June 2013

Vol 8, #6

The purpose of the Big Picture Newsletter is to celebrate the spiritual nature of human beings. We are dedicated to dissolving the myth of the randomness of life, and the biological nature of consciousness. We believe that every human being is an aspect of God, a powerful creator and orchestrator of his or her life experience.


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Intuitive vs. Logical Thinking

(from the Interview With Spirit show)
5/ 1/ 2013

Last week we talked about the future timeline, where we predicted that a charismatic figure would emerge some time in the near future and present himself or herself as the "savior" or rescuer of mankind. We said that in order to determine whether this charismatic figure was genuine, we would have to rely on subjective, not objective, thinking. We would have to rely on our "gut feelings," or our intuition, rather than using logic and rational thinking. This scenario will allow us to look inward and to discover the kernel of our own inner wisdom.

Of course this happens to us in daily life all the time, but we are coming to a point in human evolution where we are going to be forced to integrate intuition with logic, right-brained thinking with left-brained thinking. As a species and a culture, we are going to be presented with more and more situations that cannot be solved simply by logic and linear thinking. We are going to have to use our intuition to navigate through this. Life is going to become more and more non-linear (intuitive) as consciousness becomes more and more of a factor in our lives. In other words, we are going to be presented with situations that force us to look inward and understand who we are: non-physical consciousness incarnated within the physical. I didn't think it would go this way but it has, and I think it's a good thing. Interestingly, in the US, we are seeing one such situation right now.

The big news in the lamestream media is the coming out of Jason Collins, professional basketball player in the NBA. Apparently he is the first athlete in pro sports to do so, and the media is making a big deal out of it. People are debating up and down the country about this here in the US. But there is no "right" answer. The intellect cannot give a solution that will satisfy everyone. People are being forced to look inward at their belief systems. Haters are hating up a storm right now, and people are saying that the Bible says this or that, or that my "religious  convictions" (as one sports journalist put it) finds the situation with Collins objectionable. This situation with Collins coming out is amazing, really, because we are dealing with a small segment of the population.

According to the About.com website, "The Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, a sexual orientation law and public policy think tank, estimates that 9 million (about 3.8%) of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender (2011). The institute also found that bisexuals make up 1.8% of the population, while 1.7% are gay or lesbian. Transgender adults make up 0.3% of the population."

OK, so we are talking about a very small population segment. But again, the issue goes well beyond the number of people who are LGBT. It strikes at the heart of our belief systems, and directly challenges those Christians (the US still identifies itself as a Christian country) who have an interpretation  of the Bible that says that homosexuality is an abomination. So in that sense, the entire LGBT debate is something that is shaking up the solidity of some of our bedrock beliefs. It's amazing how Spirit works. We all know we need something to shake up the rigid belief systems of the old paradigm of thought. I thought we would have to face a big crisis like a collapse of the economy or something like that. But that's not the way it's going. Apparently it's going to be a smoother ride than I thought, a series of smaller "shocks" to the old belief system. It's a sign that the level of awareness in the US is indeed rising, as we'll talk more about later.

I see the Collins coming out as a very positive development. Of course we have had debates like this in the past, especially with the Civil Rights movement, and earlier in the 20th century, the suffragette movement to allow women to have the vote. But this issue, the issue of gender and homosexuality, crosses races and cultures,  because there are LGBT people in every society and every culture in the world, even in locked-down societies in the Islamic world. 

As usual, the US is leading the development of this issue. Despite our irrational and aggressive foreign policy, which has cost us a lot of support in the world, and has caused a huge economic drain on our budget, the US is still recognized as a desirable place to live.

I belong to a Toastmasters club in Ann Arbor; we have people from literally all over the planet as members. All of these people say that the US is such a great place to live and work and raise a family. These people are all professionals, but immigration of all socio-economic strata to the US has not slowed down. 

The point is that the coming out of Jason Collins is, as the English say, the thin edge of the wedge. It is a precursor of what is to come: the challenging of the old paradigm of thought on its most fundamental and bedrock beliefs.  Apparently something little like this can cut very deeply into entrenched and obsolete beliefs.
We talked a lot on this show over the years about the background vibration of the planet rising because of the huge number of incarnated human beings on the planet right now. We have been saying that the consciousness of the human race has been slowly rising, and has been forcing open some of the closed and locked doors within our own belief systems. We've said that some of the terrible events on the planet, like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, 9/11, and the global banking crisis, were actually the result of people waking up and the institutions of the old system being challenged.

We said the organizations that lacked integrity would either implode and crumble away, or explode, with their internal contradictions, into the public consciousness.  This is what has been occurring over  the last several decades as more and more people have been challenging the way the old order, and its religious, political, and economic systems, have been set up.  Well, the coming out of Jason Collins seems like a really trivial occurrence when compared to such monumental events. But the Collins coming out party, if you will, has come at just the right time in US history to force people to look inside and look at what they really believe.

This is what we have been talking about on the show for a long time: the idea that our belief systems are flawed and that something would have to happen to  challenge the old, ingrained, habit-forming information systems we are operating on. Well, the awakening of humanity has been slowly opening the can of worms called our belief systems. And the Collins coming out is really challenging, in the US, the foundation of the religious beliefs of the majority under the Bell Curve.

I believe that this had to happen in the US because the US is still the world leader in entertainment and communications. It's almost as if the planet's 5th chakra is here in the USA, and what we do will greatly affect the debate and the thinking in other countries as well. We have people living here from literally everywhere in the world. Of course the US is not the only country in the world with an immigrant population. But the US is unique in that it has more people from every culture in the world living here. What happens here is immediately transmitted via family and business networks everywhere around the world in a way that occurs in no other country in the world.

If the old belief systems can be inspected and altered here, it will make it much easier to do so everywhere else, just as Rupert Sheldrake describes in his book, "Morphic Resonance" formerly called "A New Science of Life." So the US right now is the focal point in the evolution of mankind, in the sense that the actors on the stage  in the US are the most visible. What we decide here will set the tome for the rest of the world. We are like the big boulder that is blocking the flow of water to the field where the crops are planted. If that boulder becomes cracked or removed, the water can flow more freely and life will be much better everywhere. The message this week is that right now, the US is the key player, the visible stage where the inspection of humanity's bedrock belief systems will be worked out. And that the real action is on the mental plane, the virtual world of information systems and possible outcomes that programs our physical reality. And the access point to that world is consciousness: our thoughts, intentions, and expectations.

I was listening to the radio today and Jim O'Brien, former sports commentator for CBS, was saying how he was amazed at how fast opinions on the "gay issue" are turning around in the US. A couple of years ago, he said, Collins could never have done this. But now, people are seemingly becoming more and more accepting of the idea of gays and LGBT persons in society. I'm not sure whether this is true everywhere, especially out in the boonies and away from the cities, but most people live in cities. 

The point is that Jason Collins is the first of many people who are going to challenge the outmoded and adolescent belief systems of humanity. Right now the challenge seems like a small one, but eventually the challenges are going to become broader and affect more and more people. The charismatic figure we talked about last week will emerge after a series of challenges to the belief systems of every culture on the face of the planet. The US is just the starting point. Ingrained, stagnant religious and cultural beliefs will be challenged everywhere on earth, in a more and more rapid succession. This is necessary because we are running out of time to get our shit together. Eventually the issue is going to evolve to the subject of ETs and the hidden black programs with their suppressed technology. We're going to discover that a private network of humans exists above the publically recognized governments, militaries, and religious organizations of the world.

People, what we've been talking about on the show for the past year and a half, about the inevitability of humanity evolving to a fourth-level consciousness, is real. It has been unfolding for over a century now, and is accelerating. World War I and II (and the concomitant development of technology for military purposes) was the way the human race exported the memes and ideas of other cultures around the world. Now that we have made it past the 2012 marker, we are setting our own course now. Except that we are all sitting in the passenger section, and there is no pilot. There's no pilot because we haven't recognized the structure of the universe, as represented by the yin-yang symbol we talked about two weeks ago.

You see, we didn't do that program out of the blue, for no reason! There was a purpose to our madness. Remember, if you look at the yin-yang symbol you see the intersection of two smaller circles within a larger circle, at the center of the figure in a zero-dimensional point. That zero-dimensional point is a singularity, and represents consciousness. Consciousness is virtual, completely non-physical. It unites and accesses the virtual world that co-exists and programs the physical world we see about us. We don't yet collectively recognize that every individual is at the center, literally, of  the universe. We don't recognize our power. 

But we are going to have to recognize it soon or our airplane is going to run into something. Right now we are sort of on automatic pilot way up in the sky, just winging away. We avoided the big storm or the big mountain that was going to crash us (the 2012 marker). But pretty soon we are going to have to figure out how to land this fucker! We are also going to have to figure out precisely where we are going! Are we going to fall for some phony charismatic figure who will lead us down the road to a deprecated fourth-level consciousness? Or are we going to wake up and understand our connection to source? Again, it all depends on the correct definition of consciousness. Without the understanding of who we are, we don't have a chance to select from the virtual universe, the set of possibilities that will allow us to evolve spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to true planetary harmony and creativity.

It's amazing, but I almost gave up doing this show because I couldn't see a way how the human race was going to evolve past our stultifying, ingrained, adolescent belief systems. But the guys came through just in time, apparently. Of course they already knew this shit but I'm not bright enough and not a good enough channel to get it sooner. But they are saying that I got it at just the right time, and that my awareness is evolving along with the rest of my fellow brothers and sisters on the planet, at just the right speed to communicate what needs to be communicated at the right time. See, there are geniuses like Sean David Morton, and others, and there are just average guys like me, but we all have our place in the grand scheme of things.

As I said before, eventually the rising consciousness of humanity is going to confront the ET issue. This is sometime in the near future, when we have cracked open the caked and ancient shell of the old paradigm of thought. The ET issue is going to open our eyes to the simple fact that we are not alone in the universe, that there is intelligent life everywhere in the universe, and that we have to step up and assume responsibility for the future of our species, and the planet we live on. We can't be morons anymore, watching reality TV and thinking, like the monkey who covers his eyes and says "I see nothing out there,"  that we can get away with it.

There are two roads we can travel:  the road of responsibility or the road of stupidity. The first road requires us to wake up to some simple and powerful facts: that we are not pieces of meat, and that the universe is inhabited with intelligent life. Just as there are different cultures and races on earth, so are there, on a broader scale, different cultures and different life forms on other planets.

That's what movies like Star Wars was all about: to prepare us for the coming evolution to fourth-level consciousness. It's going to happen whether we like it or want it. I can see now that the ET issue will not emerge into the mainstream consciousness until the ground has been prepared for it. First with issues like Jason Collins coming out, and then other events which are going to force everyone to look inward and TO MAKE A CHOICE!!! We are going to be forced to inspect the old beliefs that "everyone knows" is true.

Well, a lot of those uninspected, "everyone knows" beliefs are irrational and are no longer serving us. You know, like the stupid belief that you "only go around once" and that when you die you are dead. Like those in power and authority know more than we do, Like, we are unworthy little worms crawling along the surface of a planet  and that we are all born with karma or original sin that stains us from birth. Or that the idea that there is life after death is somehow controversial. No it isn’t. It's like saying "the sun rises in the east and sets in the west." It's obvious.

Well, the challenge throughout history has always been to get enough people to wake up at the same time. Well, right now we are doing that. We are 7 billion strong now and we are all sitting in a gigantic airplane in the passenger section. There's no pilot to this ship! Well, actually there is a pilot (US), but we don't recognize that yet.  There's a little handle next to each seat that guides the plane, but either people aren't aware enough to see it, or people are scared to do anything with it for fear of crashing the thing.
So the first thing that happens is that some guy comes forward from the back of the plane and says, "OK, I will lead you. I'll be the pilot." And we all agree until we realize that the guy has his own agenda, which might not be for the greater good. The point is that eventually we will understand that we are all aspects of consciousness, that consciousness is the center of the universe, that we can program the destination of the plane if we will simply work together. The process of getting to the point of working together (fourth-level, planetary consciousness) is the adventure we are currently on.

OK, now getting to that point of working together in true fourth level consciousness is just the bare-ass minimum requirement of having any kind of a planetary civilization. In other words, the life "out there" on other planets all understand that they have to cooperate with each other in some way. They look around at backward places like earth and go, "gee these guys are really dumb. But they sure do live on a beautiful planet. We could use somma what they got." And so other beings have been coming to earth for millennia, messing with our biology, taking stuff, interfering with our meme structures, etc. OK, so that happens to all indigenous peoples. We are the indigenous people, in the sense that we don't have the technology widely available in the rest of the galaxy. But we have one huge advantage: our huge population and our huge latent potential for spiritual advancement. All we have to do is not be fooled by left-brained thinking that says, "technology is all-important, Technology shows the level of advancement. We have to get technology at any cost."

Uh, no. It's like going into a Sears store and seeing all of the stuff you can get and saying, "this stuff is really important. We need to get as much of it as we can." Apparently technology "out there" is about as unique as all the crap you can find on the shelves of a hardware store. You know, like not really that important! But the left-brain and the intellect tell us that it is. But what's really equally as important is our discernment, our gut feelings, our intuitive abilities to choose non-linearly. Our left-brain thinks linearly and can't make the intuitive leaps necessary to correctly choose the future of the planet earth. We hear about "futurists" who postulate scenarios for the future of humanity that are all technologically-based. That's because these people are still stuck in left-brained thinking. They are still hung-up on the idea that technology is the be-all and end-all of evolution. It's not.  It's just an adjunct to the evolution of a species to true fourth-level consciousness.

We've said before on the show that our human biology is the ultimate evolution of a physical container for incarnated consciousness. That's because these biological bodies, interacting with consciousness that has a proper understanding of itself, can do anything that technology can do. In other words, we don't need cell phones to communicate. We can do that via thought impulses. We can even levitate and send our physical consciousness to other places, just like a transporter in Star Trek can do. These statements only seem ludicrous because we have such a pathetically low conception of self, and we have NEVER done any serious research into the human potential. That can only happen if we come together a little more. The human race is like a bunch of drooling dolts running around in a dark room, when there is an open door just down the corridor that goes to the outside. But we'll get there!  

The journey along that path is going to be really exciting. We just have to be smart enough to understand that there is an underlying, powerful agenda being executed: the agenda of the collective consciousness, which understands that it is divine and immortal, and that each individual life form on earth is an aspect of this consciousness with the power to direct it's own future from the center of the universe. This is where we are headed: the understanding that individual human beings are part of something so vast and magnificent that it spans universes, and the entire all-that-is. The near future is going to see the human race look inward and discover that it has, within each individual, a collective consciousness that spans the physical and the virtual, and is complete within itself. When that happens (notice I said when, not if) it's going to blow the minds of everybody on the planet, and will usher in a new golden age on earth.

The cool thing is that every scenario that has ever collapsed civilization on earth is being re-enacted now, in some group, on planet earth. That's why we need such a huge population. We've said before that every native state personality that has ever lived on earth is here or is coming here right now, and that our job is to work through the old memes and transform them. Well, it's happening! And it's pretty damn exciting.

OK that's it for this week, we'll talk to you next week.



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