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The purpose of the Big Picture Newsletter is to celebrate the spiritual nature of human beings. We are dedicated to dissolving the myth of the randomness of life, and the biological nature of consciousness. We believe that every human being is an aspect of God, a powerful creator and orchestrator of his or her life experience.


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What Do You Do...When all Hell Breaks Loose?

Why does a positive goal often bring about negative results? There is perfectly understandable explanation for why this happens!







(From the Interview with Spirit Show)


Ken's greatest desire is to align with well-being. Ken wants everyone in the world, and all life forms on planet earth, to align towards well-being! But when he looks out at the world, all he sees is more craziness. Ken is beginning to think that there is really no such thing as alignment to well-being for humanity as a whole, at least not for long.

Ken's question is, "why does a desire for something usually lead to the exact opposite?"

Well, we helped Ken to write a little book on that subject ("What Do You Do When All Hell Breaks Loose?") but Ken wants to understand this better.

The simple answer is, dear ones, that when you desire something you don't have, you immediately activate the thought forms that are getting in your way, and preventing you from having it in the first place. If you were already aligned, you would already have achieved your goal, and you would not need to align yourself!

Every time you have a desire for something, in other words, it is because you don't have it. So you are sitting in not-having. This doesn't necessarily mean that you are sitting in the vibration of not-having it, because this desire just may have occurred to you! And therefore you do not have a lot of counter-thought attached to the desire. But most of the time, you do have counter-thought attached to the desire. This desire may be something you've wanted for a long time but have never been able to achieve, like a lasting relationship, or lots of money.

People will tell you, "just align your thought to the goal, or to the desire, and you will get it."

Well, not so fast!

We have been telling you for years now about the evolution of thought within the human consciousness. All of you are being affected by deep-rooted thought forms from the old paradigm that are coming up for inspection. We aren't kidding when we say this!

By "coming up for inspection" we mean that every one of you is affected by these deep-rooted thought forms. We have already described how the population increase is leading to an increase in the background energy, which is stirring up the encysted energy in the species consciousness, energy that for thousands of years has acted as an attractor, aligning thought of a similar nature to it. And then, of course, your own personal set of limiting beliefs may also interfere with your alignment to the desire.

All that we mean by "interfere" is that you have created a set of beliefs, which are just energy signatures that you keep creating, and carry around with you in your personal sphere of consciousness. These  vibrations may not align with the vibration of your desire, just as the poles of a magnet may repel each other. Remember, the positive pole and the positive pole repel! The energy that makes up the magnetic field is the same for each pole of the magnet, dear ones, it is just that one of the poles is geometrically compatible with only one pole, and is not compatible with the other pole. This is often what happens when you want something. You are trying so hard to align yourself positively with the positive pole of your desire that the two repel! You don't allow for the natural vibrational alignment to occur. In other words, you must expect that when you are sitting in not-having, that when you align to having, you will activate the not-have.

When this happens, most of you immediately jump to the conclusion that there is something wrong! But there is NOT something wrong! The alignment of thought, just like the alignment of anything, requires a transformational shift. In other words, when you want to install a new mirror on your wall, you first have to take the mirror out of its package. You must rotate it to the proper orientation before it will fit. This can involve a lot of mess at first. You have to cut open the box, remove the tape and the seals on the box, remove the packaging, and haul the mirror out on the floor first. You have to install a bracket on the wall to hold the mirror, and this bracket must be aligned with a straight level. Then you have to expend some effort lifting the mirror into position.

Our message this week is that alignment always involves the working through of non-alignment. Our message also includes the idea that if you are not experiencing non-alignment while you are creating your desire, you aren't doing it right!

Do you see?

Non-alignment is where you are vibrationally, and to get to a place of alignment you must first inspect the non-aligned state you are in, and accept it. You have to figure out how to align the non-aligned energy state! You have to figure out how to rotate or change your thoughts to align to the new desire, and that ALWAYS involves the working through of the non-aligned state you are in.

So when you experience "the exact opposite", as Ken says, when you first attempt to align yourself to some desired goal, that is a sign that everything is working properly. (We don't want to imply that it wouldn't be better to simply think one thought and achieve instant manifestation. But if course, if you could do that, you would have already aligned yourself 99.9999999% of the way there. And that means that you would have already worked through the non-aligned state)
Sometimes, the stronger the "negative" manifestation, the greater is the energy behind your attempted alignment. That's because your desire is so strong you are literally ripping the box apart, and you create a rally big mess on the floor!

A person who has a vague desire for something will never experience a different manifestation from what he or she is already experiencing. That's because the thought forms are, vibrationally, too weak to disturb the current alignment of energy.

Amanda experienced this during the past year, with her involvement with her mortgage company, her utility company, and the educational bureaucracy. Amanda had a strong desire for alignment to prosperity in these areas, but also a lot of limiting beliefs that caused a big mess when she attempted to straighten out the situation! However, Amanda has discovered that she needed to inspect the non-aligned state she was in, and accept it, before she could make any progress. Now, she needs to fully comprehend that a so-called "negative" reaction is a perfectly normal response from the universe. That's because, as we said before, when you have a very strong desire  from a very strong place of not-having, you shake things up and, as Ken says, the shit hits the fan. Shit hitting the fan, dear ones, is very often a good sign, especially when it comes at the beginning of your creative process.

If you keep experiencing unwanted manifestations, we can guarantee that you are not high on the scale of emotion/vibration, and have already allowed counter-thought to influence your vibration. Your greatest guarantor of ultimate success is your position on the scale of vibration!

If you experience unwanted manifestations but you still feel excited and energized by the process, then you are simply working through the situation energetically. And when that happens, of course, you really don't feel that the obstacles in your path are obstacles at all. You see them as exciting challenges.

You can be perfectly aligned to a desire and still experience what many people would call "negative" events, just as Edison did when he searched for a filament for his light bulb. After trying hundreds and hundreds of materials, he came up with one that worked. And so too with whatever desire you wish to align to.

So the message this week is that alignment and non-alignment are intimately related. As we said last week, when you live in a very polarized environment, you must expect to have the "good" with the "bad.' This is natural, for the reasons we have already spoken about. It all depends on how you look at the situation.

When reaching for a goal, inspection of the present situation will always lead to a recognition of non-alignment. That is natural. Your task is to observe and confront the situation for what it is and figure out how to align yourself to the goal, just as you would when you are installing the new mirror. You don't want to just throw the box at the wall and expect the mirror to magically align itself to the bracket! You have to do a little work first! And that work is a perfectly logical development, and should be expected. You don't say, "Well, look at this! That mirror is surrounded by garbage, and the box is sealed so tightly I'll have to cut it open first!" You simply expect that you'll have to first work through the non-aligned state.

As the human race works toward alignment with a new paradigm of thought more aligned to cooperation, prosperity, and the mutual recognition of your spiritual origins, you are going to encounter a LOT of misalignment, dear ones. Ken says, "we already have!"

That's just the way it is. It's perfectly natural.
And it's what you signed up for!

Don't despair when your thoughts don't instantly result in a perfect manifestation. Don't despair at what happens out on the stage. The actors are reading their lines, but the choreographer, the director, the producers, and the cameramen behind the scenes are beginning to come into focus. Soon more and more of you are going to see that world  events are like a grand stage play – and you will soon be able to discover the people behind the scenes and their motivations. And then you will discover that you have been creating the play, with your thoughts and your intent, all along! And when that happens there is the possibility for a gigantic, quantum leap in consciousness that will change the face of planet earth.

Oh this period of time is so exciting, dear ones! And you wanted to be a part of it, and lift humanity up.

And you are doing just that.

Remember that ALL endings are happy endings, there are no exceptions.

And have fun making messes!


Wake Up Call (continuing series)


Oh my, have we got some exciting stuff for you this week!

  1. Our first series of videos is by Dr. Steven Greer, of the Disclosure Project. Dr. Greer has been involved in the attempt to get the governments of the world to disclose their contact with extraterrestrials. In this amazing 4 hour video, Dr. Greer shows excerpts from the testimony of qualified witnesses in the military, intelligence, governmental, corporate, and scientific communities about downed ET aircraft, flyovers of unknown non-terrestrial aircraft, and contact with beings not from the planet earth. This testimony is riveting, compelling, and, I think, inspirational.

    Disclosure Video Part I
    Disclosure Video Part II

    If these links are broken, Google "Disclosure Project 4 hour witness DVD"

    Here is Dr. Greer at a Disclosure Conference in Spain in October 2009. This is one of the most inspirational lectures I have ever heard.

    Spain Disclosure Conference
  2. Have you ever wondered why, in human organizations, people seemingly without conscience rise to the top of the pyramid? We have experienced this with the recent banking and financial crisis. People like Robert Rubin, Lloyd Blankfein, and many others who have no consideration for anyone but themselves, wreck organizations without a shred of conscience. Well, the clinical psychologist Dr. Robert D. Hare wrote a book that explains WHY this happens. It is one of the most informative and important books on human psychology, and it should be required reading for all citizens of planet earth.

    Without Conscience (a fascinating psychological profile of psychopaths, broken people who ruin organizations, businesses, and relationships, and why)
    Snakes in Suits (how psychopaths rise to the top in business)
  3. The Roots of Plant Intelligence. Plants behave in some oddly intelligent ways: fighting predators, maximizing food opportunities. But can we think of them as actually having a form of intelligence of their own? Italian botanist Stefano Mancuso presents intriguing evidence.

    The Roots of Plant Intelligence
  4. Benjamin Fulford on Rense September 2010

    A summary of the latest intelligence from a positive source
  5. The New Tax Man: Big Banks And Hedge Funds

    If you are someone in danger of losing your home, or know someone who is, please read this informative investigative report. It may help you to resolve the problem!



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