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Consciousness Shift is Real!

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 3/9/2011)


Yesterday I had the realization that the shift in consciousness you have been talking about is real -- it isn’t some kind of new-age bullshit. And it IS being driven by population growth! When the population reaches a critical mass, there is the potential for a new awareness for everyone.

The so-called New World Order guys know this -- which is why they have been trying to reduce the population of earth by clinging to polluting fossil fuels, suppressing clean energy and medical technology, funding and creating wars, and all the rest. The only way this quantum leap in consciousness can be stopped is by population reduction, is that right?


Yes, there is an  evolution in consciousness and it is coming from the increased demand from the human population for greater harmony and alignment. The earth is evolving from a slower and denser plane of existence to one of a higher vibration. This is exposing those who cling to the old ways. Literally, it will become more and more difficult for those who operate using the old memes of guile and deceit, and who use murder and blackmail, to even stay in their physical bodies. Some of these people are experiencing quite painful existences, and are well aware of the evolution on the planet.. However, because they are stuck in the old, denser vibration, their solution is more of the same. This is what happens when you become stuck in a vibrational box: your solutions always mirror the vibration that is causing your difficulties.

We have been telling you that all of the “action” is in the realm of thought. This is something that is not apparent whatsoever to those who cannot perceive beyond the limitation of the 5 physical senses. To those who have not yet discovered their “spiritual side,” the world literally seems to be falling apart. Well, it IS falling apart, but it is the old set of memes that is becoming “unglued,” as it were. Humanity has been comfortable with a top-down hierarchical structure for many centuries, and the current changes are allowing the “masses” to glimpse the top of the pyramid.

This will become more and more evident as time passes. Those behind the scenes will become recognizable, as well as their motivation and their activities.  We said before in a previous message that when the population discovers what it is these fellows have been doing, there is the potential for a severe backlash. Then humanity will have to decide what to do with these people. That decision will tell whether humanity descends back into the old ways, or advances toward greater harmony and cooperation. When the people discover some of the truly heinous activities of the “powers that be,” there will be an understandable reaction to give back in kind. “Kill them all!” will be the cry from many. But we tell you that these people are merely the agents of change -- change that has been asked for by the collective consciousness of humankind. We ask you not to kill the messengers!

The dramatization of the old memes was inevitable,  because the “evil” has to have an outlet in order for it to become observable, and thus transformed by the light. The human race, and all of you in your personal lives, are confronting your shadow side. In a vibration that is evolving out of polarity, the only way out is to inspect your old belief systems. This can cause a lot of pain, because what you have embraced is often not in alignment with your higher, divine nature. But it is necessary to GO THROUGH this process of inspecting and confronting your old beliefs, in order to transcend them. These beliefs must be acted out on the stage, so that the audience can decide whether or not to embrace them, or let them go. This is the work of all humans on the planet at this time. Even if you think you are not a part of this evolution, or want nothing to do with it, you are involved! You are here, in your physical bodies, experiencing first-hand the evolution of thought away from the old paradigm. Is that not exciting! Well, Ken thinks it would be a lot easier if you could just wave a magic wand and have everything be wonderful. And, of course that is possible, once you decide to do so! The key is, making a decision to think about, talk about, and act in integrity, open-ness, and love. You all say you want that, right? OK then, do it!

There is the idea, left over from the old paradigm, that persons who act openly and with love are at a disadvantage, because they will be taken advantage of by those who know how to act with more guile. Well, you no longer have an excuse, dear ones! You have already evolved past the place where anyone can take advantage of your alignment with source.


Before, the old memes were simply accepted; now, more and more people are asking for answers. Let us take the events in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. In Egypt, cynics say that the revolution was completely staged, and that the person in power now is even worse than the previous ruler. Well, this is very superficial look indeed at an amazing series of events. In fact, the Egyptian people are coming together in a sense of community. Christians are protecting Muslims, and Muslims are protecting Christians, from the actions of the regime. Again, the actors on the stage may be similar, but the audience is evolving in consciousness out of the old play. It is becoming harder and harder to maintain autocratic regimes as the people wake up!

Dear ones, there is truly a  changing consciousness on planet earth!

And it is directly affecting activities in the physical plane.

We said before that all organizations that lack integrity will implode. This is precisely what is happening in the Arab world -- autocratic governments not responsive to the wishes of the people are cracking apart at the seams. We suggest that you pay little attention to the official news channels, for these are, primarily, in the hands of  the old order. Look at events from your personal alignment with source, and when you feel a rush of positive excitement about what is going on, believe it! This feeling of excitement is the energy of source coming from the universe and being channeled by you into the earth. This is the energy that is causing the people to mobilize, and reach new levels of awareness. The more of you who accept this energy -- not believing the nay-sayers who tell you it is just more of the same old crap -- the more Light you bring into the physical plane, and the more you contribute to the new evolution in consciousness for the entire planet.

Oh Dear Ones, you are in it now! You have begun a transformation which must end in a positive way.  Read between the lines and look past the surface explanation for events, and you will discover the actions of Love as it permeates and penetrates everything on earth.


Living in the Heart

(From the Interview With Spirit show, 3/16/2011)

OK guys, what gives?

A tsunami that hits Japan and creates a possible meltdown of nuclear reactors.
According to Ben Fulford, this was not a natural event but a planned attack on Japan by the Satanic cult of crazies that controls the Federal Reserve in the U.S., and has siphoned off trillions of dollars into the black budget. I have no idea whether this is true or not, but I don’t believe that events like this “just happen,” or are caused by mysterious natural phenomena.  Somehow natural disasters must be connected to human consciousness!


We told you once before that everything that happens on planet earth is being caused by human beings. That is a fact, and it is universal law. All beings create their reality in accordance with their belief systems (information systems) and their intent. All activity  on your planet proceeds forth from this vibrational platform and everything that happens is as a result of the attractive vibrational envelope created by human belief systems.

We have told you before, for example (this is not news, it has been stated by many of your human sources on the internet)  that ETs -- or as we like to call them, “visitors” to your planet -- have interacted with the human race for millions of years. The idea that earth is alone in the universe is preposterous!

What humanity has yet to learn is  the power and effect of your own thoughts, beliefs, and intentions. You are like little children who are finding their feet.

As we have said before, the “dark side” people are acting out the “underbelly” of human belief systems. This is absolutely necessary in order for the bulk of humanity to inspect the old belief systems and decide on whether you want to continue in the old ways of being and doing. However, if you observe closely, you will see that all of the disasters, while terrible, are always very limited in their scope. Those who perish in these events, of course, immediately go Home and return to the fullness of themselves as native state beings. We tell you that all endings are happy endings.

We have also said that you are spiritual warriors. Did you think we were kidding? Did you think that you volunteered to be on the planet at this time because it was a cakewalk?

No, dear ones! You wanted to be alive now to experience these events and help to push the consciousness of humanity upwards. Your intent was to create a paradise on earth. That is the mission of all lightworkers and persons who have self-awareness.

And we want to say to Ken not to disparage those who he refers to as “the masses under the fat part of the Bell curve.” Ken dismisses these wonderful beings as slackers and dead-heads who are only concerned with the next episode of “American Idol.” We have news for Ken! The “silent majority” has a vitally important role to play in the coming dénouement of consciousness. This vital role is to act as a gigantic momentum swing that will push human consciousness past the “tipping point,” which will then cause an expanded awareness for all of you. Once enough of you on the leading edge change your intent, this will start a kind of “chain reaction” from those in the middle that will push human consciousness over the top. This massive change in consciousness will happen suddenly, and be unstoppable. It is what we have been calling the “quantum leap” in consciousness. So you see, all of you are in this together! Each One has a vital role to play in the unfolding of events that are leading out of the old paradigm of thought and into the new.

Living in the Heart

How do you maintain your balance while the world evolves out of the old and into the new? A lot of disturbing events are occurring, and will continue to occur, until the human race makes it out of the old paradigm of thought. Some of these events will throw you off your balance. That is because encysted energy held in place by old belief systems is released and is then played out on the stage. This energy is often very uncomfortable, and, naturally, the events that they spawn are also uncomfortable. But remember that these “negative” events are generated by your beliefs! All action originates first in thought.

The way to stay calm in turbulent seas is to become aware of the heart chakra. Ken has discovered this by necessity. Ken is a cerebral person who tries to think his way out of situations -- but this method will not work because the energy of the old thought forms is accompanied by strong emotions! The way to dissolve these strong emotions is through the heart. The heart is not only the seat of love and well-being, but the heart energy vortex is also intelligent.

The heart chakra combines the intuitive and the intellectual.

Those of you who are already living in the heart are experiencing an extraordinary surge of energy from Spirit, as\the rising background vibration is making access to the energy of the heart easier. Some of you are feeling surges of well-being for no reason at all. And that is something that will increase in frequency and duration as human consciousness evolves further.

So our message this week is to feel the energy coming forth from the heart, acknowledge it, and encourage it. The more you do this, the better you will feel, regardless of current events playing out on the stage of life.

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