November 2012

Vol 7, #11

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The Virtual World and the Real World

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
10/ 10/ 2012

Those who have had near death experiences have a common denominator in their description of the universe: all things, animate and inanimate, are part of a universal consciousness. Everything is filled with life force, or etheric substance, or whatever you want to call it. I have been listening to lectures by Dr. Steven Greer, whom I consider to be the gutsiest guy on the planet, and one of the most enlightened. Dr. Greer is head of the Disclosure Project and CSETI, and is coming out soon with a new movie called Sirius, about Disclosure and the higher levels of awareness the human race is approaching. I would encourage all listeners to this show to go on You Tube and listen to Dr. Greer.

He is not some space cadet channeler, but a guy with the bark on. He had a genuine NDE when he was 17, which completely altered his consciousness.  Dr. Greer has spoken with some of the most important people in the military, the government, and the intelligence community over the past 20 years or so. One theme emerges from his talks with these people: they have no idea what is going on in the black programs involving ETs and technology reverse-engineered from ETVs. I don’t want to spend a lot of time talking about this, because Dr. Greer can say it far better than I can. He’s actually spoken to these people and is the leading authority on planet earth about Disclosure, and in my opinion, one of the leaders in the area of higher consciousness. This dude talks the talk, but he also walks the walk.  

Apparently, in these black programs, we already have free energy -- and are able to tap into the energy that exists within the fabric of space itself. Apparently we already know how to “jump” or teleport from one place to the other. We have anti-gravity flying machines, which are called in the black programs ARVs, or “alien reproduction vehicles.” These flying, anti-grav aircraft are called ARVs because they have been reverse-engineered from downed ET spacecraft. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is what the crazies who are behind the black programs are doing with your money: shooting down ET craft so they can figure out their propulsion systems. This group even has a privately controlled Space Command, which makes NASA look like a bunch of children playing in a sandbox. You can find out a little about the Space Command and their insignia’s by reading David Wilcock’s blog at

 According to Dr. Greer, we already have the technology  to turn the earth into a paradise. But what is missing? The consciousness to do it. In other words, the primary reason for the witholding of this technology isn’t the evil masters of the fossil fuel, pharmaceutical, military-industrial complex, but our own collective level of awareness. We’ve been saying this on the show for several years now. A higher level of consciousness opens data streams to new physical laws that already exist within the virtual realm, the subtle realm of thought. Without the leap to higher consciousness, those doors are closed. We talked about this in the last show two weeks ago, with respect to quantum mechanics and real particles vs. virtual particles.

As we approach the end of 2012, more and more people are finding out about this exotic technology hidden away within the black programs. We ARE slowly increasing our awareness at the grassroots level all over the planet, but we haven’t yet made that “hundredth monkey” breakthrough; we haven’t yet reached that “tipping point” where true fourth-level consciousness becomes a part of our collective psyches, and this amazing technology is released to the public domain. But we are getting there.

Another important theme of Dr. Greer’s is the fake alien invasion scenario. This is the ultimate play that will be used to fool mankind into believing that ETs are evil. Dr. Greer says that the ultimate ploy by the NWO psychos will be to fill the skies with ARVs, or alien reproduction vehicles, that are made right here on earth, and convince people that the evil aliens are invading. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld admitted a few years ago that he couldn’t locate several trillion dollars that had been “stolen” from the Defense Department budget. That even made the mainstream news for a couple of days before it was buried. Where did this money go? Into the black programs of course.

It is the biggest red flag out there so far, even bigger than 9/11, but of course the mainstream media did not follow up on it. If they did, it would have led directly to the black programs and this hidden technology. And it would have led directly to the most closely guarded secret on planet earth: the UFO the and ET issue, because it leads directly to the black, hidden programs that are completely outside of government control. Don’t blame the government for this. Top government officials are clueless. Not even the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon have control over these programs. They are administered, apparently, by a private network that crosses national boundaries. If you listen to some of Dr. Greer’s lectures you can find out about this stuff. He has first-hand experience talking to these people.

One thing we know from Dr. Carol Rosin, spokesperson for the late Dr. Werner von Braun (who was the father of the American space program), is that toward the end of his life, he told Dr. Rosin that a fake alien invasion was already in the works as early as 1974. Dr. von Braun told Dr. Rosin that the entire thing (the invasion) was a fake, and would be used to attempt to establish a fascist dictatorship on the earth. The plan was: First, the Cold War, then SDI, then the war on terrorism, and then the ultimate play, the fake alien invasion. So if you wake up one day and see a big spaceship over your city, don’t panic, even though everybody around you will be convinced. These will be ships built right here on earth with stolen money, by psychos who want to take us down an evolutionary path where we avoid the wonderful future that we are all headed toward. Remember we were talking about the road to fourth-level consciousness, and the black arrows on the right that divert our attention off the City on the Hill? Well, the fake alien invasion scenario is one of those black arrows. A big one!

You can see how people like Nick Pope, former UK UFO investigator for Britain’s Ministry of Defense, is rolling with this one. On his website,, there is a header called “Alien Invasion War Plan Revealed,” with specific steps to be taken in case the evil ETs invade the earth. It stretches incredulity, for if these ETs are so evil, and have technology so far superior, why then haven’t they already taken us over? It should be child’s play for them to take care of a bunch of primitive earthlings. But some people are taking this seriously, and are being duped along with many of the public. Sony is even getting in on the act, with their alien invasion-themed Sony PlayStation game Resistance: Burning Skies. For goodness sakes! How far can incredulity be stretched? What kind of crap will people believe?  Apparently, lots of it!

People, if this shit ever happens, which I don’t think it will as we move into higher states of consciousness, you are now prepared to counter the bullshit. (Dr Greer says that people in the know never call ETVs UFOs, because they don’t fly in the conventional sense, and they are not unidentified.)
The point is, fear destroys your mind and weakens you. Fear is the only card left for this crazy cabal of haters to play now. We are moving closer to true fourth-level consciousness every day, and that is causing the parameters of action to narrow; it is reprogramming the templates in the virtual realm that then manifest into the “real” world. We talked about that on the last show two weeks ago, and we’ll discuss this again a little later.

As we have said on this program before, all of the action is at the level of thought, and of consciousness, which accesses different possible superposed realities that manifest into the “real” world. That is why it is so important for the dark side to keep us believing in the biological basis for consciousness. This primitive and false belief system keeps our collective consciousness at the level of fear, anger, and hatred, and prevents us from reaching the higher levels. This one false belief about consciousness is the source of all of our problems. It is on its way out!

One thing that has always disturbed me is that people I trust, like Dr. Greer, keep saying that the earth is in trouble because mankind has been messing about with the planet, polluting, and destroying ecosystems. But my personal feeling is that the earth is incredibly powerful, and is not overly concerned with the activities of humankind. Dr. Greer and others keep saying that we don’t have much time left to reach the fourth level before the earth, like a cat shaking off water, disposes of the human race. So I would like to ask the guys (my personal guidance) about that, and see what comes out.
So what about this, Know-It-Alls? What profound enlightenment do you have for us on the show this week?

A: Ho, so you are being feisty this week! From the non-physical perspective, we see humanity emerging from a state of non-alignment to a state of alignment. The planet, a living being, perceives this and is waiting patiently for, as Ken says, you guys to get your shit together. So no, the earth is not running out of patience. But she would like you to metaphorically take your head out of your rear end and finish what you started!

There is overwhelming love by Gaia for all life upon the earth. All life on the earth comes forth from the elements of earth, so in that sense, Gaia sees all of you as her children, and she knows that children can be precocious. Gaia is also anticipating the coming alignment of consciousness at the fourth level, and is willing to wait. But she would prefer sooner rather than later!

What you must avoid is fear. Fear projects future scenarios onto the timeline. Focus on well-being! All fear scenarios create expectations that then have a better chance of becoming reality. You know this already, so don’t do it!

We want to remind you of our discussion two weeks ago. All possible states, or dimensions, of reality are simultaneously superposed with each other in the virtual realm. This means that there are a gazillion earths in all dimensions that have the potential to manifest at any time. We want to talk more about this virtual realm. It is just as valid as the physically manifested reality you see around you. In fact, it is, using the quantum   analogy, a collective collapse of the earth’s wavefunction around a certain set of possible states in the virtual realm. The virtual realm can best be described by Ken as a sort of incredibly sophisticated computer program, or a complex mathematical matrix that exists in no-time and no-space, at the level of thought.  So there is what might be called the imaginary realm, and the “real” realm. These two existences are both completely real, and are completely compatible. In quantum physics, “real” particles can become virtual particles, and virtual particles can become real particles.

The virtual realm exists at the level of consciousness; it is accessible and programmable, and contains every imaginable possible reality. The “real” physical world is simply virtual programming made real at the level of the senses. Now before we go any  further we want to say that physical existence itself is also virtual, and the virtual world is also real. In other words, at the level of Native State the distinction between the two realms becomes much more subtle, and you see life, and existence, on a much deeper and more understandable and integrated level. The function of physical containers (through the action of receptor cells in the five human senses) could be said to completely collapse the wavefunction to one set of possibilities, that become glaring real and solid to the perceiver. But even here, in your physical bodies, you are connected to the virtual realm and can program it. The entire real-virtual system is dynamic, which means it is constantly changing, based upon your belief systems and your expectations.

Your thought, your intent, and the vision of what you want for the future is your access to the programmable virtual realm.  As you advance in consciousness you will see this fuzzy idea become more and more clear. You will discover that there are more than one set of physical laws; and that you see these physical laws only at your level of consciousness. When you advance in awareness you align more with source, and you begin to perceive a more benevolent universe, and a more powerful set of physical laws that you can use to make your lives much, much easier. The point is that for centuries you have believed that there is just one reality: the physical reality, and that in order to change physical reality, the only way to do it is to manipulate the physical objects themselves. This has led to the explosive technologies and destructive weaponry you employ on the earth right now. Your idea is to overcome the physical by blasting it and pounding it and fighting it, which has been a perfect mirror to the consciousness of mankind. Now that is changing. 

The virtual realm exists so that you can program physical changes to the objects of your world much more easily. In other words, it is possible, with vibrational technology and the knowledge of geometry, to actually alter physical objects in a much more precise and simple way than you do now. Dr. Greer is correct when he says that in the late 19th century, humanity was already beginning to discover this. But there was an important development at that time, and we want to tell the listeners about it. The reason these more benevolent technologies were not able to be brought into the physical realm from the virtual realm, is that the mass of humanity was not yet ready. You live in a collective reality that is augmented by every individual’s set of beliefs and expectations. And so you have had a century of Edison and Westinghouse and Morgan’s attempts to put meters on technology that could be controlled purely from the physical realm. In other words, certain forward-looking thinkers over 100 years ago were becoming aware of this invisible virtual realm, and the data it contained for creating a paradise on earth. But at that time the game of light and dark was still in force: metaphorically speaking, the human race was not yet done exploring the dark side. And so you lived through the 20th century with all of its wars, and all of its excruciating experiences. This was a COLLECTIVE decision, dear ones!

You might say that when you “die” and return to Native State, you enter the virtual realm. Before incarnation there is awareness of self in its fullest sense. The human family has been programming events, along with Gaia, at this level. That is what we wanted to tell you this week. That is the message for this week, and it is very profound. In other words, the earth and the human race have been, and are, working together, in this “virtual” realm, which is just another way of saying, “the other side,” the level of pure consciousness. Not even those who have NDEs are necessarily fully aware of this, for it is not known completely until all association with the physical container has been discontinued.

We tell you that there is the most perfect level of well-being on earth, and everywhere in the universe! We tell you that the virtual level of reality, and the “real” manifestations of the virtual realm, which you call dimensions, are seamlessly integrated. There is a 0.0% possibility for harm to consciousness. All endings are happy endings, which is the tag line for the show. There is the physical experience, which you all signed up for. You signed up for pain and negative emotion, because it is so foreign to you in your full state of awareness as Native State beings.

What appears to be terrible misery from the physical point of view is simply an experience from the spiritual point of view. None of you are ever stuck. In other words, there are no hells that are not of your own making. The all-that-is is total well-being. We hope you can hear this, because it is the ultimate truth. Dear ones, no asteroids or planet x’s are going to hit the earth. The earth is not going to be destroyed. These, and others, are all fear-based scenarios. Remember what we’ve said on previous shows; the game is to get you to change your minds. If you can be convinced or persuaded to the dark side, you will access that potential future from the superposed realities in the virtual realm, and it will begin to manifest. In the Wizard of Oz movie, all of the impressive and terrible manifestations were controlled by a tired and powerless old man behind the curtain as he pressed the levers and turned the dials. These are the levers and dials of what is called “power” in the old paradigm of thought.  They are phantoms; but you can MAKE them real by believing in them!

If you want to make the leap to true fourth level consciousness and make the earth a very happy place, focus on well-being. Do you believe in a beautiful, green planet with clean energy and abundance for all? That reality is already there, waiting for you to access it. This is what you need to focus on, for that reality is just as “real” as the one you are living in now. In the virtual realm, there is no “better” or “worse.” There are just zillions of superposed states, or possible realities, waiting to be accessed and activated. Look at it like a phone store with all of the various phones lined up for you. Each phone has certain features that may or may not attract you. You choose the one that best fits your situation. What we’ve been trying to get across in these shows is the idea that you choose your own reality. An adult understands this pretty well, but a child or an adolescent often believes that he or she is victimized by the world.

Well, the human race has been in its adolescence now for several centuries, but you are being asked to step up and become a sovereign adult now. The earth is asking this, your off-planet friends are asking this, and more and more individuals on earth are asking this. More and more people are changing their individual realities and envisioning a better future for themselves and the planet. Again, if you encounter people in your life who seem to be evil, or against you, you will discover a reflection of them in your own belief systems. Change your belief systems and you change your reality.

This is simple consequence of the Law of Attraction. It is a consequence of the empowerment of consciousness everywhere in the universe. This is a great game we are all playing, you see. We place ourselves in situations and see how we handle them, and thus we learn from experience, and grow as conscious personalities. If you don’t understand consciousness, you aren’t even up to playing the game. Using a baseball analogy, you are sitting in the dugout with your headphones on, not even knowing when your name is called to come up to bat. Humanity is beginning to pull off its headphones and become aware of the Greater Game.

Despite the propaganda that you have been exposed to on your amazing little planet, especially recent movies that depict all extraterrestrial life as dangerous and evil and malevolent,  life out there in the galaxy is of a very high level of consciousness that has benign intentions toward humanity. Life has been around for billions of years, and the knowledge already exists (as it does on all planets) to turn the earth into a paradise.  



Virtual and Real, Part II

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 10/24/2012)


Well, how did you guys like the lectures from Dr. Steven Greer? (See the Wake Up Call Section below.) Dr. Greer has a much different take on the entire extraterrestrial issue. He is convinced, from his activities with CSETI, that extraterrestrial life is benign, and that in order to master this galactic technology, you must already be at a higher level of consciousness. That begs the question, of course, that if we really have some of this exotic technology in our black programs, then how did the nutsoids who run these programs get it? According to whistleblower testimony on Dr. Greer’s site and on other sites, this technology was obtained by reverse-engineering ETVs that were shot down. So I guess that explains it, and it also explains why the earth appears to be alone in the universe. If there really was a planet of barbarians who were violent as we are, then probably there would be some kind of quarantine on us. I mean, what do you do with a population that has a communicable disease? Well, for public health reasons you attempt to isolate that population, so the disease doesn’t spread to other innocents. And then, I guess, you’d try to help that population as much as you can without exposing yourselves too much.

It is interesting to speculate that hostile ETs are simply programmed life forms, as Dr. Greer suggests, but my idea is a little different. My guidance says that there are degraded ET races out there as well, outside the civilized galactic community, who have somehow latched onto some of this technology. And if there were a planet of barbarians (people with a lower consciousness, who believed in solving problems through guile, conflict, deceit, and war) then which civilizations would that planet be likely to attract? It’s pretty simple! My new novel tries to explain these concepts in a form that people can more easily understand. It’s called The Manchild, and it’s coming out in a couple of weeks on my website,

We know from the LOA that what becomes real, what manifests from the virtual domain, is an exact match to the content of your belief systems. We’ve talked about this in previous shows: that there are two independent but linked “realities,” the virtual domain and the “real” domain that we perceive with our human sensory apparatus. The virtual domain consists of an almost infinite number of superposed possible or potential  states, each of which coexists alongside or within each other in the virtual realm. This is much different than in the manifested, or “real” world, where only one set of these superposed states can exist at a time. In other words, all of the different realities or dimensions in the “real” domain are simply existences that, in quantum terminology, are collapsed wavefunctions from the virtual realm.

All dimensions of reality coexist separately, because in the real world one object cannot exist on top of another object. If you don’t believe that, try to squash one orange into another orange! All you get is a big mess. In the real domain, physical objects each occupy a separate space, a separate set of coordinates in space and time. And so the all-that-is a collection of physical realities, each of which is a manifestation of a certain set of possibilities from the virtual realm. These are the dimensions of reality.  The key is to understand that the virtual realm is just as real, in its own way, as the universe we see around us. And you can’t understand that if you believe in nonsense like the biological basis for consciousness. This is a silly theory that has been developed by people who do not understand who they are.

We have said in previous shows that your physics, your science, and your technology are precisely congruent to your level of consciousness. And you can tell your level of consciousness by simply writing down what you believe. Your belief systems reach out into this virtual domain of infinite possibility and choose a set of potential states, collapsing the wavefunction of consciousness around them, manifesting them into your reality. What Dr. Greer is saying (and what we have been saying on this show for a long time) is that there is a data stream associated with a set of beliefs (a level of consciousness, if you will) and that data stream outlines a physics and a cosmology and a medicine that is congruent to it. And so a civilization that believes that problem resolution through conflict and war, that believes in scarcity, and that above all believes that the beings in it are simply hunks of meat whose consciousness will disappear after the physical vessel is gone, will evolve a  physics and a medicine and a cosmology that exactly resembles what we have on earth right now: a medicine with a cancer cure rate around 4%, where drug abuse and alcoholism is rampant, and where energy is obtained inefficiently from scarce fossil fuels. This is the data stream associated with a civilization that has belief systems like we do here on earth.

The data stream associated with higher consciousness (belief systems that resonate more to harmony, cooperation, abundance, and respect for the sacredness of life) will evolve a physics, a medicine, a cosmology, and a world view remarkably different. These civilizations will discover how to tap into the clean,  invisible energy that lies within the vacuum of space, and will evolve a medicine that will cure, without exception, every single disease that plagues mankind. Again, this is explained by the concurrence between the “real” domain(s) and the virtual domain, in which all possible sets of reality are contained.

And so the message this week is that when we say, “lower consciousness” or “higher consciousness,” what we mean is “a set of beliefs based on the belief in the biological basis for consciousness,” and “a set of beliefs based on the idea that each individual is a beloved aspect of a universal consciousness.” What are beliefs? Thoughts. Expectations. That which is held by the quality, the animating principle, called consciousness.

Of course there are an almost infinite number of potential realities between these two sets of beliefs, but you get the idea. Your level of consciousness is determined by your belief systems. That is the message we have for you this week. In other words, we are saying that it is possible to quantify something as vague as, “level of consciousness.” All you have to do is honestly write down what you believe and what you expect. The world around you, of course, accurately reflects what you really do believe and expect, for it is just a collapse of the wavefunction  from the virtual realm, manifesting that set of beliefs. Think of this collapsing of the wavefunction as going into a huge department store with millions of different items of every description. You walk in and choose what you think you need, and bring that home and use it. There are many floors to this store, but you can’t access the higher floors unless you have the password or keyword. So you don’t know about the other floors, only the floor at your level, and what you find at the different levels will be totally different.

The virtual realm is accessed through thought, expectations, and beliefs. In other words, consciousness is the GUI between the physical realm and the virtual realm. A GUI is a graphical user interface. On a computer, it is the menus and the buttons and icons that you use to actually make the computer work. If you didn’t have a GUI, you’d be writing commands on separate lines, like a PERL program, or in the old days of DOS.

If you don’t have a GUI, you are very very slow and very very limited in what you can do with the computer. And if you believe in the biological basis for consciousness, you don’t ever recognize that you have a GUI, because pieces of meat don’t understand that they are part of something much grander and more wonderful. Whatever you believe determines how much you can do and how easy it is to do it.

In other words, physical laws manifest themselves at your level of consciousness. Each set of belief systems collapses a different set of potential realities and makes them real, and when you are in that reality, you know it is the only possible reality. In other words, a physicist will show you in his equations how the universe is, and how it has to be. And he will do this mainly through observation and measurement of what already IS. But what already is, is just a collapse of the wavefunction in the virtual realm of the content of his (and our) shared belief systems. And because he has his equations and you don’t understand them, science becomes the new God, the new belief system that the collective goes along with. And so that reality becomes more and more solid and more and more real. 

That’s how the universe works, ladies and germs: you manifest what you believe, and what your attention is on. It is just a selection of a certain set of superposed states within the virtual realm, which then programs the physical reality of those who share that set of beliefs. And that is why we have said that individuals can, if they are cognizant enough, move up and down the set of dimensional realities. But it is much easier if the collective moves as a whole to another set of belief systems. That makes the job of individuals much easier.

Rupert Sheldrake described this phenomenon when he described morphic fields, in his book “A New Science of Life.” Skeptics love to pillory this book because it describes science at a different belief system. The trick of the universe that makes it so awesome, is that every reality you manifest looks so real that you think it is the ONLY reality! And so you can always muster equations and phenomena that already exist (because you chose that particular set of superposed realities from the virtual realm) to show that this new system of belief is utter nonsense. Isn’t that awesome!  The system, the universal operating system, if you will, always validates your choices. It always makes you right! And that’s pretty cool because it shows you that the universe always empowers you. It always says, “You are awesome and we will show you how awesome you are to believe as you believe.” And then you get manifestations, and a reality that precisely matches what you believe. And then you experience in that reality for a while, and you decide whether you like it or not.  That’s life! A series of empowering experiences. You can also look at it as a series of learning experiences, as if you were lower life forms learning about some higher power, but we prefer to think of your life as a series of empowering experiences. And so should you.

And so you decide whether you like scarcity, power and control, greed and poverty, pollution, and a host of other things that go along with your belief systems. The only time you get into trouble is when you forget how the game is played! In other words, you get so immersed in the game you become the piece on the board, instead of the guy who is moving the piece. You forget that you are the guy moving the piece, and become ONLY the physical piece on the gameboard. Do you get it? The game is supposed to be played knowing the rules. But you have forgotten the rules.

We said in previous shows that you all agreed to go deeper into the game, to play the game of light and dark, to explore the darkness in all of its aspects. Well, you’ve been there and done that! Are you tired of the reality you are experiencing? Then raise your level of consciousness by changing what you believe and what you expect. Start experiencing the game from the POV of the player of the game, and not the piece on the board. The piece on the board can be likened to your physical, incarnated self, and the player to your Higher Self. But of course the player isn’t really your Higher Self, is it? It’s YOU! You’ve just forgotten the game you are playing, that’s all.

So where were we? We were talking about Dr. Greer’s view of extraterrestrial life as benign. We agree with Dr. Greer. When you raise your level of consciousness (change your belief systems) you will encounter these benign life forms. You already encountering them; and they are not “good” ETs from higher dimensions who are making war upon other evil ETs from lower dimensions. Although just about anything is possible to manifest from the virtual realm, you probably don’t want to go there! (See John Kettler’s website)

Remember, the game is all about persuasion, about getting you to change your mind; or, in other words, to alter your belief systems. There are lots of people out there who want to try to convince you that THIS particular reality is really the real one. And of course it will be IF you decide that it is; if you change your belief systems. You will then choose that set of possibilities from the infinite set of superposed states and begin to manifest that reality. What we are saying is that in order to play the game successfully, you have to be conscious enough to understand how the game is played. And if you consider yourselves to be walking pieces of hamburger, or that you are disempowered somehow, you’ll probably stay pretty much where you are.

What does your perfect reality look like? We’ll describe Ken’s perfect reality: one where there is an awareness, an underlying understanding and feeling of unity; a reality where physical objects and colors and everything you see around you is just a little more poignant, a little brighter and deeper, where the weather is a little milder, where other species (and humanity) control their populations not by killing other animals, but through conscious recognition, through access to the unity field, of exactly how many births to occur. In other words, there is already a human family, and a cat family, and a dog family, of consciousness at the native state level, and there is just an enhancement of that. Ken sees a brighter world of much more opportunity and creativity, where human potential is expanded enormously; a world of clean energy that makes it possible for everyone to have what they want without polluting the environment and without having to resort to conflict to fight for scarce resources; a world where disease is unknown, and where life spans may (or may not) be lengthened.  A world where the planet earth is accepted into the galactic community of higher consciousness, and where opportunities for individual human beings has expanded not just to encompass the earth, but the entire galaxy. This is the idea Ken  has. What is your idea? 

Begin to think seriously about this, dear listeners, because when you do you begin to access a different reality from the virtual realm that coexists with the real world you live in. The point of these messages has always been to get you to see your greater potential; to remind you of the rules of the game and how it is played. Basically, to jog your memory a little. It is interesting because when you begin to think about higher consciousness and how you would like the world to be, you will all unite on a few common denominators: greater sovereignty, greater unity, and a recognition that you are all in this together. This is not a constriction of the game; it leads to an expansion of the game; it leads to greater and greater degrees of freedom. The earth is an amazing place of diversity, but really it is just one small planet in a galaxy full of planets. Would it not be more exciting to expand the gameboard outside of earth? Think about it. Your homework this week, dear listeners, is to envision what you would like the earth to ascend to, and what your life would look like within that. Please don’t make this something serious; we would rather that you simply did a little light visualizing, or even daydreaming, about this. Remember your own consciousness is the GUI between the real world you inhabit, and the virtual realm with all of its possible states. We’ve described the earth, in previous shows, as having an invisible, holographic information field surrounding it. This field is the collective GUI of earth, and it contains all of your belief systems. It is accessible to those who understand these things and who know where to look.

The earth is really like a big sitcom to the rest of the galaxy: you may think you’re alone in the universe, but someone just has to turn on his TV set to the right channel to see the show “Planet Earth Today.”  And what a shew, as Ed Sullivan used to say! You guys are putting on an amazing performance. It’s kinda like the tribe out in the Amazon jungle who just live their lives, but don’t know that satellites in space can see everything, and monitor everything, that they are doing.  Well, there exists a physics, a set of physical laws, beyond that which your science understands. This new physics enables others to see what is going on on your planet. Imagine that the galaxy is a wideband unsecured network. Each star is a server, and each planet is a node on that network. Well, you guys have no clue how to play the game, and you are wide open. Everything you do is known. You aren’t alone really, and it wouldn’t matter if you were. It wouldn’t matter if the earth were really the only planet with intelligent life (absurd, of course) because the system works just as we described above.

The point is, why not choose a reality that is better than the one you are living in now? It’s up to you, of course, but it’s time you learned that you aren’t the pieces on the board, but the guys who set the board up and who put the pieces on it to play a game.

Games are fun! And games can get nasty, as you well know. Well, what kind of game do you want to play tomorrow? Create a new game, and watch as the world around you changes to match the choices you have made.




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