March 2013

Vol 8, #3

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Where Are We Now?

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
2/ 20/ 2013

Q: Is it just me, or are we just sort of drifting along aimlessly now that the December 21 2012 marker has been passed?

I think we have passed by an important set of possible unpleasant realities, but my impression of what is happening in the mental plane is that for the human race, it’s just business as usual: fighting each other, wasting resources, polluting the planet, and in general acting like adolescents. This doesn’t jibe with the messages we have received for the past several years, about how the consciousness of humanity is slowly rising. Yes, we have been able to bypass an entire set of doomsday scenarios. But I see the planet earth about to undergo a big shock when the extraterrestrial presence is finally acknowledged, and I’m not sure whether even this is enough to wake us up to the point where we will begin to cooperate together on a worldwide basis, release all of the hidden technology in the black programs, and clean up our planet. (Waiting for inspiration)

A: Oh ye of little faith!

The action on the mental plane, or in the sphere of thought, has been going strong, and the belief systems of mankind are indeed changing. That is how you made it through all of the so-called prophecies of doom. And to be very frank with you, most of those were simply never going to happen anyway. A lot of those unpleasant scenarios were put forward as disinformation with the object of persuading you to enter the fear state and begin to create them. As you can see, there is so much well being in the universe that none of it happened.

Q: All right, how much of these predictions were disinformation and how many of them had a real chance of happening? And don’t say that it doesn’t matter and that we create our own reality, because we have dug ourselves into a hole that is very real, and will take a lot of  work to get out of. In other words, we have created a very strong vibe of conflict, pollution, and general ignorance about the higher truths of life down here, and people simply don’t get the idea of the existence of a mental plane or a virtual dimension that can program the reality we see in front of our faces. The sad fact is that most people don’t give a shit, and the only way human beings ever come together is when they are faced with terrible disasters or consequences.

A: Well, what you mean by not giving a shit we see as the focus on well being. Do you want your fellow brothers and sisters to become aware of all of the negative possibilities that may potentially face you? Don’t you see that this will create the very thing you want to avoid? What you see as dumbasses watching reality TV and mindlessly and uncaringly living their lives in as much comfort as they can, we see as a focus on the good stuff, not the bad stuff. Collectively, you are holding the controls. Rest assured that nothing will be permitted to happen to the planet, even if the human race abdicates its responsibility for what happens here. But that isn’t going to happen either.

Get this into your head: the focus on well-being will bring you to the goal of true fourth level consciousness. That is the only way you will do it; it is the only way it can be done. What does it matter if people find  comfort in TV shows  you think are stupid? Is it not better to laugh and feel better about life, no matter what the medium or the vehicle?  We have told you over and over that you need to lighten up. We see you are disturbed by some comments you received on one of your movies, and have projected this mindset onto the entire human race. (tell story). Well, certainly there are people who are stuck in the Body Reality, but so what? People like you, and millions of others, are posting information on the net that is exposing more and more people to Spirit. Everything is evolving just as it should, despite your skeptical turn of mind that  says that the human race is hopeless. It is not!

The battle, or Armageddon, if you will, is entirely a battle of beliefs. It is being worked out on the mental plane, in the area of thought and belief, using the holographic field of subtle energy that is the container for all of your information systems, and which holds the vibrational resonance of every one of you. It is not, nor will it be fought, with swords and guns and bombs. The mental plane is real, and the children being born into the world today and far more aware of it than your generation. You are an old-timer now, dear one. You naturally see things through the resonance in which you were born. Of course it is possible to transcend the birth energies, but the children coming in now have a much more natural connection to Spirit, as the veil lifts. Regardless of your generation, the more of you who embrace the feeling of love, cooperation and tolerance, the more you set up the vibrational groundwork in the mental plane for success, and for the type of civilization more and more of you are dreaming about.

You have now gone past the End Times. That was the 2012 marker that you have successfully passed through. Do not think in these terms any longer. You are like the car that has made it through the fallen tree and the floods that have slowed your progress down the road toward the City of Light. There are still many who will tell you that to believe in this city, or in the higher truths of humanity, is delusional nonsense. But anyone who has woken up knows that the delusion is in the self-limiting belief  systems that have caused the very problems that face you today, and that have faced you for millennnia. The fact is that the present civilization on earth is working through the karma, if you will, of civilizations past. The heritage of these past civilizations is all around you, in your pyramids and other structures that are still visible today. Your legacy is not only to re-build human civilization, but to work through the mistakes of the past and reach higher  ground. Despite what you can see through your limited perception of the Body Reality, you are doing so.

Those with no imagination will tell you that the physical is all there is, and to just shut up and put your nose to the grindstone. They will tell you that belief in higher truths is false because there is no measurable evidence for them. But  you all know that these higher truths come from consciousness, and that consciousness is non-physical. It is therefore completely beyond the purview of science. Consciousness cannot be measured, only the effects of consciousness can be measured. You cannot scientifically prove this statement, so don’t try. You can, however, subjectively prove it: every time someone has an NDE, or wakes up to their higher potential, another convert is born. The proof of Spirit, and the true recognition of consciousness, and Self, is, must be, and always will be subjective, intimate, and personal. Save the scientific method for the physical universe, and for physical things that can be measured!

Without the correct definition of consciousness  you sink into delusionary beliefs, which then creates a reality of scarcity, and problem resolution through fighting and conflict. It also creates a sense of unworthiness in all of you. The sense of unworthiness is what is called in your religions karma, or Original Sin. It is nothing more than the result of delusionary belief systems that stem from an incorrect definition and understanding of consciousness. Of course you feel unworthy if you do not understand who you are! If you believe that your self awareness comes from firing neurons in the brain, which is the exact opposite of the truth, you will feel deprecated. You have assumed twisted beliefs that cause a painful twist in your conception of self. Again, the solution lies on the mental plane, in the area of your beliefs, not in the physical universe.

This is the true battle of Armageddon, and it can be won by simply assuming the understanding that all of you inherently possess: that you are divine and immortal beings having a physical interlude. We are sorry for those who wish to make the situation more complicated, but that is the truth of it. Again, this assumption of the truth of self is not a physical action: it is entirely in the mental plane, on the plane of thought. This is what messengers from Spirit have been telling you for centuries. It is not complicated. It is a powerful simplicity that once embraced, will, at the speed of thought, transform the understanding of human beings on earth. And when that happens, the battle is won. 

You do not need swords or light sabers or advanced technology: your salvation lies in the understanding of self. This centers you in the powerful OM vibration that subsumes all others. It creates a feeling of power and self-confidence that, collectively, changes the base resonance of the planet, and allows individuals to become more creative and that will usher in the Renaissance that we talked about before.

If you thought that human creativity was remarkable now, just wait until you see what will happen in the future!

We want to say more about the idea that your salvation lies in understanding self. Your salvation lies outside the Body Reality, in the invisible realm of spirit, or consciousness. This is the realm that appears delusional to those stuck in the Body Reality, but which is senior to the physical reality perceived by the human senses. The physical reality has been designed to appear so real that it excludes all other considerations. It has made possible the playing of an unbelievable game on the planet earth. It has made, literally, delusion real and true reality delusional.

Skeptics will tell you that what is real is perceived by the human senses, and anything else is fantasy. Of course! That is how the game has been designed! This belief is not very clever, however; it is dull indeed, for it is merely the obvious, although granted, a very strong obviousness! The cleverness results when you begin to understand that there is something beyond the interpreted physical reality brought to you very solidly by the vibrational interpretation of your physical senses.

It is like listening to a wonderful musical performance and remarking, “I am listening to music.” But this statement is what you might get from the Microsoft Help Desk: a correct, but pretty useless statement. The subtle interplay between the musicians, which gives the music its beauty, is missed. And such is beauty (and the higher truths) ignored for the meaner reality, for beauty is a quality, a product of consciousness. One might count the musicians in the quintet and say, “I am listening to five musicians,” and not be able to perceive deeper into the beauty of the performance. Such dullness occurs when one ignores spirit and concentrates only on the Body Reality. The things that make life wonderful are always those things beyond the mundaneness of the Body Reality.

Creativity must look beyond, into the mental plane, into the realm of beauty and inspiration. This is the realm of consciousness itself, the realm of quality, not mere quantity. What makes one thing beautiful and another, fashioned on the same likeness, commonplace? It is the quality of the piece, not the materials from which it is made. And so in life, the worthwhile things are reflections of the higher truths of spirit, or consciousness. The truly real and lasting impressions you have of anything are of the quality of something; recognizing the reflection of  consciousness that has been imprinted into an object born of inspiration that comes outside the body reality.

 And so the answer to your question is that when you don’t know what to do, if you get in trouble, if you are stuck, or in a rut, look for inspiration. It doesn’t matter where that inspiration comes from. If you don’t have enough money to pay the mortgage this month, find something to be inspired about! You probably aren’t going to be inspired thinking about money, so find something else to feel inspired about.

Now you see, this is utterly illogical and nonsensical from the body reality point of view. But it makes perfect sense if you understand that feeling inspired will raise your vibe and you will set yourself up for something good to happen. What difference does it make how you got inspired? What difference does it make where the inspiration came from? Feeling positive about anything connects you to that well of creativity where solutions that were invisible or unavailable before suddenly show up. The logical mind can’t move past the linearity of logic; and the general parameters of the problem. When you are feeling stuck the solutions you think of are all at the vibrational level of the problem. Logic simply sifts the variables at the level you’re at, and recombines them. But when you are stuck you need answers that go out of the box; you need solutions that go beyond where you are at now. And that can only happen with those ineffable things like intuition and inspiration that brings you -- illogically -- to a higher level.

Inspiration, creativity, and intuition are the qualities of consciousness. They are accessible no matter how bad the situation is. When the person hits rock bottom he all of a sudden has a complete life change! He turns his life around. How is that possible? It isn’t logical. The person connects with his higher self, or those qualities beyond the body reality, and finds inspiration. OR, the person goes down the tubes and terminates association with the body, and at death discovers that he is not a piece of meat, but a divine, immortal spirit. And so, in both cases, the person finds inspiration. But the second case is, of course, interpreted as a tragedy, because the idea of death is the snuffing out of awareness, which stems from the delusional and adolescent idea that consciousness stems from the physical body. This idea, when looked at from the proper definition of consciousness, is ludicrous. It is the sign of a grossly immature set of beliefs.

Q; All right, so how do you handle someone who insists that science and the body reality is the only valid belief system, and knocks you down for your silly beliefs in something that is not provable?

A: Ignore them! You cannot prove the reality of spirit to them because their belief systems don’t support your argument. You have to get over the impulse to “convince” them of your point of view, because your arguments must be linear and logical, must appeal to the level of the body reality. This is where proof and the scientific method lie: in observation and testing. The understanding of spirit is like string theory: it is simply untestable. So if you come across people who treat you with contempt because of what you know but cannot prove, flip them the bird and tell them to fuck off. Then get on with your life! The understanding of Truth is unshakeable, because that truth is the truth of consciousness, and of life itself. It is something all life shares, but some have chosen to ignore. The solution is to carry on with your reaching for your higher truth. By doing this you reach out into the mental plane and reprogram the earth’s holographic information field, and help others to do the same. You prepare a morphic field, in the terminology of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, and every time you do this you make it easier for the next person to do it.

If a bunch of dead-heads think you are crazy, so what?  Just carry on because doing so makes you feel good!

This applies to any area of life. If at work you take more time than is allowed on a project because you ensure that your work is of the highest quality -- because it makes you feel good to do so -- and the boss yells at you, don’t worry about it. Reaching that level of well being in your work guarantees that you will experience greater success down the road. Ok, let’s say that you do take too much time on the project and in a fit of pique, the boss fires you. Now all the skeptics come out and call you a fool for not just going along and getting along, even if your work is sloppy. This seems to violate everything we’ve been talking about. But if you don’t fall into despair (remember what Maggie Smith said in Downton Abbey “Don’t despair, it’s so middle class!”) and remain proud of your work, something better will come up for you. Guaranteed.

People simply don’t want to take risks because the nature of coincidence is not understood. Coincidence is co-incidence, the matching of vibrations, the coming together of two or more world lines at the same vibration. If the human race understood how the universe works, there would be a lot more happy coincidences!
So in conclusion, the really good stuff comes with reaching beyond the body reality. Oh you can have fun indulging the body in partying, drugs and alcohol, sex, and food, but eventually this pleasure wears off because it is physical and temporary. But the ageless and timeless qualities of creativity, inspiration, and intuition never wear off. They are always fresh and exciting, every single time!

Great Book & A New Science of Consciousness

All right, what should we talk about on the show today?

My tendency is always to look beyond the superficial, the obvious, and try to find the deeper patterns. Sometimes this gets me into trouble because sometimes something just is what it is! My dad told me once, “Kenny, what if there is no answer?” Well, I believe that to everything there is a purpose, and behind that purpose is an intelligence. Events in life just don’t randomly “happen.” That materialist perspective places you at effect point in life, not at cause point. Which is good for those who want to maintain the status quo.

I don’t have any “sources” of information that tell me what is going on behind the scenes, but I do have an intuitive feel for the relationship between spirit and the material, which allows me to interpret events from a broader perspective. This is very necessary, because the news as it is presented to us is most often about death and destruction and things going to hell in a handbasket.

First off on the show today I want to talk about a book I am reading by Sean David Morton, called Sands of Time. On one level this is just a really, really good action/adventure/science fiction book, and on another level it is an expose of what is going on inside the black programs, the exposure of the ET issue, and the revelation of some of the hidden technology in the black programs. As I was reading this book I was convinced that the guy was some kind of scientist who had worked in the black programs, because the level of detail in the book is amazing. The author seems to be able to connect a lot of the dots of history and connect them to what is happening behind the scenes. But then there was stuff in the book that convinced me that the guy wasn’t a scientist at all, like when he wrote “co-sign” for cosine. So I decided to check this guy out, because if he wasn’t a scientist, or not connected somehow, how did he come up with the level of detail in his book and how did he know how to connect so many of the dots?

Well, it turns out the dude is some kind of self-proclaimed psychic who has studied meditation (if his website can be believed) with some pretty heavy people like spiritual masters in Nepal, Tibet, and India. I also checked out his radio program, a lot of which is about current events and Hollywood. He’s also been interviewed by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot I think. Anyway, he has some really interesting insights.

 I’m starting the show with this because I really do highly recommend his book, “Sands of Time.” I’m not sure how accurate the material in the book is, but it has the ring of truth. When you read it you say, “man, this guy really knows something.” How can this guy write a book like that and not have some kind of connection to truth, whether intuitive or not! And that brings up the subject I want to talk about this week: the validity and the usefulness of woo-woo stuff like intuition, to explain our world, and how intuition can help you in life.

One last thing about Sands of Time. You can buy the book on Sean’s website,, but he sells it for $35. The book is worth $35, no question, but you can also get it for $19.95 at if you search for Sands of Time. You have to download the Adobe Digital Editions software (free) from Adobe, then you can read it on your computing device.  Unfortunately there’s no way to transfer the book out from ADE and into your browser or Acrobat Reader if you buy the Digital Editions book/ But actually there is, for anyone who is interested.

You go to Google and search “How Do I Get Rid of the DRM on My Ebooks and Video?” and you get to a site called There’s a set of instructions on how to remove the DRM on the book you just paid for so you can actually read the damn thing without Adobe controlling you. Same goes for all those books you have in your Amazon cloud -- those books really aren’t yours, Amazon controls them even if you paid for them. You can use the system to regain control of all of your paid content on any of these sites. It’s a bit involved but I did it and now I have backups of all of my eBook content from Amazon and Adobe. Pretty cool.

All right, so I really encourage you to get this book, Sands of Time, and read it. It’s a mind-blower, and will probably put some things together for you, if you aren’t normal like me and like to look for the bigger picture.

I really should be encouraging you guys to read my books, and I do encourage you to do so, but Sands of Time is the best book of this type I’ve ever read. It makes Tom Clancy and Dan Brown look like writers of children’s stories. This guy Sean David Morton has got onto some kind of vibe that allows him to download some really, really interesting information. Who knows, maybe he’s connected, but if you go on his site he’s just a dude with a Donation button, trying to get the word out. He’s definitely not “normal!”
OK, so that’s it for the show intro today.

We’ve been talking a lot about intuition, inspiration, creativity, and consciousness lately. The first three come from the latter. Consciousness is the genesis of creativity, of inspiration, and intuition. These qualities are going to become more and more important as we move further and further past the December 21, 2012 marker. According to SDM, and others, the Mayan calendar didn’t end on December 21. It was just the end of the fourth 5,125 year cycle and the beginning of the fifth 5,125 year period. I’m sure there are Mayan calendar experts who can tell us what the calendar predicts for this cycle. For me, it is the period in which the human race will move from what I have been calling third-level consciousness, to fourth-level consciousness.

Third-level is where we are at now, the level of the group; the nation state, and cultural identities. These are the largest levels of collective consciousness we have reached so far in this civilization on the planet earth. And of course the next natural evolutionary step is a planet-wide consciousness. We are evolving inevitably toward that fourth level right now. It is a natural progression of a planetary culture. The only question is what form will that fourth level consciousness have. This is the most important question facing humanity right now, even if the vast majority of us have no clue why it is so important! It’s why I have been hitting on this subject almost every week for the past six months.

From what I can gather there are two forms of consciousness “out there”: the service-to-self consciousness and the service-to-others consciousness. The service-to-self way of organizing planetary society leads to a deprecated, Borg-like top-down consciousness based on “collective security,” with a few at the top directing the masses below. This is a low-level, fear-based consciousness that arises out of a mindset of “look out for number one.” It will inevitably lead, somewhere down the evolutionary timeline, to extinction and death; or, a permanent low-level existence where the culture is scrambling around, looking for resources and fighting other cultures like them with the same mindset. This is clearly predictable if you understand the law of vibration and the law of attraction. That which is similar attracts or draws to itself a vibrational match.

The concept of the law of vibration and the law of attraction is nonsensical from the consciousness of the Body Reality. Those planets “out there” who have embraced the Body Reality, and have neglected their higher, spiritual potential, will inevitably fall into this kind of degraded existence. And the sad thing is, these beings won’t have any idea that there is something better. We all know how powerful and solid is this physical reality we live in. The 5 human senses interpret the universal bandwidth of vibration very, very solidly. This physical life we live says: “here you are, here’s your reality. It has been designed to be so real that you cannot conceive of anything beyond it.”

But of course that is part of the game. Are we all just a bunch of dumbshits, so-called “normal” people, or do we have vision? Are we clever enough to understand that there is a Bigger Game beyond the mundanity of the Body Reality?  Well folks, that is the billion dollar question, isn’t it? Those cultures who have advanced into the higher dimensions of reality (and by that I don’t mean some woo-woo heaven where we all float around disembodied on clouds like a bunch of dumbasses)  have understood and embraced their spiritual side. They have correctly understood the definition of consciousness. They have understood the value of intuition, of inspiration, and have understood that all creation, that feeling of well-being and expansion and excitement that leads to those “aha!” moments -- are all based on the embracing of our higher potential, AND, a correct definition of consciousness. And folks, the human race has an absurdly high latency in this area. We are all gods, literally, just waiting to ascend into those higher physical dimensions beyond this stupid, Borg-like existence that is being painted as so wonderful in the movies and on TV.

Oh yes, the electronics “revolution.”  Let’s abandon our study of consciousness and the potential of our biology, and let some electronic circuit, or AI program, do the work for us.  Everything we can do with electronics we will eventually be able to do with our biology, if we will only understand the correct definition of consciousness: consciousness is the animating, creative principle and has designed an amazingly complex universe of physical and non-physical dimensions that coexist, or are superposed, one on top of the other. There are ways to communicate and travel through these other dimensions, and Sean David Morton does a great job of explaining this from our level of consciousness in his book, Sands of Time.

The question is, will we fall for the bling of electronics and the deprecated science, mired in materialism, that exists at this level? Will we just be commoners, and neglect to embrace our higher potential? I’m sorry ladies and germs, I don’t care what bullshit you hear on the “news,” or see on TV or in the movies, or what the “experts” say. We are at a crossroads on planet earth today. We have made it past the December 21, 2012 marker and have entered a new timeline that has the potential for a zillion different branches.

We have talked about the virtual realm, or the mental plane, and it’s relationship to the physical universe and the holographic informational envelope that surrounds the earth.  These concepts sound like woo-woo nonsense, or something fantastical, but they are real. In this virtual realm there are an infinity of potential realities, all superposed on top of each other. These realities are made manifest in the all-that-is, creating different subsets of experience that we can call dimensions. Every planetary society has to decide what future it wants. This decision will literally program our planetary information system and will determine which of these dimensions our beautiful little planet winds up in.

Imagine that the planet earth has a mer-ka-ba: a programmable lightship that can literally travel within and between these dimensions of the all-that-is. This is what this invisible holographic envelope that surrounds the earth really is: a programmable lightship. We, the human race and all life upon it, literally get to choose which dimension we evolve into. Now that is power, ladies and gentlemen!

As far as I know (and I’m probably wrong) no one is talking about this. I just got this idea myself during the writing of this message. Apparently every life form has one of these merkabas, which is an Egyptian term for spirit-mind-body. Galaxies have them, stars have them, planets have them, all life forms have them. They are, apparently, a vehicle for consciousness to communicate and travel between the dimensions of reality, just as we get in our cars and travel between cities, or walk in our house from room to room. (See my book, Beyond the Beginning.)

Each room is different, with different functions and different stuff in them, and when you look out the window each room has a different view of reality. When you go from the kitchen to the study you literally see different stuff and you do different things. On a larger level, that is exactly how the all-that-is has been designed. The planet earth literally has the capability to exit one dimension and go to a new one. And in that other dimension we will have a different science and a different view of life, and we will meet different people and experience different situations. In other words, the entire universe around us will change. I suspect that this process happens so gradually and so smoothly that we don’t even notice it. It’s like when you have a life-changing experience; you get a different viewpoint and you now have a different vibe and some of the people you know fall away and you meet others who are more attuned to the way you now look at life.

This is the sort of woo-woo stuff that has been built into the fabric of the universe. And it is totally beyond the Body Reality; beyond the reality of the skeptics and the haters and the dead-heads. The qualities of consciousness, the stuff that makes life worth living, like  happiness, and well-being, and inspiration, and creativity, you know, ALL THE STUFF YOU CAN’T QUANTIFY OR MEASURE SCIENTIFICALLY, all of that nonsense from the outside the body reality is the true reality, and the dimension of experience you happen to be in is just the room you have entered, based on the decision you make about how you want to live life now and what you want to do. You don’t go in the bathroom if you want to listen to music on your home theater, and you don’t go into your office if you need to go to bed.

On a much larger scale, that is what happens to planetary societies as they evolve. In a broad sense, we get to decide what universe we want to live in. But first we have to wake up a little, and smell the coffee. We have to embrace our higher potential. We have to understand that we HAVE a higher potential! And we can’t do that unless we understand that we are not just pieces of meat walking around on the surface of a planet, and that our fate is already sealed because “reality just is and we can’t change it.” That’s what the Borgs want us to believe. That’s what the dead-heads think, because they aren’t clever enough to understand that there is a bigger game beyond the body reality.

It’s what humanity, collectively, is facing RIGHT NOW. And people like you and me, and guys like Sean David Morton, are trying to jostle us out of our limited belief systems, and to get us to understand that we are playing a much bigger game, and that that game is upon us right now. We are in the window, collectively, where we have to decide what level of consciousness we are going to assume at the fourth level. And depending upon what we decide, our future as a planet is going to change drastically, for better or for worse.

There are lots of people in the media who are going one way or the other. Look at the movies and tv programs. I  don’t really follow the movies or pop culture much, but guys like SDM are on top of it. He mentioned in one of his shows that on one of the animated shows (American Dad?) there’s a shape-shifting alien who makes funny jokes. On one level it’s just mindless fun, but on another level, what is that telling us? Why have an alien on any show? We are alone in the universe, right, so why even mention it? And one who can turn into different forms? Is this trying to tell us something? We’ve got a battle of agendas and ideas being waged here on planet earth: those who are trying to show us the bigger game we are evolving into, and those who are trying to keep us in the same old boring set of memes; fighting and hating each other, presenting a stupid, deprecated existence of war and conflict and struggle for scarce resources as the only reality, that cannot be changed and shouldn’t be changed.

Well, it is up to us! We, the people, have the power because there are 7 billion of us.

The point is, it’s time for all of us to embrace our own inner creativity, to look for those things that inspire us (and if we don’t find them, to create them), to trust our intuition and develop it. If we do this we will gradually discover the power of our own biology, and become more and more aware of our higher potential.
We simply don’t study this stuff seriously on planet earth, other than geniuses like Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, who gets pilloried by dead-heads, morons, and other materialists who are stuck in their own mundanity, and who justify their beliefs with a lot of scientific mumbo-jumbo. Well, it’s about time we did study the potential of consciousness and its relationship to biology, from the viewpoint of the correct definition of consciousness.

These experiments must go beyond the scientific method, because the only way to prove their validity is subjectively. We talked about this last week. There is no way to scientifically measure or quantify a quality like happiness, or intuition, or inspiration, other than personally and subjectively. We have to define a new science of consciousness, one that deals with qualities and subjective impressions or experiences.

The science we have now deals only with matter and energy, and that is fine. But there is another level of science, a science of consciousness, that is waiting to be explored. This new science develops the higher potential of individual human beings, and human beings who work together. It will be a completely different science than the one we have now. It will not invalidate current science, but be an adjunct to it; it will be complementary.
It is something that we, as a species, have simply never tried before, other than a few geniuses here and there like Sheldrake. We have to do this if we don’t want a deprecated future. We are free-floating right now, after our release from the December 21, 2012 marker. The universe “out there” can look a whole lot different if we can embrace our higher potential. We have to do this as individuals, aware that our subjective experiences are totally valid, aware that how we feel and perceive is intimate to each one of us, and is the most valid type of observation, even if we cannot “prove” it to others.

We have to get over the idea of caring about what others think of us. Who the hell cares whether Jack Dimwit of the Skeptics Institute for Mundanity says that our feeling of well-being is just a chemical reaction in our biology, and has no objective validity? You know what? Screw Jack Dimwit. Let’s try to live our lives recognizing that the so-called ephemeral and immeasurable qualities of life, things like happiness and inspiration and creativity, are personal to us and that only we, subjectively, can decide whether they are worth doing.

All successful and happy people (a happy person IS a successful person!) instinctively recognize this, and if more of us simply embraced these qualities of consciousness, we would all be a lot happier individually, and we would discover that collectively, the human race, the planet, and all life upon it, is gradually moving into a better life and a happier reality.



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