May 2013

Vol 8, #5

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The Yin Yang Symbol Shows how the Universe is Constructed

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
4/ 17/ 2013

I thought we had an interesting show last week. It was about the genocide going on in Darfur, and in the Sudan. But we were talking about deeper issues than just the murder of our fellow human beings. We discussed the orientation of an adversary legal system that pits one party against the other, with little regard for social harmony and ruffled feathers. In this way a meme of conflict becomes perpetuated within the very societal structure that is responsible for conflict resolution. Genocide, murder, and the perpetuation  of conflict can only occur in a civilization that devalues itself, and has no idea who it is. But the good news is that the human race, and all life, is an aspect of a universal consciousness that has created playgrounds called planets in order to experience in. Consciousness is something that the human race has no clue about, and does not even think is important. Here's the point: a civilization can only self-destruct when it has no idea what it is.

Murder is irrational and sociopathic. It is the inevitable result of incorrect belief (information) systems. It is NOT the result of "human nature," or the natural order of things. Irrational behavior appears to be natural merely because it is agreed-upon. This is the power of beliefs, and of the vibrational nature of the universe.

 Self-destructive behavior always occurs when a being or a group of beings has moved away from the Truth that each person is a divine and immortal aspect of a magnificent universal consciousness. The human race can turn itself around simply by getting a better (and correct) conception of itself. That is all enlightenment, or "spiritual advancement" is, folks: the correct understanding of consciousness. The so-called intractable problems of humanity are simply a result of some stupid thoughts we have about ourselves! These thoughts have simply been agreed upon by billions of people.

We are, as the guy in Get Smart used to say, "THAT close" to completely turning around our civilization from one of destruction to one of prosperity and harmony. I keep hammering on this concept because turning around the thoughts of the collective is supposed to be so hard. That might have been true even 30 years ago, but it isn't anymore. The key is the correct definition of consciousness.

Today we are going to go over something we talked about a few weeks ago: the Yin-Yang symbol and its relationship to the physical world around us and to an invisible (but no less real) virtual world of information that literally programs the Form we see in our physical universe.
The Yin-Yang SymbolLet's look at the construction of the all-that-is (ATI for short). The ATI is composed of a myriad of different dimensions, or self-contained universes, each of which is accessible to the others. What we refer to as time is also accessible. We're not going to get into a philosophical discussion of time here, but suffice it to say that that which has already occurred is accessible to experience, and that this experience seems to move forward and backward on a "timeline,"  which can be defined as a continuum of experience. The ATI is arranged such that paradoxes are diminished -- that is, temporal energy build-ups are resolved so that balance is maintained and too much destruction is avoided.

We live in a universe that we think is the only one in existence, but we are surrounded by other dimensions of experience that appear to be invisible to us. These other "realms" of experience are accessed through the virtual realm, a universe that coexists separate but side-by-side with the physical dimensions of experience, and which programs these physical universes. To see this, take a look at the Yin-Yang symbol. Look it up on Google or your favorite search engine.

All this is, is 2 circles that are drawn next to each other so that they touch each other at only one point. Then the 2 circles have a big circle drawn around it. The black dot and the white dot are just the centers of the 2 circles inside the big circle. Take a look at the Yin_yang symbol again. You can see a half-circle of white on the right top, and a half-circle of black  at the bottom left. Just take your finger or your pencil and continue the circle. You can see that geometrically this symbol is just two circles that touch at one infinitely small point. There's a big circle that surrounds it, holding or containing the two circles.

Like everything on earth, however, the significance of the symbol is obscured by the black and white coloring that hides the simplicity and the power of the diagram. Again,  it's just 2 circles touching each other inside a big circle. If you take this up to 3 dimensions you get 2 spheres touching each other inside a larger sphere. The big circle, or the big sphere indicates a universe. The two smaller circles or spheres that touch, represent how each universe or dimension in the ATI is constructed: you have a physical space-time universe along with an invisible,  virtual universe that contains the programming for it. Dewey Larson says that this other, virtual universe is a "time-space" universe, where the primary component is not space, but time. But it doesn't matter what you call it, this other virtual universe is like a gigantic cookbook. You want to cook something, no matter what it is, go to the cookbook. You want to make or change a universe; go to the virtual aspect and reprogram. All of this is accessible to CONSCIOUSNESS.

But of course, humanity hasn't got a clue. We think we are pieces of meat and that when we die, we're dead. This preposterous, adolescent and stupid belief denies us access to a world of information, and new technology, that is just waiting for us. It's all in the Yin-Yang symbol. There is one infinitesimal point -- a singularity, a point so infinitely small that it cannot be measured physically, that is only accessible through consciousness. That one infinitesimal point -- it is a singularity, actually, it is that infinitely small point where the physical sphere  (circle) and the virtual touch. That zero-dimensional point can only be accessed by consciousness -- or, perhaps, a device that has been built with a consciousness or self-awareness that is at a high enough level.

The Yin-Yang symbol is also telling us that there are two aspects to anything physical: a physical form, linked to a virtual, or non-physical) set of information.
So each dimension or universe in the ATI is self-contained; it has a physical aspect linked intimately to a virtual, or programmable, set of quantum states. The selection of those states -- the control of the programming -- is only accessible through something non-physical, or virtual. And the only thing in the ATI that qualifies for being virtual is consciousness itself.

And so this is why consciousness is so important: it is the only link to truly understanding the universe we live in, and the ATI of which we are a part. If you want to hold a species down, just convince them they are pieces of meat. In other words, subtly alter their understanding of what consciousness is. Present it as some woo-woo nonsense, and promote the idea that the physical is the only valid sphere of existence. In this way you prevent that species from advancing up the dimensional ladder to greater spirituality and harmony and creativity and prosperity. In other words, DUMB IT DOWN. Get people to believe in the Big Lie, and you can operate and interfere as much as you want.  That is, until the natives get restless. Until the people begin to have an understanding that the meme structure they have been presented as "the way it is," is a load of bullshit.

And so you have religion and science and philosophy on planet earth: all designed around the idea that the physical, observable, and measurable is all there is. Which effectively puts blindfolds on you and deprives you of the understanding necessary to advance. But the good news is that the natives are waking up. The inner striving "for something better," for spirituality, for something more than meets the eye, is just the vague understanding that the physical world around us is only half of the universe we live in. That other, virtual part, is the data we have been missing all along; that "quintessential" understanding that can enhance our physical world beyond anything we can imagine. But this virtual world can only be accessed, again, if we have a correct definition of consciousness.

Look at where the two circles, the black one and the white one, touch. Actually, they don't touch at all. The point of touching is zero-dimensional, I called it a singularity. A singularity is just an infinity contained in a point with literally no physical characteristics. It's a physical contradiction: something that doesn't physically exist but which is infinite. This is the definition of consciousness. It's why science cannot explain consciousness, and why, with our primitive belief systems, we can never understand the universe we live in, because we are only looking at half of the pie: the physical half. Scientific theories like quantum mechanics try to solve these problems for us, by postulating interactions at very, very tiny scales. But even QM only goes down to the Planck level -- it can't go any further than that. It can't go down to absolute zero, beyond physical quantity, and into quality, or a singularity where there is at once infinity and nothing. That is the realm of consciousness.

I'm pretty sure advanced societies understand this, and are able to see on what we have been calling the mental plane. The mental plane is the plane of  virtual energy and virtual, symbolic information  beyond the physical, or at least, what we understand now as physical.

Scientists in the past have called this co-existence, but virtual world, the ether. In 1887 Michelson and Moreley proved that a physical ether does not exist, but we are not talking about that. We're discussing a completely invisible, virtual world that is inextricably linked to, and programs, the physical world we live in, but which is only accessible through the singularity. The singularity is just an access point: it's a point of information. But you can't access the virtual world if you don't know it's there! And that's what, I believe, the Yin-Yang symbol is telling us.

We can look at this virtual world strictly from the "one sphere" concept: We can say, as Mike Ivsin says in his book, that "knowledge can … be stored in and retrieved from the intangible ether. The understanding of ether’s properties includes the storage of knowledge." So the ether concept -- the idea that there is some invisible, subtle substrate of information underneath the physical world, is pretty close to what the yin-yang symbol is showing us. But the YY is just telling us that there is an entire virtual universe that is only accessible through a zero-dimensional point: consciousness. And that this virtual realm is an intimate part of the physical world we live in. In fact, the physical world could not exist without the virtual world, for it contains all the programming for the physical world. Interestingly, the virtual world can exist without the physical: this was the state before the ATI was created: the latent state of pure consciousness before matter and energy and stars and planets and galaxies were created as playgrounds for consciousness.
Now imagine that individual universes are structured along the lines of the yin-yang symbol, but that the entire ATI is as well. What we have is division into unity: the yin-yang is represented by a circle or in 3D a sphere, and each dimension or universe in the ATI is a separate yin-yang. Pretty cool huh? This tells us that there might be other ATIs each with their own virtual realm.

So OK, what's the point?

The point is that can't neglect what is immeasurable and not obvious to the five human senses. We MUST get a correct understanding of consciousness, or we are going to stay mired in this density. And what we talked about at the beginning of the show, the irrational and self-destructive memes that cause us to murder and kill each other, are getting in our way. We're being self-blocked by primitive beliefs that we have to shed, or we are going to be subsumed by a dark fascist cloud run by a bunch of psychopaths who are so blind and afraid that they can't see straight. I'm pretty sure that the blind rage and blood-lust that causes us to commit murder and genocide against each other is not inherent to the human race. It is only something that can occur when we have flawed belief systems.

Now, you could say that a person was possessed by a demon, or perhaps by an extra-dimensional or ET being when this sort of madness comes upon us. A person who could go into a room full of schoolchildren and whack off their heads  in cold-blooded murder is not human.  And this has led to a lot of theories that we are being subjugated by a race of degraded reptilians who want to harvest the planet earth, and things like that. Those theories seem plausible when you read about (or witness) such horrible, inhuman acts. But we call these acts inhuman for a reason: we all understand that these atrocious acts aren't human nature.

Whether there is or isn't a bunch of evil ETs on earth is irrelevant, because we, here on spaceship earth, have the ability to access our local virtual reality (the local virtual space around earth, that contains the memes and belief systems and all of the information that programs our world and the various species that live with us on earth) and change it. That has been a recurring theme on the show: we are sitting at the controls. It's just that we have been too dumb to understand that in the past. But we cannot afford to be stupid anymore! If we wake up we can take control of our governments and our militaries, and any interfering motherfuckers who have come here from space to mess around with us. The purpose of this show is to just remind people that we have the power. There are 7 billion human beings now and we are an unstoppable juggernaut, if we take the blinders off and take our minds out of the mindless reality TV and look around a little.

We've talked about the planet earth being a programmable lightship that can literally take us past the lower dimensions and into higher ones. That process is done by consciousness" specifically, the collective consciousness of the human race. We're all in this together.

In the coming years (and right now) we are going to hear all sorts of predictions. That stuff didn't end with Dec 21, 2012! In fact it is only the beginning of a seemingly unsettling period in human history. This is because we have 7 billion on the planet right now. The human family has come back to earth -- every person who ever lived a lifetime on earth is going to come back or is already here.  The number of incarnations is "souping up" the energy of lightship earth, making the progress of events more volatile. This has to happen because we are now in the period where all of the karma, the experiences, the failures, from the past on earth have to be resolved, and we are here to do it.

But the idea is to be aware of the creative power of consciousness. For example, if one guy makes a prediction that there is going to be a great pandemic in the future, and nobody listens, nothing is going to happen. But if hundreds of millions of people latch on to this and believe it, a powerful resonance will be established, and we will actually create a future where this is possible. We are surrounded by disinformation and people with agendas. Remember, people, that only YOU can prevent forest fires -- just kidding -- that we as a collective, focused in love and harmony, can obviate an entire set of possible futures and move can move our planet past any possible futures, even if they seem inevitable. We, as a collective, literally have the power to change the future and move the planet earth in a positive direction. But we have to understand what consciousness is, and how powerful it is.

Speaking of that, you probably heard about the explosions at the Boston Marathon on Monday. Stuff like this may happen in the future as well, so how do you protect yourself against something like that? No, the answer is not, stay home. The answer is put love in your heart and live your live in love. If you truly do this, nothing bad will happen to you. If the human race does this as a collective -- bypassing the "authorities" and the psychos with agendas -- we can literally pave a more positive future for the planet, and avoid catastrophes that may have seemed likely.

Go back and look at the yin-yang symbol again. I've saved the best stuff until last.  We've talked about the singularity, the point where the two circles or spheres touch. If you look at the diagram you see that this singularity point, the point where the physical and the virtual worlds meet, is directly in the center of the diagram. It's literally the center of the universe. That is telling us that consciousness -- each individually incarnated human being -- is at the center of the universe. We all have the power to change our own future and to help change the future of the collective. That singularity point represents infinity -- and infinite potential. The yin-yang symbol is telling us what we know already inside -- that we are in control of our destiny.

We may hear a lot of dire predictions in the future, even from well-intentioned people. But remember that you sit at the center of the universe, and have tremendous power to change events. Consciousness sits at the most important point in the universe -- so don't despair, live mindfully, think and act like a being of love and wisdom, (because you are -- you sit at the junction of the physical and the non-physical), and understand that and that regardless of what happens, you are divine and immortal consciousness, and when you leave this physical plane you will return to Native State in the fullness of self.



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