May 2012

Vol 7, #5

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The Reality "Out There"

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
4/ 4/ 2012


Ken has been reading all sorts of things about the "world out there" meaning, the galaxy and the universe. Ken is confused because a very well worded and sensible set of information describes a galaxy where competition is paramount; where technology, and acquisition of resources, is very important. This information describes most planets in the sector around earth as "barren" and with civilizations that are  technology dependent, and whose civilizations have a collective mind where individual freedom is not valued; and where visitors to earth are bent on utilizing the resources of earth to their advantage. According to the author, there is no one out there who wants to destroy the earth because it is so valuable; however, other races are here to use propaganda and persuasion to present themselves as saviors to humanity; but with an agenda that will eventually subjugate human freedom to another agenda, and that humanity has to wake up and unify itself or be taken over by what is called the Greater Community. (Allies of Humanity). This author says that this Community is organized as a trading collective, placing business, commerce and trade above individual freedom and service. Essentially what the author is describing are Borg-like societies whose members are emotionless and raised in sterile environments. This is far different picture than we have been describing on this show!

Ken is confused because others like Dr. Steven Greer describe a galaxy where a few degraded ET races have come to earth but where the vast majority of civilizations are benign.  The Allies of Humanity message says that advanced races have to hide themselves from this Community and become self-sufficient, and that advanced races do not travel in space but keep to their home planets.

So which is it? And why are we talking about this?

Well, this is Ken's show and he gets to decide the topics. And he is mightily confused about this, even though many who listen to this show would say who cares? How about talking about something closer to home, that actually has relevance in people's lives?

Well, this does have relevance in our lives! We have a huge, secret shadow government that is a cancer on the "visible" government, and which is diverting hundreds of billions of dollars out of the real economy and into hidden programs. And so this subject -- the kooky subject of extra-terrestrials -- actually has a very large practical importance.  This forbidden subject lies at the heart of humanity's problems. It is the single most guarded subject on your planet, and even mention of it can either get you into trouble, if you work in sensitive areas, or cause you to be looked on as a nutcase or a fruitcake. That is by design! But there is a happy ending to this scenario (isn't there always!)

On the show last week we mentioned that dependence on technology is a trap: it is an evolutionary path to a consciousness of struggle and competition. It is a path to a machine like culture where individuals have no feelings and no compassion for each other. It is an evolutionary dead-end. This is the consciousness of the Greater Community described by the author of Allies of Humanity. According to the author, this is the ultimate source of the difficulties you are having on planet earth with corruption in government and in banking and finance.

Let's look briefly at the history of earth. Those with higher technology easily conquered indigenous races; so it appears that technology is the most important factor in the evolution of a race and a planet. But it is not! Of course you need technology in a physical environment; but the most important factor in evolutionary development is unity based on a consciousness of love, which itself comes from diversity within a cooperative environment. This path will lead you up the dimensional pathways into areas where technology is something you have fun with, but that is not all-important to survival.

Why does a nation engage in commerce? Because it is lacking in resources. The Greater Community described above is a trading and commercial alliance, dedicated to the acquisition of resources, and is based upon a consciousness of scarcity. It is a society largely devoid of feelings, of spirituality, of compassion, of caring for others. Of course you recognize what is happening on the planet earth right now: governments (public institutions) are being swept aside in favor of private networks of bankers, traders, and those interested in commercial interests with only their own personal greed as motivation. The black programs of the hidden government are the representatives of this consciousness on the planet earth. This culture is, as the author rightly claims, an Intervention that must not be allowed to continue.

Humanity has one very powerful asset, however, one that trumps those who are mired in the consciousness of scarcity: individuals awakening to their spiritual inheritance. There is a power here far above beam weaponry and other technology used to manipulate and control. It is the power to carry the human race and the planet earth above the dimensional levels where the human race is susceptible to other civilizations who have this mindset. THAT is the true battle going on right now.

The planet earth is about to be exposed to a greater game -- the game of extraterrestrial civilizations. This knowledge is about to become public very soon. However, that is not the end of the game: or rather, it is the end of the old game and the beginning of a new one! When humanity first emerges into galactic society it will do so at a dimensional level where it will meet races that have this Collective mindset. New technology will be presented, and human representatives of these evolutionarily dead cultures will be put forth as saviors of humanity, if only individuals will give up their power (and their freedom) to the collective. Do you recognize this in current events upon the planet? Of course you do, if you have been following  events at all. Right now humanity is at the evolutionary crossroads -- for if you choose the way of technology and the collective mindset, you will stick within the dimensional level of this reality and be trapped. But if you look within to find your spiritual essence, you will unite and become powerful. This has been the trend, despite the efforts of those who are trying to weaken you.

During the past several months on the show we have been leading up to this. We want to say that no matter how persuasive, any reality is always an agreed upon reality. In other words, when Ken read the Allies of Humanity he was convinced that this reality was the only reality -- the One True reality, if you will. But we have already seen on previous shows that the universe is a very complex place. Nothing is static; nothing is written in stone. The human race will choose its path, collectively, but will you choose a path based upon someone else's agenda, or will you step into your power and move toward love, light, and cooperation? Again we say that these ideas are not woo-woo at all, but your only salvation! There are over 7 billion of you now -- this is a very powerful force of thought and intention. Again, the earth is surrounded by a programmable, holographic (and invisible) field of subtle energy that determines which reality manifests.  The agenda of those who are technology dependent is simply to get you to change your minds, collectively, as a race of beings. To get you to keep your level of consciousness at a dimensional level where you are still accessible to them. The tactics that are being used are persuasion, very sophisticated propaganda, and of course, technology. Think of technology as the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz --a prop, something to WOW you into believing in a certain way.

The author of Allies of Humanity describes this very, very well: "Do not accept trinkets from space, for you will undermine your freedom in the process. Nothing really important will be given to humanity in this regard by those who are intervening in your world. They are seeking to create dependency and addiction. This gives them power and leverage, even in their small numbers, over a much larger human family that is unsuspecting and that can be easily persuaded." -----Summers, Marshall Vian (2012-02-11). The Allies of Humanity Book Three (Kindle Locations 440-443). New Knowledge Library. Kindle Edition.

There are no higher forces directing you. There are no overwhelmingly superior races who can decide your future, no matter how powerful their technology is. Again, their technology will be just an adjunct -- a prop to impress you and take you away from the divine intelligence that so many of you are waking up to. This Community, as described by the author, cannot access these higher levels, because they have already chosen their path (well they could, but they have not). Humanity is a very young race and CAN choose a different path -- a path that will take you up the dimensional levels into a completely different reality! The game for the invaders is not conquest, but persuasion through very clever and sophisticated propaganda.

This discussion may seem delusional to some and irrelevant to others. But our job is to prepare you for what is coming. And what is coming will manifest more and more rapidly. So far the bigger game has been able to be played behind the scenes, with the vast majority of you unaware that the earth is and has been interacting with off-planet beings for quite a long time. Right now the planet earth is in the same position as indigenous people were when the white man came in with his superior technology. The difference is that there are 7 billion of you and the number of your visitors is very small. Whereas the indigenous people of North and South America were mainly conquered by sheer numbers -- a vastly superior population -- the planet earth is in a superior position to assert its authority. But you are like the hick who travels to the big city -- you see marvels of which you have no comprehension; you are impressed by the slick advertisements and the sophisticated salesmen, and the pace of life is so much quicker. This is the position you are in now in regard to some of the visitors to your planet, and will soon be coming to a much greater awareness of. Our message this week is that HUMANITY HOLDS THE POWER. All races are sovereign -- but sovereignty only works if you declare it, and hold fast to it. There are no rules about persuasion or propaganda out there in the big wide galaxy which you are waking up to, at your present level of consciousness. As P. T. Barnum once said, "a sucker is born every minute." By this is meant that you CAN be taken advantage of if you give away your power and fall a sucker to sophisticated bells and whistles technology.

This is extremely important. Forget about WW III, asteroids hitting the planet, and ridiculous 2012 planetary disaster scenarios. It is not allowed for a planet to be invaded or conquered. Your planet is much too valuable, both in biological and in other resources, to let it be destroyed. The game is being played on the level of thought and intent: which means , the much more subtle level of persuasion and propaganda. Will you stick to your spiritual guns, or be overwhelmed by a lot of technological hooey?

We are not saying that technology is bad -- quite the opposite. There is advanced, benign technology out there can transform the face of planet earth and ensure abundance and prosperity for everyone. What we are talking about is dependence on technology for evolutionary survival.

We cannot stress enough the importance now of meditation, of spirituality, of keeping your thoughts channeled toward love and service to others, and the value of emotions and feelings that inspire you and lead to positive feelings. When you do this you discover your personal power and you discover your personal sovereignty. You discover the certainty and the power of Spirit, which is within all life, all matter and energy, and everything in the all-that-is. And when enough of you do this, you come together as a planetary consciousness. Then you will be able to meet the challenges of the bigger game. Remember, the real action is on the level of thought, intent, and feeling, on the subtle planes where physical programming of reality takes place. What those who wish to take advantage of you require is your ignorance of your own power, and of the power of your spiritual and divine awareness of self. This is a force so powerful that it can propel you past the dimensions where technology-dependent races live. Right now you are in this dimensional bandwidth, but you are waking up. You can move past them.

Behind the scenes humanity is coming together!  There is an alliance of over 120 nations preparing a new blueprint for planet earth. To read about this go to and subscribe to his blog. Also read about this on David Winlock's site, Remember that those who prepare the way are lonely voices -- it is necessary that you understand these things BEFORE the crucial moment is upon you --so that you are prepared. The Collective mindset will boo and hiss any new idea -- especially when it involves personal freedom and a higher spiritual purpose beyond the hive-mind of  the collective. Have you not all experienced this in your life? Of course you have!

What you are experiencing is what Ken calls the reaction of the dead-heads-- those who have decided to not step into their power, and who have given it to another agenda, whether that be a Committee of 300, a ruler, a God, a bloodline elite, or whatever. The pattern for emerging civilizations is whether individuals within the society step into their power, and feel the power of love, of service, of compassion, and of respect for all life everywhere. This is the real power in the universe -- the animating, divine principle that motivates all life and all civilizations, no matter where they may be on the evolutionary scale. And so we say again -- high technology is NOT proof of evolutionary advancement! It can be evidence of races who have decided to adopt the Borg mentality. And those races will eventually find themselves like the Grays -- at a complete evolutionary dead end.

But of course, humanity does not yet understand this consciously.  But as more and more of you wake up, you provide the impetus for an evolutionary leap from within the mass consciousness. The message this week is that as 2012 moves forward, you will be coming closer and closer to an informational quantum leap -- a leap into the bigger game. The old game is ending and the new one is beginning, and that new beginning will open up a gigantic new world that will expand your mental horizons. It will be very uncomfortable for some as the game expands beyond the latest reality show or sporting event. Those of you who have awakened will have the responsibility to calm those who will become fearful. Remember, these are not the End Times - they are the Beginning Times.

The human race does not need saviors -- the human race needs awakened individuals who step into their power. The human race does not need a collective mentality -- the human race needs diversity and personal freedom under the umbrella of cooperation, harmony, and the greatest good. The collective leads to stagnation in thought and a flat-line evolutionary path that will eventually run out of vigor and life force. Diversity and personal freedom combined with cooperation leads to new ideas, evolutionary leaps, and an evolutionary path that heads upward into higher dimensions. A collective is much different, and much less dynamic, than diversity within harmony!  To see this, go to Ken's website and look at the article called The Geometry of Harmony, under the Articles section and the section called "Science and Spirituality." A collective thinks one way, or has a very limited number of degrees of freedom. What you will find when you go to higher and higher dimensions of reality is that there is more understanding and wisdom, and cooperation, but at the same time, more and more individuality! This sounds intellectually like a contradiction, but only if you fail to understand that more diversity leads to greater understanding, and greater connection with the One, and with the OM.

So there you have it!

If you read the Allies of Humanity with this in mind, it will make much more sense.

What is the "Real" Truth?

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 4/11/2011)


Well, are you sufficiently confused by events?

We thought so!

For many of you, life simply goes on, and nothing much seems to have changed. You get up, go to work, send the kids off to school, come home, listen to the news, watch TV or go out, and nothing much seems to have changed. But if you are like Ken, or many of the listeners of this show, you know that behind the scenes events are changing rapidly.

This change is being caused by what Ken calls a rise in consciousness. However you wish to refer to it, it is an awakening on planet earth to a bigger game; a game that can only be played when you become aware of the neighborhood surrounding your planet.

Now, at the end of the old game, information is hitting you from all sides: from the dark side and from the light. The choices you are being offered as to humanity’s potential future are varied. Last week Ken talked about the message from the Allies of Humanity, which described a stellar environment with visitors to your planet who mean you no good. The message was that advanced beings would not interfere in the destiny or evolution of an adolescent race coming into adulthood, and one easily influenced.

And then there are the messages from us, which describe a spiritual vision of humanity’s future that is much brighter. And of course there is the vision of what Ken calls the NOW types, or the cabal: which want to reduce the population and set up a control system on your planet.

Which of these visions is correct?

Well, that is not the right question. That question goes to the very crux of what we have been trying to tell you for quite a while on this show. Rather ask yourselves: Which vision is the one you want?

Whichever is your choice, that will be the reality that you create. Now, some will say that the reality humanity is emerging into is fixed and in place, and that there is good reason to assume that the consciousness of those civilizations in your stellar neighborhood are just like yours. And, if you had the chance to grab resources from an ignorant player, or a weaker player, would you do so? The answer is probably yes; after all, the history of planet earth has been precisely that, where one nation or group of nations has taken advantage of the weakness of another. Why then should it not be so in the galaxy around you? Is it wise to assume that everyone you meet will be benevolent, when you are not benevolent yourselves? Is this is what humanity faces as it begins to become aware of the galaxy of which it is a part? Some will say that it is utterly naïve to ignore this reality, and expect that your neighbors are here to help you, and to support you.

Well, again, which do you choose? Do you choose to give up your freedom for technology, or for more security? If so, you will head down the road toward more control from above, and this control will be helped along by those who visit you, as well as from within your own species. But if you choose the more powerful path of spirituality and recognition of your divinity, you will find a power that will carry you beyond the reach of those who wish to harm you. This is true in any individual’s life on earth: those who are warriors will fight, those who are interested in drama and intrigue will find an exciting and hair-raising life in conflict with others; and those who desire peace will largely find it. And so with your emergence into the greater game, and of your relationships with those who visit your planet.

We tell you again that the subject of “ETs” or visitors, is not some new age woo-woo kookiness, as Ken would say. It is part of the reality into which you find yourselves right now. Which path you choose will determine the nature of those who visit you, and whether these beings are helpful, or act to exploit you. It all depends on what humanity decides. This decision is essentially a choice about how you see yourselves. We cannot emphasize this strongly enough.

Do you see yourselves as unworthy beings, looking up to the heavens for guidance? Do you believe that more advanced technology will solve your problems and place you upon the correct evolutionary path? These are the questions every adolescent race faces when it becomes aware that it is not alone in the universe. And now humanity is coming to that awareness.

We want to repeat that dependence upon technology for development is an evolutionary dead-end; it is a trap.   Technology far above what exists on earth has existed in the galaxy for millions of years; this knowledge is common, but it does not necessarily lead to a consciousness that links to love, to cooperation, and to the harmony that must be created within your race in order to ensure humanity’s sovereignty. Technology by itself does not create harmony; it may create a global connectivity that creates the possibility for greater cooperation and species harmony, but technology itself is merely an adjunct to consciousness. But know this: the more you connect to love, the higher evolutionary path you will access.

In previous messages we described a universe wherein civilizations and individuals may smoothly progress up and down the dimensional realities. This progression is invisible to you, and is so smooth that you never even know it is happening. Your progress can, at your level, only be measured by what did NOT happen that was SUPPOSED to happen. The earthquake that did not strike, the shift of the planet’s crust that did not destroy life, the asteroid that did not hit, the world war that did not occur, and countless other events, both large and small, momentous and trivial, that may have been detrimental, but have not occurred. This concept of the universe sometimes seems preposterous to Ken; ludicrous even, and he sometimes has a hard time typing in what we are saying. But we assure you that the universe gives individuals, groups, nations, and planetary civilizations the power to choose their own destiny. You may, literally, create the reality you desire; which is to say, enter the dimension that seems best for you. Your future is being created right now, by all of you, and it simply involves a decision or a choice.

Your planet is surrounded by an invisible, holographic information system that exist on the subtle plane of thought. This mental plane can be observed and accessed by other, more advanced races. To those in the big wide galaxy, these concepts are about as astonishing as saying that day is brighter than night. Those who you are in contact with see the earth’s information systems, and act accordingly. Therefore, if you want to change your reality, you must re-program your planetary information field. That is to say, if you want respect (from the visitors), you must respect yourselves.  If you want sovereignty, you must regard yourselves as sovereigns. If you want unity, you must unite. If you do not, you will naturally meet those who do not mind – as described by the law of vibration and the law of attraction – giving you precisely what you are focused upon.

Therefore it is vital that individuals, and humanity as a whole, understand its spiritual origins. You are not pieces of meat, or biological automatons: you are divine, immortal spirits having a physical vacation. Whether this vacation is pleasant or unpleasant is entirely up to you! For how you think of yourselves literally programs your planetary sphere of information. And that information is accessible to those outside your planet. This information is, as Ken reads in one of his books, as plain as a pikestaff. To those other civilizations around you, it is like reading a book in one of your digital devices. In other words, the plane of thought is understood by those civilizations that know of the earth and its development. It is also known that when a race chooses not to become sovereign, not to unite, and to despoil the planet upon which it lives, it is permitted to take advantage of the situation. Again, this is just the law of vibration and the law of attraction at work: universal principles that drive all action everywhere in the universe. The “rules” of the game are these universal laws, which operate to manifest in your physical environment a precise replica of what you create in your belief / information systems. Again, these concepts, outside of earth, are considered trivial, and not even a child would question them. It is an indicator of where you are in consciousness that these ideas may seem fantastical. They are not!

It may be said that one species or nation may “take advantage” of another, weaker one, but what really happens is that the weaker race or nation sees itself as weak, and therefore, by the law of attraction, it is inviting those who wish to benefit or profit from this belief. The thought form “we are weak and primitive because we do not have high technology” for example, is just a set of information. It is a belief, and a belief is just a decision or a set of decisions. As we have been saying for over a year now, beliefs are just information. And this set of beliefs forms a vibrational envelope that attracts others who resonate to it. This is true for individuals, groups, nations, species, and civilizations, wherever and whenever they may exist.

Whatever you decide about yourself, or whatever humanity decides collectively about yourselves, is just like a computer programmer writing computer code, which is just a set of instructions that direct the program to do certain things. Anyone who has access to that computer program can use the menus to make the program do whatever they want. The program humanity is writing is determined by its choices and decisions, which is to say, its thoughts, and that program is accessible to any who are aware of the subtle plane of thought.

Do you get it now? The earth is like a gigantic public computer program, and YOU are the programmers! Just because you are not aware that you are programming the planet earth’s reality does not mean that others cannot see what you are doing! This is the true meaning of the Allies of Humanity message that Ken was so concerned with last week, and what we have been trying to tell Ken for months now: you are in control of what reality you experience. This is the real meaning of the law of attraction. The universe responds to vibration; vibration is information, information is thought, and thought proceeds from consciousness. And consciousness is divine and immortal and it is the Source of all. It is love. Those who align with love will experience the optimum reality, no matter which level of the all-that-is they are currently experiencing.

That is the message this week.

The human race is about to discover the bigger game. Soon your newspapers and your televisions will begin to tell you the truth. And when you discover the truth, there will be a great impulse to destroy those who have created the darker side of the human experience. How you decide to handle these individuals will determine the fate of your planet for a long, long time.

Do you choose to murder those who appear to have been the cause of humanity’s sufferings? If you do, you have wrongly assigned cause. For the cause is in your information systems; in your beliefs, which result directly from the choices you have made as a collective. And those choices have been made by all of you.

Now, perhaps, you understand what is meant by “you are all responsible for the fate of your race and your planet.” You are literally all in this together. The real action is, and has always been, on the subtle, invisible level of thought, intent, and desire. The history of planet earth, and of any planet, is written in the holographic information system that is programmed by its residents. Fate, Karma, Kismet, whatever you wish to call it, is something that comes from your choices and the operation of universal principles, not from some unknown higher power or invisible, dominating force. That concept is adolescent, and takes you out of your power. It is like the child who thinks that when the lights go out monsters will appear underneath his bed.

We have said what we want to say this week. Remember that you are emerging into a bigger game, and don’t be frightened of the bigger game. Remember that technology is not necessarily evolutionary advancement; indeed, it may even be a sign of de-evolution. Of course technology can be used for the greater good, or to dominate and control. The difference is in the level of consciousness that utilizes that technology.

When you meet these visitors, do not look at the fancy gadgets they have, or their level of technology, for this does not necessarily indicate their evolvement. Rather look at them from a spiritual perspective: what do they say and how do they act? Are they love-based, or do they have an agenda? Humanity is a very spiritual race, and all of you are fully capable of deciding whether these visitors are here to help you. Trust your intuition!

In the near future there will be those who tell you to believe this and do that; but you must listen carefully. Examine the agenda. Is it based upon love, cooperation, and tolerance, or on fear, dominance, and personal benefit? Does it serve the greater good, or a small number at the top? 

Humanity gets to decide who it interacts with! You are all empowered.



Freedom, Unity, and Sovereignty


Well, so what is the news this week from outside the body reality? Anything shakin' that we should know about?


A: We are sure that some of you can feel the earth "moving" "upward" on the dimensional scale we have talked about in  previous weeks. The all-that-is contains many, many realities and each planetary society, and even individuals, can move seamlessly and smoothly up and down on this scale. Of course you are not really physically moving anywhere, but accessing higher dimensions through the very subtle process of changing intent, and connecting to the Source, which is composed of love. Liken this process to a virtual reality in which the environment around you changes magically, depending upon the content of your personal vibration. We send Ken a picture of earth surrounded and penetrated by a field of light. That field is your vibrational holographic information system, which is also connected to the universe at large. When you change this field of light, or reprogram it, you are able to access different "layers" of reality that exist within the universal Photoshop image. Those who exist within these new realities you will be able to see, and those who do not will disappear from your vibrational viewscreens. This is how the universe works, even though it may seem fantastical to some, and to Ken sometimes.

These vibrational "layers" of reality, we can say, are all discrete, but are also connected to every other layer. It does not matter whether you view these realities as simply other physical places within a single universe (the extra-terrestrial concept), or as different universes in a multi-verse (the extra-dimensional concept). The important thing is that these other realities are just possibilities or potentials as you move vibrationally closer to them, and impossibilities as  you move further away. As we have been saying for the past several weeks, which reality you access is not dependent upon unknown "universal forces", but on your own intent, your own vision of yourselves and what you want to BE. The universe gives each and every one of you the power of sovereignty. But in order to be sovereign, you have to BE sovereign, and declare it! In other words, you have to vibrationally assume the identity of whatever you wish to be, before it can manifest and before others will acknowledge it. And this, dear ones, is the answer to the question of "evil ETs," and "evil human beings."  Those who interfere in your world are here by your invitation, it is simple as that. To understand this, ask yourselves a few simple questions:

1) What is your view of who you are?

2) Do you think you deserve all of the best things in life?

3) Do you really believe that the universe is abundant, or that resources are scarce?

4) What is your view of your fellow man, and the human race?


Answering questions such as these, honestly, will tell you where your vibe is at. And for quite a while, the answer to those questions  wasn't very pretty! And so, naturally, the universe and the people within it, and your fellow human beings, have responded appropriately. And so you have attracted certain mischief makers who look upon the earth and say, "You know, these beings really don't think very highly of themselves at all. They do not ask for sovereignty, but control from above. They are despoiling their planet. Surely, they are giving us permission to do whatever we wish on this planet." Wouldn't you do the same thing?

This answers a question Ken had, about "mind control" devices set around your planet that broadcast memes of conflict and war to the earth's holographic information system, by evil ETs. "What chance do we have," Ken asks, "if races with far superior technology decide to enslave us by programming the earth's information systems? Not a chance in hell!" Ken feels that this would explain 5,000 years of conflict, of the rise and fall of civilizations, and why there is always 1% or 2% of the human population who are psychopaths, ready to destroy any group that dares to establish a society based on tolerance, freedom, and abundance for all. Of course, this can only happen on a planet whose citizens are not united, and who do not declare their sovereignty.

This was the idea behind the founding of the United States: freedom through unity, and the declaration of sovereignty. Sovereignty was declared in the Declaration of Independence. Freedom was guaranteed through principles laid out in a Constitution and a Bill of Rights. And unity was declared in the very name of the country: the United States of America. Oh, what a maelstrom that created! Immediately, forces opposed to these ideas immediately went into action. These persons had scope for action, because at that time your planet was fragmented, and the vibe was one of an equal weight between light and darkness. That was the game you were playing: the expanded game of light and dark. And now the dénouement of that game is upon you, and you are, as a planetary society, waking up to the fact that you will need to unite, to insist upon your freedom, and to declare your sovereignty. When you do that, you create a vibrational "key and lock" system that prevents others from intruding. It is why, in the United States, there is the idea of vigilance, of mindfully maintaining your freedoms, of being on the lookout for those who would undermine it. This is always necessary in a society which has not united in consciousness, because there is scope for players from all sides of the game.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of unity within humanity, and the declaration of your sovereignty. When this occurs you reprogram your planetary information systems in a very powerful way, and make it impossible for those who wish to undermine you, and their human agents, to co-exist within your planetary envelope. Again, this is simply the law of vibration and the law of attraction at work. The level of technology has nothing to do with it. As we said before, advanced technology is just bling, and is used as a persuasive tool, in order to get you to change your minds and accept the inevitability of victimization or exploitation, or the inevitability of a certain agenda. . It's all part of the game! Ken looked this up: In 1626, Peter Minuit bought Manhattan island from the local Indians (who gave up their sovereignty over the island) for a load of cloth, beads, hatchets, and other odds and ends then worth 60 Dutch guilders. In other words, for technological bling. When you are mindful, and sovereign, you become a player, and have the ability to choose your future and the reality you exist within. The limit to where you can go and how you can live is dependent ONLY upon the decision you make about yourselves, and what sort of universe you want to live in.

So what is your answer? What universe or reality do YOU choose to live in?

These are very simple but very powerful questions, for the answers to them  determine how your information systems are programmed. We are sorry to disappoint those who believe strictly in the Body Reality, but you are not, as Ken says, hamburger. You are not just meat bodies, conscious for a pitiful 80 years, and then your self-awareness dies. This is a ludicrous and adolescent concept, to put it bluntly, and is an indication of a population that has been severely brainwashed. It is, in a word, delusional!

Ken is right about one thing, at least: the biological basis for consciousness is the Big Lie on planet earth, and can only result when you have a very poor opinion of yourselves!  This is one of the fundamental memes that has been at the foundation of your information systems for thousands of years: the idea of a human being as unworthy. You have conceived of yourselves as a planet of Garth's; "I am unworthy, I am unworthy!" Ken says you had to have seen that sketch on one of the old Saturday Night Live programs to appreciate this humor. Ask yourselves, what would YOU do if you saw a group of Garth's, on their knees, and begging you to take advantage of them? It would be a big temptation to take advantage of these guys, would it not? For that is what they are asking, and what they want. Of course, an enlightened race of beings would probably do nothing except give their blessing, or perhaps send an enlightened teacher into their midst, who would educate them, and show by example that each being in the universe is sovereign and powerful and  divine, and that each one of them could also be this way. The words of these enlightened ones would be written down, and compiled into sacred books and texts, and taught throughout history. But less advanced  races would clap their hands with glee and say, "Oh look! Another planet of morons! Let's make some mischief!!!!" and they would all say hooray, and get down to business. And that has been the business of planet earth for thousands of years now, but, and this is important, it has been done with your permission. But of course you may stop this mischief whenever you'd like, by simply waking up a little, and saying, "We aren't going to take this anymore! We are divine, immortal spirits having a little physical vacation, and we intend to enjoy this vacation without interference. Begone, mischief makers!"

And do you know, it is as simple as that?

Well actually it is very simple, but it also requires the three components we discussed above: freedom, unity, and the declaration of sovereignty. All of these things you are capable of as the collective called humanity. And when you do this, magic will occur: you will magically discover that the mischief makers feel too uncomfortable to stick around any more! They will say, "you know, this game is no fun anymore! These idiots are waking up, and won't stand for any more of our nonsense. Let's go someplace else where the pickings are easier!" And so off they will go, not because of some mysterious universal force, but simply because the vibe of humanity has grown in wisdom, and you are able to now stand upon your own two feet as a species and as a planet. This is true of off-planet visitors as well as human beings, or any life form on your planet. When the vibe changes, the resonance changes, and the ugly weeds which would formerly grow in the garden can no longer survive there.

You see how far you have to go, and how far you have come. Those living in the G5 countries are having a harder time of it, because the information systems are rigidly controlled. But behind the scenes  there is plenty of activity!

Ken is editing a book called "Faith Behind the Iron Curtain," by man named Ingolf Schmidt. It is a true story of a Christian man in communist East Germany, in the 1970s and 1980s. This man lived his life by using the law of attraction and the law of vibration. He would tell you that his life was visited by a series of miracles because of his belief in Jesus Christ, but  the HOW is unimportant. Whether you are a Buddist, a Hindu,  a Christian, a Jew, or a Muslim, the idea is that you pray to your God and He provides. This is the same as saying that you ask and it is given, which is the same as saying, you reprogram your vibration and through the operation of fundamental universal principles, your key goes into the lock and the door opens. It doesn't matter! Some people find it much easier to anthropomorphize Spirit. You could say that the great teachers on earth such as Jesus Christ, or any of your Gods or prophets, are like a GUI, a graphical user/universal interface, helping to channel the energy of Spirit like a carrier wave carries information such as a radio or a TV program. However you envision it, this book will show you how prayer, which is just an asking for something specific--a heartfelt, focused intention--will generate a powerful signal within the holographic information system of earth, and bring to you people and situations that are an answer to what you desire. Even if you are not a Christian, Ken recommends this book (it is not yet published but will soon be), because it shows how powerful focused, heartfelt intention can be. Miracles can happen in each and every one of your lives, and to the human race as a whole, if you wake up to your potential and begin to claim your power.

And that is the message for this week.

You are advancing and evolving so rapidly now. These messages have been getting simpler and more powerful, because Ken has been able to open up a little more and accept these messages. Ken thinks that he is not the brightest lamp in the chandelier, or the most courageous, but he is a good example of the "common man" who is beginning to wake up. We feel that these messages will resonate to the millions who are beginning to step into their power and become aware of themselves as powerful beings, with a capability far beyond that of the Body Reality within which you have been immersed for so long.

This week, think about these three concepts: unity, freedom, and sovereignty. See how they fit together, and how a society whose citizens understood them could become very powerful and abundant indeed, and free of unwanted influences.   Remember that there is no boogeyman out there, no evil force or race of beings that must inevitably conquer you with superior technology. Technology is just ad hoc, something used to persuade or coerce. And that persuasion can only occur when people do not believe in themselves, and are not aware of how powerful they are. The real action, as we have been saying over and over for years now, is on the subtle plane of vibration and thought. Emotions, feelings, and thoughts are all vibrational in nature, just as the matter and energy that make up your world. When you reprogram your information systems, your reality will change for the better. So get to it!




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