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Free Will: The Game of Light and Dark

(from the Interview With Spirit show)


Q: Well guys it's been a while. What's the message for the show this week?

A: The message this week is that the pot is boiling! Even those who are not aware of anything unusual are being carried along on an increasing energy flow. Humanity has been this way before, dear listeners. The cycle repeats itself as civilization after civilization on earth has reached for stability on a planetary basis, and spiritual enlightenment. By spiritual enlightenment we do not mean a transcendent state of ultimate awareness; we just mean that humanity reaches a species-wide, planetary recognition of themselves as a single race of beings with subtle differences. This recognition is the prerequisite for reaching your full potential. The essence of a human being is an aspect of the one consciousness, with your own unique personality, a spiritual being having a physical experience. When enough of you understand this, the entire human race will undergo a consciousness shift.

The program for earth in the past was a laboratory for advanced masters; a rough and ready place where knowledge of your spiritual origins was lost. How well could you do in such a place? Could you find yourself and lead a happy and successful life? Earth, in the past, has been a very challenging place. But now things are shifting.


Q: Why have human civilizations on earth not been able to "get over the hump" and into species maturity, where we can join the galaxy and play a bigger game? Is there some sort of karma on earth that is holding us back?

A: The answer involves both the physical and the non-physical plane. You see, the earth is a planet of complete free will. Free will is of course an inherent property of consciousness, but on earth the game has been a little different. When you have  knowledge of your divinity, the game is, in a sense, rigged, because you will always choose the way of compassion, harmony, and cooperation. Linkage with Native State always goes one way: toward the light. That is because the quintessence of consciousness itself is love. And so you see thatthe game can, from a certain perspective, be called too limited. How can we make the game of free will even more exciting? Well, one way to do it is to have an equal probability of going to the Light, or going away from the light. You see, exploration of darkness is just an enhancement of the game. And so the earth agreed to host this expanded game of free will.

In order to play the expanded game, however, and make your choices broader, it was necessary to "hide" from yourselves. This allowed an expansion of free will and allowed broader choices, because the spectrum of choice was expanded to include not only the Light, but also the darkness. Instead of the probability, in a physical lifetime,  of going to the light being 100%, it is now maybe 50%. And so look at the choices you have now, in the new game: On the level of expanded consciousness, sickness or illness does not even exist. On a lower level, sickness exists, and there are cures for everything. And in the Expanded Game, what do you have? A myriad of illnesses, none of which have a cure, or only partial cures. Look at your choices. You can incarnate as a baby with Down's Syndrome, or autism. You have the capability to contract any number of fatal illnesses in your lifetime ,even if you are healthy. The number of possibilities, or "states" of existence, is now exponentially expanded! How do you deal with situations like this? The number of life situations is so much greater; you are confronted by a life on earth with so many things you couldn't even imagine from Native State!

Can you see how the Expanded Game, from strictly a game perspective, is better than the game where you always go to the light? Gamers love choices (and all of you on earth, without exception, are the ultimate gamers) and the configuration space, or the number of possible states in the game, is now exponentially expanded. The path of your potential lifetime now has many, many more branches.

Of course you always go to the Light in death, but now, on earth, the Expanded Game says that you aren't even sure of that! Your religions tell you that if you do not believe this, or do that, hell is your destination. And many religions tell you that you are flawed from birth with karma, or Original Sin! Now that is a game for masters, is it not? Such concepts pave the way to the exploration of darkness. That is their function: these ideas are not evil, but exist in the Expanded Game merely to allow more choices.

And so on earth, free will has been exponentially expanded. That is why Ken's favorite channeler, Lee Carroll, always talks about earth being "the planet of free choice." Ken could never figure this out, because consciousness ALWAYS has free choice. But on places that have a greater connection to Native State, your choices may actually be less than the number of choices you have in the Expanded Game. And so that is why the earth is truly the planet of free will.


Q: Wow, I never thought of it like that before.

A: Yes, it is rather mind-blowing, is it not? That is why we say that planet earth is a truly amazing and impressive place. The planet earth is. as Ken's mouse pad says, "no place for wimps." The number of things that can happen to you in an earthly lifetime is so great that you have a lot less predictability than you do on another planet that is closer to source. And that is exciting to some of you!

You see, the mandate from the One is "create, and experience what you have created." And so when you created the Expanded Game, you took that to heart. All of you on earth are daredevils, even those of you leading what Ken calls "mundane lives." And now you are all a part of the plan to lift earth back to the Light, and allow her to rejoin the rest of the galaxy, and attain her own state of higher consciousness. It has been an exciting ride, but the earth is ready to move on. She is ready to take all life upon her and within her for a very exciting ride in expanded consciousness. The question is, will the human race decide to go with her?

This is the new game.

Humanity has been playing the Expanded Game of Free Will (the game of light and darkness) for a very long time now, and have gotten vibrationally stuck. Your habits of thought and belief are very powerful because you've been playing this game so long. Now, in a relatively few years, you are experiencing an increase in energy on the planes of thought. We have said for a long time that the real action is on this level. The Body Reality is actually programmed from this level. The universe is a gigantic holographic information system, and physical reality on earth is being re-programmed from the etheric realms. And all of you are contributing your powerful bit even while physically incarnated, because each and every life form interfaces directly with this programmable hologram of subtle energy on the level of Spirit. More and more of you are waking up to this idea, and to your own divinity. And so now the game has morphed from the Expanded Game of Free Will (the game of light and dark) to the Game of Higher Consciousness. We tell you that the parameters of the game have now changed.

The gameboard has altered, and also the rules. There are New Rules now. These New Rules are slowly becoming more and more impressed upon the physical reality. It is up to you to recognize the New Rules and play by them, or find yourselves having difficulty. In addition to that, your physical bodies are also undergoing re-programming. The solid denseness of your physical body is slowly changing to a lighter and more aware body, ready for you to play the New Game. Those of Ken's generation are having the most difficult time, because you were born in a much more slow-moving and dense era, where the belief systems were set to the old, Expanded Game. Now you see things changing, and some of you are saying that it's unfair! Ken sees the younger people adapting much more readily than he can. But of course, there are many of Ken's generation who are adapting just fine, and Ken knows who they are. Sorry Ken, your friends have just gotten with the program a little better than you have!

And that is the message for this week.

The Game is changing, and so is the gameboard, and the rules as well. Planet earth, and all life upon her, is reaching for higher consciousness and a greater connection with source. We see this as a reward for those who have been playing the Old Game for so long. Now you get to see the earth as she was meant to be experienced. The earth is one of the most beautiful planets in the universe, and over the next few centuries, you will see her beauty unfold. It will be a glorious time, and you, dear listeners, have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to create the new era of expanded consciousness. We think all of you will enjoy it very much!



The Threshold

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 11/2/2011)


Q: Well guys, it's that  time of week again for the show. I have too much to do and not enough time to do it in! I'm also feeling that the old memes from the old paradigm of thought are really making their presence felt in my space. Jenny is feeling the same way. What's the status of the New Era vs the Old Order? I get up every day and see that nothing has changed. The same old news, the same old way of being and thinking seems predominant. What's going on?

A: What is going on is a massive change in programming! Just as we talked about last week. That programming has to gently enter the physical arena, or you will experience very dramatic, unsettling changes. The wish for many of you is for a smooth transition to a new age of cooperation, harmony, and abundance. That cannot occur all at once! Economic and political change that is too fast will disrupt the nascent new consciousness that is beginning to take hold. And so you get up and see the same old stuff...Get it?

Q: When you explain it, it sounds simple. But we have to live it! It really sucks down here sometimes, guys! I told you a number of times that this is the last time I'm ever going to engage to come down to a planet that is so messed up. I had no idea it would be this hard. For the past two months I have been feeling a lot of negative energy.

A: Yes, and we told you just a few minutes ago that this was the toughest assignment anyone has ever faced. It's like you say, this is a "one and done"  deal. You will likely never face anything like this again.

Q: So is the rest of the universe benign, then? If so, why is it so messed up on earth?

A: That is a very long story. Planet earth has a unique history, different than any other planet in the galaxy. Emerging races always go through difficulty, but the history of planet earth has been fragmented. There has been little continuity from one civilization to the next. And so you are always starting over, but with gradually accumulating "karma." We don't like the word karma. We mean it in the sense of, "energetic footprint." Every one of your experiences and emotions and thoughts are recorded. So when you come back for another lifetime, you naturally "key in" to whatever energetic footprints you have created in previous lifetimes. Humanity as a whole is responsible for its energetic footprint on earth. The key is the development of a species-wide consciousness. When that happens, you gain enough alignment to sublimate, or dissolve, the old memes, and have the opportunity to replace them with new ones. This is what is happening right now.

There is a nascent planetary consciousness forming. There are also those who don't want this to happen, for their "success" depends upon the fragmentation and separation of human consciousness. So there is a "Battle of Consciousness" going on. Of course, it s really is not a battle, is it? For if you think in terms of fighting and battling, you have essentially conceded victory to the Old Order by adopting its mindset and continuing to create the consciousness of separation. What you resonate to, you program. And what you program, you create in the physical. The Old Order tries to hang on through the use of mass media. (Take a look at your movies: most of them involve fighting evil to establish the good. This is, of course, a clever way to stick people in polarity and maintain the old system).

We've talked about how the universe is an information system before, and how there are levels of reality above the electromagnetic spectrum in which you live physically. These more refined levels contain the Aetheric programming that creates physical structure, and the political, scientific, and economic organizations that run the show on earth. It is very difficult sometimes because you cannot SEE these levels! Oh, there are a few who can, but they are in the small minority. And so you are immersed in the Body Reality and don't know how much progress you are making.

We want to talk about thresholds. In the human neuron, for example, an electro-chemical reaction will not occur unless the signal strength reaches a certain level. You can "bang" on the cell many many times, but unless the threshold strength level is reached, nothing will happen. (Note: Here is an excerpt from the vibrational universe, Ken's book. From Appendix A: "Interestingly, the human neuron operates like a logic gate. It will respond only if the stimulus reaches a threshold level; any stimulus weaker than the threshold will produce no impulse, and any stimulus stronger than the threshold will produce an im-pulse. However, the threshold impulse is always of the same strength, regardless of the strength of the stimulus. Therefore, a nerve impulse is remarkably like a “bit” of information in computer terminology. It is either “on” or “high” (a 1), or “off” or “low” (a 0).)

So what is happening now is that the human race is building up a potential. Humanity is slowly increasing its vibrational  signal strength. What will happen when the signal strength reaches the threshold? Amazing changes! It's like what happens when you overcome the inertia of an object. Say you have a very large boulder that is sitting in the middle of the road. There are 4 of you in the car, and the boulder is blocking your path. The driver gets out and pushes as hard as he can, but nothing happens. The second person gets out to help. They both push, but still the boulder does not move. The third person gets out of the back seat and begins to push along with the rest, but nothing happens. The energy is building up however! But when the fourth person gets out and adds his energy to the mix, all of a sudden the boulder moves! It gets going slowly, and then tumbles down the embankment.

Of course this is just a physical analogy, for understanding, but the point is that you cannot see how much energy is being input into the system solely within the Body Reality. We have told you for years that the background vibration on earth has been increasing as the human population has exploded. This energy is causing some remarkable fissures in the old order and the organizations that support it. We want all lightworkers to hang in there and continue their work. Continue to wish for and work for harmonious change, for that is the direction of the new age.

We said last week that the old game of light and dark is being superseded.  This game was an expansion of free will, for it allowed you to experience the widest range of negative emotions, and created much greater scope for action. Which way would you decide to go, into the darkness or into the light? It turns out that this game was much more complex and had much greater scope than you all had anticipated. In fact, this expansion of free will was so exciting that you continued it for millennia after millennia, from civilization to civilization, over and over again, because you wanted to milk it dry. You wanted to explore all possible permutations of this game.

Well, now you have!

You have done such a good job expanding the game of light and dark that you have created powerful vibrations, and a very powerful energetic footprint at the planetary level, which you must all now work through. This work is occurring at the individual level, and at the species level.

Remember, we have said over and over that a few of you can't just wave a magic wand and say, "abracadabra, make the planet earth a paradise" unless enough of you desire it! The momentum of this new impulse must be great enough to overcome the threshold critical point of the old vibration, the old set of memes. As they say in sports, you have to want it! And when enough of you want it for a long enough time, the threshold level is reached and something magical happens: a quantum leap in consciousness. Oh, when that happens you will all experience such joy that you can hardly imagine!

You cannot understand how loved you are, those of you who have come to earth., it doesn't matter which side of the game of light and dark you are playing, do you see? It takes BOTH sides to play the game. BOTH sides have contributed to the energetic footprint of the old game. And so there must be volunteers to play the roles of the dark side, in order to finally transcend the game. And so that is why all who channel spirit say that there are really no bad guys and good guys. There are only spirits playing the game. Of course the old game of light and dark has gotten so serious and powerful that you really have created evil and good! That is the remarkable aspect of this expanded game of free will.

The test will come soon, when the actions of the players on the stage will begin to become known. Then, there will be a strong impulse to kill them all for the evil things they have done. And yes, there have been horrible things done.

The question at this time will be, do we kill the bad guys and inevitably return to the old paradigm of thought? Because killing these people will place your resonance back in the old game. This is what happened in Atlantis, even though consciousness was more advanced than it is now.

The only positive result will be forgiveness and understanding. This will place humanity's feet directly upon the path of higher consciousness.

You are very close to the threshold now, even though you cant see it yet.

We want to remind you that all of you, all life, is divine. All physical life is motivated by spirit, all physical objects are made of thought substance, and interpreted through the physical body in a way that makes physical reality totally, totally real and solid. Remember that all endings are happy endings, there are no exceptions. All beings translate out of the physical and into Native State, there are no exceptions. The only question is, how high into well-being do you want to go? For the universe and everything in it, and all consciousness, all awareness, is based in complete well-being!

This should make you feel better about the coming changes. Well-being is predominant, even though the game of light and dark was played to manifest the reality that life could also be cold and heartless. This was a fascinating aspect of the game that you have explored fully. Now, more and more of you are deciding that it is time to move on.

(More on the Expanded Game of Light and Dark next month)


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