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The Higher Self

(From the Interview with Spirit Show)


In the past couple of messages we have been talking about  the higher self and group consciousness. We are very excited about this because the consciousness of humanity is taking a step forward, and it is now possible to let more of yourself into your physical vessels than ever before. Let’s talk a little bit about this.

The old paradigm of thought was anchored by the meme (thought pattern, belief) of unworthiness. This led to hierarchical political and economic structures, as a sort of vibrational “curtain” being drawn over the physical vessel. By this we simply mean that your strongly held beliefs created a vibrational barrier to the perception of the higher self. Self-limiting beliefs block and distort the flow of life force into the body and cause cellular and hormonal changes that cause lower emotions to be present.

Did you know that the natural condition for all life is enlightenment? Enlightenment is very simple, dear ones: it just means you accepting you! And of course, a belief in unworthiness cannot support the allowance of Spirit!

This idea of “you accepting you” is really a simple one. You have many relationships in life with others, but they are all based on what you think about yourself! The “you and you” relationship colors every relationship you have in life with others, because it determines your primary, or predominant vibration. Then the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration go to work bringing you people and situations that exactly match your personal resonance. This self-reflexive relationship is the fundamental determinant of what you manifest in life! It affects how people see you and react emotionally to you. It also determines how en-light-ened you are, because your Higher Self is just the YOU that you aren’t allowing.

Humanity has been in what you call a catch-22 situation for thousands of years. After the breakup of the last great civilization on earth, a set of memes was powerfully implanted into the species consciousness. These memes are powerful vibrational attractors and, like the values in a fractal that are attracted, or orbit around, a certain basin of values, so too has human thought orbited around a set of self-limiting beliefs. The only way out of that was to set up an even more powerful vibration. But the population of earth was never large enough to sublimate the dominant vibration.

That is why we have said, over and over , that the population increase is a very good thing indeed, for like heat applied to a pot of stagnant water, it is rapidly increasing the activity within the pot! Of course, when water is heated the molecules fly about in an unpredictable fashion. And that is what has also been happening with human thought.

The volume and the velocity of thought has increased markedly, but it has not yet been given a direction. Many of you are asking for positive change, but many of you also disagree on how that change is to take place. Many also resist change and would rather stay in the old paradigm, under the idea that things might just get worse.

But there is an unknown factor, dear ones, an “X” factor if you will. And that is the invisible presence of Spirit. This force is so powerful that once it is recognized by enough of you, it will rapidly be accepted and welcomed with enthusiasm. You see, an increase in consciousness takes a while to gain momentum, and you overcome the inertia of the very heavy and dense thought forms of the old attractor. It is like a graph that starts to rise very, very slowly, over a long period of time; and then, it finally begins to ramp upward. But once it begins to go upward, it rises very steeply indeed, until new level of awareness is reached. And when that happens, a quantum leap occurs “all at once,” in the NOW.

There is a quantum leap in awareness that spreads rapidly at the speed of thought, which is to say, almost instantaneously. It is like throwing the switch I the darkness on the gigantic White House Christmas tree. All of a sudden the darkness explodes with light, and everyone can see it.

The presence of spirit is with all individual life forms at all times. You are never alone.

The power of spirit increases exponentially when you join together in groups. And, as we have been saying now for the past several weeks, the potentials are shifting to allow  the higher self to come through the curtain more strongly into the physical. That is because the old memes are gradually being sublimated by new ones based upon the desire for more intra-species cooperation. And this phenomenon also allows the formation of group consciousnesses that are aligned toward the positive. 

Remember that this “curtain” is only metaphorical. The curtain just consists of your beliefs about what is possible in your own personal connection to your Higher Self and to Spirit. Earth is not quarantined, it is not the “armpit of the universe,” as some have suggested, the earth does not exist in some dense continuum somehow separate from the rest of the universe. Earth IS on its own vibrational island, however! But that island is something that is created by the group consciousness of humanity. All of you contribute to the vibrational resonance of planet earth! You create the barriers to the allowance of your Higher Self into your own lives.

To understand this, imagine asking 100 spiritually aware people whether it is possible to have a relationship with their Higher Selves? How many do you think would respond “no problem!” Your beliefs determine what you think is possible, and what you think is possible becomes your dominant vibration. That vibration establishes your reality. It’s really as simple as that!

Remember that an increase in awareness in consciousness is always accompanied by an increase in well-being, because the two go hand in hand. Higher awareness is first recognized by a feeling of well-being. Higher awareness is NOT a mere intellectual exercise!

Higher awareness is not just knowing and understanding more data (although that is a by-product), but is first recognized by a feeling of increased well-being. That is because when you know yourself better, you begin to understand your true magnificence as a spirit. The inherent characteristic of spirit is a feeling of love and well-being.

When you fully understand that you CAN have a relationship with you, you will begin to understand your power. And when that happens, you will begin to feel a benign presence around you, a sort of comfortable cocoon that feels wonderful. That presence is the YOU that is not fully associated with the physical vessel. As your physical body becomes more and more accustomed to this wonderful energy, you will be able to feel this presence more and more. It will be like having an all-wise personal advisor, who can guide you emotionally to the best decisions for you. The old memes of unworthiness and hopelessness, and the other lower emotions, will become a thing of the past.

Is this not an exciting development?

We want to tell you again that the potentials now exist for human beings on earth to allow their Higher Selves into the physical body. Next week we will have some advice on how to do this.

This week, just contemplate the idea that the Higher Self is just YOU, and that having a relationship with yourself just means allowing more of you into your life. Until next week, then, have a wonderful week and remember that all endings are happy endings.


Wake Up Call (continuing series)



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