peace.

Now; very gently without straining the mind, allow yourself to observe your own breath as it goes in and out, as you are in a perfect state Of quiet and peace. And as you are observing your greatly, gently see the awake mind that is watching the breath; see it is steady and ever present.

What is watching the breath? See that there is an awake-cess within yourself that is steady and unchanging, observing all things. Peaceful.

And as you see your breath rising and falling, going in and out, in this beautiful peaceful state, you also see that the mind that is watching quietly is an infinite ocean of awake-ness.

Now we dive into this vast ocean and allow ourselves to go very very deeply into quiet and peaceful conscious mind that that observes all things.

And we behold that the breath of our life, the sounds around us, the thoughts that rise and fall and come and go within the mind -- all that we hear and see and feel and touch and know is submerged in this vast ocean of awake-cess.

And very gently we go ever more deeply into that awake mind. And we see that even our individuality that which we call "I,'' ourselves, is but a window -- a very clear and pure window through which this infinite light of awareness is shining. And in this moment we see, as we dive now more deeply into this ocean of consciousness, that it is an infinite single omnipresent field of awake-ness, as it shines through our own individuality, and it is this awakc-ness which enables us to watch our breath, to hear the sounds, to see the sights, to observe the thoughts, and to even apprehend our own selves.

Leaving then, this small self behind, let us dive completely in freedom as we would into an infinite ocean. this beautiful and infinite conscious mind, and we see then that we are IS awake and that this awake-ness is a singularity, always indivisible, shining within all beings, and that every one of us sitting here together, and every being on earth, and every being in the cosmos is awake by this same unbroken indivisible light of consciousness -- the mind in its unbounded and infinite true nature.

Then, soaring on the wings of this infinite mind, as we would through the vastness of a fathomless ocean, we see that each of us is one, and that this silent, absolute, infinite and eternal awake Being is standing within all things, spinning within each atom, moving every photon, illuminating every soul, shining frond every star.

And we see in this instant that the entirety of creation and all that exists, this same awake-ness, shining, moving, phasing, in unique shapes and forms. But it is all one. It is indivisible. It is eternal.

Within the field of this absolute awake-ness, we see that because it is beyond space, it is infinite, and because it is not bound by any point in time, it is infinite and eternal.

And yet in its fullness, without division, it is present at every point in space and every point in time, and in this we see the state of divine perfection, perfect harmony. And being thus centered, in this awake-cess, which is infinite, we now begin to explore the structure of the cosmos.

And we see that this omnipresent awake-ness, and the infinite manifest creation, are perfectly one, and yet within the sphere of that which is relative, there are distinctions.

Being then established in this infinite cosmic Mind, let us gaze into the finest level of its manifestation as this infinite Being, and this eternal Mind, through the operation of its own will, takes on the form of the Creator. Moving then within the realm of infinity the Creator aspect of this infinite Mind and Being exists as the primal source that manifests and maintains the entire universe and the entire creation.

And the first emanation from this infinite and absolute Mind is a sound, a thought, the sound vibration of which has within it the seed sound and idea of all that has been, all that is, and all that will be.

And from this primal thought issuing forth from the infinite and divine Oneness of the conscious being of the Divine Mind, we see the cosmos becoming manifest and differentiated. And from this primal thought issuing forth from the morn of eternity, we see within this primal thought and sound, the thought and seed idea for all things, all places, all ideas, all structures, all forms, all sounds all that can be and will ever be and ever was in the entirety of creation.

And so we perceive this primal thought and this primal sound- which are one differentiating into an infinite number of realities. And within one we can see a star. And within another we see an apple. And within another, we see our own individuality and self and within another we see our friends, and within another we see the grass, and within another we sec the wolf and within another we see the earth, and within another we see other worlds. . .

Thus in infinite progression, the seed idea forms, each with their own primal thought and sound issuing forth from this most great thought, through the operation of will of the Creator, rises forth from the silent eternal Being.

And as we perceive this becoming more manifest, we see within this great Being, the most great Light. And from this primal thought, and this most elemental sound, issues forth the form of the perfect light, the perfect form, which has within it all of the creation, and the infinite cosmic creation suffused in Light emerges and unfolds within our vision. And in this most great Light, we see then the form of all that there can be. And within this world of light -- an ocean of infinite light --we see that even form is manifest and corresponding to tile sound and thought vibration for an apple, issuing from the primal thought and tone, we behold the astral lightform of an apple. And so too, with each created thing, whether it be a wolf or a tree, or a star, or a world. And all of it is there, both in its perfect oneness with the awake mind of the Creator, who created it, and in its own fullness as a perfect creation, first in thought, then in form, and then light.

And so we see this infinite light expanding and becoming differentiated, and the vast celestial worlds unfold before our vision and worlds infinite and divine are stretched out around us, in all directions, infinitely extending through space and time.

And so we behold the structure and the light of the celestial blueprint for the entirety of creation and the universe and all that exists within the world of change and expression and time and space.

And as this begins to become more differentiated, we see that within this world of light, exists the perfect sound and seed idea of each thing, and within each sound is the primal sound, and as we dive more deeply, we see the Creator Itself manifesting the entire creation, pouring within it, this unbroken awake mind, whereby we are conscious at this moment, in this time, in this space.

And seeing this firmly within us, we now behold the material creation being supported through the fine crystalline form of the world of astral light, and emanating from the blueprints of the form within the astral worlds of light, emerge the baseline form of-energy which supports every atom, which supports every electron, which supports all the forces of creation and of the material cosmos.

And so we see, enlarging, manifesting and expressing from this vast celestial creation, the differentiated and perfect worlds of light, and then the physical reality of the expressed universe.

And so we see our own star, the stun, emerging frown this perfect astral sun, which has emerged from the most great Light, and which has with- in it the perfect idea form from the sun, emerging from the primal sound and primal thought, issuing forth from the sovereign will of the infinite Creator.

And with each thing we contemplate, we sec it unfolding before us, whether it be a blade of grass, an animal, our own individualities and bodies, worlds far from here with peoples who are conscious as we are all of it, emerging from this perfect template of the astral worlds of light which are unfolding from the most great Light, and the finest level of celestial light which are issuing forth from the most great thought, which has within it the first emanation of sound coming forth from the morn of eternity.

And as we dive even further, we are left on the edge of the infinite, the timeless, and the eternal.

And so we see this perfect unity between the infinite Mind, whereby we are conscious and awake, and our own existence.

And the awake-ness whereby each of us is conscious, can never be divided from this single awake Being, standing within all things, we are never divided, and never separate from anything.

And then as we gaze in all directions around us, we behold a perfect divine order and that this great Being, from time to time has sent to earth and to other worlds Avatars or Manifestations of divinity who enliven entire worlds and refresh in a new springtime the entire creation.

And we are filled with happiness as we see that the time of a new springtime has arrived and an era of a thousand years of-unbroken peace and enlightenment are dawning upon the earth and upon every world in creation, within the entire cosmos.

Seeing then, in perfection the creation, the Creator and the Infinite Mind, we are now aware that it is true that every created thinly is a door- way to the Infinite, and that the unbounded and infinite Being is truly omnipresent, omniscient, ever-abiding at every point in space and time and at every level of creation. And that indeed folded within us and within all things, is a perfect quantum hologram of all that there is.

And thus the entire universe is folded within us, and that our own individualities, which are part of the creation, have issued forth from the Creator and our highest state of realization is to be as nothing and to be still.

And we see that we are clear windows through which the infinite light of the great Being is shining.

And the awake Mind whereby we are conscious at this instant, is the eternal Being, the infinite Self the cosmic Mind, from which all things, all time, all space is emanating.

Now, let our minds rest at that point of the first emanation where awake-ness begins to become relative existence, where the absolute phases into the relative existence of the cosmos and of creation. We see that within this most great thought is the seed idea of all knowledge. And at this level, every thing may be known. All knowledge exists; every science, every art, every fact, every truth. And that is folded within the reality of man and is a fountain that can give forth all knowledge, all science, and all truth. and all truth. And we may learn to go to this spot, this place of the placeness within us, and to see the truth, and to unravel the sciences and to know the facts and to perceive reality.

On the wings of this infinite awake Mind within us we realize that we are integrated in perfect harmony indivisibly with every point in space and time. Through gently, subtly using the free will given to us by the Creator, in accordance with the divine will, all things are possible and all life is benefited. Humbly turning to this unbounded Being, we may then awakens to a distant point in space or time and perceive what is happening in that place and in that time.

And so it is, that perchance we may fall asleep one night and perceive what will happen the next day or the next year or the next century, because folded within us is all time and all space. The nature of the mind within us is omnipresent, and is present within every point of creation at every point in time and space.

Thus we see the entirety of the universe is open to us because the almost great Mind, the single awake Being, is standing within all of us. And this infinite ocean of awake-ness, which can never be divided, is that whereby we are awake. It is that whereby we are always conscious. And if we become silent and still, we may perceive this silent Mind, and we may meditate upon the truth, and we may see any point in space and we may ask any question and find the answer.

And so it is that we meaning all advanced intelligent beings have the capacity to be at one with the unbounded Being, and to use our free will to discern the divine will, and to put ourselves at service to the divine plan.

And this is the apex of the achievement of our being. As we sit upon the earth, we are called to answer the needs of this time and place, even though we see that we are established in this eternal home and this infinite space.

And from this deep and abiding conscious Being, on the wings of this infinite Awareness, we rise into the sky, above us, and we are all one in spirit and this spirit is indivisible. And in this infinite Mind, we see the Earth herself a beautiful blue planet submerged in the infinity of space.

And Earth is an awake being herself. We see this awake being, and we feel at one with her, as her children, and yet in perfect oneness with the awake-ness whereby she has her own existence. And as we gaze around the Earth, we see the space of our solar system, and we see the Earth's sisters and brothers, the other planets, and Father Sun. And we see the space around us is filled with infinite light and infinite energy, and that it is not empty but full, and it is not dead space, but it is awake mind.

We see that the entirety of space is conscious. And on the wings of that awake-ness, the same awake-ness folded within us, we soar through the infinity of space and we behold myriad worlds and we see the entire spiral galaxy of the Milky Way, and expanding further, we go into inter- galactic space, and we see billions of galaxies, infinite worlds stretching out beyond us, within us, and the fullness of that unbounded space is that vast ocean of mind within us.

We are always one with this cosmic Being, and we are always awake through the cosmic Mind. And at will we may then travel throughout the cosmos, and gaze upon every world and see every star system.

Being in this state of cosmic consciousness, we see beyond the infinite conscious material universe, and see the infinite astral worlds of light within them, and beyond we see the perfect idea form and sound sustaining the forms of light and the infinite material cosmos. And we are one with the Creator and we are one with creation.

We see that the Creator and the creation are one. And that within us, we are always one with it. Being in this state of unity we ask the celestial realm, the angelic beings, the Manifestations of God, and every conscious and enlightened being in the cosmos, to-join us as we gaze upon the earth and we invite them here. As we see the earth at this time, we see that it is emerging into a time of enlightenment. And we ask the infinite God, as all of us focus on the earth, to transform every dark thought into enlightenment, and to send into every selfish heart, the infinite love of the divine, and that wherever there is hatred, that it be replaced with affection and love, and wherever there is greed and selfishness, that it be replaced with altruism and generosity Those forces on earth that we see wandering in the ignorance of hatred and greed, we see being illumined with the light of knowledge and love and peace.

Within the heart of the reality of earth and her people, we see a beautiful golden light dawning, and we see the earth transformed into a rose garden of peace. As she goes forward from this point onward, Earth becomes one of the diadems of creation, one of the genuine repositories of peace and knowledge in the cosmos.

In this state of peace, all peoples turn to the earth and are filled with joy because the time of the fulfillment of the promise of humanity has arrived, and we are here to witness that time and to usher in that reality.

We see ourselves joined by beings celestial, astral, and extraterrestrial, and all the good people on earth-joining with us in the exercise of our will, wedded to the divine Being as we manifest that time of enlightenment and an unbroken period of thousands of years of peace.

Sitting quietly now; we see that we are joined by the angelic realm, the celestial beings, the astral worlds filled with our ancestors and with the beings from diverse worlds. And we see that there are extraterrestrial peoples joining us, and that there are people on this planet who arc joining us in conscious thought and prayer. And we hold within us this thought, and this vision of suffusing the earth in this golden light as it is brought in to this time of peace, and all the wars will be silenced and all the suffering will end.

Injustice will give way to justice, and poverty to abundance, and from destruction we will go into a time of beautiful and perfect architecture and a perfect and enlightened social order.

As we see this within us, we now are certain that it will come to pass.

We see that we arc joined by worlds infinite and divine, as well as material and extraterrestrial. The time has arrived for the old and corrupt ways to end and for the old order to be rolled up and for a new world to be unfurled, the hallmark of which will be oneness, peace, and unbroken enlightenment for thousands of generations of children on the earth.






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  5. Dr. Steven Greer: "Hidden Truth -- Forbidden Knowledge"

    This book is about higher consciousness, and what is happening behind the scenes, from a guy who has lived it. This is no nonsense stuff from a man who is relating his personal experiences with the lunatics behind the so-called "New World Order." Absolutely fascinating and riveting reading; one of the most amazing books I've ever read.

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